Color of Death

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Hey people. Azure here. I've lately become a bit obsessed with BRS, as this story shall now prove. I have a lot of stories I want to post that I've already gotten a head start on...Shugo Chara...Wolf's Rain...Naruto...Fullmetal Alchemist. Unfortunatly, school is a pain. Enough said.

This is gonna be such a sad story T_T get a tissue box ready.

Your gonna need it...

CHAPTER 1: Dark Rainbow

Blue. The color of the sky, the water, that bird on the fence, the flower in the garden, and the car up the street. A beautiful color, much like Green…and Yellow…and White…and Red. They're best when put together…all these color's melt perfectly, almost like a wonderful rainbow. But more colors have arrived…Orange…Purple …all put together to form the ultimate rainbow. The best of friendships. However…one cannot join the circle of friends…

Black. The color of night, of darkness, of death…a reject to that of light. It is a color not allowed within the light, fearful of the sun…never to touch the rainbow…never to join. Its power would bring the others to their knee's…and face off with Blue. Because they don't want Black. Black would mess up the rainbow. It would die, like the tiny bird that traveled the worlds of color.

Because never can Black be a part of the rainbow…it simply isn't meant to be.

. . . . . . . .

Lifeless onyx eyes glared out at the barren land. The sky, if one would call it such, was filled with color ranging from yellow, to green, to blue, and more. Its presence felt out of place, looming over such a depressing land. But, no one could change it…ever since the 'incident' long ago the sky has always has had every color imaginable…but one.

The girl that stood upon a rocky formation that jutted up, almost like a claw ready to strike, glared harder at the sky. Her onyx eyes were devoid of life and emotion…but hate. Her world, the Otherworld, rejected her. The Otherworlder's ignored her, but beat her mercilessly if she so much as looked in their direction. That's how Black was treated here. That was how it was.

And that was how she actually gained emotion, much like Strength had. However, unlike Strength who gained all of her emotion, there was only one emotion she had- Hate. All Otherworlder's have an emotion- Love. Love for their human counterpart, love to protect them from pain, love to fight the other's to help the pain, love for the other Otherworlder's that helped stand the pain.

She felt no such love, only hate. Hate for the world, both worlds, and hate for her human counterpart...if you could call the coward that. Ignored, rejected, and beaten easily…and yet the 'human' lives peacefully in a cruel existence. An existence she stole.

Turning away from the hateful sky, onyx eyes traveled down the rocky formation where, at the base of the structure, stood a hooded figure. The blue cloak swayed in the breeze as the girl made no move to make eye contact with the onyx eyed girl. They both stood still, the air thick with tension.

The onyx girl wore a mask, a bone mask that much resembled a dragon. The only thing it showed of her face was her dark eyes and lower half of her face. Her red hair went to her back, a bit unkempt and worn. Just like her eyes, lifeless. She wore bone armor, strangely, with bone's that caged her body and fit neatly over her pale skin- claws that resembled gauntlets were over her hands, just like her feet. Pure white bones stuck out of her back like a lightning bolt, creating poor excuses for wings- like Dead Masters.

She had on a black jacket with a strange flame like symbol on the back, zipped up at the top to cover her but leaving her stomach revealed, short short's similar to that of the Blue girl's down the hill, and she was bare foot. The Blue girl wore the same short's, with a bikini top to cover her nonexistent chest. Her cloak fluttered in the breeze with a star on the back, hood pulled up.

The stare down lasted awhile longer, until the Blue girl looked up, revealing sapphire eyes that met onyx. As quick as possible, the dragon girl leapt down, Bone Claw's out stretched and ready for attack. Blue was faster.

She jumped away from the attack, withdrawing a black katana hidden with her cloak. Black kept up with her, throwing her Bone Claw's around and viciously trying to hit Blue. Though, her efforts proved fruitless as Blue easily dodged them, or parried with her sword. After a close strike though that Blue easily blocked, her claws extended and wrapped Blue in bones, much like chains.

Black withdrew her free hand, ready to deliver her final blow when actual chains wrapped around the claw, throwing her away from her foe and abruptly snapping her left Bone Claw off and detaching from Blue. As Black was thrown back by the chains, Blue pulled against the bone's and easily broke them away, freeing her. There was a thud to her left, but she paid no heed as her sapphire eyes remained locked onto the dragon girl that stood up.

