"The hunt isn't sustaining me. It's flowing blood that I really crave. The sweet taste of red succulent liquid mixing with the salt of my beloved as it drips and dances on his flesh. To know that someone will ache for me as much as I hunger for him and eternally satiate each other. I want someone to satisfy my hunger forever."

Ellen Schreiber, Vampireville

The hard balcony floor didn't seem quite so bad to Caroline Forbes as she slowly allowed herself to wake up the next morning. She had fallen asleep watching the shower of stars in her own vampires arms, and she would be lying if she tried to deny the fact that it had been the best night of her life. Niklaus held her until sleep couldn't be fought any longer- all the way until when she awoke once more. In fact, it was his own awakening that brought hers.

The man was obviously trying to move the young girl without disrupting her, but the second that his plan had backfired she made a point of gripping his stomach with even more vigor. "Where are you fleeing to?" She demanded through her sleepy haze.

There was only a few seconds pause before he spoke, "Breakfast." The one word answer had the girl sitting up in her seat as well, rubbing the sleep from her deep blue eyes. Niklaus never ate breakfast with her when she was a prisoner; truthfully, she could probably count the number of times that she's seen him eat actual food on one hand. Breakfast meant something else for the vampire, obviously.

Heat rose to the blondes cheeks as she recalled her blunt offer of blood the night prior. As true as the words had been, recalling the event in the harsh light of day brought back regret for her tactlessness. Niklaus hadn't waited for her to awaken, as he was already up and walking back into the depths of his own room. She was quick to jump on her feet and follow him- mostly because without his presence, the weather was too frigid to withstand. She remembered to take the blanket he had wrapped around her shoulders inside the house with her, firmly closing the adjacent doors behind her.

A sigh of disappointment made its way to the humans throat when she realized that the room she had retreated to was empty. Niklaus hadn't seemed opposed to her offer the night prior, so why would he leave without bringing the subject up once more? Glancing down, the girl realized that she was still wearing the gown from the night before as well. Sleeping in corsets wasn't the most comfortable, so she was quick to close the hallway door and untie the strands.

Truthfully, Caroline had never talked about the feeding part of the vampire phenomenon with any of her companions. She wasn't sure how long it took him to hunt his meals, or if he would even be interested in her offer of blood at all. Did they simply look at their food as just that: a meal? Did they have no desire to mix survival with pleasure? For some reason, the blonde had always imagined that the two would be linked. Perhaps Niklaus realized how inexperienced and awkward she was. Perhaps he simply didn't desire her.

After all, the man had been a perfect gentleman. She knew that she had requested it, but she hadn't caught a single stray glance.

Perhaps she simply didn't tempt him.

She continued to loosen the gown until she could successfully slip it down her hips and step out of the fabric. She draped the material over the back of a chair, as well as the slip that she pulled over her head. Perhaps she should have felt exposed by lounging around Niklaus' room in the nude, but the woman didn't consider the possibility that he would return quickly. When the vampires went on hunting trips, they would be gone for the upwards of two hours.

It wasn't until the blonde stripped did she realize that she wasn't certain where the man kept his clothing. Due to his lack of a dresser, she eventually made way to the door next to his bathroom. His closet was bigger than her hut, a fact that actually had her giggling to herself. The man was so vain, he owned almost as much clothing as his sister did! Elijah was a sharp dresser as well; she imagined that she would be appalled by his collected to boot.

After taking hold of an off-white shirt with enormously long sleeves and pulling it over her head, she found her curiosity taking hold of her. The man had stacks and stacks of books on the wooden floor of his closet; she could tell from the shape and size that they were likely sketchpads, as opposed to actual literature. The girl went to sit but found herself underestimating the distance to the floor; instead, she plopped ungracefully onto the hardwood. Groaning softly, she couldn't help but to rub her rear. The wood had collided with her tail bone at an excruciating angle.

Recovering quickly, she retrieved a random book from the pile. Caroline wasn't positive what she was expecting from the sketch book, but she didn't feel particularly surprised when she opened it to find portraits of naked women. They were beautifully done and very artistic, but the sights still made her heart clench. That must be why the man didn't seem particularly interested in her body or blood. How could he be, when he'd had so many girls more beautiful than her in the past?

Ignoring how much it hurt, she flipped page after page after page. "Caroline." As much as she hated it, the woman jumped at the random arrival of Niklaus. It felt like hours that she'd been torturing herself with the pictures, but she knew that it had been minutes at most. How had he hunted so quickly? She kept her back turned and her head down, staring at a particular girl who had been in several drawings. The American had never been to Europe, but she imagined the model to be French. Her dark hair and full lips represented everything the blonde was not. Experienced and sensual. "Are you upset?" The man asked in bewilderment, unsure how to take the beautiful woman crouched on the floor of his closet.

