Chapter 7: Being Bad

After Scott's little meltdown, the library was once again awkward and silent. Now that lunch-break was over.

Jo and Brick still sat at the same table, after her little pep talk with him about accusing Scott of lying about his apparently abusive household he felt better. Jo just kept her arms crossed and her eyes closed as she looked the other way, while Brick smirked, knowing that Jo Taylor had been temporarily nice to him and she knows it. Cameron just smiled, he knew how Brick felt since he too had been told something nice from Jo of all people.

Up the stairs Dawn was unsure of how to approach Scott, him now looking awfully vulnerable with his arms wrapped around his knees and his head down as he breathed heavily, Dawn was almost sure he was about ready to break down.

She slowly walked closer towards him, "Just go away! Okay?!" He yelled, not wanting to be around anyone right now, especially not Dawn. Scott sat numb, still seething. Rather than listening to him, Dawn made her way closer to him and sat by him. As she expected he recoiled to move away from her, but Dawn was more persistent than that, she closed in, feeling nothing but compassion for him. This time Scott didn't move and Dawn put her arms around him, and he let her.

"I'm sorry." She whispered into his ear as she held him tight enough to give him enough of whatever love that he certainly did not receive from his home. Scott simply sat in her arms, keeping his head down not wanting her to see the single tear that ran down his cheek.

Meanwhile in Chef's office he too had began to eat his own lunch, only to complete ruin it by dropping it on the floor. He got up to leave and simply look for any unhealthy snack in the vending machine in the teachers' lounge, unaware of the 5 teenagers that had just ran out of the library.

"How do you know when Chef will be back?" Dawn asked Scott who was in front of her.

"I don't. And to answer your next question regarding where he's going, I don't know either." He said, leaving her stunned. Maybe he wasn't lying about being psychic in the library.

"Feels pretty good to be bad, eh?" Dawn didn't answer him as she just kept following him.

"Why are we going to Foxe's locker? And what for? " Cameron asked behind Jo and Brick who were in front of him, "I dunno" Jo said.

"Jo come on you have more common sense than this, why would we risk ourselves getting caught, especially-" Brick said, but was cut off by Jo who poked her finger in his chest. "Ask me one more question and I'm beating the shit out of you." She warned him "Yes ma'am." He reluctantly obeyed as he and Cameron kept on following her.

They made it to his locker and when he opened it he grabbed a package within a package within another package revealing: weed. And then another carton of cigarettes.

"Drugs. And Smokes." Cameron said, afraid that this is all it takes to get yourself sent to jail.

"You hypocrite, and you accuse me of smoking that junk." Dawn spoke up, not at all approving of his smoking habits.

"Well maybe sometimes feeling high isn't so bad." He said as he smirked at her, making her scoff but still she followed him and felt somewhat more drawn to him than she was before.

"So he's got dope in his lock. I'm not surprised." Jo said to Brick and Cameron. "That's against school policy." Brick informed.

"Yeah so is punching a girl's ex."

"That goes for kicking a guy in the crotch."

"Liked it."

"You have a very volatile personality." Brick said to a smirking Jo. "And you have a submissive personality." She said, pointing her finger in his chest, again. If Brick didn't know any better, he'd think that she was trying to flirt with him, he blushed at the thought. No way.

Jo noticed him blushing and smirked again, "Keep it in your pants, or else I'll kick it again."

Brick blushed harder and tried to glare at her and him and Cameron kept following her. "What does she mean by that?" a confused Cameron asked Brick. "Uh… just a threat."

"Oh. She's pretty good at those." Cameron said to Brick, who gave the short nerd a skeptical look. "She's got spunk." He said again, almost in an admiring tone, and Brick couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed by Cameron's admiration of the tomboy. But then again who was he to judge, he certainly didn't find her pleasant, with the way she belittles and insults him on a daily basis, of course a few games and bets combined with her competitive spirit does grow on you…

The teens continued to walk through the hallway, confident until they saw not Chef Hatchet, but worse: Chris McClain, or their so-called principal, walking through the other hallway, not noticing them. Sure Chef was worse than Chris, but apparently this gel-haired washout could get them all expelled if he wanted to, or make Chef do something even worse to every one of them. All of them felt their heart stop before turning their walk into a dash back to the library. Or trying to remember where the library was since they'd gone in circles.