Onyx eyes glared at the newcomer, the one that had interrupted the battle. Green eyes narrowed on the onyx girl, her black dress neat as she held up her scythe, a veil covering her face. She had horns sticking out of her head and two huge dark skulls loomed overhead. Green casted Blue a glance, before going back to Black. There was silence in the air.

The onyx girl's eye's briefly looked at the chains wrapped securely around her arm, before wheeling back and throwing it forward. However, Green anticipated this and withdrew as well, a tug a war breaking out. But Black had a major disadvantage as the twin skulls launched forward, Blue leading.

Chained in place, with no place to escape, Black new it was another loss. So, she didn't bother to try to avoid the black sword that swung at her, with two massive skulls coming in to crush her.

It was over before it even began…

. . . . . .

Kuroi Mato smiled happily as she walked down the street, cell phone in one hand and school bag in the other. True, the dark haired girl was running late to school, but what did it matter to her? She was too overjoyed by the fact of meeting Kagari's cousin. Yes, her, Yuu, Yomi, Kagari, and Saya have all been extremely close since…the 'incident'. They knew about…the Otherworld.

They're favorite pass time was sitting in the counselors office, talking away with Saya who would just smile and sip her coffee. It was perfect, five best friends and Mato wouldn't have it any other way. And to think another would be joining practically had Mato and Yuu exploding with fireworks. It was odd, that Yuu had warmed up to Mato so quickly just like Strength had, but she didn't mind. The only difference was Yuu was a bit more solitude then Strength.

"Mato!" The blue eyed girl stopped in her thoughts and turned to see Takanashi Yomi running towards her with her books cradled in her arms. She was out of breath when she got to Mato, standing patiently at the corner of the street. The smaller of the two beamed brightly and waved, "Yomi! You're late to? That's a surprise!" said girl just smiled a little nervously. It was true, she was supposed to be on top of these things.

"Sorry I forgot to text you this morning, my alarm didn't go off." Yomi explained as they jogged to the train station. It was common knowledge that Mato had trouble getting to school on time, even if she sets her cell phone to wake her up at a certain time, she usually ends up throwing it out the window and falling back to sleep.

At least this time it wasn't her fault.

"It's okay, it's okay! I'm just excited about meeting…um…er…" She tapped her chin in thought and Yomi had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing, "It's…its Izuriha Mei, Mato." Mato smiled widely, "Mei? Like me!" Yomi couldn't fathom why Mato suddenly looked proud, but she guessed it was just Mato…being Mato.

"She's a shy girl, and she's just moved here because of some family problems." Mato raised an eyebrow here but Yomi continued, "She's also had to break up with her boyfriend. I don't know much nor does Kagari, but she said Mei is super excited to be here." If possible, Mato was smiling even wider. Yomi couldn't help but chuckle.

That smile faded as they waited patiently on the train. They've been having visions, all of them, all five. All included their Otherworlder's fighting this girl, covered in bone armor, but she'd lose. It was almost embarrassing how quick some of the battles ended, and one had painfully stopped with her head lodged into a rock. Unfortunately, only Yomi saw that vision and was a bit appalled by the brutality.

But that was how the Otherworld worked. To live, they fight. They take the pain, for they love each other. Just like how the five are friends here, the five are friends there. Not one vision has included a fight between anyone other than this dragon girl. Yomi began to suspect that it was someone close to them, someone they know, and the only possible suspect is Mei.

But she looked nothing like the dragon girl. Mei had orange hair, not red. She had lavender, almost silver, eyes…not onyx. Even though that doesn't account for some Otherworlder's, Mei and the bone girl didn't seem to be making a connection at all. Yomi had tried to ask Dead Master about it, and contacting your Otherself requires time, patience, and a lot of concentration. It didn't work out well, for it seemed Dead Master ignored her.

Kagari had tried to ask Chariot as well, with the same results. Yomi didn't know how to ask Mato to contact…Black Rock Shooter…and she doubted the others would approve. After the 'incident' with Insane Black Rock Shooter, everyone's been a bit cautious in that area concerning Mato. A repeat of the past is definitely something they didn't want happening.