She had to shake her head to clear the thoughts of self doubt that plagued her. "Of course not, Nik, these are beautiful." She responded softly, placing the book back into the spot that she originally found it in. After standing, she felt fairly proud of herself for choosing a shirt long enough to engulf her almost completely. The hem ended about mid-knee, almost passing off as a night gown of her own. Given her new found self-consciousness, anything shorter may have given the girl cause for concern. She turned to face him stiffly, pressing a chaste kiss on his lips as a greeting before going to move past him.

The man had her wrist in his hand in an instant and when she looked up from the sudden movement, she was surprised to see him in front of her. He was close enough that their noses might touch, if either wanted them to. Instead, he simply maintained eye contact. "We've made it habit to speak truthfully to one another, sweetheart. Why break tradition now?"

The human eyed the gold platter that was set delicately on the edge of his bed, an assortment of meat and fruits. "Breakfast as in breakfast for me?" She asked, unable to stop the surprise in her voice from creeping up. Niklaus was possibly the most selfish man that she'd ever met, and the idea of him wanting her to eat before him touched her... more than necessary, probably. His first thought that morning hadn't been for himself, but her.

She heard him sigh as he released her wrist from his hold and couldn't help but to smile over his patience for the human. "Yes, well. Word around the street is that you mortals need it to survive. I imagine it would also help you nurse yourself back to health." It took the blonde a few seconds to realize why she would be ill in the first place: consuming alcohol last night. Now that he mentioned it, her stomach did feel queasy, although she was easily able to ignore the frustrating sensation before.

Caroline climbed into his massive bed once more, her legs slipping merrily into the cool cloth of his sheets. It wasn't until she pulled the platter onto her lap and picked up a piece of steak to eat did she dare look at Niklaus once again. It was a sight that made her heart ache, to be quite honest. He was so handsome that it should be illegal and he was looking at her in a peculiar manner. The very look that he always reserved for her, as if he was trying to memorize every detail before she vanished.

He hadn't moved an inch since she dodged his question, and the woman knew that he wouldn't ask again. He expected her to be as honest with him as he had been since her stabbing. She could understand that, but that didn't mean that sharing her insecurities were any easier. "I would prefer not to talk about it at the moment, but I'm not upset with you. I really appreciate the gesture that you made with breakfast." She spoke with warmth in her voice at last, knowing that he would not bulge until she said something to convince him.

After a few moments of brooding, the man joined her in bed. "I must admit that my reasoning for breakfast in bed wasn't completely selfless." He spoke soon after, the familiar look of jovial mischief on his face. Caroline wasn't convinced that Klaus could be truly happy unless he was doing something mischievous in one way or another.

Her head tilted and her eyes peeking up from her plate, the girl popped a grape in her mouth before speaking. "You've caught my attention." Her voice, she knew, urged him to go on.

Niklaus shrugged nonchalantly, "I was simply hoping to eat after you've finished." She could see the insecurity behind the statement, that it was actually more of a question than a statement. It only occurred to her then that he might have thought that she had forgotten her proposal. It was likely that he was afraid that she'd react negatively.

A smile made its way onto her face, "Alright."

As she finished consuming the food that he had laid out for her, she couldn't help but to let her thoughts wander. When the idea of Niklaus feeding on her was simply that, an idea, it didn't seem like a bad one. However, knowing that it would happen at any moment made her stomach flutter and her hands to moisten. What if it hurts? She asked that question aloud, knowing that he would have some way to reassure her. The man was very good at doing just that.

Her hybrid took his time to mull the question over, "Pain and pleasure are so closely linked that you may enjoy it." He spoke, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "However, if you're nervous, I could try to compel the pain away."

They both knew that compulsions were iffy on the woman, but perhaps if she wanted to follow the order, it would work. A delicate hand over her heart, the girl simply had to ask. "Can you hear how quickly my heart is beating? It's as if it's working extra hard just for you."

Niklaus shook his head in bewilderment once more. "Caroline Forbes, you utter the most enchanting phrases."

Moving the tray aside, Caroline straightened her back and cleared her throat. "Will you compel me?"

The man moved toward her on the bed so that his legs were straddling her own from above the duvet. After contemplating their positions for a moment, he gently took hold of her waist and rolled so that she was atop him instead. Doing so, due to her being under the bedding, tangled the two in his sheets. Neither particularly minded as he stared deeply into her eyes, "This will not hurt a bit." She repeated the phrase in her mind, attempting to reinforce it as opposed to fighti it.

They simply stared at each other for a very long time until she finally broke the silence. "I'm ready." She peeped, her voice shaking just enough for her to be sure that he noticed. Much to her dismay, the man didn't follow her command. He continued to stare at her instead, relishing in her beauty as she gazed down upon him.

