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CHAPTER 3: Veiled Mystery

Life. It's all around us. It's in the air, in the earth, in the water…in ourselves. It's everywhere. Everywhere…but her.

Death. It's seems so easy, because it too, is all around us. It's simple. A weapon…a fall…an accident…a murder…a word. It's so easy…to die. So easy for life to end.

So easy…yet…sad…even for them…they weep for lose.

All but her.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Mei sat nervously in her chair, glancing around the white waiting room. The only color came from some educational posters and a few magazines. The lady at the front desk was constantly tapping on the keyboard to her computer, only stopping to take a sip of coffee before resuming the annoying yet ominous tapping.

The scene was driving Mei crazy.

She didn't want to be here, she wanted to be in her room, where no one was hurt or in the emergency room. She wanted to wake up tomorrow and find everyone okay, even the two that freak her out! Just to go back to normal…did…did she cause this?

That thought led to many more frantic ones. Was she the reason Kimiko…did that? Was she the reason for her breakdown? And her room…

broken pictures littered the floor…her window shattered…a crippled teddy bear…

The orange head shivered at the memories. Why would Kimiko…do that? She just…lost it. Then…fainted. Her parents weren't home, so she had no way to contact them. She ended up having to get the neighbors to help take her purple haired friend to the hospital. Once there, Mei proceeded to call the rest of their group and give a rundown of what happened.

Apparently, Kagari and Yomi were coming, the former to make sure she was okay and the latter just because she was worried. Yuu and Mato, unfortunately, were busy. And Rin…

…no. She wasn't really a part of their group anyways.

But Kimiko…why would she do that? Was it because she avoided the purple haired girl? Did it have something to do with the picture Yomi found that day? Or her confrontation with Yuu and Mato?

The petite girl, the only person in the waiting room, put her head in her hands. Besides the sound of the tapping, quiet sobs seemed to emanate from the distraught girl.

"T-this is all my fault…"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Onyx eyes stared lifelessly up at the colored sky. She had been thrown pretty far from the battle, actually landing outside of Dead Masters realm. Now the battle was distant, but a faint rumble to the quiet wasteland she landed in. The only noise of comfort was the slight wind, and that only brought little. But that wasn't the girls issue at the moment…

It was that blasted sky. Even when it's covered in dark thundering clouds, it haunts her. Now out of that protected realm, the sky mocks her from above, taunting her with a goal she can never reach. Every color shining brightly…every ones color…everyone's…but hers.

Something flashed in the lifeless girls eyes, before she slowly stood from the beaten ground. A pool of red liquid rested where she had lain, but the girl paid little mind to it as she turned away from the direction of battle…and began to walk in an aimless direction.

She continued to walk, her limbs ever so slowly healing after the ruthless confrontation, as shown with the slight limp she had. Her eyes showed no hint of pain though.

Only hate. Hate for every color…every color…

Even hers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mato stared worriedly at her phone, rereading the text message she had received from Yomi one hundred plus times. She was in her basketball uniform, sitting on the sidelines of the court as her teammates practiced, taking a small break. She had only got the message recently, but she wanted nothing more at that moment to ditch and head to the hospital.

"Mei says Kimiko is in the ER, going to check on the two with Kagari- Love, Yomi…errrgh if I don't do something I'll explode." As if to answer her aggravation as she shut her phone, a basketball came soaring into her head, sending her sprawling to the floor. Dazedly, she could make out an exasperated sigh from above her.

"Jeez, Mato, I know you're clumsy but today seems to be more than usual…is it about the text message?" Yuu looked down at her best friend who was making no move to pick herself up to her feet. Sighing again, she grabbed her wrist and hoisted her to her feet, holding the basketball that had hit the dark haired girl under her arm.

Mato gave a weak smile, "Was I that obvious?"

Her friend fixed her with a 'You know so' look. "They'll be fine Mato, I'm sure Kimiko is just sick-…er…" She scratched her chin in thought before shrugging solemnly, "I've got nothing."

Mato groaned, clutched her hair as she threw her head up, "This is too crazy. Too sketchy. One minute she's happy and playful, the next…grrrr, something's wrong!"

Yuu just stared, "Well, I think that's obvious."

