Howl for Me

Her beauty drew me in stronger than the moon. I was stunned by her, wanting to be loved by her. More than that I really wanted her to howl for me.

Rated M

(Violence, language, heavy sexual content)


This is a Werewolf/Girl Peen Santana!


I do not own Glee, the characters, pairings or anything associated with Glee.


Brittana is the main focus. Klaine as well. Other pairings may show up later.

"Go back to Narnia!"

The chills traveled down her spine following the path of sticky ice chunks. She tried wiping at her eyes but the burn was becoming to much. She felt the tears building up before strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her down the hall.

"Let's get you cleaned up Britt," Tina's voice was gentle and soothing and it helped calm the panic that had started to build up in her gut.

"Santana?" She asked, suddenly worried that her girlfriend had witnessed her slushy attack.

"She was held back in class. She didn't see," Tina assured her, not that it did any good. Santana would hear about it and whoever had slushied her would be ripped apart. She was pretty certain that would be a literal situation if she didn't find her girlfriend before that.

"I sent Kurt after her. He'll bring her right here," Tina was still talking calmly in an attempt to keep her from running out of the room in a frantic panic looking for Santana. She was used to this type of treatment. It normally never led to a slushy facial but her classmates were always making fun of her. They laughed at the fact that she believed in magic, unicorns, and mystical things. If they knew what she did, they would believe too.

Santana is special, having been born that way. You can't help how your brought into this world, nor can you help how your raised. Santana is special. She was born of wolf decent, a mistake made by her mother. Santana's father had been charming and very good at keeping secrets, such as the fact he was actually a werewolf. When her mother got pregnant her father disappeared and left her mother to bear Santana alone. Her mother was disowned by her family, a bastard child a sin and unforgivable. Without their support her mother had to give Santana up.

During her foster care another child had made her angry and she had shifted, turning into something that was beyond belief. She'd shifted into a wolf. Those that witnessed this tossed her out into the woods and left her there and later claimed insanity over what they had seen. After all; werewolves didn't exist, right?

Santana had survived a second abandonment. She'd stayed in her wolf form and hunted for food, living in the woods before a pack of wolves took her as one of their own. She very rarely shifted back to her human form and lived her childhood out as a wolf. It wasn't until she had found Brittany did she ever try to stay in her human form.

The moment she saw Santana shift from wolf to human solidified her belief in mythical creatures. The fact that Santana also had a penis left her a strong belief in magic as well. They way Santana had first looked at her made her believe that beautiful things really did exist. That moment opened up Brittany's world and she had Santana to thank for that and she would never look back and wish it had never happened.

It came as no surprise to anyone that the two started to date as soon as they realized what it meant between the two of them. Or well, as soon as Brittany knew what it meant. Santana knew from the first moment. Santana's pack didn't even blink when it became public news. Quinn and Kurt had simply shrugged saying 'about freaking time'.

Tina had been her friend before Santana had come along. With time on the side of their friendship led Tina to accept Santana's and Brittany's relationship and all the weirdness that came with it. For instance; Santana's freaky strength and speed, or that Santana would growl and snarl at people for no reason or because they pissed her off, or how Santana lacked certain mannerisms that she should have learned growing up, that she preferred her meat bloody and barely warm, and that she would get extremely cranking during certain times of the month which people just passed off as PMS.

Just because she got cranky didn't mean Santana was controlled by a full moon. She can shift at will which could be a very bad thing especially if someone hurt Brittany or made fun of her. However, Santana can get very cranky during certain times of the month and year reflecting certain moon cycles. Santana knew why but she wouldn't tell Brittany, neither would Quinn or Kurt. That question had been firmly planted at the top of her 'To do list' but she'd always been to embarrassed to actually ask.

