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"Oi!" Law barked.

"I can't exactly fucking help it, you know?" Kidd growled back irritably.

The two were close. Way too close. Jostled in the crowded premises of the train, Law found himself being pressed up against the sides of the vehicle, Kidd's elbow jamming uncomfortably into his side. Three times his chest had rubbed up against Law's. He was so close Law could detect the faint scent of cigarettes on Kidd's breath.

"Ow!" Law shouted, his voice lost to anybody but Kidd on the packed train. Kidd grimaced. The side of his leg was grinding between Law's thighs, against his crotch. The train jostled. Law flinched with discomfort.

"Sorry," Kidd apologized, and he meant it.

Law gritted his teeth. "Hey, something hard is pressing…." He trailed off, glancing uncertainly down at Kidd.

"That's not it!" Kidd snapped, mortification coloring his face the same shade as his hair.

"Then what is it?"

"Probably my phone…I think I put it in my pocket."

"Well, move it!"

Kidd was thrust against Law again as the mass of humanity pressed at his back. "I can't move! Just bear with it for a bit!"

Law's head thumped back against the walls of the train. "Oh christ, get me out of this hell," he muttered. He deeply regretted his decision to take the train. To meet Eustass Kidd out of all people in the chaos of the late morning rush was not part of his calculations. And he had thought he could spend all winter break pleasantly Kidd-free.

"Oh man," Kidd groaned. The last time he had seen Law, the older boy had nearly beat him to pulp for his proposal to cosplay. Kidd had said it off handedly, with a vague curiosity of what Law might look like with cat ears. He had never thought Law would have taken so much offense.

This is way too awkward Kidd thought. Law's familiar scent was filling up his nose and he couldn't think straight as a result. The week of abstinence was killing him.

I will not react, I will not react, he chanted

Just then Kidd's phone vibrated. Law's eyes widened in horror.


"I wonder what's keeping Law?" Ace glanced down at his wrist watch. "He promised to meet me here by twelve."

"Same with Kidd," Luffy complained, phone pressed to his ear, "I'm starving."

Ace glanced at his little brother and restrained an urge to ruffle his hair and drop a kiss on his cheek. That would just start Luffy on his "I'm not a kid anymore!" rant. So he made do with standing as close as possible to the oblivious Luffy and sniffing surreptitiously at his hair.

"Damn, he's not picking up." Luffy redialed.

"Just wait for a bit, it's probably the train," Ace answered. He couldn't define the scent of Luffy. He inhaled deeply.

"Eh, I'll just keep calling him. He'll probably pick up."


Meanwhile, in the train, Law was dying a thousand little deaths. He grasped Kidd by the collar with a shaking hand, his breath coming in short spurts. The vibrations of the phone echoed against his crotch, and he could already feel the front of his pants becoming far too tight for comfort.

"You…" he gasped, "you aren't doing this on purpose are you?"

Kidd desperately met the murderous glare. "Of course not!" he protested, "How am I supposed to predict future calls?"

The phone stopped vibrating. Law was about to let out a sigh of relief when it started to vibrate again. Law bit back a moan.

"KIDD!" He roared, "DO. SOMETHING." Law's fingernails dug into Kidd's broad chest, twisting the material of his shirt. A flush was spreading across his neck and face. Kidd desperately tried to push himself off of Law but found he was packed in far too tightly.

"I can't!" In any other situation, Kidd might have enjoyed Law's helpless reactions. But he really didn't want Law to get mad all over again just as he started to cool down.

"Oh…god…" Law bent over. His knees were giving out but he was pinned firmly to the wall.

"I guess he forgot his phone," Luffy sighed and snapped his cell shut.

Air? Ace thought. Did that even make sense? For a person to smell like air?

"Hey, what are you doing?" Luffy asked, finally noticing Ace standing closer than necessary behind him. Ace quickly stepped away.

"Umm…nothing." He quickly changed the topic. "So what were you and Kidd going to do here, Luffy?"

"Games, eat stuff," Luffy shrugged, "I don't know."

An idea suddenly occurred to Ace. "Hey, Luffy," he said casually.


"If Kidd and Law never show, do you want to go on a date with me?"

Luffy's eyes were questioning. "A date? We're both guys."

"So?" Ace leaned in closer. "We're guys and we can have sex. So why not have a date?"

Luffy shoved him away. "That's stupid. What are two guys supposed to do on a date anyway?"

"I…am going…to…murder you," Law said through gritted teeth.

Kidd and Law had finally gotten off the train. Law was now seated on a bench outside the station, hunched over to hide the obvious bulge protruding from the front of his pants. Kidd was next to him, looking guilty.