Sitting back down on the bench, and rubbing the back of her head where the ball had hit, Mato frowned at her friend. "Do you think…we did something?"

The idea that sweet, innocent, and loveable Mato did something to tick someone off was so unbelievable it made Yuu laugh. Sitting by a confused Kuroi, she patted her back like she was laughing as well, "Trust me Mato, that's definitely not the case…it has to do something with those girls we confronted earlier."

"You think so?"

"I know so. If it isn't that, then the only other place to look is-…oh…um…never mind." Yuu rubbed her arm uncomfortable at her friend's innocent stare, making her eyes go wide, "What?"

"What were you going to say?"


"You were going to say something!" Mato launched forward, standing and pointed an accusing finger at her nervous friend, "Something I know everyone's been hiding from me! What is it? Spill!"

"I…I have no idea what you're talking about."

"See! You're doing it!"

"I'm sorry! I was told by the others that if I told you then you would talk to her and then the 'incident'," Yuu paused to do some air quotations, "Would repeat itself and then we'd all be in trouble and I don't want strength to get hurt again-"

She slapped a hand over her mouth, realizing she had just gone on a rant triggered by Mato's famous puppy dog stare. She glared at the all too smug source of the look.

"I had a suspicion it had something to do with the otherworld." Mato nodded sagely to herself, rubbing her chin in thought as Yuu shot up frantically waving her hands.

"I didn't say that! Who said that? I didn't!"

"You didn't, I figured it out." Mato pointed out smugly, making Yuu's face burn with embarrassment. She knew why the others told her not to tell anything about their suspicions to Mato, or else she'd get crazy ideas in her head.

"Mato!" Yuu hissed, grabbing said girl by the ear and lowering her down to her level. The blue eyes girl gave a startled wobble before listening closely to Yuu, "You cannot, EVER, contact you know who got it? It could happen like last time and you don't want that to happen! Saya-chan is already monitoring them, so she'll tell us if things get out of hand."

Mato frowned as she was let go, standing straight as her friend gave a long sigh, "It's already putting all of us on edge, but we assume there's new Otherworlders. You remember the visions of the dragon girl?"

Mato nodded.

"We think there might be two more…and one is Kimiko's." Yuu nodded as Mato's shocked expression, "And there's a high possibility that something happened to her Otherworlder…but until we know for sure," She pointed a threatening finger at Mato, who jumped back at the movement.

"Do not even think about contacting Black Rock Shooter!"

Mato viciously nodded, even zipping her lip like a zipper. Yuu just sighed, her attention diverting from her friend to an approaching player. Mato watched guardedly as her friend conversed, before turning away towards the wall. Now that her suspicions were confirmed, she wouldn't be in the dark. No, last time won't happen again, because now she knows what will happen. Black Rock Shooter and the others…they are friends. Going insane is nearly impossible amongst them.

Nodding reassuringly to herself, Mato turned back to the game.

Whether her friends disapproved or not, she was going through with her plan.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dark clouds swirled around the landscape, the center being three figures, standing tall amongst the armies of skeletons. Two were in spider like contraptions, one much smaller than the other.

Green gave a level stare to the duo, watching as Yellow pushed multiple levers, the wheels turning with spikes protruding as she charged towards Orange. Orange sidestepped, her long metal legs clicking against the ground and cracking with every joint movement.

It was almost too easy for Yellow to halt her vehicle, spinning it around a full 360 degrees and charging towards the petite Otherworlder. Orange nimbly dodged again, mindful of the many spikes spinning along Yellow's wheels. This process continued into the landscape, dust and dirt spiraling around the two.

The contraption Yellow drove reared up, the disfigured doll head opening its jaws and releasing a stream of macaroons at Orange. The girl rolled to the side, but Yellow simply readjusted her aim to follow her movements while charging her. With each different colored macaroon, Orange would roll to the side, her large legs tucked in to resemble a black ball.

Growing irritated with the lack of progress, Yellow switched the rate of firing, instead of a steady stream; a large mass of macaroons came soaring at Orange. It was a huge wave of color, one that Orange gave an impassive stare to. Even so, she did not try to avoid it. It hit her square on, the blast of it and the sheer force behind it sending her soaring back as a black jet across the darkly soiled land, smashing any skeletons in her path.

