Ulquiorra's Thoughts

If it where no for Legion I would have never understood humans or how to enjoy my self if not for him I would have been hunted and kill like a pig by the soul society.

Harribel's Thoughts

If Legion had not saved me that is all

Hataru's Thoughts

If not for Legion I would be wandering though hueco mundo looking for a purpose

Stark's Thoughts


Yama's Thoughts

Legion caused a change of government in the soul society that may be for the better in the long run.

Renji's Thoughts

Legion showed me the way that was so clouded that I would have never dared to tread upon its path

Byakuya's Thoughts

I learned that my own ideals where actually the wrong ones thanks to Legion

Tosen's Thoughts

I have give up my life of Justice to become a teacher at the soul reaper academy but instead they made me an assistant but oh well.

Gin's Thoughts

I went back to the soul society to try and help the kids on the streets

Ichigo's Thoughts

I was able to live thanks to Legion and his sister

Unohana's Thoughts

We where able to save all of the wounded after the winter war thanks to Legion

Katen's thoughts

I wish Legion would trust me but he has his reasons so I was placed back in squad 13

Isane's thoughts

I think Legion keeps to him self to keep from getting burned but I try to help him to open up to his old friends but it was a futile attempt.

Loly's thoughts

curse him i did not even fight curse him

menoly's thoughts

He saved us both i can only thank him