Santana glared at the clock on the kitchen wall one last time before putting dinner away.

She was late again. Santana knew that Brittany couldn't help it, but that didn't stop it from hurting. Sure, Brittany's job at the Dance Academy was important and rather time consuming- but today was special. Today marked the four year anniversary of the day they finally became a couple. The sting of feeling like number two to a job never really went away, even though Brittany swore it wasn't like that. She knew Brittany loved her with all of her heart, but apparently it wasn't enough to get her home in time for the dinner Santana slaved over for hours.

Just as she covered the chicken with cellophane and tucked it away in the fridge, she heard the click of the front door and Brittany's voice calling out.

"San? Baby?" She called on the top of her lungs from the other room. When she was met with no response, she went to the kitchen. There Santana stood, facing away from her intentionally.

"Baby. I'm so sorry I got home as soon as I could. Please look at me?" Brittany pleaded and gently placed a hand on Santana's shoulder.

Santana shruggd away her hand but turned around to face her girlfriend. Brittany could see by the redness of her eyes that she'd been crying, though she knew the brunette would never admit it.

"What was it this time, B? What could possibly be more important than our 4 year anniversary?" She spit out with venom in her voice. Brittany knew by now that anger was just her girlfriend's defense mechanism.

"San, stop that. NOTHING is more important than this. Nothing is more important than you. I just got caught up. I was on my out the door when one of my students parents came up tome and there was really no way I could ignore them. I'm so sorry baby, but I'm here now. Can we just enjoy the night? Please?" Brittany lifted Santana's head slightly by the chin so that she could make eye contact.

"Please?" She begged again.

"Fine. But I already puthe food away." Santana reluctantly agreed.

"Maybe we can eat later? I have an idea for what we could do now." The blonde smiled and took her by the hand, leading her to the living room.

"What are we doing, B?" Santana was confused, the whole point of tonight was dinner. She had no idea what Brittany could possibly have for her in the living room.

"You'll see." Brittany replied simply. Santana huffed, she didn't like surprises, and she really wasn't in the mood after waiting around for her girlfriend all afternoon.

Brittany sat Santana down on the couch and quickly ran off to their bedroom.

"What are you DOING?" Santana called out to the other room, but she was met with no response.

Seconds later Brittany walked back to the couch with her hands behind her back, the grin on her face growing larger with each step. Santana laughed and rolled her eyes. She was trying to stay angry, but Brittany always made that impossible. Santana was sure that was the reason they've lasted so long, Brittany was the only person had that affect on her.

The blonde pulled her hands out from behing her back and revealed a small package, messily wrapped. It was clear the girl had wrapped it herself, she was never very good at that.

"Babe, I thought we agreed no presents.." Santana mentioned timidly and she took the tiny box out of Brittany's hand.

"Yeah, well, this is kind of for both of us anyways." Brittany giggled.

Santana flashed her a confused look, but began to open her gift anyways.

Once she unwrapped the pretty red paper, it revealed a small blue box. Santana looked up to Brittany with unsure eyes, and saw her girlfriend beaming with joy. Her hands begun to shake as she opened the box, and her eyes were met with exactly what she had expected- a ring box.

"Brit-" Santana started, but was cut off before she could even form a full thought

"Just open it." Brittany smiled, far beyond ready for this moment.

Santana opened the box slowly and let out a low gasp and she saw the sparkle of the giant diamond set beautifully on a silver ring. Four smaller diamonds surounded the large one, two on each side.

"Baby. This is beautiful." She said as she held back the tears that came to her eyes. As she looked back up she saw Brittany had changed positions, now kneeling with one knee on the floor in front of her.

"Santana. I love you, more than I've ever loved anyone in the world. I've never been so sure something was right. Will you marry me?"

Santana had imagined this moment so many times. In her mind she had usually been the one down on one knee, but she always had a feeling Brittany would beat her to it. Brittany was always more fearless in that way.

She let the tears stream as a smile of her own finally spread across her face.

"Yes, Brittany! Of course yes! A million times, yes!" She let out with pure joy ringing through her voice.

The girls embraced eachother for the first time since Brittany came home, Santana falling from the couch into the blonde's arms. Brittany laughed and pushed her new fiances hair out of her eyes, leaning in for a long and passionate kiss.

There wasn't much either had to say that couldn't be communicated through their eyes, but happiness radiated throughout the room.

"What do you say we go out and celebrate our engagement, my beautiful new fiance?" Brittany giggled bubbly, as she took Santana by the hand and pulled her towards the front door.