During those times of the year Quinn would disappear and Kurt would hide out with Blaine somewhere for days on end. None of them would show up to school and when they finally did reappear Quinn would look so tragically sad and Blaine would have the biggest grin on his face. Kurt would walk around like top dog and always smirk when Blaine would wince sitting down .It confused her every time, no more so than when Santana would reappear too. She would be extra loving and attentive, more than she already was. She wouldn't be as cranky and would apologize for being the worlds biggest bitch before disappearing. At first it had scared her that Santana would be so crazy and then go missing for a few days without answering her phone or coming to school. After the first time; Santana had gone over board reassuring her that she would always come back, she just had to stay away for those few days. Something about for the sake of her safety. Brittany really had no clue about it but after having happened so many times and Santana always coming back to her, her worry dropped to almost a non existent level.

The bathroom door banged open and snapped her out of her thoughts. Santana stormed in; nostrils flaring, fist clenched, and jaw flexing. Kurt hastily followed behind her. Tina took a quick step back from Brittany, eyes wide in shock and fear at Santana's flaming entrance.

"Leave," Santana growled at Tina, the words barely escaping around her clenched jaw and grinding teeth. Brittany noticed the extended canines and her stomach flipped but she knew it was that good kind of flip that led to weak knees and quivering fingers as apposed to the bad kind of flip that led to tears and anxiety. That good kind of flip had been happening more around Santana. Either when she would do something that Brittany just thought was sexy or her stomach would flop because she be thinking about her or just be near her. It was confusing her as to why it kept happening lately.

"I was just trying to help," Tina said with raised hands. Her voice brought Brittany back into the present.

"It's okay Tina. Thanks for helping," Brittany said. She recognized when Santana was struggling not to change. It was tiny clues like the hairs along her arms vibrating, her pupils expanding and the tremor in her shoulders. It also helped that Santana was beyond furious. Anger always prompted quick shift into her wolf form.

Tina nodded and tossed away the ruined towels she'd been using and hurried out of the bathroom. Brittany looked down; not out of shame or embarrassment but because seeing Santana like this made her knees weak and all of her inner heat travel down to the pit of her stomach. Santana's eyes widened and her nostrils flared again in rapid succession of her quick angry breaths, "How are you turned on right now?" Santana breathed out, clenching her eyes closed.

"Um, on that note I'm going to go. I'll find out who did this," Kurt mumbled before making a bee-line out of the girls bathroom.

Wait, did Santana say she was turned on? Is that was all that inner jumping was? That made sense. Santana was hot, sexy and made her nerves go crazy when they'd kiss. Naturally she would get turned on by her, not that anything would happen because of it. As much as Santana excites her, she doesn't think she's ready for sex. Not that she isn't prepared in the matter of protection. She's been on birth control for a few years now, shortly after she started getting her periods. Santana had gone insane during those times of the month right before Brittany would start and shortly after she'd stopped. She hadn't been regular, her periods taking long amounts of time to come around again and the longer they took to start the more intense and crazy Santana had gotten. It had become necessary to keep herself regular so the timing was the same every time. She didn't like having to remember to take that pill everyday but after years of doing so it was now second nature to her, and taking it gave her more 'normal' Santana time and she could warn her before those crazy times took her by surprise. This was another thing she didn't understand and the question was added to her 'to do list'.

"You're thinking to much B," Santana said pulling Brittany out of her thoughts. Santana was standing in front of her, paper towel in hand. She began wiping away the remaining slushy. The muscles in her jaw kept flexing and Brittany watched as that flexing mimicked the pulse of the tremor in her shoulders. She reached up and cupped Santana's cheek smiling at her girlfriend softly.

The growl that had started in her throat died out almost into a whimper as she leaned into Brittany's touch. She breathed more slowly then tossed away the ruined paper towels. When she turned back towards Brittany she grabbed Santana by the shirt and pulled her in for a kiss. That was one of her favorite things about being Santana's girlfriend; she could kiss her whenever and where ever.

Santana's hands shot to her hips, pulling them flush against each other as a groan tore itself between their meshed lips. Santana's tongue licked at her lips, hands gripping her tighter at her waist. "Hmm, you taste like cherry," Santana mumbled. Brittany smiled against her lips before capturing them again tightly between her own. She felt the possessive growl that vibrated against her lips as Santana pushed them backwards until her back was arching off the wall behind her.

