America packed up his bag. He was finally going to leave this hellhole tomorrow, and he couldn't wait! Finally he would be free of China and his never-ending demands, free of having to wear a silk outfit (even though it was comfy, he preferred his own clothes), free of being called—


America groaned inwardly and turned stiffly to China entering his room. "Yes, 伟大的王?"

"I have decided to let you off a day early-aru."

America stared. Shook his head. Stuck a finger in his ear and twisted.


"You may go home today if you wish-aru. I've had my fun, and you've done more than your share of work."

America's face broke into a wide smile. "Awesome! Thanks, China!"

"Just kidding-aru."


"No, that one was the joke-aru. I am serious when I say that you may go home today-aru."

America hesitated this time before confirming that China was indeed serious. He took off his silk outfit, tossed it on the bed, and danced around the room.

"Put some clothes on-aru!"

Finally back at his home, his country, America flopped onto his bed wearing a pair of sweatpants, a sweater, and comfy socks. A cup of hot chocolate sat on his dresser, the whipped cream slowly melting into the warm liquid. He opened his eyes and started to get up to reach for the delicious drink, but they closed and he slept instead.

When he awoke, he blinked and straightened his glasses, having accidentally fallen asleep with them on. He drank his hot chocolate, though it was merely lukewarm by this time.

The phone rang. He shuffled across the room and picked it up. "Yeah?"

"Is that how you answer the phone, you git?"

"Yeah. Iggy?"

"Hello, America. I just wanted to check to see if you were back by now."

"Yeah, I am."

"Don't worry; I've already deduced that from the fact that you answered the phone."

"'k, was that all?"

"No; I also wondered whether . . . well, seeing as how you also owe me money, if you were interested in signing—"


"—and I believe that you also owe some money to Italy, as well as Japan—"


"—so that means you're absolutely sure?"



America quickly hung up the phone.


I do apologize for the crappy finish.

Anyway, story's done. I didn't originally intend for it to be this short. In fact, when I first had the idea, I thought that I would have a chapter for each day. But seeing as I ran out of ideas, this proved to be too difficult, so it was cut down. However, I meant to extend it another chapter after this, so I'm sorry.

In conclusion, thank you all for your support, minna-sama~!