She just hoped whoever's Otherself this was, was not suffering as much as she thought they might be. With all the loss and beatings…it almost topped Black Rock Shooter…almost. Then again, Yomi didn't think anyone had suffered as much as Mato (therefore making Black Rock Shooter incredibly strong) and the proof could be shown in the way the dragon girl's fighting.

Yomi shook her head, deciding to leave the matter be. Whoever it was, they were fine…right?

. . . . . .

Craters littered the barren wasteland, a lone figure laying spread eagle in the mess of smoke and haze. It made no motion to move, simply glaring up at the colored sky…all but her color was up there. She was here, why? Oh, because she was forced and abandoned, left by the one person that knew her best…

A cruel fate, that she lived such a happy life to be tossed into this world…to be beaten senseless over and over again. Her 'human' counterpart was evil, completely ignorant…doesn't care…no love…Hate…

Her onyx eye's closed for a brief moment before reopening with a sigh. Her voice came out, dead and lifeless. It was quiet, broken, whispered into the wind to no one in particular.

"Where are you…Dark Bone Hunter…?"

Unknown to the 'Otherworlder' lying in the field of battle, a pair of fiery orange eyes watched from the shadows of the nearby rock formation. It stayed there, watching the defeated girl before turning back to the shadows.

The only evidence of its presence was a small spider web.

. . . . . .

"H-hello, my n-name is Izuriha Mei. P-please take care of me." The orange haired girl at the front of the room bowed, face slightly flushed with all the attention the class was giving her. Her hair was short, going just past her jawline and covering her right eye. The students in the class practically exploded with 'awww's' at her nervous and jittery nature. Innocent and cute, and downright terrified. Yup, Mei was having a terrible day.

She wasn't much of a people person, not antisocial but not enough human contact as her mother likes to say. It wasn't her fault she had a bad time trying to socialize with people, but maybe it would be easier with her cousin here? That were her hopes, but she never understood why her younger cousin Kagari nicknamed her 'Hinata'. Perhaps it has to do with Kagari's sudden interest in anime?

Taking her seat nervously next to a familiar face, Yomi, she faced the front and prepared for the day. It was fairly uneventful, besides the class practically tackling her with questions, nearly giving her a heart attack. She was grateful her cousin would haul her away from them with her three friends in tow. She never really could get the courage to stand up to others…

Whilst in the hall to their next classes, they introduced themselves as Kuroi Mato, Koutari Yuu, and Takanashi Yomi. Mato seemed to be the ball of sunshine, Yuu not far behind, and Yomi was the polite one. Of course, Kagari topped that off with her sweet smile and insults and her habit of nicknaming people, and this group was gold.

It was around lunch, though, when she met her. She had been walking with the other four, smiling softly to a joke Yuu had told when she ran into her. Literally.

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry I w-was being-…"

"Hey, you're that new girl!" Mei froze and looked forward. In front of her was a girl with dark purple hair that went perfectly to her shoulders, her bangs tied back to the back of her head as she smiled. Her grey eyes, though, flashed with mischief.

"Y-yeah…sorry I r-ran into you…" She trailed off as her friends stopped up a head, now noticing she wasn't following. They were looking around for her, so she had to be quick with this meet and greet.

"My names Suzuru Kimiko, but you can just call me Kimi." She smiled a Cheshire grin that made Mei want to crawl into a hole. This girl just seemed so…crazy! But still…she's being nice, so just turning them away because you feel like their suddenly going to shoot you isn't a good way to make a first impression.

"I'm I-Izuriha Mei, n-nice to meet you." She did a bow, but miscalculated how close she was to Kimi, and ended up placing her head on her chest. "Ah! S-sorry, I d-didn't mean-…" She had quickly token a step back, but stopped in her apology when Kimiko threw her head back and laughed.

"Haha…ha…that was great." She wiped a tear from her eye, grinning from ear to ear. Mei was still a bit flustered about this girl and her 'ahem' mishap didn't help. She probably looked like a fool in Kimi's eyes.

"Well, you've gotten my approval. Where are you-…" she didn't get to finish as Mei's name was called from Mato, who was waving back and forth frantically. Finally taking her chance to leave (and preserve what little dignity she had left), she spoke up.

"O-oh, I'm going to h-have lunch with m-my friends. W-would you like to join…" She trailed off and paled a little as she realized what she had just suggested. Maybe it was because she was so earnestly polite all the time that it came second nature for her to ask, and much to her displeasure, Kimi's smile widened.