Santana's tongue dipped insider her mouth, tracing everything in it's path and dueling with her own. The hands at her waist began to wander as Santana was now pushing flush against her. Their lips separated with a wet pop and she eagerly gasping in air that she wasn't aware that she needed. Santana's lips sucked in wet pops of kisses down her jaw until they latched at her neck.

Her head leaned to the side giving Santana more room to work. She felt that warm lick followed by a sharp nip of teeth against her pulse point. Everything flipped inside her again and her legs began to tremble from the combined stimulation of Santana nibbling at her neck and her hands that were roaming everywhere over her shirt.

She gasped in surprise when Santana's hips jutted into hers and she felt something hard at her crotch. OH! Santana was turned on; she was hard. Were they getting to out of hand right now? They were in the schools restroom.

She pulled back as far as she could against the wall and Santana looked up at her in a haze, pupils dilated and her breaths in quick gasps. "What is it B?" Santana asked, brows furrowed. She shook her head trying to clear it a bit to listen to what Brittany needed.

"Not here, S. We can make out later. I promise," Brittany smiled with a nervous energy and Santana seemed to finally realize where and what they were doing.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Santana said smiling sheepishly before resting her forehead against Brittany's shoulder with a groan. She pulled back and rubbed at her forehead, "Your shirt is soaked through. Come on, let's grab you one of mine and get this day over with."

Brittany spent the rest of the day in Santana's gym shirt that had 'Lopez' printed on the back. No one bothered her for the rest of the day or made jokes at her expense. Having her girlfriends shirt on let everyone know that Santana was aware what happened and would be on the warpath. Santana was feisty and known to have rage issues. The hall was unusually quiet as Santana walked her to and from each class. For some reason things were keeping quiet and Santana had yet to find out who it was that slushied Britt. Quinn and Kurt had kept a close circle on them as well, the only defense anyone would have against Santana's anger.

She was in her last class and had difficulties focusing enough to take notes. Quinn sat next to her with a sharp focus on what their teacher was saying. She knew she'd be able to get a copy later from Quinn when she came over to help her study after Cheerio practice. She had almost joined the cheer leading squad but Santana hadn't wanted to, not that she couldn't. The uniform probably would have been a problem because of, well you know 'Lopez Jr', but Santana was more than strong enough to lift the other girls. They hadn't joined because Brittany really didn't want to. She loved dancing but cheering didn't have enough of it. She danced more in Glee club and she got to dance with Santana. Granted it had taken a lot of convincing to get Santana to join that club to begin with. The only upside she could think of of them both joining the Cheerios was that she and Santana could have worn each others letterman jackets. In which case she would always have 'Lopez' proudly displayed for all to see. She liked when she got to show everyone the she was Santana's girlfriend even if it did get them rude comments or hurtful shoves and dumpster tosses. Santana and Quinn had quickly put an end to that; when they had shattered the quarterback's groin and as a result the football team sucked all year without a decent back up. The football team was furious and tried to get revenge for it but Santana could be very frightening and most were smart enough to stop, especially when she didn't get in trouble for hurting the quarterback. The school camera had caught the video of her ramming her knee into the quarterback's groin and everything that happened before hand. The incident was decided to be self-defense on Santana's part. Of course Santana was strong enough to do serious damage with just her knee but only her pack and Britt knew that. The quarterback had been nicknamed 'soft dick' and transferred schools shortly after that. Brittany could not blame him for that.

The bell rang and jolted her out of her thoughts. Quinn glanced over and noticed all of the doodles that lined her notebook instead of actual notes. Quinn rolled her eyes and Brittany shrugged sheepishly. Kurt waited for them outside of the classroom in place of Santana. "Where's San?" She asked as Kurt flanked one side and Quinn flanked the other.

