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Santana and Brittany leave the house, all issues from before the engagement not forgotten. They didn't matter anymore anyways.

Santana watched Brittany out of the corner of her eye as she happily lead them down the busy New York street. She smiled as she imagined this beautiful woman becoming her wife, it was everything she had ever hoped for.

"You're staring." Brittany looked over at her glowing fiance and laughed.

"I'm allowed to stare. You're all mine." Santana tugged on her arm to pull her closer.

"Forever." Brittany simply replied and kissed her tenderly, full on the lips.

It was a beautiful night, the two women enjoyed an off-Broadway play and took the long route back home, planning on finally eating the home-made meal waiting for them.

The sun had already set and the night grew dark, and Santana began to worry about the route they chose.

"How long before we're home?" She worried out loud.

"You ladies seem lost." They heard a husky voice come from behind.

Brittany wrapped her arms protectively around Santana's waist and turned around to face him.

"No, we're okay, thanks." She replied calmly, though feeling uneasy by the strangers presence.

She began to shuffle away but was once again met by the man's voice.

"Not so fast, gorgeous" he coughed with a hint of sarcasm- or some other tone Brittany couldn't quite place- in his voice.

"Come on. Ignore him" Santana whispered and tugged on her fiances arm, but Brittany – always the trusting type- turned around once more.

This time she was greeted with a gun pointed directly at her face.

"Oh my god. Just give him what he wants." The brunette's voice shook. Santana didn't usually take any crap from anybody, armed or not. But when Brittany's safety was in question, things changed a little bit.

"Give me both of those purses. And I'll take that nice ring on your finger, too." He motioned toward Santana.

She brought her hand up to her heart and let out a low gasp.

"M-my ring?" She stuttered but began to slide the ring off. Before she could hand it over, Brittany took the opportunity to tackle him to the ground.

"BRITTANY NO!" Santana screamed out, watching the struggle between the delicate blonde and the large, burly man. That's when she heard it. A gun shot. Within seconds the mugger was off and running down the street, leaving their belongings and an injured Brittany behind.

The Latina began yelling for help, searching for a cell phone to call the police. She knelt next to Brittany, holding her bloody body closely.

"Don't worry, B. Help is coming, they're on their way. You're gonna be okay." She sobbed as she rocked back and forth.

Brittany began to chase the mugger down the street, adrenaline pumping through her veins from the fight. But she was quickly distracted by the sound of Santana crying.

Quickly she ran back to the scene, but couldn't understand what was going on. Laying on the ground in front of her was her own body, bloody and limp, held closely by her distraught fiance.

"Santana!" She yelled, with no response.

She knelt down next to Santana's ear and spoke again "Santana, can you hear me? I'm right here." Once again she was only met by sobs coming from an oblivious Santana.

Realizing trying to speak to the brunette was pointless, she turned her attention towards her own lifeless body.

"No. no no no." She began to whisper to herself as the reality of the situation hit her.

"Not now. Not yet." She let out with more intensity as she ran towards her body, attempting to jump back in. It was pointless.

Just then sirens alarmed and an ambulance turned around the corner. Santana stood up immediately, and began to wave her arms.

"Over here! She's over here!" She shouted.

"They're too late, baby" Brittany whispered an unheard response.