Chapter 10: Don't You Forget About Me

The teens continued their laughter over sharing the bizarre or rather normal things that they know how to do. It was fairly awkward given how their conversations stretched from how they go about their normal school days to how they get it at home. "So tell us jock-ette. What's your story?" Scott asked, he heard enough about her non-existent love-life. Now he wanted to hear a little bit about Jo's homelife since Dawn, Cameron and Brick gave a little bit of info about how it is for them.

"I'm not discussing that with a bunch of total strangers." She said in a matter of fact tone.

"Please?" Scott begged with a fake, puppy-dog eye expression to just annoy the hell out of her. It worked.

She rolled her eyes, "You already know about my brothers. My mom's in the ground and dad's a working man. There."

"Is that it?" Brick asked.

Jo nodded, "Pretty much?"

"I'm so sorry Jo…" Dawn said, to Jo's befuddlement and annoyance.

"What?" She asked incredulous.

"That must have been tough…"

Jo was about to rant at her for not just having a say in what's supposed to be HER private life and the fact that she sensed pity in this weido's voice. Though she assumed that if she did, Brick-house would probably get in her way and go on about that 'she didn't mean it' or 'you can't pick on someone smaller than you' or some shit. The fact that he was so protective of this moon-girl just pissed her off even more, but she still didn't know why…

"What's she saying Jo?" Cameron asked innocently. Jo looked at him, displeased but nonetheless she sighed and gave up.


"Fine what?" Brick asked. Who is this girl? He knew that it was still very much Jo Taylor, but since everyone's being so open with each other for some weird reason, maybe that meant even Jo felt that she had to discuss her own life with everyone, including people she either didn't know very well or just didn't want to associate with at all.

"Well…my mom and dad; mom's dead but the thing is before she was dead this is how is was: When you look at them, together, in a photo I have of them or something. It's very clear that whatever it is they had, just didn't work out nor will it work out." Jo started, looking down at the floor with a stoic expression. "My mom… well she was happy with her sons…my dad… he always wanted a daughter…."

Jo sighed again and then continued, "Mom on the other hand, since I was the only girl… She got me into sports and I was excited to do it because she did it. I wanted to make her proud because she always had her eyes on me and she expected so much from me…"

"Dad…well he always brought me dresses… I wasn't too crazy about them… and he even brought me make-up and dolls. You know? The kind of shit that girls like."

'You know you ARE a girl'. Brick thought in his mind, well at least he found out why Jo was so much like one of the other guys…

"My brothers gave me hell because they couldn't let go of their mothers tit, Jordan's the only one who actually has ANY sort of affection or care for me and in return he's okay and I like him. Then mom and dad got into an argument because Dad thought that Mom was being too rough and not at all fair to us, I distinctly remembered my mom calling my Dad a pussy and then she walked right out the door… and she left that very night…" She stopped and then looked at the ground, her face not visible as she shook her head.

Jo shook off any tears…that may have wanted to make their presence. NO! Big girls do NOT cry! NO! She mentally screamed in her head. She inhaled and exhaled deeply before going on. "So later on… Mom just… well I assumed she must've missed my Dad…because two years prior to them getting a divorce…"

"She drank herself to death…"

She nodded and met the eyes of her peers all looking extremely concerned and even sympathetic by that kind of tragedy, expect for Scott who was better at not showing his emotions, nonetheless he shook his head in a sympathetic manner.

"I…um… for a while I thought… You know this meant… I wouldn't have to be…the kind of stuck-up, cold-hearted, god-awful bitch that my mom wanted me to be…because that's just how she was… But then…you know I got older…and more mature…and I realized that…it's better for me…to be…you know? Strong… and not subject myself to those menial, girly little things that the girls concern themselves with…because…" She shook her head and kept her gaze on the ground. "It's just not me…"

"You don't know that…" Dawn said, hoping to get on this volatile girl's good side.

Scott turned his head to her, incredulous about her remark, "What are you talking about Dawn?"

"I'm sorry it's just… you know Jo you don't have to feel that way…because… I don't know if this'll mean anything to you but… you're really pretty…"

Jo widened her eyes but then closed them, "Well you guessed right because it doesn't."