Yellow charged after her, leaving Green to watch them go. Her verdant eyes narrowed as the dust obscured the distantly disappearing battle. Slowly, she turned away, her scythe raised forward as she too disappeared in the haze of smoke.

She would wait for her moment.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yomi wasn't sure what to make of the situation. Kagari and her had taken the train to the hospital to visit Kimiko (for Kagari it was for her cousin, since she'd rather run the purple haired girl over with a car. Repetitively.) only to find Mei practically in tears in the waiting room. Of course, she waved it off.

"I-it's okay, this is j-just hard to a-accept…" The orange head sniffed, wiping her eyes as the three sat made their way through the halls.

Kagari scoffed, "I'm surprised you care. You didn't seem to like her earlier."

"I-I know…"

"I agree with Kagari. It…doesn't seem like you're all too fond of Suzuru-san." Yomi gave her friend a stare, concern in her eyes as she set a hand on her shoulder. Mei sighed, which elected another scoff from Kagari.

"You're getting on my nerves, quit being such a baby."

"Kagari." Yomi scolded quietly, the golden haired girl frowning as they approached one of the many hospital doors in the hall. Mei however, paused a few feet away, her companions stopping as well to give her confused and exasperated stares.

"I…I don't like this. It's not right…"

Her fists clenched at her sides.

"I must be acting childish…thinking this way. Avoiding someone because they don't seem right? Childish…" She looked up at her friends, her lavender eyes filled with guilt.

"This…might seem a bit late…but I…I…want to become friends…with her."

"A bit late?" Kagari repeated, incredulously. Yomi shushed her again, before smiling pleasantly at the small orange head.

"That would be great, Mei. I'm sure it'll brighten her day, especially with what's been going on."

Kagari looked upwards thoughtfully, "Why would the imp do that? Mei, you said her room was trashed and she was screaming." Mei nodded, though a bit reluctantly. Yomi gently tapped her chin, a thought crossing her mind.

"Could it…have something to do with those girls reactions?"

The cousins blinked at her, before remembering the confrontation long ago with Kimiko's friends. It would have escalated into a fight if Rin hadn't been there to break it up.

"I'm tired of all these guessing games, she's just gonna havta open her big mouth and tell us." Kagari grumbled, marching straight up to the door and slamming it open. The sight in front of her shocked not only her, but the girls behind her as well.

She sat there in the bed, her window open and allowing the afternoon sunlight to stream in. Her eyes had been closed, but with the sudden sound from the door, she jerked her head in their direction. Realization lit in her stormy eyes as she ran a hand through her short purple hair, and she gave a warm smile.

"Man, gone for one day and you guys already miss me? I'm touched."

The three walked in, the door closing behind them as their shock began to wear off. Mei still remained hesitantly behind the two, while Yomi stared confusedly at the girl in bed as she sat in a chair. Kagari, though, crossed her arms and jutted her chin forward in a rebellious pose.

"Miss you? Not at all. Quite the opposite really."

Kimiko raised an eyebrow, and then turned expectantly to Yomi, who gave a weak smile.

"How have you been Kimiko? You gave us a scare earlier." When Kimiko tilted her head, she continued on, "Mei was nearby when you…collapsed. Are you feeling well?"

Kimiko didn't reply for a moment, before looking outside the window, "Collapse…? I'm here because I've been sick recently. When did I collapse?"

"A few hours ago."

She snorted, "That's hilarious, Takanashi. Seriously. I've been here since yesterday, remember?"

There was a profound silence before Yomi spoke, hesitantly and uncertain.

"You…you remember us."

"Yes? Kagari, I think she needs new glasses. These ones must be affecting her brain."

"I'm not speaking to you." Kagari stated stiffly, turning her head away with a huff, receiving another confused look from the purple haired girl.

"Wait…wait,wait,wait," Yomi stood up, digging into her pocket and pulling out a photo, "Suzuru-san, do you remember these people? Do you think you could tell us what happened between you three?"

Kimiko took the photo from Yomi, gazing at the picture for a while before frowning. Yomi leaned forward in anticipation, but blinked in surprise when Kimiko simply extended the photo back to her, and apologetic smile on her face.

