The house was quiet save for the smallest of whispers. She gently traced the pads of her fingers against the swell of Brittany's stomach. Her children rested inside and she imagined they were listening to her words and anxiously awaiting to meet her just like she was waiting to meet them. "I wish more than enough for you, my lil pups. I will guide you, protect you, and love you always. I haven't even met you yet but I know you are everything I was too afraid to wish for. I know now why parents always wish more for their children than they ever had because I wish that for you. But know, my lil pups, you are already way ahead because of who your wonderful mother is. You will never know loneliness. You will never want for a mothers love. You are the luckiest angels in the world and I'm already so proud of you and this family. I can't wait to show you off. Everyone else can suck it."

"San," Brittany's voice cracked with sleep and the body that she was caressing mindlessly moved and startled her.

"I didn't mean to wake you," She fell back to rest on her elbow and smiled down at her waking mate.

"You didn't, the babies did. They started to kick and now I'm fully aware of my screaming bladder," Brittany rubbed at her eyes.

"I'll help you out of bed," She was already on her feet. Brittany was so pregnant now that their was no way she could move without one of the pack helping her. It made her nervous since they were still so far out from the due date. Brittany and Mr. Pierce reassured her that everything was still fine and even if Brittany went into labor now the babies would still be okay. She was quick to Britt's side of the bed and reached out to help lift her so she could get her feet on the ground. After a few attempts Brittany managed to get to her feet and head to the bathroom. She laid back down knowing that Brittany had a better time getting back into the bed and wouldn't need her help. She shuffled a bit until her back finally found peace against the mattress. All of her bones ached, her feet throbbed, and she hadn't been able to be comfortable in weeks. It was getting rather troublesome that her body was failing her in its human state. But at least Brittany wasn't suffering with her. For a eight month pregnant woman she was only having trouble with moving around. Perhaps her wolf was taking care of all the late pregnancy cramps and discomfort that she'd read about. Either way, she wasn't complaining that Britt wasn't suffering for them to have a family.

"You called them 'Lil pups'", Brittany called out from the bathroom. She chuckled and smiled. "That's really cute."

"It's something to call them until we figure out their names. You know that with you so close it's time to do that," Santana answered. Dreaming of a family for years and still couldn't figure out names. They knew it was triplets but every ultrasound had been so crowded they could only tell that one of them was a boy. The other two kept themselves a mystery. They already knew that they wanted to reflect family names, perhaps starting a family tradition for future generations of their line.

"We know one of their names," Brittany replied quickly followed by running water and shuffling in the bathroom.

"That's only if we have a girl and we don't know that yet," She propped herself up to watch as her mate stood in the bathroom doorway and dried her hands.

"We are having a girl, I just know it," Brittany gave her a look.

"Okay, so we have a girl name picked out but we know for certain we are having a boy but no boy names picked out yet. We need to pick something," It was the same conversation they've had for weeks now.

"I know we love Kurt but we didn't know Burt. Maybe if we like a rhyme of Kurt's name? Then if we have another boy we'll name him Andy Michael to honor both Blaine and Mike," Brittany voiced her opinion.

"Andy for Anderson? I like that. But what on earth rhymes with Kurt?" She asked feeling the crease between her eyebrows as she twisted her face in confusion.

"I don't know...Kurt...Kurt...hmm. Lurk, Clerk, Stewart?" Brittany thought out loud. Stewart…immediately she bursted out laughing. They couldn't name their son Stewart.

"Stewart isn't a bad name!" Brittany defended.

"All Stewart makes me think of is Stewie from Family Guy and oh my gosh that kid would have my personality and we would be screwed!" She fell back from laughter and could feel the tears in the corner of her eyes. It wasn't a few seconds later that Brittany was laughing with her.

"Ok fine, maybe not Stewart. Maybe we just have his middle name be Kurt and we come up with a first name that can start our own family name tradition?" Brittany suggested while climbing back into bed next to her.

"I think that would be best. I'm sure Kurt would understand," She wiped away the tears and leaned over to place a kiss on Brittany's cheek. "So then what would you want to name him?"

"I've always liked the name Julian and if he turns out to be a girl we can name her Juila," Brittany suggested. She rolled the names over in her mind and it was a quick fit for the blonde boy or girl with her dark skin tone that she pictured in her mind.

