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Located after packing the box...

It wasn't often she'd find Brittany looking sad. In fact, she could count each time on one hand. The night her mother reacted badly to them, when they 'took a break' so Britt could focus on school, when her father's pack attacked and most of them lie dying on a table, and when Kurt's father died. She didn't think Brittany knew she was standing in the doorway, so she watched for a moment in silence. Brittany was staring at a picture of the pack. Her, Britt, Quinn and Kurt we're all smiling bright with the look of hope and youth on their faces. If she remembered right, that picture was taken in middle school, just before they went to McKinley High. Kurt hadn't met Blaine yet and she and Brittany were still figuring things out. That felt like such a long time ago, but it was a good time. Why would that make her mate so sad?

She watched as Brittany's thumb ran over the glass before she set it gently in the box she was packing. They had boxes everywhere, most of their belongings packed save for the photos that remained on the wall. Brittany reached for another one; a picture of the two of them sophomore year. Another captured time before war and rivals and death. The only worry they had then was finding time alone. It was another picture of good times but Brittany still looked so sad. She couldn't figure out why. She grabbed the roll of packing tape off the table, the noise making Britt jump and look back at her. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," She stepped lightly towards the open box and smiled softly at all the pictures already tucked neatly inside.

"Almost done packing," Brittany placed the photo in with the others and didn't stop to look at the remaining ones as she plucked them off the wall to join the others in the box.

"Excited?" She stuffed newspaper in between the stacks of frames so they wouldn't rub together when the box moved.

"I can't wait to get into our house, to decorate, and to plan the babies rooms," Britt beamed and bounced a bit on her toes. That smile was always contagious and for a moment she forgot her mate was even sad at all.

"I'm excited too," She beamed at her mate imagining their house and their children running around and through it, and the climbing and then the shifting and finding their her mind was running wild.

"What ya thinking about?" The light touch on her hand pulled her out of her thoughts to focus in on Britt's goofy grin and knowing stare.

"Well, what were you thinking about?" She countered. A flicker of sadness crossed her mates eyes and she immediately regretted asking.

"I was thinking about everything," Brittany looked back into the full boxes of photos. "It's sad that everything gets to happen for us. Big house, great jobs, triplets. But then there is Quinn and Mike who can't have kids naturally and it tears Quinn apart and Kurt and Blaine who can't have them naturally too. It's just really sad when I think about it some days."

"I know what you mean. At times I feel guilty when they are bringing over baby presents or talking about color pallets for each kids room. It's sad that they can't have their own but you know they'll love our kids like their own. We are all family; by blood, by wolf, by our friendship. But we have had tragedies and sadness and loss. We can feel that occasional, but just remember we have so much to be happy for as well," She ran her hands over the edge of the cardboard box finding comfort in the roughness of the box.

"I am happy hun. Don't think I'm not," Brittany's fingers traced the edge of her jaw, guiding her to look up. Lips brushed against her own and she wrapped her arms around her mates waist. They couldn't stand flush together anymore, Britt was really showing and put some space between them. It amazed her how fast her pups were growing. At this rate she doubted Britt would go a full nine months. Mr. Pierce is always assuring them that the pups are healthy and strong and so is Brittany and that her wolf is keeping them all safe.

"I'm happy too. I just sometimes have to remember that it's okay to be happy. How can life be this amazing? After reading poetry, novels, those shows on's like society and media tell us life can't be good, that we can't be happy because happiness is a myth but here we are. We are living twilight zone existence and I keep waiting for reality," She couldn't help voicing her thoughts.

"But this is reality. Life can be this good. And I get to share it with you," Brittany grinned while kissing her again. With Brittany's lips against her own, baby bump pressed against her, she couldn't find anything to argue that with.

"Oh my god, yes!"

The cramps sucked but having her mate writhing in pleasure was worth it. She'd be limping from her current charlie horse but Brittany was so close to coming that she wouldn't dare stop her frantic thrusts upward. Blonde hair was matted to Brittany's forehead, sweat dripping between her shoulder blades. She gripped at Brittany's hips and leaned up to lick at the sweat trailing down her mate's back before biting gently at the shoulder where Brittany's mark is.

"Fuck San, so good," Brittany arched back and muscles clenched as her thighs trembled and walls clamped down around her. Her own orgasm surprised her, forehead jerking into the ridge between shoulder blades. In seconds Brittany crashed down into her and they both panted and quivered in bliss.

"I love you," She gasped around a wince and she uncurled her toes.

"I love you," Britt responded between pants while shifting the best she could to not be lying on her anymore, "And the way you can make me see stars."

She chuckled, pulling her foot back towards her shin in an attempt to stretch out the cramp, "That's the goal."

"Cramping again?" Britt asked noticing her attempt not to wince while biting her lip.

"I'm still not used to my humanness," She sat up and rolled to her side, leaning on her elbow. Most of the cramp was gone so she wasn't about ready to scream anymore. "Hows the babies?"

Britt grinned and placed her hands around her baby bump, "They're being quiet. I think they didn't want to intrude on mommies special time."