"She's been really frustrated all day. More so than normal so she skipped out on our last class to burn off some steam," Kurt answered as they headed towards the football field to drop Quinn off for Cheerios practice.

"Wouldn't have anything to do with wanting to lick Britt clean would it?" Quinn joked with a smirk.

"She didn't lick me. Much," Brittany chimed in, almost getting lost in the memory of their bathroom make out session for the day.

"Gross," Kurt cut in.

"Oh whatever Kurt. You're just as bad when it's close to a full moon and Blaine gets within twenty feet of you," Quinn shot back. This sparked the memory of wanting to get her 'to do' list taken care of. If Santana was away on a run then Brittany could get away with asking one of them without Santana finding out immediately.

"Whatever Quinn. Try not to fall off the pyramid and break your lack of wit," Kurt grumbled.

"Fine. We'll finish this later," Quinn dropped her bag at the fence with the other cheerio duffel bags and jogged over to start her stretching. Now she was alone with Kurt and her mind was filled with all the unanswered questions she'd been having. First she had to guarantee she'd get answers and the only way would be to play dirty.

"Kurt, I need your help with something," She made sure to get the wording right. It was Alpha's orders to 'help' her no matter what it was. For instance she had needed help reorganizing her collection of stuffed animals and making a donation pile of the ones she could part with. Santana had been gone that weekend and she'd asked Kurt or Quinn to help her. Neither wanted to be seen holding any frilly stuffed unicorns. When Santana found out about it and not by Brittany (Tina had complained because she'd gotten roped into it instead); Santana had put the order out that if Brittany was to 'ask for help' they weren't going to help her.

"What do you need Britt?" Kurt asked. They walked towards Kurt's car and Brittany smiled in anticipation of finally figuring some stuff out without having to embarrass herself or Santana.

"I have a question I really need answered," She explained.

"Sure. Shoot away" Kurt said with a big smile probably glad he wouldn't have to help with any stuffed animals. She waited till they reached his car so no one could hear her questions.

"Why does Santana get extra cranky during certain times and also; why does she avoid me before...well before my time of the month?" She asked.

Kurt's jaw dropped, his keys slipping from his hand and he stopped moving. Brittany watched as he stood there just blinking at her rapidly. Did she break him? Because it would be very embarrassing to still end up having to ask Santana these questions and explain how she broke Kurt. She really didn't want to scare off her girlfriend.

Kurt faltered over his words, mouth opening and closing multiple times before he actually spoke, "Uh, you should really be asking Santana those questions."

She pouted when he wasn't going to answer them. She knew what she was going to say next was all kinds of cruel but she really wanted to know, "But Kurt, I really need help with this."

She could see the ripple of Santana's command through Kurt's expression and it fascinated her and made her feelings ache for doing that to Kurt. She knew he was going to have to answer and it was going to be very embarrassing for him.

"Crap! This is not fair and you know it," Kurt whined and stomped his foot for good measure. He reached down and picked up his car keys. The doors beeped open and they both climbed in. Once the doors were closed he turned to her and paused, lips twisted in thought. She waited patiently, eager to know the answer.

"Well, its uh, its totally a wolf thing. You see, when a wolf finds his or her mate then they need, they need to mate. During parts of our moon cycle our mating desire kicks in and it becomes a overwhelming sensation if our mates are within reach," Kurt explained, cheeks flaming red.

"Wait, does Blaine know?" She asked.

"I had to tell him when we started to have sex. He's okay with it but he was also scared at first. It was difficult being intimate with him during certain times because my wolf wanted to go crazy and letting go to enjoy it was to risky. I was afraid Blaine would get hurt or not accept me for being something not human," Kurt answered. He smiled softly, "But when he was okay with it and I could let go, well...theirs a reason we both grin like idiots sometimes."

"Quinn doesn't have a mate though," Brittany stated and Kurt's smile disappeared.