"Sure, I've got nowhere else to be." She shrugged nonchalantly and walked over to the group with Mei trailing behind, internally beating herself up over a stupid mistake. Now, she had to go through with introducing Kimi to everyone, and was inwardly mortified when they accepted her with open arms.

Hopefully, this won't end in disaster…

. . . . . . .

Fiery orange eye's watched from the shadows as the dragon like girl walked through the ruins of a leaning mountain. It was slanted, leaning to the side with multiple slag mites sticking out at every angle. Even smaller ones were sticking out of the larger ones. Inside the mountain it was completely hollow, with ripped cloth hanging like banners around the walls. In the center was an altar of sorts, a large pedestal with a concrete slab behind it.

The dragon girl stopped in front of the pedestal, gazing around with dead onyx eyes. All was quiet…no movement but the fluttering of the 'banners' in the breeze. Orange eyes didn't even blink when suddenly a large rock fell upon the dragon girl. It happened quickly, allowing no time to dodge.

A small figure landed on the boulder, an unusual grin on her face. She had long purple hair that went amazingly to her knee's, stormy eye's filled with silent laughter as the dragon girl crawled out from beneath the boulder. The pedestal and slab had been crushed, merely a setup of sorts.

Onyx eye's turned their anger towards the figure, standing high up. Purple smiled, it was cryptic with no emotion but cruelty. She has on a dark long sleeved sweater with an odd moon crescent on the back, with the same colored cargo pants with an unbelievable amount of pockets. The strangest thing about the girl was- she had no left arm. Instead, a long ebony hammer dragged along the floor.

The two girls stared at one another, Purple showing cruel mirth while the other one staring emotionlessly with growing rage. Orange eye's watched the two from the shadows, the latter either ignoring or oblivious to its presence. That's when, like always, the dragon girl leapt for the first move.

Purple easily dodged by jumping off the boulder, landing on one side, then swinging her large hammer at the thing. Like hitting a baseball, it launched away into a wall, smashing the dragon girl between the two. Purple stood, a smug smile on her face as Orange left the two. It wasn't going to be any different.

Black would lose, like always.

. . . . . . .

It had been a few days, and Saya would have to be lying if she said they weren't interesting. Especially Mei and Kimiko. When these two new (different meanings) girls showed up into her office with her usual afternoon squad of coffee drinkers, she was curious. Mei was Kagari's cousin, that much Mato would not stop bragging about even if it was unintentional and no matter how many times Kagari told her to shut up about it. Kimiko, however, always had a mischievous glint in her eyes, and she briefly noted her pen missing when they left.

Casually sipping from her cup of coffee, her eyes traveled to the cupboard full of the cups before looking thoughtfully at the ground. Black Gold Saw still kept her up to date with the happenings of the Otherworld…with the two new arrivals…but what frustrated her was the dragon girl. No matter how many times Saya asked her Otherself who she was, all she got was silence.

At least she got two of the three, that much is certain. A small smile played on her lips.

"How will this play out now…."

A hammer narrowly missed smashing the bone girl as she agilely rolled away.

"…what will the four of you do…"

Bone Claws swiped at Purple, who blocked with her hammer.

"…when you meet Banshee…"

Purple's grin widened.

"…and Scorch Widow."

Orange eye's blinked as they watched the mountain crumble to pieces, the ground shaking as it melted into large plumes of smoke.

Like always, Black had lost.

. . . . . . .

Kimiko was not a happy camper. Sure, she's had her fair share of bad times in the past, but she's gotten over them quite well. This, though, didn't feel right. Trading one group of friends for another…felt wrong. It felt…like a betrayal.

Had she'd known that when she intentionally walked into the new girl (stealing a lollipop from her pocket) that she'd meet Kuroi Mato, Takanashi Yomi, Izuriha Kagari and Mei, and Irino Saya…she'd have walked away. Maybe it's just a habit, or a curse, from pulling a prank and finding it outrageously fun to it becoming an obsession.

Never had she thought when she first became addicted did she think it would affect her friends. It was just a simple prank, she even remained anonymous for good measure. Somehow, someway, they found it was her. She was crushed and left in the dust as they walked away.