"I love it. Julian or Julia if its a girl, Andy Michael for our son, and Lucy or Quintian for our third child. Have we decided?" She asked.

Brittany was quiet a moment and stared into her eyes. She watched as blue eyes lit up just as the tips of her lips curved into a smile, "I think we have."

"This is so exciting! My lil pups have names!" She beamed with excitement and leaned over to whisper into Britt's bellybutton. "Hear that lil pups, you have names. We're ready when you are."

Long fingers curled around her jaw and pulled her up till she was level with Brittany's lips. The kiss was soft and a physical show of how precious their love for one another truly is. When they parted it was with the softest of sighs and the deepest of smiles.


"Are we sure about this?" She asked looking over the dinner table she'd just finished setting. She was surprised by how nervous she was. She had always imagined that she would be defensive or on edge when or if Brittany's mother ever decided to have a 'family' meal again.

"Dad isn't so sure either but she insists and it's the first time she has ever willingly wanted to see us as a couple. This could be a horrible night," Brittany waddled into the dining room from the kitchen where she could smell the chicken roasting.

"We don't have to ever see her if you even kinda don't want to see her. In fact, I'll make the call and tell her directly to go suck an egg," She rubbed Brittany's shoulders to help sooth both their nerves.

"I'm interested to see what she has to say. But I have a feeling she might only be doing this because she's about to become a grandmother," Brittany's voice was laced with a truthful sadness as they both knew that was the most likely reason to the surprise family dinner.

"Even so, she'll see that you have a happy home and are loved. She'll see that this family is strong and amazing like she never thought was possible. She can eat some chicken and then get the hell out of our home," She reassured her.

"Yeah. At least Dad is finally getting to see the place finished," Brittany commented while hugging Santana.

"Very true. I tell you what, how about you go have a seat and I'll finish up in the kitchen. They should be here soon anyway," She noticed the time and if Britt's parents were going to be punctual then they only had a few minutes before they were here. Britt kissed her and moved towards the living room to rest. In the kitchen she checked the temperature of the chicken and set the vegetables to low so they wouldn't overcook. Just like she predicted the doorbell rang right on time.

"Don't get up babe, I'll get it," She waved for Brittany to stay seated as she rushed to the front door. Before she opened it, she took a deep breath and checked the peep hole just to be on the safe side. With a nod to herself she opened the door to greet whatever fate her night held.

Mr. Pierce was quick to pull her into a hug that threatened to lift her off the ground. "Hello my precious daughter-in-law to be. How are you? Resting well? I see dark bags under your eyes. I'm telling you tea is the answer. How about the back? Still stiff?"

"Whoa, Mr. Pierce. Slow down. I'm resting plenty and have already started my maternity leave from work so I nap when Britt naps. The back still hurts but I imagine I'll be fine when the babies come," She smiled and found her feet again as Mr. Pierce put her back on the ground.

"Oh my precious darling girl. You are glowing even more than when I saw you yesterday," Mr. Pierce went to hug his daughter and placed his hand on her baby bump. The warmth that washed over her quickly wasn't surprising. This was an image she'd seen multiple times over the past few months. In fact, the only difference in the sight was the size of Britt's bump.

She turned back to the door remembering their 'special' guest for the evening, "Mrs. Pierce, would you like to come in?" She stepped back from the door to allow Brittany's mother to enter their home. Mrs. Pierce smiled timidly and stepped gingerly over the threshold as if Santana might slam the door on her at any moment. It was definitely making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She'd never seen Mrs. Pierce act in such a way and most certainly not in her presence.

"Oh my. You must be days away from labor," Mrs. Pierce gasped as she saw her daughter for the first time in a very long time.

"Hello Mom," Brittany greeted her mother with a wary smile, one hand in contact with her father as a form of comfort and security. She smiled at her mate hoping it would calm the nervous butterflies they both were feeling.

Mrs. Pierce looked around the room quietly before stepping in the direction of her husband and daughter, "Your home is so...inviting."

"We wanted it to have that family and home feeling," Brittany smiled at her dad and then looked back to her mother that was still taking in her surroundings.

"It definitely feels like it," Mrs. Pierce commented. She beamed at her mate. That comment was one huge victory. They knew home was with each other but for someone to step into their house for the first time and being a person with such distaste for them, say that their home felt like a home. She would take that win over anything else.