"I said I was sorry."

Law's head snapped towards him. "Exactly how am I supposed to walk around now? I don't see a public bathroom anywhere!"

"If we wait, won't it go down?" Kidd asked blankly. Law glared at him so ferociously then, Kidd flinched. He held up his hands in defense. "Okay, okay," Kid scanned the people millings back and forth busily from the station. The area was wide open for miles with no convenient bathroom available. Kidd sighed. How the hell did he manage to get into these pinches?

"Hey, what about the park?" Kidd suddenly suggested, "I remember there's a giant park somewhere here, isn't there?

Law gaped at him. "Are you suggesting I masturbate outdoors?" he hissed.

"Um…there are trees. And nobody goes to the park anyway." Kidd shrugged. "Or we can get on the train again and you can wait it out until we get to the mall."

This was not an option. Law knew he couldn't wait that long.

"Fine," he snarled and stood up. He tried to yank his sweater down to cover himself but it was a little bit too short. Kidd shook his head and crouched down in front of Law.

"Get on."

"No thank you," Law replied sharply.

Kidd glanced at him over his shoulder. "Unless you want to advertise what a pervert you are." His eyes motioned toward the large group of people. "There are some really hot ladies here…not to mention little kids…and even old men who—"

Law slapped a hand over Kidd's mouth, cutting him off. Kidd won. As usual. Law grudgingly climbed onto Kidd's back, pulling his hate low over his eyes. "This does not mean—"

"-that you forgive me. Yeah, yeah, I know." Kidd shifted Law into a more comfortable position.

Law swore to himself beneath his breath.


"Don't peek," Law ordered, slipping behind the bushes, "and don't you dare leave."

"Which is it?" Kidd muttered to himself. He crossed his arms and stationed himself in front of the clump of bushes and trees. Like he had predicted, the park was mainly empty. It had been created in order to raise awareness of prevalent environmental issues. It obviously failed.

"Is anybody there?" Law's voice floated back.

"No," Kidd replied shortly.

Two more minutes passed. Kidd shifted from foot to foot.

It was impossible. One look, he promised himself. He would just take one little look.

Making his way silently past the bushes, Kidd peered into the small clearing, beneath a large tree, is overhanging canopy blocking most of the sunlight.


Kidd stared. Law was sitting against the tree trunk, his mouth slightly open as he jerked himself. Kidd gulped. Every fiber in his muscles screamed at him to burst in and take over. But he remained rooted to his spot. Law was already mad. Despite his bravado, Kidd wasn't confident enough to risk triggering Law's wrath.

Law leaned his head against the bark. His hand moved faster. "Ah…nngh…idd…Kidd!"

Kidd froze.

Law breathed and slumped over, his body going lax as it released the tension. Kidd couldn't take it. He half stumbled into the clearing. Law looked up, shocked, as Kidd's hands clamped down on his shoulders.

"I told you not to look!" Law shouted.

Kidd wrapped his hands around Law's waist and kissed his protesting lips, swallowing up his cries. His tongue pushed forcefully inside Law's mouth.

"Mmrhm…Kidd!" Law pushed him away and drew his sleeve over his lips. His eyes were dark.

"You called my name," Kidd said softly. His hands traveled up the front of Law's sweater, tugging at his nipple rings. Law shivered.

"You…heard?" Goosebumps ran down Law's skin as Kidd's fingertips lightly traced his spine.

"What red blooded man can say no to such an invitation?" Kidd smirked, tongue sliding down the side of Law's neck.

"It wasn't an invitation! You damn—nngh!"

Kidd had Law's cock in his mouth, skillfully kneading it in the back of his throat. Law almost immediately hardened again.

"Kidd….stop…" he gasped.

"You don't want me to. Get on your knees, Law." Kidd pulled off Law's pants, throwing the offending article to the side. He teased Law's backside with two fingers. "You know what to do."

Law moved sluggishly, as if fighting against himself as he bent over on all fours. He lifted up his ass towards Kidd.

"No lube today…so I guess this will have to do." Kidd bent down and stuck his tongue into Law's opening, wiggling it around the rim and then shoving it inside. Law stiffened.

"Quit it!" he snapped.

"Why?" Kidd asked, backing away.

"It's fucking embarrassing!"

Kidd smiled. "Okay then. I guess you're loose enough anyway." Unzipping the front of his own pants Kidd rubbed his tip against Law's opening. Grasping Law's sides with his hands, Kidd thrusted forward, moaning as his full length entered Law's warmth. Law, on the other hand, bit his lip to keep from crying out. The week of abstinence had affected him more than he let on.