"Sorry, I have no clue what you're talking about. I don't recognize these people, either. Is that photo shopped? Because I swear I've never met them before in my life."

Yomi gaped, barely noticing she took the photo back. The purple haired girl tilted her head at this reaction, before turning to the orange head who was hiding behind Kagari.

"Hey, who's that?"

"Mei, she's being a baby." Kagari stated, stepping away from her cousin who shrunk back a bit, her eyes wide. Kimiko just gave a grin along with the peace sign.

"Yo, my names Suzuru Kimiko, nice to meet ya."

"U-uhm…Suzuru-san." Yomi stated, coming back to planet Earth to give the girl a worried look, "You already met Mei."

The hospitalized girl blinked before scratching the back of her head, "Really? I would have remembered someone like her…"

"Stop playing around!"

Everyone in the room blinked at Kagari, who was fuming, giving a hard glare at Kimiko. Yomi stood up, fixing her friend with a calming stare.


"No! Quit messing with our heads, their heads, MY head!" She ripped the photo from Yomi's hand, forcefully extending it towards Kimiko, the girl backing away a little, "These girls definitely knew you, but they also didn't like you. What the heck happened?"

"How the heck should I know?"

"There you go again!" The blonde growled, "Acting oblivious! You know Mei, she's been avoiding you for the past few weeks! She's the one that introduced you to us!"

"What? You spouting nonsense-"


"Kagari!" Yomi scolded, Mei shrinking back from the argument breaking out. It only got worse when Kagari pointed an accusing finger at Kimiko.

"Your just a two faced imp who double crosses her friends!"

By the dark look that crossed Kimiko's face, things just got real.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

She walked along the ever-changing bridges, rows upon rows of them all crossing each other, going over and under, or rounding about. She walked along them; her onyx eye's never leaving the road in front of her, the bridges shifting around as she walked.

Her wounds had long since healed, even as her Bone Claws reflexively clenched and unclenched. She had no real destination in mind, simply heading elsewhere, away from where the carnage was the thickest. For once, it felt like she was avoiding the fighting.

It was mostly to go under the radar again, to avoid the ever persistent eyes of the Otherworlders. An extermination was going about, and she had no intention of being a part of it. She still had a goal to complete…

Pausing, she looked upwards, her red hair swaying in the breeze. One of her claws reached skyward, where the colors of the sky floated about in a kaleidoscope of light. Black stared at the sky for the longest of times, the hate that was evident in her eyes previously replaced by depression. The sky…

"I will reach…" Her drained, sad, and tired voice echoed out like a ghost, "But can never touch."

The sound of footsteps behind her reached her ears, and she momentarily closed her eyes. She turned towards the newcomer, eyes narrowing as onyx eyes met Red's and White's.

Even alone, they found her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Explosions rattled around the battle field, the spires around Dead Master's world falling with each one. Two spiders jumped around them, one considerably smaller than the other. As the battle between the two machines' raged on, Yellow had yet to realize every time Orange dodged, she left a nearly invisible trail of silk.

She realized too late that, and was in complete surprise when right as she was about to charge the nimble spider again, her machine jerked into midair. The wheels continued to spin, even as the mechanical spider was wrapped by threads of spider silk.

Orange climbed up the nearest spire, her long stilts click clacking as she came eye level with a shocked Chariot.

A creepy, lopsided grin enveloped Scorch widow's face, looking more like a frown with her jaw guard. Chariot's eyes narrowed, her hand reaching to unsheathe her sword, her other hand reaching for a lever on her contraption.

She didn't get to reach it, when more of the slippery silk caged around her spider, trapping it and her into a large cocoon. Scorch Widow smirked, the cocoon rising up farther into the air, hollow thuds echoing from inside.

Chains shot up at Scorch Widow, wrapping around her legs and sending her flying in the ground. Smoke bellowed up from the crater, the chains leading out of it and to a petite girl in a nobles dress, scythe in hand, and the chains wrapped round the other.

Her eyes were narrowed dangerously on the tied up spider, before she glanced subtly at the giant cocoon looming overhead.