"We have to go through the cafeteria." Scott suggested as he was about to lead the group, until Brick spoke up "No, we have to go through the activities hall."

"I think I know where we should go"

"Look, I know what I'm doing so everyone just trust me." Brick said as he ran the other direction to the activities hall, Cameron trusted Brick more than Scott so he followed him, Jo followed him as well only to run ahead of Brick. Dawn was caught in a rut; she could tell Scott was probably going the right way but she got along better with Brick. Scott looked at her disapprovingly as she followed the others. Reluctantly he followed them as well, at least he would be able to prove them wrong if they couldn't get through.

He was right…

They went Brick's way, but unfortunately for them there was an iron gate blocking their escape.

"Shit" He thought.

"Oh way to go cadet." Scott snarked, "Screw off Foxe."

"You screw off if we went Foxe's way we'd probably be there by now." Jo scolded him.

"Bet you regret not going my way, eh Pixie?" Scott nudged to Dawn, "Be quiet."

"I'm just saying you and me could've got off scot-free, just the two of us and then just leave the other retards behind."

"These guys are my friends." She said boldly. "Well excuse me for not being a goody-goody Mr. A Soldier Never Leaves A Man Behind Cadet like Lieutenant over there." He said pointing to Brick. "Hey Romeo, Juliet you guys get a divorce already so we can get back to the library without getting hosed." Jo told the two of them. "Oh…we're dead, so very very dead." Cameron said, biting his fingernails.

"No, just me."Scott spoke up. "What? No!" Dawn said, he'd gotten in enough trouble already.

"What do you mean by that?" Cameron asked before he felt Scott stick his hand down his own pants, to hide the marijuana. "Take care of that and you Cadet take care of these guys."

"Yes sir." Brick obeyed, for once Scott had given him a rather well-intentioned order, as the rest of them ran off. Scott runs away in the opposite direction, in an attempt to distract Chris, or Chef whoever it was he ran into first. "I believe I can fly." He sang loudly as he outstretched his arms to the sides, in an airplane-like pose, still running.

Chris heard his loud and rather poor singing voice, "Chef, one of them got out." He said, expecting Chef to do something about it. Chef reluctantly obeyed, until he heard who it was that got out, "That little red-haired freckle-faced son of a bitch!" He stormed off in search for said son of a bitch.

Chef looked all around the school until he walked in the gymnasium and found Scott by the basketball hoop going for a basket, dunking the ball as Chef makes his way in. "Oh it's you." Scott said apathetically.

"Foxe! What are you doing here?! What is the MEANING of this?!" Chef yelled in his angriest tone.

"What I can't play a fun sport? You know I'm thinking of trying out for a scholarship."

"Get your freckled ASS over here! It's OVER for you! Do you hear me?!"

"How do you know it's freckled? Pfft, pedophile." Scott scoffed and used his athletic reflex to throw the basketball right in the middle of Chef's face…

In the library, the others were safe and sound and back in their respective seats, and then Chef came back in with Scott behind him, until Chef pushed him forward. " This rotten little bastard thought it was funny to just go into the gym, I'm not sorry to let the rest of you ingrates know that Mr. Foxe will not be with you guys for the rest of this detention."

"Oh, I'm so heartbroken." Scott deadpanned.

"Everything's a big joke to you isn't it Foxe? Like the little false alarm yesterday, or getting caught smoking dope with Mr. Blake (Duncan) and Weston (Lightning). In fact how would you feel if that dope you had was on fire?"HUH?!"

"Actually Chef, the thing is, it's in Cameron's pants."

Brick chuckled a bit, since he knew that was the truth. "Shut up Cadet!" Chef yelled, making Brick stop laughing. But then Jo began to snigger, "Oh you think this is funny, tomboy?"

