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Chapter 8: More About Each Other

Ever since it was thankfully Chris this time who came in and left the room full of teenagers, they just still sat in their seats except for Scott who made his way to Cameron, whom still had his dope in his pants.

"Can I have my dope back?" He asked somewhat rudely with his hand out. Cameron simply took the dope from his pants and gave it to its rightful owner.

Scott got his dope back and then began walking away from his peers and more towards the other side of the library.

"Hey Foxe, don't you start blowing that up in here!" Brick yelled from his seat; the last thing he wanted was to get into even more trouble, but Scott just ignored him as he kept on walking. Dawn stared at him as he walked. His aura was more calm than it had been since he'd gotten here and after their lunch break that's for sure…

Dawn shook her head at those thoughts, how could she still want to appease the guy after what he tried to do earlier, she blushed just thinking about it. Sure it was not even a minute ago but still.

Brick turned his head to Dawn, he could tell that she was thinking about the redhead, he had witnessed the whole thing with Scott trying to get in her pants, literally. It almost took all of his willpower to not get up and bop Foxe in the nose but he had no choice. He shook his head to Dawn, not wanting her to get anywhere near Scott for a while. Dawn nodded, sure she was confused about Scott for now but she trusted Brick more, much more.

"Meh, I got nothing to lose, one stick won't kill me." Jo said as she got up to follow Scott's direction.

"Ahem, yes it will."

"No it won't. I'm a woman, I can handle whatever's gonna happen after I'm done." Jo huffed, leaving an aggravated Brick behind.

Cameron watched Jo leave, tempted to follow her. He looked back to Brick and Dawn, seeing them shake their heads at him. He felt sweat; damn peer pressure. Nonetheless he got up and began to follow Jo. Not sure of what was exactly going to happen, but that's the fun isn't it?

Dawn and Brick turned to each other, dissatisfied. Completely dissatisfied. They both sighed and gave in, getting up to follow them not to join but just don't make sure no one does anything stupid.

Meanwhile Chris in the hallway made his way to the basement, blissfully ignorant of what the teenagers are up to in his library…

Cameron had began wearing Scott's sunglasses instead of his own, in attempt to amuse the others. He succeeded as Jo laughed at him, commenting on how stupid he looked and Scott was just as amused as Jo was as he chortled. Apparently all three of them had taken one smoke and Jo and Cameron started getting more carefree and Scott was already immune to the effects so he just laughed along with them.

"Guys, come on don't even try and smoke that shit." Brick said while Jo slowly cocked her head to see the cadet, "Oh come on Brick-for-Brains it's just one smoke, that's it."

He stared at her skeptical, "Okay, okay I'll make you a deal I smoked this one, now YOU have to smoke this one too." She said giving him the cigarette she was smoking, "I swear the two of us smoke this cigarette neither of us, will NEVER smoke again."

"You swear?"

"I swear."

"By the moon and the stars in the sky…" Cameron sung at Jo's last sentence which made them all laugh, even earning a chuckle from Brick.

"Fine…" He said making her smirk as he took her cigarette and for once in his life, took a smoke…

Dawn watched, she wasn't a smoker even though Scott acused her of such and also accused her of being a hippie as well. "Come on Moony why don't you take one? Don't you and your hippie buddies smoke together?"

"I'm NOT a hippie and I'm not the kind of person who cuts class with Duncan to smoke cannabis."

"What are you a stalker?"

"No, I know that's what you do."

"If you're stalking me you could just say so."

"Why would I want to stalk you?"

Scott raised an eyebrow, "Ok…that hurt."

Cameron started making impressions, such as of Chris and Chef which was extremely amusing to Dawn, Scott and Jo.

"Come on Brick-house I said one smoke, get out there." Jo yelled from behind the librarians office which was now extremely smokey. The door opened as the smoke faded and Brick walked out looking rather lax.

He inhaled another smoke "Time to do some drills!" He yelled and then began to run around the entire library, showing off his athleticism by doing a few cart-wheels, bouncing off the walls and jumping over the bookshelves, much to everyone's delight even Jo. Then he proceeded by taking off his jacket, then his sweatshirt to his athletic tank top. Jo raised an eyebrow, his upper body now clearly visible. He was definitely well-built and he didn't just perform all of that for no reason. "Damn… that boot camp sure did wonders."

He rubbed the sweat off of his forehead and turned to Jo "Like what you see?"

She scoffed, "I would if you weren't in front of me."

"That's just cold."

"And you're hot. See it's opposites, Brick-house." She said pointing at her and then him to emphasize, "Get that in your Brick-head."


He started to walk in the opposite of her direction until Jo unexpectedly slapped him on the butt; pleased as she smirked. He stopped in his path and blushed crimson red, did she really just do that? No way, that was definitely the marijuana's influence, definitely.

Chris still in the basement was looking through his student's personal files, he carried the one that said Mike Vargas.

"Hmm…Vargas…has had a history of slight mental disorder called multiple personality disorder..." He began to chortle.

"Wow, so this is why he's so fucked up."

Chef came in. "Hey Chris."

"Hey Chef." They greeted as they high-fived each other. "What are you doing playing around with the kid's confidential files?"

Chris smirked his self-acclaimed gorgeous smirk, "Well you know this Chef, the students would be…rather embarrassed if any of these ever got out… what do you say me and you keep this between us? And perhaps these little bits of 'info' just happened to get out just out of the blue?"

"That's so devilish. I like it." Chef said as he grinned evilly next to Chris, now they both began to chuckle. Those stupid kids won't know what hit them…

Back in the library:

Brick and Cameron are chatting and laughing about something that Jo didn't really pay attention just to the fact that apparently they had something to talk about and she wasn't a part of it. She didn't want to in fact she found it pointless, she didn't have much friends and she was ok with that, after all they'll just stand your way, right? Exactly. She thought so but still just what was so damn important about whatever it is people talk about behind your back?