She chuckled and leaned down to press her lips against Brittany's. The kiss was soft and sweet before Brittany ran her tongue over her bottom lip. Her hand snaked to Brittany's neck where she rubbed gently with her thumb over Brittany's jaw. Hands roamed down her back, clutching at her as Brittany's passion rose quickly. It wasn't a few seconds till they were both groping and panting into each others lips.

Brittany rolled to her side, back to Santana's front and took her leg to drape over her hip. "Take me San," Brittany panted reaching back to pull her forward. She shifted till she was flush against Brittany's

back, reaching between them to guide herself in to wet, hot bliss. Brittany rolled back a bit, so she was more thrusting up than sideways, and reached down to push against her shaft till she was penetrating her more fully. The sigh of content that left Brittany's lips was ecstasy to her and refueled her desire to sexually please her mate. Britt clenched down onto her as she put all of her energy into thrusting her hips up into her mate. Tightness engulfed her, squeezing her into desire. She was already so close, her stamina nothing like it is with her wolf. The way Brittany clamped down on her member was sign that Britt wouldn't last for much longer either. She slid her hand from Brittany's hip to cup her breast. She flicked her finger gently over the peaked nipple before twisting it slightly. Brittany's head tossed back into her shoulder as she twitched into her orgasm. Feeling the walls pulse and squeeze against her was her breaking point. She bit down into Britt's mark, her hips thrust as far up as she could. She only remembered to breath after she'd finished coming inside her mate.

Brittany reached back, rubbing her palm over San's check until clasping at the back of her neck. She twisted back long enough to place a soft peck at her lips before turning her head towards the pillow and closing her eyes with a satisfied sigh. She chuckled at her mate's exhaustion before feeling her own wash over her. She pulled out and rolled over to the edge of the bed. She tiptoed to the bathroom and cleaned herself up before finding her favorite pair of sweats. She also grabbed Britt's to place by the

bed for when her mate woke up cold in the middle of the night. When she slid back into bed, Brittany's snores were heavy and like always, made her smile, as she snuggled into spooning position. Within seconds she was asleep as well.

"Do you know what is so amazing about me darling?" Unique asked Rory while he was checking the stock for the evening. She was quickly checking their vendor order to make sure the bar would be okay for the weekend. She was leaving Unique in charge while the pack helped her and Britt move into their new home. They had packed weeks ago but only just signed the papers and got the keys to their new home. Kurt, Blaine, and Quinn had already borrowed the keys, made their own copies, and painted the house. Apparently, she was the only one who had to deal with low energy and exhaustion since her pack had managed to paint an entire house in a day.

"I'm unique, darling," Unique delivered her joke with a hair flip over the shoulder and a smirk. She chuckled, knowing she should have seen that line coming.

"Yes, ma'am. And I'm Rory...Flannigan...I've been working with you since you started?" Rory asked confused with a heavier drawl on his accent.

"Oh honey. It was a joke," Unique explained. Rory's cheeks turned bright red and he turned back to moving liquor to the cabinets as fast as he could. Unique came to lean against the counter where she was looking over the paperwork. "That boy is too easy," Unique drew her attention completely from her work but she was finished anyway.

"He's a good kid and an excellent employee. Don't go scaring him off," She threatened with a smile.

"Oh please, that boy worships the ground you walk. You'd have to fire him to get him to leave," Unique wasn't wrong. Rory loved his job and had a lot of respect for her as a boss. She had a lot of respect for Rory as well. He quickly became one of her best employees and now he was her full time bartender. Unique seemed to think the same of him as well because Unique favored him for a lot of the important tasks. She was very tempted to put Rory as the assistant manager for Unique's off days and have a defense to paying much more than her other two bartenders. However, she didn't have anything negative to say about them. They were two that Unique brought to the team and they were good. They couldn't work full time and were flexible enough to put in between Rory's shifts or to add if it was a busy night. All in all, business was peaking again and she couldn't be happier that it was happening as she was starting her family.

"Don't you have boxes to move and hunky boys to help you with that?" Unique asked. Blaine and Kurt had come a few nights ago. Unique wasn't to quiet about how much she 'appreciated their hunkiness.' She nodded, flipping the pages back over on her clipboard. Her work was finished; everything ordered, bills paid, payroll done, schedule done, and bands booked. It was safe for her to leave the bar in Unique's very capable leadership.

"You are right and I'm leaving. Call if anything happens or if you need me. My cell will be on but if you can't reach me on that Kurt will be with me as well and I know you have his number," Unique followed her as she made her way to her office. She straightened a few tables and chairs on her way, checked the lights on the wall, and huffed as Unique pushed her quicker to her office.

"Honey, everything is going to run so smoothly you could make a tissue paper commercial and sell big," Unique grabbed her jacket and held it out to her. "Take it, and go. Have a great move and break in that new house."

She chuckled, taking her jacket. "Fine, but you best call if you do need me." Unique waved her comment off and ushered her to the door. "I'll be back next Friday. Bye Rory!" Rory waved her goodbye and Unique held the door open for her. "Okay, I'm going," She huffed while leaving her bar. She jiggled the keys in her hand while butterflies dancing in her gut. She wasn't nervous about leaving the bar in her managers hands so that wasn't it. It dawned on her quickly. She was moving into her house with her pregnant fiance. This moment was giving her butterflies. She'd dreamed of the day this would happen and now she was getting in her car to drive directly to it. She still couldn't believe the happiness and experiences she was getting to spend with her mate.