Brick stood up, "Hey, she was giving you a compliment."

"I don't give a shit."

"You see you keep pushing people who care about you or try to help you! Why?!"

"That's none of your business!"

"But I'm just asking! Out of curiosity, why?!"

"Fuck you!"

Brick stuttered before Jo crossed her arms and looked opposite of his direction, "Fine!" He said and huffed before crossing his own arms and looked the other direction as well.

"Guys…please don't fight…" Dawn pleaded but the two athletes refused to look at each other.

Cameron spoke up, "You know guys…this may be a bad time but um… when we're all back in school on Monday…how do you think it would be…would we pass each other in the hallways you know? Give a 'Hi' or 'Good Morning so-and-so'? I mean you guys are all my friends right? "

"Of course." Dawn said.

"Me too." Said Brick.

"Eh." Scott answered, he wasn't a social type to begin with so at least his respond made sense.

"Honesty?" Jo asked.

"Yes please." Cameron said.


"Oh… well okay… I understand…"

"Look don't take it personally String-bean it's just…"

"It's just what? Jo?" Brick asked, somewhat irked at her for being openly blunt and insensitive like that.

"Look at you guys, we come from different areas and that means everyone else that we all hang out with has very different opinions not just about general things but about the others who don't share the same opinions." Jo explained, "Now me and Brick-house can associate with each other because we're from the same cliché area but as for you guys…" She shook her head.

Scott glared at her as well as Brick, but Dawn and Cameron looked more understanding. That's just the way things were, Cameron thought but Dawn was more concerned about what Jo was really thinking.

"You know Jo…you don't have to go along with what they say."


"I mean…it's… it's normal to feel peer pressure, perfectly normal but…you don't have to feel like you HAVE to go along with what they tell you to do…"

Scott shook his head in disbelief. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry but can you just be quiet?" Dawn turned her head towards him, "What, I can't give my friends compassion?"

"Yeah exactly. I don't know what weed you've been smoking but enough with all the psychedelic or whatever future sighting powers you have, because me and everyone else has had enough of it! You don't know us like that! And you never will!" He yelled, frustrated.

"I don't smoke! And I'm sorry if I'm different from other people!"

"Well here's the thing Fairy Princess, did you stop to think for one minute?! That oh I don't know maybe there are some people who don't like to have their private life being discussed by a person they probably don't even know! Different or not, you have no right to say that you think you know us, because you don't!"

Dawn shook her head and spoke quietly "Shut up…"

"I mean it's always 'me,me,me' with you, 'Oh look at me I'm a cute little hippie girl who loves animals', 'look at me I have weirdo powers', 'look at me I have no idea how to shut the hell up about what powers I have'!"

"Shut up…" She said a little louder.

"I mean come on! Just…no! Shut up for once!"

"Shut up!" She yelled this time, now she was crying.

Scott was about to continue his rant until he noticed her crying. "Go cry home to Daddy don't cry here."

She wiped her eyes and Cameron put his hand on her shoulder to console her. "I'm sorry Scott but maybe…" he started.


"I don't have very many friends either so…I'm no good at socializing myself… so I wouldn't know how to properly socialize with people either…" Cameron said, trying to defend Dawn. Since she didn't have much friends either she wasn't very good at making them, except to people who thought she was nice, patient and understanding. Perhaps she thought that the more she knew about people the more they could trust her and even…like her…

Scott sighed and shook his head, slightly ashamed for hurting the girl's feelings. Why was he thinking this? He's berated her millions of times before! Now why did he get all upset about getting her upset now?!

"I'm sorry Cameron." Jo said, this was the first time she used his real name.

He shook his head, "No that's okay."

"I hope you don't it personally, and you probably don't."

Cameron shook his head and turned to her, a expression of disbelief on his face and almost laughed. "You are SO conceited…and arrogant Jo… You're so cruel and you're so mean..t-to everyone! Why are you like that?! Why?! I know you're mother was the same way but why are YOU like that?!"

"I'm not saying that to be conceited! It's just…! When all those guys look at me! They expect things from me and expect me to say certain things around certain things!" She raised her voice.