Klaus took hold of her left arm, previously resting near his abdomen, and placed a gentle kiss on her wrist. The motion caused her to flinch and it wasn't until she recognized the familiar mischievous expression that she realized just how much he enjoyed this. Her racing heart, her heating core. His ability to make her feel feminine and sensual was quite remarkable, especially considering the fact that she had never been either of those things in her life.

In a flash, the two were flipped once more. This time the vampire properly fixed the bedding issue, pulling the woman under the covers with him. He was atop her once more, her arms pinned over her head with one of his own. Warm breath tickled her neck, teasing her with his flirtatious actions. Somehow, as if it was even possible, her breathing got heavier. His gentle caress began at her cheek and slowly dragged its way down her body, causing goosebumps to raise over her skin at his soft touch.

After his large shirt became a hindrance, the man took the liberty of freeing her hands from his tight grip. "Remove my shirt, love." He sat and watched as she wordlessly followed his lead, stripping his shirt from her body and relishing in how hungry his eyes looked. There was no way that he didn't mix survival with pleasure, the girl decided at last.

She leaned back into his comfortable pillows, this time throwing her arms above her head and holding them there on her own free will. Niklaus was looked down at her with a pleased expression, and it wasn't long before the man leaned forward to capture her lips with his own. Caroline had been caught off guard, her mouth open just slightly enough for the sneaky bastard to gain access. The two began a battle of dominance with their tongues, each relishing in the sensation.

The blonde had certainly never felt so strongly from a kiss before, as she was soon moaning into it. She was both shocked and aroused at the feeling of Niklaus growing hard against her leg. The man shamelessly grinned as she paused their kiss due to surprise, relishing in her innocence. As he leaned back once more, the man decided to relish in the sight before him, as well.

Her perfectly taunt breasts looked beautiful as she laid sprawled out before him; Caroline in general looked beautiful naked. After telling her so and pressing light kisses down her collar, the vampire took her left nipple into his mouth, his nimble fingers tweaking her right skillfully. The light biting reminded the human of the real objective, but only enough to arouse her all the more. Would he break skin on her breast? Surely the blood flow would be poor, but her fear of pain nearly evaporated due to the intense pleasure.

No one had ever touched her like this, and the fact that Niklaus was the first made the whole thing more explosive. It was as if he was awakening something inside her that she had never realized was there. A vixen and a temptress, just like those women he had drawn in the past. She was too far gone to care that she was comparing herself to his past lovers. Soon, the man broke from his suckling. Lightly, he blew on the newly moist nipples.

Through lidded eyes, she watched in amazement as her brown specks grew even harder before him. "So responsive." The man breathed out, his voice barely above a whisper, as if in a trance. "Tell me Caroline, has any one touched you before?" He spoke the sentence sinfully, and she knew without asking to which body part he was referring. Unable to catch her breath, the woman shook her head instead. The same smirk as always appeared, "Well, I shan't break the record." He replied, taking hold of each of her knees and holding them up. The man aligned his clothed dick against her own clothed genitals, letting the friction work it's magic as he finished the sentence shallowly in her ear, "yet."

The thin cloth of their underwear molded to their bodies, desperately attempting to become one even with obstacles in the way. The pressure against her clit felt amazing, and Caroline let out a long moan of pleasure as Niklaus finally bit into her carotid artery. The sensation was different than she imagined; while she had thought that it would feel like he was sucking the life from her, it was actually quite the opposite. The young woman wasn't sure the last time that she'd felt quite so alive.

Pulling back rather abruptly after several minutes, the vampire looked deeply into his companions blue eyes. "Why were you upset earlier?" He demanded. In fact, he more than demanded, he compelled her.

The hazed woman didn't think before answering, as she'd just had the most sexual experience of her entire life. "Those beautiful women. How could I compare?" She spoke simply, before her eyes widened significantly and a hand flung to her mouth. A sharp glare made its way to her face, "That wasn't fair."

Caroline wished that it bothered her that she was still trapped in his embrace, his hands holding her legs at a ridiculous angle and his hard cock throbbing just as painfully as her own parts were. The vampire tsk'd at the teenager as he leaned down to lick up the excess blood that was oozing from her neck, grinning to himself as he elicited another moan from his partner. "What isn't fair is the fact that you truly believe that, sweetheart."

When the man leaned back, separating the two completely this time, he looked deeply into her eyes once more. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld." To signal the end of their conversation, he took a bite of his own wrist and offered it to the woman. She drank until she could feel herself healing, and then broke off with a foul face. Blood definitely wasn't as much of an aphrodisiac for her as it was for the undead.

After quickly throwing his shirt on once more, she couldn't help but to smile fondly. "How often do you feed again?" She inquired as she wiped the excess blood from her neck. "I could definitely grow accustomed to that."

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