"No, not at all. But c'mon don't yell at Brick-house just because he thought Foxe's little remark was funny, sheesh get some anger management." She smirked at him, somewhat defending Brick.

Chef's blood almost reached a boil. "Oh so you ALL think he's funny? You all think he's cute? And that he's bitching? Well let me tell you little sorry-ass punks something, maybe in a few years when you see him all grown up as the same bum he is today, THEN you will see just how funny it is!"

He looked at Scott "What's wrong Foxe, you gonna cry? Let's go." Chef roughly grabbed Scott's shoulders. "HEY! Keep your hands off me! Touching a young child in inappropriate places, are you sure you're not a pedophile?!" Scott yelled, he didn't like it when Dawn decided to touch him (well he didn't hate it) but he sure hated it when Chef decided to touch him, roughly at that, needless to say he didn't like being touched in general.

Nonetheless Chef pushed him into a nearby closet, and the rest of them could hear Chef's "lecture" to Scott, since he pretty much yelled. Cameron looked scared, whilst Jo and Brick were not amused and Dawn was worried.

They saw Chef get out and that he locked the closet, everyone in the library looked shocked, it was one thing to scold and even punish a trouble-making student but this was too far; this was abuse.

However unknown to Chef and the teenagers, Scott had used a bunch of things in the closet to climb his way into the ceiling to get back into the library, muttering to himself. "Ok Blonde Lindsay walks into a bar naked…" He says before sweating at that image, " she's got her pet poodle and a bottle of vodka…" he continued his dirty sex joke before breaking the ceiling under him.

"OH SHIT!" He yelled as he hit the hard floor in the upper part of the library, spooking the rest of the teenagers, except for Dawn who was able to sense his aura through the ceiling, she was confused about it at first, until Scott literally fell from the sky. Fallen angel indeed…

In the falcuty bathroom before Chris could take care of business, uuntil he heard that noise. "Dammit, guess I'll have to take care of whatever's going on, talk about a waste of time."

Everyone looked at Scott shocked and then all he had to say for himself was "Forgot my pencil."

"Hey!" They heard Chris yell.

"What's going on in here? A party? And I wasn't invited?" Chris asked, smiling his trademark cheesy smile as he made his way into the library, seeing the faces of Jo, Brick, Cameron and Dawn. "Oh wait that's right it's detention, the only party no one wants to show up to, yet you guys did." He said before sniggering, while the teens could only glare at him. "But enough playing around what was that noise?"

"Uh, what noise?" Brick asked, he wasn't a very good liar, since it was against his cadet code.

"I was just walking in the hallway and I heard a noise."

"Um could you perhaps describe the noise Principal?" Cameron asked.

"Hey you watch that mouth of yours, bubble boy."

Scott had hid underneath Dawn's desk by her legs, he tried to sit up but only ended up bumping his head on the table, groaning quietly.

"You know Chris maybe you're just getting old and you're starting to hear things." Jo said nodding, making Chris glare at her.

Under Dawn's desk Scott took his opportunity to look between Dawn's legs, her white panties exposed right in his face. His eyes widened, his cheeks flamed and his hormones kicked in as he put his head in between Dawn's legs.

"Really sir, there wasn't a noise, we prom-" She stopped and felt herself blush bright red and let out a squeal as she felt Scott's head attempting to violate her most sacred feature, and in succession she squeezed Scott's face between her knees.

"What's with you, Rosewood?" Chris asked, noticing her now flustered expression.

"N-Nothing at all!"

He raised an eyebrow, "Eh… nothing huh? Fine I'll let you guys go this time, but I must let you know I will not be made a fool of." Chris said and began to walk away, not noticing the toilet seat cover still stuck on his pants. Everyone's eyes widened and as soon as the door shut, the library became uproarious with laughter, except for Dawn who gave Scott a good number of slaps. "What it was accident."

"And you're a jerk" She said glaring at him, still blushing from the encounter.

"Ok so sue me for being a man." He said, quickly walking away not wanting Dawn to see just how much the gaze of her panties turned him on, but she could only see in his aura that he was just as flustered as she was.

Now for that dope that was still in Cameron's pants…

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