Did she regret what she did? She felt nothing afterword, so why bother? This new group of people though…they were fun. Yuu and Mato were her favorite, though it did bug her a little that Mei treated her like a walking zombie and wanted to be as far as possible from Kimi. Kagari just went about her normal ways, or normal as in no one seemed to think she was any different, and gave Kimi a wonderful nickname.


Who that was, or what it means, she'll never know. The only one who did was Yomi who promptly spat her coffee out and stared at Kagari like she was debating whether to scold or laugh. And that was another thing about this group that peaked her interest. She had asked why they meet up in the counselors office all the time, for coffee none of them liked. They all shared a glance before smiling and replying with 'we go way back' and burst out into giggles.

Kimi was not amused. Mei just seemed confused but went on with avoiding Kimiko like the plague. Even if she was trying to act normal and non-conspicuous, it was so plainly obvious that even the others casted her weird glances. Still didn't stop Mato and Yuu from babbling nonstop. They were like the engine of the group.

No awkward silence was ever held as long as those two were there, and they included everyone in the conversation. It was nothing like Kimi's old group of friends who always got quiet whenever she'd be with them, making her slightly uncomfortable.

Even still…she still felt a bit of longing for her childhood friends…

"Suzuru-san?" Kimi blinked and looked up from her desk to see Yomi standing there, a slightly concerned look on her face. "Hmm? What is it?" She inquired, acting nonchalant. Yomi blinked, "I…have been calling your name for a few minutes. Class is over and we're meeting at Irino-sensei's office. Are you okay?"

Yomi was a bit surprised when Kimiko looked away, her trademark grin not on her face but…a look of regret and pain. Instinctively, she put her hand on the purple haired girls shoulder, "Suzuru-san, is everything okay?"

Without warning, Kimi abruptly stood up, muttering an apology and an excuse about not feeling well before walking out the classroom. Some students stopped conversing to watch her leave with curious looks before returning to their groups. Yomi stood there, dumbfounded before looking back at the dark haired girl's desk.

A picture of three girls, the middle being Kimiko, sat perfectly on the desk. All three were smiling widely, laughing at the camera. Yomi carefully picked it up and examined it, noticing this Kimiko didn't have a smirk or devious grin. It was a genuine smile.

Yomi silently wondered what happened to get rid of that smile…and where these two girls were now…

. . . . . . . .

A lone figure walked away from the rubble and ruins of the mountain, now nothing more than a bunch of rocks. Her red hair floated in the breeze as she walked forward, onyx eyes locked straight ahead, ignoring the single red eye that watched her from above.

Purple watched her leave from a top the highest boulder, idly tapping her Pocket Hammer against it. The red eye briefly glanced at her, and she grinned widely. Hoping down from the boulder, she turned in the opposite direction of where Black was going and started walking forward, stuffing her single hand into one of her many pockets. Her Pocket Hammer dragged along the ground behind her, though she paid no mind.

Banshee. That was her name. And it wasn't that way without reason. Her grin never faded as a looming structure appeared in the distance. Was she different from the other Otherworlders? Yes, actually all three newcomers are unusual. But she'd have to admit, Black will always be her favorite…even if Black herself isn't one of them…

She stopped briefly, eyes drifting downwards to a monstrous trench was, with straight walls and a nearly non visible bottom. But still was. It was littered with corpses, corpses of those that failed to fight. Those that failed their human counterpart's.

and she intended to have another join them, until she's crushed the circle of friends in this world…and the other….

The dragon girl continued her tireless march across the wasteland, the red eye watching her movement. Finally, even though she continued walking, she lifted her head up towards the sky. The colors were still there, still flowing into the sky beautifully. It made her clench her fists.

Black will always be rejected, forgotten, ignored. But if there's one thing that won't happen to her, is death. With determination set into her eyes, she walked forward and the landscape eventually began to get gloomier, skulls littering the ground and weapons laid about skeletons.

Up ahead, the tip of a mountain of skulls shown forth, spires rested around it, dark clouds circling around the pillar as if drawn to it. She had entered Dead Master's world.

There was no turning back now.

. . . . . . . .