"I'm glad you like Mrs. Pierce. I've only ever wanted the best for your daughter," She closed the door and reached out to take her coat. Mrs. Pierce actually smiled at her as she nodded in thanks, handing her the jacket.

"I can see you have," She turned back to Brittany and stepped forward while Santana hung her jacket up. Santana watched closely as Brittany shoulders tensed as Mrs. Pierce reached out rubbed her hands down Brittany's arms like she used to when Brittany was little. She could see the sigh of relief, remembrance, and comfort in the sigh that escaped from her mate's lips. "You look so beautiful."

"Thanks mom," Brittany smiled and then she hugged her. Mr. Pierce beamed with joy at the two and Santana couldn't help but feel hopeful that tonight would be the turning point in the relationship but her mate and her future mother-in-law. "I don't know about everyone else but these little ones are craving some food," Brittany broke apart from the hug and rubbed her bump.

"Oh good, I'm starving!" Mr. Pierce bellowed while bolting for the kitchen. "What!? No steaks?" Before they could even make it to the doorway Mr. Pierce was poking his head through, "Santana?"

"Sorry Mr. Pierce, but I wouldn't even attempt to make them. They wouldn't come even half as close as yours," She joked.

"You're right about that," Mr. Pierce laughed and disappeared back into the kitchen with them right behind him. It didn't take long for them to make their plates and sit at the table. She had pulled out a bottle of wine but neither touched it. She didn't know if it was in respect that Brittany couldn't have any or if they didn't want alcohol to cloud the conversation.

"Finally picked out the babies names?" Mr. Pierce asked.

"We have but we're keeping them secret. We don't know all of the sexes so we don't want to spoil it," Brittany beamed just like she did every time they talked about their little ones.

"That's good. Then I don't have to try and convince you of the names Kurt keeps trying to get me to 'help' you pick," Mr. Pierce carved into his chicken.

"Oh really? And what did Kurt want us to name our kids?" She asked with curiosity.

"Well, he wanted you to name boy Hugh in relation to the 'sexiest man alive save for his husband'. At least that's how he worded it. Something about being all muscular and hairy and I had to stop him there cause...well…"Mr. Pierce's eyebrows shot up with a look that could only be described as someone seeing something they would rather not.

"No wonder he didn't mention it to me. Tell him you tried but we picked a less creepy method of naming our son," She chuckled.

"Your father tells me you're having triplets. Are you two ready for that?" Mrs. Pierce asked. Santana looked to her mate, not wanting to spoil the good mood in case her mother reverted back to how she was with them before. She'd made an unconscious decision to let her mate answer her mothers questions as that might be better for her to accept them.

"Is anyone really ready for their first child? Let alone children?" Brittany asked with a light hearted laugh. They already knew that sleep and sex were going to be a rarity from here on out.

"I used to think that I was ready for you. By the time we had Ashley I knew that I was ready and merely had wishful thinking before you came. But you two will do great. Your father reassures me that Santana here is very overprotective and has already thought of everything. I mean, I noticed that your kitchen is already baby proof. Do you think you're ready Santana?" Mrs. Pierce asked.

She could sense the serenity in the question and only paused for a few seconds before answering, "I believe I am. I'm looking forward to being a mother. Britt and I make a great team."

"Good. Teamwork is what you're going to need. If I had any advice to give it would be that. It's important that children have parents with a strong foundation in each other. It shows them love, commitment, and what a family truly is which is sticking together no matter what. It will especially be important and much more difficult with triplets," Mrs. Pierce set her fork down and took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry. To you both. I was living in a blind world and I'm sorry it took me so long to just crack my eyes open. I hope that you two will give me a chance to be in your lives and the lives of my grandchildren."

It was quiet at the table for a long moment and she reached over to take her mates hand. It was great to hear an apology, one she knew her mate had been desperate for but not hopeful about.

"Mom, I want to accept your apology but I have to know. Are you apologizing because you accept and understand the relationship I have and have always had with Santana. Or are you saying these words hoping that I'll forgive you and let you near my children?" Brittany asked, squeezing Santana's fingers tightly.