"It's easier when you have a mate during those times. There's a focus that you can get lost in or ignore. I feel sorry for Quinn because she has to lock herself up during those times and hope that she doesn't go crazy," Kurt looked down at his hands. He looked so sad, like a sad panda and it hurt in her chest. She also felt sorry for Quinn. It wasn't fair she didn't have someone like Santana or Kurt. It must be crazy having to lock herself up every month. "Don't worry Britt. It's getting easier for her and when she finds her mate things will be much better."

Brittany nodded, making a mental note to help Quinn find her mate. She didn't have a clue as to how to actually do that but she was going to help. "But what about Santana?" She asked, her thoughts coming back to Santana as they always did.

"She locks herself up as well. She doesn't want to snap and force herself on you. It's the same right before your time of the month so to speak," Kurt answered. She was confused and needed Kurt to clear that up. He seemed to pick up on that because he continued explaining. "Your body sends off a signal that its ready to...mate so to speak. Her inner wolf senses that and tries to taking over."

"So she want's to have sex?" Brittany asked realizing that this was only about that. Not that she was get bored with her or had someone on the side. She just wanted to have sex but didn't want to push before she was ready.

"Not quite. She wants to mate with you which is slightly different than sex," Kurt answered.

"How is sex different from sex?" She asked even more confused now.

"Well, having sex with her during other times of the month would be more calmer and loving as opposed to mating which would be animalistic and driven to, um...I can't finish that thought," Kurt's face was beyond red in embarrassment now and she felt really guilty for making him answer her questions. Though now she had even more questions than when she started and Kurt was very sensitive to that so he continued despite his wish to not be answering these questions. "Basically sex is loving one another where as mating is the drive to knock up your mate. It's wild and rough. Not ideal for the first time in a relationship or for a virgin especially."

"So what do I do? I mean, I don't think I'm ready for sex but I don't want to keep hurting Santana. I don't like that she's locking herself up," Brittany said frowning.

"You should really talk to Santana about that but she is madly in love with you. She rather be in chains and wait till your ready than make you feel sorry for her and have sex with her before your ready. She understands and would do anything for you. You know that," Kurt tried comforting her, knowing that she was imagining Santana all chained up and whimpering in pain.

Brittany nodded. Of course she needed to talk to Santana. Kurt figured the questions were over so he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot to take her home. Kurt got her mind off of their conversation by talking about the Indiana Jones re-run at the drive-in. Blaine really wanted to go and was trying to convince Kurt but it wasn't happening. Brittany suggested a double date but Kurt wasn't to keen on that idea either. Something about how it would be weird when they would start to make out in the back of the car leaving Kurt to suffer through the movie and foggy windows. It seemed like a great date to Brittany but Kurt wasn't having it.

Kurt dropped her off and she promised to make it up to him for answering her questions. He just waved his hand and dismissed it saying that despite how awkward it was he was glad to help. After all it wasn't just Brittany he was helping but also his Alpha. He muttered something about one day having a less frustrated Santana running around and heavenly peace on earth.

Once she was alone in her room, decidedly not doing her homework, her thoughts went back to that conversation. She loved Santana, head over heels in love with her. She had nothing to worry about with Santana. They were soul mates; meant to be. Santana had imprinted on her and that was explained to her that no matter what Santana would always be in her life. Only she could break them up and even then Santana would be around, her feelings shifting to that of friendship. Santana would be whatever she needed her to be.

As she thought about their relationship she really focused on herself. Her body was waking up around Santana, wanted to have sex with her. It was her mind that was holding her back. They loved each other and she really wanted to express that with her. That was what 'making love' was, right? She wanted to be everything for each other, to be lovers. She wanted to share everything, including her body. As she thought about all of those things she realized she was ready. She wanted to have sex with Santana. She wanted everything with Santana but she couldn't help the feeling of nervousness that filled her body at the thought of sharing that moment with Santana.

Santana charged into Brittany's room later that afternoon and plopped down on Brittany's bed. Brittany spun in her desk chair as soon as her girlfriend tossed open her bedroom door. "Why hello, San!" Brittany chuckled as Santana flopped on her bed and got comfortable.