Her phone buzzed as she turned the key in the ignition. She pulled it out of her pocket to read it; 'meet us at the new house. Truck already there. Britt wants you here before we unload.' She typed a quick response to Quinn and pulled out of her honorary parking spot. She was turning the corner into her new neighborhood in no time. She loved how close the house was to her work but it was a longer drive to the vet clinic so it had its location pro and cons. But seeing the tree line behind the rows of houses was what really spoke to her love of the location. Her kids would be happy here. A nice neighborhood to make friends and ride bikes and then the woods to run free in.

She saw her mate first. Brittany was standing next to the moving truck with both hands at the small of her back. Even down the street she could easily see how pregnant her mate was. It concerned her how fast her pups were growing. Kurt and Mr. Pierce both assured her that her wolf was keeping Brittany safe and the pups were healthy. Even with them all reassuring her, she still worried till she gave herself a panic attack. Luckily she kept that mostly happening at work so they didn't know she was worrying herself into a panic. She bit that worry down now as she pulled up to the curb. No sooner had she opened her door was Quinn tossing the truck door open to reveal all their furniture and boxes. Mike and Blaine climbed up inside while Quinn pulled the ramp out.

She clicked the button for her doors to lock as Brittany mostly waddled over to her. She smiled as Brittany leaned in for her kiss and she immediately wrapped her arms around her mate, the best that she could.

"I'm glad to see you actually got out of work on time. Unique is good for you and your bar. You can thank me in that wine gift set I sent the link of," Kurt grinned before his attention became focused on the boxes the rest of the pack were grabbing. She moved to help but Quinn glared at her.

"What? I want to help!" She questioned with a snap.

"That's fine an all but Kurt here is in charge and your job is to keep your wife company until the truck is empty," Blaine chimed in.

"Well fine then. I'm fully committed to that job. Enjoy the full hands," She smirked.

"Your hands will be full come time the babies are born. And when they are screaming and crying and teething, we'll be the ones smirking at your full hands," Blaine teased.

"Enough chatter or you won't hear when I need you to put everything!" Kurt ordered. Brittany leaned over and kissed her temple as they watched her pack move all of their things into their new home.

It was a couple of hours later that Mike was driving an empty truck back to the rental place. Quinn had collapsed on the sofa that was lying in the middle of the room while Blaine was busy ordering them all some food. "Alright, after the break we will break into teams and get these rooms organized. Quinn and Santana will take her office, since she'll be working from home for the week, that room needs done first. Britt, and I will take the bedrooms and Blaine and Mike can move all this furniture into place. I have this color coded map of everything's location so you two should be fine on your own," Kurt perched himself on the edge of the couch.

She dug into her wallet for her credit card to give Blaine so he could pay for the food. He tried to shrug her off but she thrust it hard enough into his chest that he reconsidered. After listening to him recite the right numbers she really took a look around. Kurt made some excellent color choices for the rooms. The living room was the rustic tan that made their furniture really blend into the room. The kitchen was a bright blue, like spring skies. Her office was a lovely rust color that her dark office furniture looked excellent with. Her and Britt's bedroom was this golden finish which was patterned over with a brown that made it look like marble. Brittany absolutely loved it and that made her love it as well. The kids room was the most impressive though. All the furniture was already in place and lined three of the walls. The forth wall was a painting of the forest tree line. She starred at it for a long moment before realizing why it looked so familiar. It was the exact lining of the trees along the back of Quinn's parents house. It was the forest line she starred at each day after Quinns family took her in. It had always been peaceful to her, just starring at the line that divided family and freedom but still managed to keep those two together. Quinn explained it was her idea and hoped it would bring the same peace to her children once they started to grow into their wolves.

It was well into the later evening when they all finally collapsed in the living room. Only a few boxes of nick knacks, photos, and small items were left. For the most part, the pack got them moved into and unpacked within 18 hours. It was impressive but even they were slumped over in exhaustion with bags beneath their eyes.

"You should all head out. Come back the day after tomorrow and I'll grill out some steaks," Her suggestion drew them all out of their daydreams of warm waiting beds.

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea at all," Mike mumbled. Blaine barely raised his head from the back of the chair in agreement. They weren't built of wolf stamina and were twice as tired as her wolves. As Brittany's eyes drooped they all rose and headed for the door.

"Thank you guys, for everything." She threw that out there as Quinn opened the front door.

"We're family," Quinn shrugged with a small. With that, they all filed out and headed towards their cars. She and Britt stood in the door of their home, waving goodnight to their family.

Authors note:

WOO! Finally an update. Thanks everyone for the patience on me getting this one to you all. I should be back to writing more now that my toughest semester is over. I finally passed pre-cal and it ended up being my highest grade this semester. Such a shock! But this means I will be walking across stage in May with my college degree.

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