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Ohhhh, there will be blood...! Or...whatever it is Otherworlders have when they get hurt...

CHAPTER 2: Tainted Hope

A rainbow of friends…fitting perfectly together…laughing and smiling...different colors of love, life, and friendship…Hate. Strong Hate. Burning Hate. Hate them all…they ignored. They rejected. They go about, completely neglecting. They won't even bat an eye…they won't even accept. They will always…reject.

Black. Where do you belong? Will you always wait in darkness, watching as the other color's dance about merrily in the light? Will you always be so lonely? Yes…it is meant to be…because Black cannot join. Blue wouldn't allow it, the friendship is too strong. The other color's…if threatened…they will kill Black. There is nothing lose when Black is gone.

But it won't be long…before the cruelty catches up with Black. No one can be alone and remain sane…not even Blue.

. . . . . . . .

Purple eye's drilled into Blue's. A large ebony hammer remained in-strike-motion, being blocked under a thin katana. The purple haired girl who's arm connected to such a leviathan, withdrew back a few steps and analyzed her adversary, her grin now an odd frown. Blue simply straightened up, White and Red standing behind her like statues. Three against one odds…and with Blue here…

Purple's grin returned as her hand slipped into her pocket, withdrawing a strange small ball with a happy face on it. The other three were unfazed as she tossed the ball in the air, repeatedly catching it between her two hands. Only when Blue charged, White and Red leaping after, did Purple throw the ball down, exploding into a wave of miasma. The three faltered, stopping in their tracks as the smoke began to disappear.

Purple was gone.

Wasting no time, White took off, Red hot on her tail in the direction of Banshee's world. Blue remained, slowly lowering her katana. Her eye's briefly traveled upwards to the colorful sky, every color including hers was up there. Her cold sapphire eye's blinked and looked off into the distance.

Something was going to happen…something was happening to Black…

In a gust of wind, Blue disappeared, leaving the remnants of the battle behind. White and Red could take care of Purple…she, however, had somewhere else to be. Only a pair of Orange eye's stayed, surveying the damage before slipping back into the shadows of the trench.

Soon…they'll all fall…

. . . . . . . . .

Kagari glanced warily around the classroom. Usually she was so care free, but something about the day, the time, and the place had her on edge. Yomi hadn't shown up to school, saying she was sick. Being Kagari, she had just barged in Yomi's house to see her condition and to verify it wasn't something else. To her relief, it was just a simple cold.

Mato and Yuu were taking the morning classes off, something to do with their basketball club. The only other people were Mei, Saya, and that Kimiko girl that has yet to show her ugly face. So, yes, you could say Kagari was a bit suspicious about the day. Sure, she had some other friends around the class, but never had she been truly without her friends. It was rare for almost the entire group to be gone.

And even so…

Her golden eye's trailed to the back of the classroom, spotting the dark haired girl who gazed softly out the window. She was always smiling, the creeper. Her onyx eye's showed peace and happiness, like every moment here was the best of her life. The girl was so strange…and even stranger, was her name.

Kirizo Rin. Kagari remembered Mato calling her name one time, and she didn't respond. Only when confronted did she reply sheepishly with 'woops, I'm sorry, I guess I couldn't hear you'. The blonde rolled her eyes, knowing they were only a few feet from her when they called her name…it was almost like…it wasn't even her name. Now, why would she give a fake name?

Everything about the girl was a mystery, and everything in Kagari was screaming 'Fake! Fake! Imposter!'. Just who the heck was Kirizo Rin? And what about her seemed so…foreign? But, whether Kagari likes it or not, the primary focus now isn't Kirizo. It's Kimiko, much to her distaste. She liked the girl at first, being a bit mischievous and teasing gave her high marks in the blonde's book.

But then she went and snapped at Yomi. Now, Kagari would like nothing better than to make a photo of her kissing an elephants butt and post it on the web. Unfortunately, Yomi restricted her revenge until they find out what the purple haired girls problem is. Mei just seemed relieved the girl was away, and no one knew why. Ever since she introduced them, she's been constantly avoiding Kimi. You'd think that she'd have some likeness for her for introducing her to friends…but apparently not.

Her cousin always worried her with her senseless logic. Kagari wouldn't be surprised if she mistook a bus for a giant pineapple. She's just that dense.

"Izuriha-san." The blonde glanced to the side of her desk, a little surprised to see Kirizo Rin standing there, her hand holding her books neatly. She was still smiling softly as she spoke, "Class is over, I didn't want you to be late." Kagari gave a 'tch' before standing up, grabbing her things, and walking away from the dark haired girl.

