A Cat Fight

"She's mine" Jade said firmly as she stepped in front of Tori. Their faces were now only inches a part, Jade's stance and expression were rather intense and frightening. Tori admitted to herself that she was a bit intimidated but she wouldn't let it show.

"No, you don't deserve her" Tori shot back.

"Girls please" Cat said in a frightened voice. She was sitting on the couch watching the two of them. Her and Jade had been dating for awhile now. Yes, Jade was very bossy and domineering. That's why Tori thought that she treated Cat badly. Although Cat didn't feel like she was treated badly. Today Tori had actually asked her to leave Jade and just be with her.

"Cat baby, Jade is a very evil person she treated Beck like crap and now she's doing the same to you" Tori told her.

"Oh shut up!" Jade snapped. "Cat tell her you want me and only me!"

"Stop telling her what to do all the time!"

"You don't tell me what to do!" Jade then delivered a slap across Tori's face. "You don't leave, I hit harder" Her scowl deepened as she said this.

"Please no violence" Cat said, looking at them frantically.

"Just be quiet for awhile Cat" Jade ordered.

"See how she is?! And I'm not scared of you Jade" Tori slapped Jade lightly on the cheek. In response Jade let out a sound much like a growl and then tackled Tori.

Cat quickly stood up, "Girls! Girls!" She cried, jumping around the two wrestling females.

"Get off me!" Tori cried as Jade grabbed a handful of her hair. Jade just pulled at her hair and with her free hand she punched at her forehead. Tori snarled, moving up her hand and squeezing her rival's breast very hard. She cried out loudly and just began punching even harder. "Let go you perv!" Jade shouted.

"That's it!" Cat cried and jumped on the two of them. With surprising strength she separated the two girls. "Listen to me!" She stood up and the two of them followed. Cat stayed in between them so they wouldn't start fighting again.

"Cat just tell her you want me already" Jade demanded.

"No, tell her you're sick of her nasty attitude and want to be with me" Tori snapped.

"But...I like you both" Cat said quietly and looked to the floor.

"What!?" Tori and Jade cried in unison.

"Yes, both of you" Cat said with a blush.

"Cat you can't be with two people at once" Jade told her.

"Yeah seriously" Tori added, not liking that she had to agree with Jade.

"Well why not?" Cat asked. She looked at each of them with wide, innocent and pleading eyes. She really didn't like conflict and really did like the both of them. Just for different reasons.

"Because...it's weird" Tori replied.

"And I don't want to share anything with Tori" Jade added.

"But let me show you" Cat then wrapped her arms around Jade and pressed her lips against her's. With one eye open Jade looked at Tori with triumph. As she kissed Cat deeply she moved her hand down the red head's back until she was touching her ass. Which she clawed into roughly, showing ownership of the girl.

Tori grunted with jealously, "So you just want to show me how you kiss Jade?" she asked coldly. Cat then pulled away gently and turned to Tori.

"Now Tori, it's your turn" The red head then pressed her lips to Tori's. The feel of Cat's lips and body pressing against her's was enough to drive Tori wild. She grabbed a handful of the girl's red hair, moving her body against her's and letting their tongues dance together. Tori almost forgot that Jade was there.

"C-cat..." Jade said her mouth wide open. Her body filled with anger.

Cat pulled away much to Tori's dismay and looked at each of them with a warm smile. A smile that easily melted their hearts. "See we can all be together"

Tori and Jade looked at one another, for a moment they actually considered it.

A/N: Just wrote for fun -w-