"Well why?! Why do you go along with them?!"

"Y-you just don't understand! You don't..! It's agony and it's pressure! You don't understand that kind of pressure…!" She said, her voice cracked at the last word.

Cameron looked shocked, "Oh, you're saying that I don't understand? You don't think I don't understand pressure, Jo?"

He felt tears well up in his eyes and was unable to stop them from falling, "Well fuck you! FUCK YOU!" He yelled for the first time, and at Jo no less…

She widened her eyes and felt a single tear roll down her cheek. Cameron covers his face as he begins to cry, "T-the thing is…I'm in here because… Mr. McClain found a gun…in my locker…"

Everyone looked shocked, now.

"Why'd you have a gun in your locker?!" Brick asked, sounding more than shocked.

"Because with the tail…o-on the beaver… the fucking light wouldn't go on…"

"What was the gun for Cameron?" He asked, much more sternly.

"I tried…and i-it just wouldn't work…I can't have an F…I really can't…my mom and dad can't have it…E-even if I aced the rest of my semester I'd still have a B and then it's all ruined! Everything's ruined for me!"

"Cameron…" Jo said, pity in her voice.

"I considered my options…"

"Killing yourself is not an option you dumbass!" She yelled with a hint of worry in her voice, she regularly found him annoying and just in the way but that didn't mean she would want him to just suddenly kill himself! He was just a short little bubble kid for God's sake!

"I didn't do it though!"

"Was it a hand gun?" Scott asked, he knew about those kinds of guns but he could never get his hands on one.

"No, just a flare gun… and…it went off in my locker…"

It was silent for a while until Scott began to snicker, and then Dawn. Brick and Jo looked at each other and both started laughing, with Scott and Dawn joining in. Even Cameron started to laugh a little bit, "It's not funny!" He said while laughing.

"Hey guys, that's not the worse part!" He laughed, "The whole fucking beaver was destroyed!" He said and then they laughed even more.

Dawn laughed and then toned it down to a chuckle. "Guys, I haven't been completely honest with you… but you want to know what I did to get in here?"

Everyone pays their attention to her. "Nothing."

"I haven't gotten in trouble before, and I just didn't have anything better to do." She said and then everyone started laughing. She giggled, "You're all laughing at me!"

"No!" Scott laughed.

"Yes you are!" She laughed as well with all of her…friends…

Later on, Cameron puts on a CD and then the music starts. All of the teens began dancing, including together. Which is what teens do best, they dance to express their sense of freedom, entitlement and their youth. For as long as they would be until they grow up… So let's make it all last…

When the music stopped everyone went back to a normal light-hearted conversation, only 30 more minutes till they could all finally, FINALLY go home and spend whatever rest of the sweet weekend they had left, doing their own thing.

Scott crawled in the heating duct to return to his spot where Chef put him.

Brick, Jo, Dawn and Cameron all sat together at a table, " Hey Cam." Jo said and Cameron perked his head up to her, "Yes?"

"Are you still going to write your paper?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well since there's only like 30 something more minutes left, then there's really no point in the rest of us writing our own paper right?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well yes that is what Chef wants us to do."

"I know but don't you think all of us would pretty much want to say the same thing, we're all thinking it."

Cameron smiled, "You just don't want to write your paper right?"

Jo raised both her hands, "Okay you caught me but you ARE the smartest. Am I wrong?"

Cameron chuckled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head, flattered by her remark, "Oh, well…" He said with pride.

"We trust you to do it."

Brick and Dawn both nod in approval.

"Ok! Okay, I'll do it!" He said, somewhat excited that these guys were now officially his friends.

Jo glances at Dawn, noticing how long and golden her locks were, in contrary to her short dirty blond hair but she smiled. Dawn noticed Jo looking at her, "Jo?"

"Come on Moon-girl." She said and then grabbed her hand practically dragging her, "O-Okay..!" she blushed lightly, this was probably the first time Jo was being actually pretty nice to her. Jo took Dawn to the library book storage room. "Okay Moony, now I don't really know how to do this but me and Red have practiced a bit so I think I can do it somewhat properly…"

"Zoey? I know her, she's nice…"

"I know, that's all she is." Jo said and then pulled out a brush and began to stroke Dawn's long, actually fairly messy hair. "Geez Moony you have all this hair and you can't even take care of it?"