An orange haired girl frantically jogged towards the entrance of the school, inwardly scolding herself. Her cat had gotten loose, so she had taken the entire morning searching for it. Her friends had helped, but were smart enough to leave before they were late. She just had to make sure her cat was safe, give him a bath, brush his teeth…no, she wasn't being overprotective. It was a cat, you can't do that…right?

Mei was so lost into her thoughts that she hardly noticed someone in her path before she ran straight into the person back. The orange haired girl mentally asked how many people is she going to run into before she actually watches where she walks. Pushing those thoughts away, she quickly leapt back and bowed, apologizing. There was silence as the person, a girl, turned to face her.

Mei was at a loss of words. The girl had dark eyes, with long onyx hair that fell with a clean cut to her waist, and she had a smile that could rival Mato's, "There's no need to apologize. Just keep a sharper eye, and be careful, okay?" Mei just blinked, watching dumbly as the girl waved and turned away, walking back into the school.

…did that just happen?

Apparently so. Mei, in her dumbfounded state, had been even more late than expected. When her friends had asked, she explained the mystery girl she had run into. Strangely, no one saw this girl at all during their classes and wondered idly if she was an upperclassman. But this mystery girl was hardly the topic of their conversations now, as no one has yet to see Kimiko sense she ran out of the classroom.

The only way to find out though, suggested by Yuu when Yomi showed them the picture, was to find the two girls in the picture. Which, shockingly, wasn't that hard. It was mostly Mato's fault. They were having lunch in the courtyard, enjoying each other's company and trying desperately not to bring up Kimiko. When, a bit suddenly, Mato stood and pointed somewhere shouting 'it's her!'.

Yuu had fallen over, and Mei squeaked at the sudden yell. Everyone else was just confused, that is, until they saw two girls walking side by side towards the school. Before they could stop her, Mato launched after them and nearly tackled them to the ground.

"Wait! Wait! We need your help!" She had a determined look on, waving her hands about. The girls looked stunned that she had so suddenly thrown herself in their path, her friends not far behind. After a long awkward silence, the shorter of the two girls spoke-

"Ok…what do you need?" Yomi stepped forward before anyone could speak more and held forward the picture of the three girls, "Do you know where the girl in the middle is?" The five of them were shocked when the two girls suddenly looked very cross.

"We don't know."

"How should we know?" Kagari was not amused. "Your right, I wouldn't expect a couple of dimwitted smurfs to know." Usually this would alight girls into giggles and comment on how cute Kagari was being, but these girls were almost instantly glaring daggers at the blonde.

"What did you say?"

"That is so not cute."

"Hey!" The group was startled when an onyx haired girl walked up to them, "Classes are starting soon, let's not be late, hm?" She smiled brightly and the girls grumbled under their breaths before leaving the five, now six, of them alone.

"Er, well thank you for-…" Yomi didn't get to finish when Mei gasped and pointed at her, "You're that girl!" The dark haired girl just smiled and tilted her head, "That girl? My name is Kirizo Rin, it's nice to meet you." She bowed quickly as the others introduced themselves.

"Your cousins?" the girl acknowledged, making Kagari smack her forehead and Mei smile awkwardly. While Mato, accompanied by Yuu, launched off into talking with the girl who surprisingly kept up with them, Yomi didn't take her eyes off her for a second. She looked familiar…like she's seen her before.

Shrugging it off for later, Yomi joined the others as they walked to class, oblivious to the fact that they only found out the name of the mystery girl and nothing more.

. . . . . . . . .

Banshee walked alongside the trench, her long purple hair waving about as she continued her trek. Her natural grin was still on her face, grey eyes shining with cruel mirth. Only when she saw a figure a head did she stop. The figure, a girl, was smaller than her with clean cut jawline white hair. Her orange eyes met the taller grey ones and a stare off began.

The smaller one was wearing a jacket with the hood up, shorts and leggings. She had huge mechanical arms attached to her shoulder. Her tail remained still. The bottom half of her face was covered, only revealing her eyes. Eye's that did not leave grey.

Purple stared at White. White stared at Purple. No one moved.

Slowly, Purple moved her hand into one of the many pockets her pants held. White watched, an unimpressed look on her face. She had emotion, that much was certain, but that didn't mean she was going to flaunt it around. It was useless in battle.

Banshee's arm jerked out and flung forward, Strength instinctively taking a step back and waited when nothing happened. Banshee remained there, hand outstretched. Strength stood there, confusion flashing through her eyes. That is, until she suddenly lurched forward and was suspended in the air.

