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"I'm done!" Chris yelled "I'm so done!" Forcing Lucy out of his house. She had tears in her eyes and arms tightly around her body "Wait. Chris. Please!" She went to grab him but he sloshed his hand where she was grabbing. "Its over Lucy. I've realized we aren't right for each other. Your not who I thought you were" Obviously Chris was making up lies but Lucy didn't bother correcting him on how it was the other way around. "Have a nice life." He said shutting the door in her face "Chris Please!" Lucy was begging now crying dramatically. she was wet and didn't know where to go- she was staying with chris while her house was being rebuilt. He just kicked her out in the rain. Her hotel was miles away and she didn't have a room. She lowered to the ground with her head in her hands "Please" she whispered though nobody could hear her. She walked down Chris' street and wiped away tears with the back of her hands. Luce ended up on a main road in her blue jacket she had from set. Her hair was knotty and wet. Her boots were ruined and it felt like her body was producing more water drops than the sky. Fortunately at that time she saw headlights to a cab. "Excuse Me!" she yelled- The car stopped in front of her and rolled down its window "I need a ride" she said calmly. The man looked at her "Get in." Lucy opened the door gently and pulled the hair out of her face. "You look like you've had quite a night" he murmured "you have no idea." She replied. "Where to!?" the cab driver asked needing direction. On most days, Lucy would have the most obvious answer- her home address, she would have a place to direct him and a place for her to feel comfortable and safe, but for the next couple of weeks she had to stay at chris' which now had a change of plans. She thought about friends that lived close by and the only one in the area happened to be her best friend. Lucy forgot that Ian even lived around here. She gave the cab driver Ian's apartment building address and they left for the building

Lucy kept quiet for most of the ride- well, except for when the driver realized who she was She always took limos or her car. So this was something Lucy wasn't used too. "That's the apartment building" Lucy said as the pointed out the window. The cab stopped and Lucy gave the money in cash. "thanks!" She jumped out of the cab and ran quickly towards the building, she opened the door to the building. "Hey! I'm here for Ian…" the doorman turned around to see Lucy. " Havent seen your face in a while-Go ahead luce! He's home!" " I know, haven't really been with Ian too much but Thanks" Lucy replied. The lobby was empty when she swifted to the elevator doors. She pressed the button up and the door opened before she could even take a breath. She was on Ian's floor in about a minute, Lucy straightened out her shirt and walked down to Ian's door and knocked twice. She closed her eyes and took a breath in. She was scared of rejection after what happened with Chris. When she opened her eyes- her best friend opened the wooden door "Lucy!" he shrieked with uncontainable joy, he was captivated by her perfection and beauty that in the first 30 seconds he forgot to even ask why she was standing at her door wet and exhausted "Hey" she said giving a half smile. "Come in" he replied widening his door. Lucy walked in and glanced around his familiar space. She used to be here ALL the time before she dated Chris. They would lay around watching old movies just like their characters. Everywhere she looked there was a memory, it really began to hit her. She missed him. So much. While she was busy filming and spending time with her other friends and Chris, she hardly spent anymore time with Ian besides filming. "Sorry. It's a bit of a mess in here" he stuttered turning towards the faded white wall of his apartment. "Please" he nodded his head towards the rough sofa "sit" as she curled down on the couch, he sat across from her on a chair. Lucy held back tears and pulled her hair back into a wet bun. Ian pulled his lips into his mouth and rocked his head forwards and backwards "So, uh.." he choked out "are you going to tell me why your standing in my apartment- which you haven't been in for almost a year- with dripping clothes, wet hair and tears in your eyes?" He was concerned now "What HAPPENED" Lucy put her hand to her forehead and tears fell down her cheeks. Ian brought the blanket lying on the chair and came to wrap it around Lucy while sitting next to her. She bundled her face into his chest. He closed his eyes and leaned his chin on her head, soaking up every moment he could wrap his arms around her. When she let go he sighed. Lucy sniffled and looked down after wiping her eyes with her sweater. "I was staying with Chris." She blurted "He kicked me out, screamed at me and just left me outside! My house was getting redone and my other friends live farther out and…." Lucy was talking faster than usual searching for the right words to describe what had happened "you lived close. I hope you don't mind" her voice lowered to a whisper "I can leave. I'm sorry I came." Ian grabbed her hand "of course you can stay" and released "I would do anything for you, and you know that too" as Ian got up and walked to his room lucy considered what he said '.I would do anything for you' that's when she realized she felt the same way. He found a pair of her sweatpants she left once and a hollis sweater he took home from set in his drawer. When Ian came back Lucy had put on a record by Debussy. Claire Du Lune was playing softly and she grabbed the clothing he handed her. "thank you." She whispered "for everything" suddenly her lips were no longer talking. Instead they were pressed on Ian's. Softly the kiss grew to be in sync with the music. Her hands were on each side of his head and she backed up so his head was pressed against the wall barely. Lucy swifted her lips to the left and pulled away. She opened her eyes and saw his face. "I'm-" Lucy began to say, but Ian pulled her close again and grabbed her by her hips, "sorry" she finished. "I've been waiting for this" Ian said looking at her right in her eyes "for you" Lucy was stunned by the words. She never thought of Ian as anything other than a friend, and she thought he thought of her the same way. "I'm with Chris." She mumbled "WAS" Ian corrected. Lucy stared at the wall uncomfortably "I don't love you like that Ian", "I'm sorry" but really she didn't know if she loved him. Lucy always thought of herself as Ians sister, and a girlfriend to anyone but him. They would laugh at the theories of 'lucian' and the strange idea of them as a couple but then she thought- maybe. Just maybe. Assumption pulled them apart.

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