Dawn blushed and pouted slightly, "Well actually, I do but I didn't exactly brush this morning."

"Well even if you do brush regularly you still do a pretty piss-poor job at it because hair this long needs to be managed with care."

Then Dawn giggled, "You know that because you used to have long hair didn't you?"

Now it was Jo's turn to blush, "…Y-yeah… but my mom chopped it all off in 7th grade because it got in the way whenever I played…" She said and continued brushing Dawn's hair till it looked nice and neat and even beautiful. Then she picked something from her gym bag, "I don't know why Zoey insisted on giving me this makeup bag but who'd thought it'd become useful." Jo said and she grabbed the makeup bag and picked what she thought would be suitable for an ingenue like Dawn.



"I'm sorry if I sound rude but…why are you being so nice to me?" Dawn asked, her eyes looking rather big and innocent.

Jo began to stammer, "W-well… I figured…"

"That you were right… Whatever pressure I felt from those faggots on the team are gone because I made some friends today… That and… when you said I didn't have to feel pressured… it just reminded me that… I forgot how to trust people because they always assumed…that I was some sort of bitch like my mother…"

Dawn smiled, "I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable before…"She said a little sadly.

"What? Oh, don't listen to that asshole, he's just a dick because he has no friends and his house is a shithole."

"Thanks Jo, but…he's kind of right…"

"Nah, you're fine the way you are. Don't ever change that…" She said while applying eye-liner to a nervous Dawn, since she didn't really get many makeovers before. She whimpered and squeaked a little bit, thinking that Jo would accidentally poke her in the eye.

"Relax just keep your eyes closed okay?"

Dawn did so a little more relaxed but just still slightly nervous. "You know I don't know how much sleep you get but judging by those shades under your eyes, you need more than that."

"I get all the sleep required… I guess I'm just an early riser…"

"Yeah, me too…" Jo said and then finished. "There you go. Take a look what do you think?" She asked and showed her in a little mirror to show her reflection, her long blonde hair more straight and her bangs out of her face with two little red barrettes holding them back. Dawn herself was surprised at how she looked, she looked…


"I-I look… wonderful…"

"Aw shucks that's probably nothing, it's better when Red does it because she's done it more than me…"

"Hey Jo… would you mind…if I tried…doing the same…to you?"

Jo blinked her eyes in surprise, "What me?"

"Yes. Like I said before you're really pretty…"

Jo thought about it for a minute, she was used to it when there were girls around. Well just Zoey actually, though Dawn would be no different…

"O-Okay… go on." She allowed Dawn to do some work on her… the boys would be in for a surprise…

Scott was just sitting in the closet waiting for their detention to be over and then noticed the door open. It was Dawn, and then he noticed how different she looked. His eyes widened at the new Dawn, her hair so straight and beautifully in place and her eyes… looked so alluring…they were grey… he didn't notice how bright they were…

She smiles at him and blushes and for once he smiles back her, a real smile.

Meanwhile, Cameron was sitting at the table thinking about what exactly to write for their essay and Brick was sitting on the table in deep thought and then he looked up and saw the new Jo, in awe.

Her short dirty blond hair was neatly brushed and in a ponytail and that she was actually wearing makeup, which looked…really good on her…the lipstick and mascara….really brought out her womanly features… to Brick's secret liking, blushing while he took in her whole new image.

She walked over to Cameron, who was just as in awe as Brick was. For someone who acted so boyish looked so beautiful when she looked…well like a girl..! Jo noticed Cameron staring at her with his mouth agape, she flushes slightly and glares at him a little. He smiles, "W-wow!"

Jo couldn't help but smile back and then noticed Brick walking towards her, his face flushed as he stared into her violet eyes.

In the closet, Dawn and Scott look into each other's eyes and then Dawn leaned towards him and kissed him, he was only somewhat shocked but he didn't stop and even kissed her back. Strange, for this being their first kiss together, it was fairly sweet and innocent.

