Place: In Hecto Mundo inside Las Noches main tower

Time: During Ichigo's battle with Ulquiorra when Yammy comes through the floor

"Ulquiorra can I fight him" says Yammy

"You know how greedy you get when you change so go play with the others" Says Ulquiorra

"Ok" says Yammy

Then he turns and walks over to Monoly, Loly, and Orihime And Says "Get out of here"

"What you need help," says Yammy

Then He slaps Monoly and She goes through the wall and smoke went everywhere

"Huh weaker than I thought" says Yammy

"You son of a" says Loly interrupted by the smoke clearing and man with a hood and turquoise hair with a silver tint and a little sticking out with a medium size build with a large scar going from the hair line across his and all the way down to his right clef, white eye with only a pinprick (Showing he's blind) and he is about five foot eight and he was holding Monoly in his right hand and then he lets go of her and she lands inside the hole and he flash steps in front of Yammy

"Who is this Ulquiorra" Says Yammy

Then Ulquiorra's Eyes got bigger and says "Yammy be careful," says Ulquiorra

"Yammy you have no idea what your fighting!" Thinks Ulquiorra

"Why he don't seem that strong and how could someone like this beat me"

Then Yammy brought back his fist and went to punch the man and the man stops it with his bare hand

"Who are you"?

The man responded by just having a very confident expression and a smirk on his face

"Fine then I kill you then find out!" Yells Yammy

Then he began to charge a cero oculus and then it fires and Yammy dodges to the right just getting nicked by the cero

"What the hell I've only seen Ulquiorra fire a cero of that caliber" Thinks Yammy