By tiny little wires, all connecting to Banshee's outstretched hand.

The wired tightened on her body, making her grit her teeth as it relentlessly closed in on her body. It got tighter and tighter, and Purple knew it wasn't long before-

Two huge Ogre Arm's grabbed ahold of a net of wires, roughly pulling them together and throwing Banshee forward, losing her grip on the wires in her hand. Strength landed, a bit breathless from the nearly suffocating death.

Now it was her turn. Running at an inhuman speed with such large hands, she crashed into Banshee, sending her fist into her stomach and smashing her into the ground. And then repeated. Over and over again, each strike created a deeper crater that Banshee was the victim of.

That was, until a sharp noise penetrated Strength's hearing. Jerking back and stumbling away, she tried to cover her ears from the noise but was unsuccessful with such large arms. The source of the noise was lying smugly in the crater, her nails running along the rim of her Pocket Hammer. The noise it made could be described as nails on a chalkboard…or worse.

Taking advantage of Strength's sudden lack of guard, still trying desperately to drown out the noise, Banshee leapt forward and swung her Hammer to meet her head…only to be parried by a Gold Saw.

Grey eyes narrowed as the noise stopped, Strength falling to her knee's in exhaustion. Red eyes glared at the purple haired girl, who returned with a smirk. Long onyx hair went to Red's waist, two long horns extending from her head and she wore claw like gauntlets. Her outfit was similar to Blue's, though the jacket was like Black's.

She was taller than Banshee, in fact she was the tallest of the Otherworlders, but it did little to intimidate the purple haired girl. Wasting no time to battle, she threw her Pocket Hammer viciously against the Gold Saw, as Red easily defended herself.

It wasn't long before Strength returned to her feet and charged into the fray. Even with the two to one odds, Banshee did well to defend herself. It was only when Red, Black Gold Saw, made a move for her stomach did she twist out of the way did she raised Pocket Hammer to strike her down.

However, a familiar black katana blocked her from doing so.

The dragon girl laid in the field of bones eyes half closed as thousands of skeleton soldiers surrounded her. She actually felt a bit at home here, how odd it may have sounded. The sky held Black clouds…the color of the sky gone…and yet, she still did not have a world to call her own.

All the other Otherworlder's had a world, all but Black. Because Black didn't deserve one. Black was not a part of the rainbow.

She sat forward, her onyx eye's traveling up the mountain to where Green sat, looking down at her with a bored expression. Yes, they all knew she was the weakest Otherworlder, and has yet to win a battle…and yet willingly traveling into someone else's domain…

Black eye's stared into Green as she stood from her throne, her twin skulls sitting obediently nearby, even if one had already smashed the dragon girl she had no doubt it could happen again. The army of skeletons parted away as Green walked down the steps, standing before Black with her scythe drawn. Standing up slowly, a similar stare off to a previous battle began.

It didn't take long, however, as one of the skulls darted forward to once again smash the girl. Shockingly, she managed to roll away just in time…only to be hit by the other one. The skeletons in the line of fire were thrown about, and as the skulls returned to Green who stood a bit smugly, Black once again stood.

Was it so hard to do this? Why couldn't she be as good as the others? No, Black could never be good. Black was the outcast, the runt of the batch, the one no one wants. The weakling in the eyes of others. The thought made her fists clench.

Her Bone Claw's extended like before, becoming a maze of bones as they darted everywhere, stabbing into skeletons and smashing everything away. Even the skulls could not penetrate the huge mass of bone. But, with on easy swing of her scythe, the bones all fell to the ground in a useless heap before Green.

And once again, Black charged forward without hesitation. She had always lost, but she never gave up. She couldn't, because one day…maybe…maybe…

Black could be a part of the rainbow.

She swung her Claws, Green's scythe parrying the move.

Black…could have a world…she could have a world…

Her leg shot forward, tripping Green. Verdant eyes widened as she brought her Bone Claws for a final blow.

She could be a part of the rainbow.

Before the blow could be made, a large force smashed her into a wall, before repeating to punch her into the ground.

She should have known…Black always loses…and it will never be a part of the rainbow. The reject, the outcast…she was…

Dark Bone Hunter.

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