Dawn then breaks the kiss, "Why did you do that?" He asked.

"Because I knew you wouldn't." She chuckled and then twirled with one of her locks. "What are you looking at?"

He kept staring at her, just amazed at how beautiful she was. Sure she was cute but this whole makeover thing just made her look not 'cute' but attractive even.

"I-I can see your face…" Damn that sudden stutter, and more so damn the warmth he felt on his cheeks. "Hey… did you really mean…all of what you said…about me…being different…?" She asked shyly.


"Yes please?"

"There's nothing wrong with being different…" He said and smiled, making Dawn blush and shyly smile back at him.

Cameron finished his paper and even kissed it. While Brick and Jo kept looking at each other, "What's the matter?" She asked, a little sheepishly.

"W-What happened to you?" He asked, and then mentally slapped himself, she was a girl! Why couldn't he understand that?!

"Dawn… did it… Why? What's wrong? Too weird for you?" She asked, getting slightly defensive.

"N-No! N-Not at all…! It's just…so different… you look…like a girl..!" He stammered, well that was charming, real smooth!

"Is that bad?"

"No, i-it's great!"

"Do you think I look pretty?" She asked looking down with a slight pout, complete with a blush on her face.

"Honestly…yes… though you're always pretty…in your way…"

Jo smiles and Cameron steps in between them, paper in hand. Brick and Jo both gave him friendly punches in the arm.

(Insert Song: Don't You Forget About Me by Simple minds)

The teens step out as they leave, that was a very LONG, almost agonizing detention except… it wasn't agonizing at all…

Cameron stepped into his mom's car and left and waved a big goodbye to his new friends. Jo and Brick stand together and share a slow, but passionate kiss. Hands in hands, Wow…so this is how a man's hands feel…so warm…so protective…

They break away and blush and smile, "So Jo, how was that for your first kiss?"

She chuckles. "Joanna."

His eyes widened, but he smiled again until he noticed Jo's dad in the car driving forward, "Oh, y-you'd better get away from me before my dad tries to kill you…So I'll see you on Monday?" She smiled at him one last time. He smiled back, "Yes Ma'am."

Jo's dad rolled down the window and saw Brick standing next to his beloved daughter and nodded in approval. Jo smiled at Brick one last time and went into the car next to her dad. Which gave Jo's Dad the chance to glare at Brick whom winced at said glare. They drive off but Brick noticed Jo's hand sticking out and waving to him, "Joanna…" He said and then noticed his mom's car approaching and then made his way in so they could drive off.

Dawn has her purse with her and takes one of her peace necklaces and puts it into Scott's hands. They share a kiss, not the same innocent one they shared in the library, but with passion, lust and even…something more…

"I don't want to be alone anymore…" She said as they broke away.

"You won't have to be. Like I said, you can't ignore me even if you tried." He smirked at her and then she blushed. She saw her mom's car approaching and then her mom saw Scott, whom nodded at her with a big grin on his face. She shuddered and opened the door for Dawn to get into and drive away as fast as they can.

"See ya Dawn…"

"See ya…Scott…"

In the library Chris and Chef go to the table that the teens sat at and began reading the paper that Cameron wrote:

Dear Mr. McClain,

we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.

Scott is seen walking with his sunglasses on and he puts on Dawn's peace necklace.

But what we found out is that each of us is a nerd.

Brick: And a military brat

Jo: And a tomboy

Dawn: An oddball

Scott: And a sociopath

Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours…

The Brekkie Club.

Scott walks through the football field, thrusting his fist in the air. He had won the heart of a girl and got to see more than what he thought he knew about other people.

As for the rest they saw more as well and there was no way they would ever forget about that… even when they're grown.

The End

Well…this is the end! Hope you all enjoyed reading this fabulous parody because I really do love the Breakfast Club so very freaking much! And just try reading this with the song by Simple Minds. P.S I hope you all liked it again, review if you did. I can't believe I finally finished this but I did. I'm so sad…it's over but like they said in Pitch Perfect the endings are always the best part.

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