For some reason, something about her ticked Kagari off. She just didn't know what.

. . . . . . . . .

Plumes of smoke rose into the air, disappearing into dark ominous clouds that flashed with heat lightning. A mass of skeleton soldiers circled around a crippled form, growling and groaning in a zombie like way. Just at the edge of the clearing stood Green, a blank look on her face as she held her scythe. Next to her stood a four wheeled mighty mechanical contraption. It resembled somewhat of a spider, with metal mandibles clicking about. At the top of such a creation sat a yellow dressed and armored girl.

She wore a smug look as her crown glinted from a nearby flash of lightning, even though her short height did little to intimidate, her feet were connected to large wheels that boosted her up a good three or four feet. Yellow smirked at the crippled form as it twitched, moving agonizingly slow to its feet.

Black stood shakily, crimson blood completely covering her. Such an odd color…was she supposed to bleed? Otherworlder's don't bleed, they die. They don't bleed, for they have no blood. So why is she…? Oh…that's why…because she's not…she's someone else…

Green walked forward into the clearing, a tense silence following as she stopped a few feet from the crippled dragon girl. Said girl was only able to keep one eye open while the other shut in pain. Pain…Hate…Blood…she was so different…covered in wounds that take much longer to heal…

Green outstretched her hand, eye's emotionless as the clearing went quiet. Dead onyx eye's never left Green as her arm clutched her side, her leg bent as a weird angle. Yellow sure did a number on her…said girl no longer sported a smug look, but was watching intently the scene before her.

Green waited, hand outstretched to Black. The world went quiet and silence followed. Even the lightning stopped. It was if they were holding their breath. Black cautiously glanced down at the hand, contemplation flashing through her mind. Slowly, agonizingly and painful, she moved forward. Every step, every limp, towards Green seemed to be more troublesome then the last.

The clearing seemed to breathe in relief; even Yellow looked a bit more relaxed but still focused. Only Green seemed unaffected, keeping her emotionless face with an outstretched hand to the limping girl.

Black reached her hand forward, cautious and hesitant. Green just waited, patiently. A ghost of a smile seemed to appear on her face as Black reached for the hand…

only to get thrown back into the mass of soldiers. Instantly, Yellow was by Green on her spider machine. The strange shadow that had attacked Black had retreated, Orange eye's flashing with fury. Green narrowed her eye's, raising her scythe towards the shadow. She seemed a bit hesitant, but Yellow was determined.

Pushing some levers, the spider launched off towards the hiding assailant, who skillfully dodged away. Only when Yellow smashed its place of hiding did the shadow come clean into the light, Orange eye's filled entirely with uncontained rage.

This new comer was gruesome, all four legs connecting it to long black stilts. Each stilts was covered in spikes, and the girl it was connected to was covered in them as well. All the spikes protruded from her flesh, it even created a jaw guard that looked like a large under bite. Spikey orange hair with matching eye's poked above the spikes, her entire body covered in sinister black armor and, of course, spikes.

The skin that was showing was her arms and face, even though her arms disappeared into the long stilts. Yellow maneuvered her spider in front of the spider girl, and something strikingly odd was saw.

They both looked incredibly similar. Almost…like sisters…

Yellow stared at Orange. Orange stared at Yellow. Chariot charged at Scorch Widow.

Scorch Widow growled.

. . . . . . . . .

Another odd day. That was an understatement in Saya's case. Her usual troop of coffee drinkers didn't show, all except Mei who actually came on personal reasons. She had come into the counselor's office, frowning and looked to be holding off tears. Saya's first thoughts went to the missing Kimi, that the orange head might be guilty. She was way off the mark.

"It's about…Dai." Saya stopped in her drinking to gaze questioningly at the depressed girl, who sat on the couch. "Dai?"

"He is…was…my boy…boyfriend…" After that word she cringed, looking sorrowfully at the floor. Ah, boy trouble. That Saya got enough from Kohata, the basketball manager, but she was a bit surprised the shy, nervous, and jittery anti-social actually had a boyfriend.

"What about him?"

"I…can't get him off my mind. I told him I wanted to let go but now I'm regretting it, but I'm already here and can't go back to him. Plus, he's probably already has a girlfriend…and that couple in the hallway just made my heart hurt so badly! I…I didn't mean to snap at them, I looked like such a fool, yelling and crying at them for being so selfish…" By now she was in tears, wiping them away frantically. Saya just waited, listening to the poor small girl ramble on and on. She had bottled up these emotions for so long, she just needs someone to vent to.