"So tight…" Kidd started to move slowly, gradually picking up his pace. His hands groped for Law's cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Your sweet spot…here right?" Kidd shifted his hips and thrusted. Law emitted a low moan despite his efforts. Kidd smirked. "Too bad I didn't bring a video cam or something…this is the first time you've been so acquiescent."

"…shut up."

"Your body remembers. It's sucking me like it's trying to swallow me whole."

Law felt dizzy. He could barely register the pain in his knees as they scraped against the tough ground. All he could feel was Kidd.

"I said…shut…ah!"

"Keeping me waiting for a whole week…you're real cruel Law."


"I didn't think you would hate cosplay so much. "

"…that's…not it." Law's hands clenched.

"Then…what?" Kid could barely concentrate, the burning of list searing through his veins.

"Cosplay…you just wanna…dress me up as a woman," Law panted.


"I'm a man. Accept it, damn it. If you…nngh…want a woman…if you…don't want...me..."

Kidd tightened his arms around Law's waist. So that was it. It wasn't because Law hated him. The realization made his chest tighten with euphoria.

"I got it," he said through gasps, "I'm sorry. But I don't…ah…want women. I want you!"

Law's eyes widened. Kidd already felt himself nearing climax. He leaned forward, fingers making their way into Law's mouth. "C'mon, scream more. Scream my name."


"Law…say it. Say my name."


"Again." Kidd started to move faster. Law gasped at the sudden movement, Kidd's rock hard cock ramming into his inner walls.

"Kidd!" Law shouted as he came into Kidd's hands. His seed spurted across the ground. Kidd came soon after, flooding Law's insides.

The two collapsed onto each other, breathing hard. Kidd wrapped his arms around Law and brushed off the dirt on his bare knees.

"Hey…let's get a room," Kidd breathed, kissing Law's neck. "I'm late for my appointment anyway."

"We just…did it…pervert."

"You don't think once is really enough do you?"

"…dam bastard," Law muttered under his breath.

Kid grinned.


"Shit…Luffy…" Ace groaned. He was leaning against the bed headboard, hands tangled through Luffy's ebony hair as the younger boy's mouth wrapped awkwardly around his cock.

"Duz it phl grd?" Luffy asked, his mouth full. The vibrations of his voice nearly pushed Ace to his climax.

"Yeah…it feels really good," Ace gasped. He lifted Luffy's chin. "That's enough though; I want to be inside you."

Ace pushed Luffy down onto the bed, the naked body spread before him on the white sheets. Ace brushed back Luffy's hair, and kissed him on the nose.

"What was that for?" Luffy asked.

"I love you," Ace said. He kissed Luffy's forehead, then his cheeks.

"Geez…stop kissing me, I'm not a baby." Luffy glanced up at Ace. "Na, why did we get a hotel room? Weren't we supposed to be dating?"

"This is part of the date," Ace replied, his hand sliding down Luffy's chest.

"Na, Ace," Luffy looked away, "have you been on dates before?"

The question took Ace aback. "Um…a few?" he said questioningly.

"So…you did this with girls before?" Luffy mumbled, flushing slightly.

Ace felt his chest throb.

"Are you...jealous, Luffy?" he asked.

"No! Why would I be jealous?" Luffy snapped back too quickly. Their eyes locked. Ace dove towards Luffy, feeling an uncontrollable smile spread across his face.

"I love you," he said into Luffy's neck. He tackled the younger boy into an embrace.

"Geroff …Ace!"



Law woke up the next morning to find Kidd sprawled beside him. The sheets were tangled through his legs, and his arms wrapped around Law's waist. It was the first time Law had woken up to find Kidd still there. Usually, he left or was already showered or dressed after sex. His stupid, awkward, rough lover.

I want you!

Hesitantly, Law reached over and rubbed the back of his hand against Kidd's cheek. It was unusually soft. He leaned over, suddenly seized with an urge to kiss the unusually still lips, when all too familiar voices interrupted him.


Kidd woke up almost immediately, nearly rolling off the bed. His hair stuck out in five different directions as he and Law stared at each other. Almost simultaneously, they rushed to the door, Kidd half dressed and Law with the sheets wrapped around his legs.

"Geez…" Ace was outside of the room next door, dragging a half asleep Luffy by the arm. Luffy was slowly pulling on his t-shirt, a yawn nearly splitting his skull.

"Ace?" Law gaped.

"Hey, Kidd," Luffy mumbled sleepily.



The three older boys stared at each other. Luffy yawned again.