Just as I am finishing breakdast, he walks in. I've never seen him before. He's skinny but tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. His blue eyes shine with happiness, and he has a bit of stubble on his chin.

''Hello, Domaxus!''

Random people walking into my room was a natural occurrence here, so I just absent-mindedly wave.

The man smiles. ''I'm Jaelyn, the painter you were told about.'' He said, winking. He steps closer. ''May I sit down?''

I nod, smiling. I'm glad that this man isn't a counselor, or some other creepy Happy Jack worker. Maybe this man could get my mind off of my fate.

I open my mouth to speak, but he is already talking. ''So Domaxus, what do you want to put on the walls?'' e asks me, his arms flying wildly in every direction.

I smile, and feel my face begin to flush. ''Well, I was thinking we could maybe put something really colorful… Like a rainbow, or butterflies… Or…''

''Rainbows AND butterflies!''

I scratch the back of my head. ''Uh…. Okay. Isn't that a bit TOO colorful?''

Jaelyn shakes his head, his ponytail bouncing every which way. I can't help but watch it.

''Happy Jacks told me to make my works as colorful as possible, and use a minimal amount of red.''

So we continue discussing. And discussing. And discussing. The conversation probably lasted three hours, but it's okay. It's fun. I've never really had anyone to talk about art with. Most kids at schoool avoided talking to me at all, like being albino was some contagious disease or something.

We finally decide on a group of flower, with butterflies all around them and a rainbow forming in the background.

Jaelyn rises out of his chair.

''Well, Domaxus, it was great talking you, but I must take my leave. The art store closes soon, and I need to go the colors for my palette.''

I nod and smile.

And he's gone.

A great sense of loneliness overtakes me, and I fall backwards into my bed and begin crying. It's like all of my emotions rush over me at one time, like Jaelyn was holding the cover, and him leaving rpped it off. I curl into a ball and continue crying until I can't anymore. So I begin to let myself fall asleep.

I keep waiting for someone to call me for physical activity, but no one ever comes.