Scorch Widow hissed at Dead Master, who looked unfazed by this animalistic behavior. She merely raised the chains, tightening them on the spider's legs. A screeching noise escaped between the objects, sparks flaring out.

Scorch Widow struggled against the chains, until finally just stiffening, allowing the spikes on her stilts to enlarge, and beginning to spin as they did. The chains broke under the pressure, Scorch Widow leaping towards Dead Master who parried with her scythe.

Angered, miffed, and bit frustrated, Scorch Widow leapt back, silently fuming over Dead Masters impassive face. So frustrated was she, that she barely realized the silk strand connecting to her back was cut by one of her spikes. The cocoon overhead rumbled, the silk holding it into place snapping away.

The two Otherworlders had little time to react as the whole thing fell towards them.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kagari was fed up with everything. She was fed up with Mei's baby-ness, Yomi's concern, and Kimiko's stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid lies. Because she's just five times more stupid then stupid.

"You don't go making accusations like that!" Kimiko snapped, though she herself looked uncertain, "That's rude!"

"Rude?!" Kagari snorted, "What's rude are you snapping at Yomi, ignoring us, snapping at our friends, you're just an irritable little imp!"

"Stop it!" Yomi half yelled, but went ignored as Kagari approached Kimiko, who looked frantic to stay away. Mei remained pressed against the wall on the other side of the room, wide eyed.

"Quit making things up!"

"Quit lying!"

"I'm not lying!"

"Yes you are, you have been from the very start!"

"Why would I lie!?"

"Because there's no way you can suddenly forget your best friends!"



The world stilled. Yomi starred wide eyed, Mei gasped, while Kimiko held up her hand, eyes equally wide over the action she had just done.

The cocoon hit the ground, exploding in a flurry of machine parts, rock, and silk.

Kagari's head was jerked to the side, eyes wide as well with her cheek reddening fast. Her hands were trembling at her sides, and Kimiko flinched back, looking horrified.

Dead Master watched the wreckage, the smoke bellowing up, and the fire that sparked from the crash. It was steadily engulfing the entire structure.

Kagari turned her head a bit, eyes still wide, those dazed. She opened her mouth, but no words came out, any sound, not even a whimper.

A spider returned to the shadows, orange eyes filled with fury. Dead Master marched straight into the wreckage, almost oblivious to its flames.

"Kagari..?" Yomi prompted gently, reaching to touch her friends shoulder. She stopped, when Kagari tensed, shallow breaths coming from her.

A girl with curly blonde hair lay in the wreckage, almost asleep amongst the fire and debris. Dead Master approached, kneeling beside her and touching her forehead.

Everyone in the hospital jumped when a sudden scream occurred, loud and filled with pain. A scream that startled the three occupants of a certain hospital room.

Dead Master stood, extending her hand, a skull coming out of the fire's haze. Without even movement, it swallowed the blonde Otherworlder. Dead Master watched the skull leave again, before gazing impassivly at the flames, steadily eating away at the doll head that was once a part of a great mechanical spider.

The occupants of the room watched in horror as Kagari crumpled to the floor, screaming as if her insides were being ripped out. It didn't take a mere second later until nurses rushed into the room. Yomi was quick to help her writhing friend, trying to calm her as the medical personnel lifted her away.

Kimiko watched with wide horrified eyes, similar to Mei, as the screaming girl was taken out of the room, Yomi following. It was frantic as nurses rushed around questioning the glasses wearing girl, until the door shut.

Loud silence swallowed the room, Mei crumpling to the floor in tears, and Kimiko watching the door, as the screams faded out into the hospital.

They both knew, though, that she hadn't stopped.

The harsh ringing was still fresh in their ears.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dark Bone Hunter stood before the two, Strength and Black Gold Saw, on one of the many bridges that crossed over each other. The wind blew lightly, the silence dragging over the stalemate.

Onyx eyes shifted from the stony girls in front of her towards the sky one last time. She stared, watching the colors intently, but not with hate or sadness. With a sudden sense of awe, of beauty, of understanding.

Narrowing her eyes, she extended her Bone Claws, glaring at the two who pulled out their weapons. Without so much as pity, remorse, or hesitation, she charged the two.

Because her color will join the sky. It's her goal, her dream, something worth fighting for.



other then death.

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