Mrs. Pierce was quiet for a moment before looking down at her plate, "I want to be okay with your relationship. I've tried my hardest to accept it and try to understand it. Seeing you two, time after time, with the same look that I now acknowledge as love, it gives me a clarity. I always believed relationships like these were harmful and full of sin but after years of evidence I can't say that God would put something so beautiful into the world only to then condemn it. I am doing my best and I will continue to improve. I would ask you two to offer me another chance. Not only because you are having children and I very much want grandkids, but because I want to better know my future daughter-in-law and be a part of a family I always dreamed of having."

Brittany started crying and then she was sweeping her mother into an iron tight hug. She shared a look with Mr. Pierce, hers of awe and amazement that her biggest wish for her mate was coming true. It looked like her lil pups were going to have a grandmother.

Her back spasmed and she gripped the table sharply, knocking her silverware to the floor. Mr. Pierce was already standing to reach out to her when Brittany's "Oh" silenced the room. Mrs. Pierce also jumped to her feet, holding Brittany's arm to support her.

"Looks like the kids are ready," Mr. Pierce smiled, "Let's get moving then."

She jumped to her feet, rushing to the bedroom to grab the 'labor' bag and then back to help Brittany to her feet but both parents were on either side of her mate. Another spasm hit and she fell into the wall when her footing gave out. Pain was now becoming crippling. Mr. PIerce looked at her with the most perplexed look before grabbing the bag from her and rushing to the car to start it. It left a side open for her to help Brittany. Once she grasped Brittany's hand, her mate let out a started gasp and wince. Between her and Mrs. Pierce, they had Brittany in the car within a minute and were on the way to the hospital.


It was like a rubber band snapped inside her and all her senses exploded like a watermelon with too much pressure. Her bones popped, her pupils dilated, nostrils flared, and canines ripped from her gums. Her howl tore from her throat as her last lil pup came into the world. Her wolf had done its job. It brought pups into the world and protected their mother through to the end. Brittany collapsed on the bed and she wiped the sweaty bangs from her forehead as her body snapped back into its standard form. She beamed with pride at her mate and peppered her with kisses as Brittany wept from happiness.

"Congratulations. Welcome into the world your two sons and gorgeous daughter," Mr. Pierce and the nurse walked over with three wiggling forms. All three were of darker skin, one boy and girl with dark brown hair and the second boy with sharp blonde hair. Mr. Peirce handed both boys to Brittany and their daughter to Santana. Tears filled her eyes as she stared down in wonder at the miracles they had created.

"So, who is who?" Mr. Pierce asked.

Brittany nodded to their dark-haired son, "This is Andy Michael," and then turned to their blonde-haired son, "and this is Julian."

"Those are going to be some strong men you've got there. Good names for them. What about your daughter?" Mr. Pierce turned to Santana who was quietly crying over her beautiful pups.

"This is Lucy," Her answer caught in her throat and Brittany looked up at her.

"They are all so precious. We're a family. We have a family," Brittany started to cry as well. Santana leaned forward to present their daughter to her and all three cracked their eyes open enough for them to see that their sons had dark eyes like Santana, but their daughters were blue like Brittany's.

"Wow. They are so stunning. You two did good. Very good," Mr. Pierce commented. "Let's finish cleaning them up so we can show you all off to your pack."

It wasn't long before they were relocated to a new room where everyone could come in.

"I swear I heard a wolf howling. Are you telling me, young man, that I was hearing things?" Mrs. Pierce's voice could be heard through the door.

"We are in a hospital. I doubt there is a wolf on the loose in here," Kurt answered as they all tried to fit through the door at once. "Oh my precious angels!" Kurt bounced forward in excitement with Blaine, Quinn, Mike and Mrs. Pierce right on his heels.

Looks of awe, excitement, and tears filled each of their faces. "Everyone," Brittany smiled up at Santana before directing to which child she was introducing, "This is Julian, Andy Michael, and Lucy."

"Julian is much better a name than Hugh! How wonderful," Kurt beamed while Quinn immediately started crying.

"You named her after me?" Quinn asked. Mike wrapped his arms around his mate with tears in his own eyes with being named after as well.

"We wanted our kids to have family names and you all are our family," Brittany explained.

"We are all honored," Blaine spoke for the group while waving his fingers at Julian who was closest to him.

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