"Izuriha-san." Mei stopped her rambling, looking up at the brunette who had a sorrowful smile on her face, "You said your heart is in pain?" The orange head blinked before putting a fist to her chest, "Y-yes…it…doesn't feel good…"

Saya stood and walked over to the still crying girl, sitting down beside her and patting her shoulder, "You want to know a secret?" Mei sniffled and wiped her eyes, casting Saya a glance before nodding meekly.

"Whenever you think you're in pain, whether physical or emotional, you're not really in pain." Mei raised an eyebrow as Saya continued with a smile, "Because someone else takes that pain for you."


"Mmmhm, they do. So your never truly in pain, Izuriha-san." The brunette councilor picked up Mei's empty cup of coffee and went to clean it in the sink. The orange head stayed quiet, thinking over Saya's words carefully.



"…who's the person that takes the pain?" Saya paused in her cleaning, watching as the water from the sink filled the empty cup. Her reflection showed on the water, her face oddly remorseful.

"Someone who knows you best."

. . . . . . . . .

Two figures entered the mouth of a disfigured clown head, larger than a factory building. One was small, the other was tall. White and Red journeyed into the cavern, the only light was from the eerie lanterns that casted faces on the walls. Some happy, others sad, and some…psychotic. Finally, the duo came out of the dark tunnel into red and white checkered arena.

It was a circular arena, the bleachers filled with ripped plushie's and stuffed animals, all destroyed and ruined in some way. Behind the pair, the opening to the tunnel closed by a gate, but neither were affected. Standing in the center of the ring, Banshee grinned, her long purple haired barely touching the ground. Her Pocket Hammer clicked impatiently on the ground next to her as another stare off begun.

It was short lived, for Strength smashed her Ogre Arms into the ground, a crack forming and rushing straight at Banshee who expertly jumped away. Black Gold Saw was waiting there though, Gold Saw in hand, and brought it down upon her. It was easily blocked by her Pocket Hammer.

The two started to push against one another, seeing who could over power the other. Even if Red was the tallest, Purple was the second tallest. They're strength seemed evenly matched. Speaking of Strength, as they dueled, the small girl lifted her arm ups, giant fingers opening to reveal turrets. As soon as they opened, a barrage of bullets came towards Purple. She managed to dodge, but only just as a few clipped her side. Even so, she showed no signs of it affecting her as she reached into her pocket, taking out a familiar happy face ball, and throwing it onto the ground.

Instantly, the room was covered in a thick miasma that clouded Red and White's vision. They stood in their places, but on opposite sides of the arena, circling around to find Purple. It was only when they heard the click of a gun and smell of gasoline did they know they were in trouble.

They had no time to react, though, as the whole area was suddenly engulfed in flames.

. . . . . . . .

Mato and Yuu walked down the road, chatting quietly to one another. They didn't know why, it was just the neighborhood was quiet, so why should they be loud? What if old people lived there and were sleeping? If Kagari was there, she would have yelled at them for their stupid logic, then added a 'who cares about smelly old men anyway?'. Yuu often wondered how Mei put up with her cousin.

But, that wasn't really the issue at the moment. They were going on a mission, Mission: Find Kimiko. Yuu had to stop Mato from charging out of basketball practice, reminding her that knocking on every person's door in Tokyo would not solve anything. Luckily, Kohata the basketball manager had overheard the conversation and said that Kimi was calling in sick for the past week. She also slipped where she lived, much to Yuu's and Mato's excitement. To get Kohata to talk was easy, to get her to tell you what you need was even easier.

Even if she doesn't know she did it.

"There it is!" Mato whisper shouted to her partner, who nodded eagerly. The house wasn't big, only one story with a few windows, a garage, a front door, and was a dark forest green color. "3145 Ezune Dr." Yuu read from a nearby sign as they approached the door. Mato smiled broadly and raised her hand to knock when Yuu quickly stopped it.

"Wait! We got to plan this out!" The blue eyed girl just sent her a quizzical glance which Yuu immediately explained, "Who knows what has happened to Kimiko, she could be kidnapped. She could be incredibly sick! She could already be dead!" At every exclamation, Mato seemed to get paler and paler. However, a voice cut through the air, making both girl's jump at least a foot into the air.

