A little one-shot from me ^^ - because this is just... how I feel sadly. Dear Love. You're a bitch. Sincerely me. PS. I hate you.

When Ritsu saw his beloved Senpai kissing with the long haired beauty in the hallway, he ran home crying for hours.

After three years of bottling up his emotions and love for his Senpai, he felt like everything in his world had been shattered. But he couldn't blaim Senpai? Senpai didn't even know that he had feelings for him. He didn't even know that Ritsu loved him to the very core of his soul. So Ritsu allowed himself to grief and curse everything in the world; because some respect for himself he did have.

So when Ritsu came to school the next day, and went to the library as always; he tried to dignify the fairness of this shattered love, since him and his Senpai was never meant to be.

Ritsu walked up to a shelf and reached for a book, and when he finally reached it another hand touched his. He glanced to his right and saw that it was Senpai, his beloved Senpai who was also reaching for that same book. It would have been so easy. So right, just to confess his love right there and now and just get it of his chest. But he remembered that way he saw Senpai kissing the girl yesterday, and told himself that no this isn't meant to be.

He couldn't help the blush that painted his face, but excused himself and walked away from Senpai. He wished Senpai happiness and love.

Because who doesn't wish happiness for the one you love?

... yes I hate you love xD :(!

Oh yes and an update. No I have not continued on writing 'Close up the Hole in my Vein' or 'Onodera's Honya' yet ^^' - and please do not put this story on alert, because it says "Completed" like all my other one-shots so I don't really understand why you put it on alert :)? Other than that, hope you enjoyed it :D