"Hey," Santana grunted in return. Brittany looked at her and remembered her earlier thoughts. Santana laid their so beautiful. Her hair in soft curls from the run she'd gone on earlier, the way her tank top slid up slightly and hugged her chest tightly giving her imagination something to play with, the way her thighs flexed as she crossed her legs at the ankle. She took Brittany's breath away with her beauty and that was all hers.

Santana propped herself up on her elbows and saw the way Brittany was looking at her. A blush crept up her cheeks and that was feat considering her dark skin. "What is it B?" She asked wondering what Brittany could possibly be thinking.

"Your just so beautiful," Brittany whispered. Santana blushed even more before she looked down shyly. Seeing Santana so bashful sparked something inside her and she couldn't not act on it. She stood from her seat and made her way over to her bed, crawling up to lean over Santana. She smiled widely down at her before taking Santana's bottom lip between hers softly. Santana's breath hitched and her eyes fluttered closed. Brittany's stomach began to cartwheels.

They broke apart for air and Santana smiled up at her, eyes glazed over in a dreamy expression. "What was that for?" Santana asked. Brittany smiled and tossed one leg of Santana's waist, properly straddling her before kissing Santana again quickly.

"I'm just so in love with my girlfriend. I just can't help myself," She answered, breaking away for air again.

"I'm so in love with you to B," She confessed like it was a secret but everyone knew and Brittany was so proud of that. Not that Santana could help it, nor could she. Santana's hands ran smooth circles on her waist, right where her shirt had ridden up. Feeling those fingers dancing against her skin sent jolts through her body. All of her heat traveled down and filled her with warmth. Those flips came back in full force and she saw as Santana's nostrils flared picking up her arousal, pupils dilating. She couldn't stop herself as she crashed her lips against Santana's in an attempt to meld them together at their lips.

Santana's hands traveled from her waist to her thighs, pulling her forward and flush against each other. She hummed against Brittany's lips and deepened the kiss, running her tongue everywhere she could before Brittany took back control and explored herself. She could feel the hardness swell beneath her and her stomach twisted again and she ground down in response. Heat traveled and she felt a rush of wetness pool between her thighs. It confused her at first but she remembered that was suppose to happen when she was excited.

Santana growled, the vibrations tickling her tongue in all the right ways. She ground down again before Santana bucked her hips and then flipped them. Things were getting heated and fast but this was what she wanted. She needed to tell Santana that. She pulled away and Santana immediately sought out her sweet spot on her neck. She moaned when she felt a sharp nip followed by a warm swipe of Santana's tongue. "Babe, I want too," She gasped out, fingers digging into the back of Santana's head as those lips sucked at the sensitive flesh at the crease of her neck.

Santana pulled back and Brittany groaned at the loss of Santana's lips. Santana breathed deeply, blinking to bring herself back to an awareness. Brittany reached up and gently stroked her cheek and smiled, "I'm ready. I want to have sex with you," She tried again.

"Now?" Santana asked shocked but still trying to regain awareness. Brittany gestured down to their current positioning as if saying 'now is a good opportunity'. "Britt, I can't," Santana clenched her eyes closed as if she was in the worst possible pain and she probably was. She was denying Brittany something she wanted, that her body was screaming she needed. Brittany pouted in disappointment. "I want to, oh god, do I want to," Santana continued grinding down to help make her point. Brittany gasped at the hardness that rubbed at her clothed center. Santana was pulsing down there. "It's to close. I can barely control myself now," Santana gasped and Brittany could finally see how close San was to actually losing control. Her shoulders shook in effort and her canines had extended to half length. She was close to her mating cycle and Brittany now understood that thanks to Kurt. If they went any further at this moment it wouldn't be safe for her, not for her first time at least. She knew this was right to want to finally be intimidate with Santana. She was protecting her despite that burning want and fighting against her nature just to keep Brittany safe. She was more sure of this than anything in the world and she would wait till Santana was ready.

"It's okay San. We can when we are both ready," She promised.

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