"You're wrong." They turned robotically, but sighed in relief when it was none other than Suzuru Kimiko, arms crossed and frowning at her doorstep. Mato was quicker than Yuu in jumping up to her.

"Kimi-chan! You're all better! We heard from the nurse that you were sick and-…"

"I lied." Both girls backed up, giving confused and concerned glances at the purple haired girl. "What?"

"I lied." She repeated, her voice oddly drained and emotionless, "I didn't want to attend school."

"W-what? Why?" Yuu looked baffled at this character change. Something was wrong, and Mato could sense it too. Kimi just looked a bit irritated with repeating her answers to the same questions.

"I don't want to see their faces, that's why. I don't want to hear the rumors."

"Who's faces…?"


An irritated sigh came from Kimiko, "Never mind. You wouldn't understand. Just go away." The purple haired girl stepped back, ready to close the door when Mato quite boldly pushed it back, "Wait!"

There was a beat of silence before Mato started, "Please…just come back to class, Kimi-chan. We miss you there…" More silence followed, both Yuu and Mato's gaze were downcast and unable to see the trembling girl until she spoke.

"Liar…" Their heads snapped up, but Kimi's bangs covered her eyes, "Liars! You're going to end up like them! You're going to believe the rumors! You're going to trust me, and then betray me! It was just a stupid prank! It…was…just an accident…" The girl trailed off, silent tears coming from her hidden eyes. Yuu and Mato could only watch in confusion and shock.

Finally, the purple haired girl snapped her head up to give the two a fierce glare, "Go away. Don't come back." And with that, the door was shut loudly in both their faces. It didn't matter though…

…they were too stunned by the fact Kimiko actually cried.

. . . . . . . . . .

"Ah, Izuriha-san, good morning."

Mei squeaked, spinning around so fast in her desk it was a miracle she didn't fall over. When she fully turned, she came face to face with Kirizo Rin, her ever persistent smile still on her face. Yomi, who was still quietly working on homework next to Mei, glanced sideways at the pair before returning to work.

"Oh…g-good morning…"

"Thank you! You're a nice person Izuriha-san!" Mei blushed at the complement, "Also…have you been feeling okay?" Rin smile seemed to fade a bit with the question as concern laced her features. Mei was startled that a girl she just met cared so much…and Yomi herself was wondering that as well as she eavesdropped on the conversation.

"Y-yeah…thank you for the concern…"

"Don't mention it, you've just been really down in the dumps lately. I suggest a visit to the park. That always brightens my day." Rin smiled broadly when Mei seemed to be contemplating this, "Well, I'll leave you to it. See you around, Izuriha-san!"

And with that, the dark haired girl turned heel and practically floated out the door, the other students watching on curiously the exchange that just happened. Mei was a little dumbfounded whilst Yomi tapped her chin in thought. Why was it Kirizo looked so familiar…?

"T-that was…strange." Mei slumped in her chair, strangely relieved. Yomi raised an eyebrow at her friend's behavior that strangely resembled that towards Kimiko. In fact…

"Mei…" She paused as the orange haired girl turned her head in attention, "Why is it…you act so strangely around Suzuru-san and Kirizo-san?" The petite girl just blinked before shifting nervously in her chair.

"T-they…they have a s-strange vibe about t-them I guess…e-especially Rin-san…it almost isn't h-human…" Mei muttered the last part before shaking her head and turning to her green eyed companion, "But…e-even if they do seem strange, I a-admit it isn't g-good to not show up to s-school."

Yomi blinked at the small girl who looked a bit reluctant to say that comment, but it gave the glasses wearing girl something to think about. So Mei wasn't totally against Kimi or Rin…and it's proven with her slight concern for Kimiko's wellbeing. That's when a thought struck Yomi.

"Mei, perhaps we should visit Suzuru-san? Yuu and Mato tried yesterday but…" She trailed off as she inwardly cursed herself for bringing up the depressing conversation. Mei looked a bit more downcast too. Mato and Yuu had explained the confrontation with the purple haired girl yesterday…ad how it ended shocked them all. Something was definitely wrong with their friend.

"S-sure…we can visit…" Mei whispered quietly, but Yomi heard and gave her a reassuring pat on the back, gently of course. Mei gave her friend a weak smile before returning to her work. The green eyed girl couldn't help the sigh as she too returned to her work. Everything was going smoothly now, maybe they could get Mei to like Kimi? They could even bring back the purple haired girl to their circle of friends…but…

Why does she have the strangest feeling the past will repeat itself…?