"Ok dude have you got a middle name?"

"Well yeah but its kinda…"

Jo smirked and stepped into the conversation suddenly interested. "His middle name is Shirley cuz he's a girl."

Brick and Cameron turned to her, looking confused except for Cameron who looked both shocked and a little embarrassed.

"What's wrong toothpick? Daddy want a girl?"

"How did you know?"

"Just a wild guess, my dad wanted a girl but my mom calls me Jo."

"Also your birthday is on February 29th that's probably why you're such a shrimp. You're only at a 4'8 nothing weighing at 90 pounded nothing. You live on Maple street 12507 and your social security is 0-3-5-4-9-2-8-7-4"

Brick looked impressed, "Wow you know all of that? Are you a psychic like Dawn is or something?"


"Then how would you know all about me? Did Sierra tell you everything about me or something?"

"No I stole your wallet, easiest thing I've ever done in my life." She said grinning and holding it in her hand.

"G-Give it to me…" He said extending his hand out to retrieve it.


"Jo please give it to me."

"You want it come get it." She shrugged and held it up high, for once Cameron did try to stand up to her but intend she put her hand out over his head at arm's length since he was that shorter than her.

"Wow, this detention is fun." She said until she felt the wallet suddenly get snatched from her hand, she turned to see Brick with Cameron's wallet in his hand and a disapproving look on his face.

"Give me that." She said as she tried to grab it from him but he quickly took it back to keep her from snatching it again.

"No." He said as he raised his arm higher with the wallet in his hand since he was taller than Jo at a few more inches.

"What are you doing? Give me the wallet. Give me that goddamned wallet!" She said trying to reach up to his arm's length. He kept raising his arm higher to the point where she even jumped to try and grab it, he chuckled. It felt good to be the one teasing the teaser especially when it's someone like Jo.

Until he threw it back to Cameron. "Sorry ma'am."

She scoffed and punched him the shoulder "You ball-buster."

"Ow..." He said rubbing the shoulder she hit, she's punched him in the arm before and she's nudged him before but never this hard. Though she always hit him hard, in fact the bottom line: She hits him a lot.

Cameron glanced at his wallet to make sure that nothing was missing, "You didn't take anything did you?"

"Like there's anything to steal shrimp besides I wouldn't steal anything from you cuz I wouldn't even need it for anything."

It was silent for a minute until Brick broke the silence, "Jo, I've been meaning to ask you…what's your name?"

She perked up, looking at him incredulously "You're a moron cuz you just said my name, dumbass…"

"No not your nickname I mean your first name. You know my name."

"Why do you need to know my name Brick-house?"

"Because…well… we're rivals isn't it best that we know about each other."

Jo raised an eyebrow, "You know what Brick you're right. I'll tell you my name, it's Nunya."

"Nunya what?"

"Nunya business." She sneered at him and he sighed.

Meanwhile Scott was busy playing with some of Dawn's knick-knacks that was from her purse, which included a peace sign necklace, some applications for helping the environment, her Eco-friendly wallet and a little wooden fox and bunny. "You know I could whittle a better rabbit than these little things."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really, I'll show you with my…" He reached for his back-pocket for his lucky shark's tooth except it wasn't there. "Where is it?" He thought and then it all came back to him and saw the same chair he stuck it on except that it wasn't there where he definitely left it.

"Ok who took it? Who took my shark's tooth?"

"OW!" He yelled as the no-longer-missing sharks tooth hit him in the cheek. He turned to see Dawn looking the other way, trying to look innocent. Though she did a pretty good job at that 24/7.

"Did you take my shark's tooth?"

"…Nope…" She said breezily.

"Strange…cuz it just came out like that…out of the blue…right in my face…like someone definitely took it"

"Yes that is strange because I don't know who took it."

"No no I won't get mad. Did you take my sharks tooth?"

"Well you took it from that shark"

"So you admit you did take it."

"Never said that Scott."

"Well then you might as well just tell me the truth." He said standing over a head taller than her, "I mean come on Moony, do you really think you could outsmart me?"

They glared at each other for a minute, "I'm sorry Scott but I'd rather not answer your question."

He raised an eyebrow at her, "Oh you're pretty feisty for a such a passive goody-goody two shoes tree hugger."

"A-And…you're pretty crafty for someone who skips class and flunks his tests."

"Eheheheheh." He laughed mockingly at her snarky remark and couldn't think of another comeback so he got defensive, "How come you have all this shit in your purse?"

"I have all of this…shit in my purse because… well I guess I never really threw any of my stuff away…and besides all my things that you see in here…" She said grabbing one her necklaces, a peace sign necklace "I just never really know if I gonna need these or not, for special reasons like good luck."

Scott stared at her for a minute, " I don't throw away any of my stuff either."

"Oh…" She said, staring at him now.

P.S I can't believe it's been almost literally 2 whole months, I'm so sorry! P.S.S ONE OR TWO MORE CHAPTERS AND THIS ONE'S DONE! I'm sorry for that too… But...still await the last ones. P.S.S.S Drugs are SO bad do NOT take them or even attempt to try even if you might want to DO NOT TRY IT! Seriously don't.

P.S I can't believe it's been almost literally 2 whole months, I'm so sorry! P.S.S ONE MORE CHAPTER AND THIS ONE'S DONE! I'm sorry for that too… But...still await the last one. P.S.S.S Drugs are SO bad do NOT take them or even attempt to try even if you might want to DO NOT TRY IT! Seriously don't.