. . . . . . . .

A figure darted around plumes of smoke, two huge arms dragging behind it. The arena around it was engulfed into an inferno of flames. All the stuffed animals in the stadium were nothing but charred ash, as the ceiling started to melt into the walls. The figure landed in the middle of the arena, where the fire was less intense. All around, it roared with life as it slowly burned away the circus –like world. The figure merely stood rigid as another, much taller, figure approached.

Out of the smoke, a girl with long purple hair emerged with her trade mark grin. The small girl with huge Ogre arms stood ready for attack, orange eyes never leaving violet. The taller girl merely smirked at the white haired girl, hand dropping into one of her many pockets on her cargo pants. Strength tensed, but what Banshee pulled out was not something she expected…

A small bag, no bigger than her fist, was clenched into the purple haired girls hand as she gave an admiring glance to the flames surrounding them. Strength didn't contemplate the insanity of the girl, she charged forward. Purple grinned at the approaching Otherworlder, before throwing the bag into the air. White froze when the bag expanded, opening up and…letting loose…a swarm? Yes, a swarm of mechanical locusts, all buzzing loudly as they swirled towards her.

She didn't hesitate as she propped up her enormous hands, opening the finger like turrets to rain down a barrage of bullets upon the swarm approaching her. Screeches and sparks filled the flaming arena as the corpses of the locusts fell to the barrage of bullets, a never ending stream of ammo completely destroying the bug menace. Unfortunately, in her quick action, Strength failed to notice Banshee sneaking up behind her.

She was startled when she was, once again, suspended in the air by those tiny wires extending from the purple haired girls hand. Banshee smirked as Strength continued to struggle against the wires. The remaining locusts, which were barely a handful, began to enclose in on the entangled Otherworlder.

The girl broke out into a large grin when the locusts attacked, Strength struggling fruitlessly to get free. She loved causing them pain, even if that was what they were made to withstand. She will always love making them suffer…just because…this circle of friends…if one couldn't exist, why should another?

In her relishing of the moment, she failed to notice a slightly taller figure charging her from behind, the glint of a weapon seen in the haze of smoke.

. . . . . . . . . .

"C-curse you Yomi…traitor…" Mei was in a bad position. Like always, it felt like the world was out to get her again. Yes, she was following through with confronting Kimi with Yomi…except her green eyed companion decided to wait till the last possible moment to text her.

Sorry, caught the flu. Carry on without me, please? Xoxo

The small orange head felt her eyebrow twitch in annoyance as she stared ruefully down at her cell. It was too late to turn back now, she had promised to meet Yomi outside Kimiko's house…the place of reference now stood before her, looming a lot taller than it should have in her eyesight.

"Okay, p-pop in and say hi…t-then go…right?" The poor girl looked torn between walking away right there, walking forward, or possibly calling Yomi to chew her out like there was no tomorrow. The last one sounded oddly out of character for her, but in all honesty, she thought confronting the purple haired girl was a lot worse than a depressed Yomi.

But…Yomi had asked her to carry on…and no doubt everyone else is counting on her…so…turning back now wouldn't be a good way to end it. Especially since her cousin would call her so many names it would most likely damage her self-esteem.

There was no way around it then.

Reluctantly, Mei approached the door.

Banshee's eyes widened as a sickening crunch filled the room. The bullets stopped as the locusts just fell from the air.

Reaching her hand out, Mei tentatively ringed the doorbell. It dinged a few times, but no one answered.

Black Gold Saw's red eyes were narrowed as she watched Banshee twitch in front of her. Strength turned to the purple haired girl, whose eyes were wide in horror.

Willing up the courage, Mei finally knocked on the door.

"S-Suzuru-san…a-are you home?"

Deep inside Banshee's chest, the tip of Gold Saw peaked out from the wound. No blood was spilled, no words were spoken, as the blade was harshly ripped from her body by Black Gold Saw.

Mei jumped out of her skin as a harsh scream penetrated the air. The hair on the back of her neck stood up at the sheer pain, panic, and sorrow laced into that scream. But another reason stood out the most…

…it was Kimiko's scream.

Frantically, Mei began banging on the door as the screaming continued.

"Suzuru-san?! Suzuru-san!? KIMIKO?!"

No one moved, as the body of Banshee crashed to the floor of the arena. The two Otherworlders in the room watched with solemn impassiveness as the arena slowly burned itself to rubble.

...leaving only the corpse of Purple, as they departed the broken world.

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