Chapter 1- Shot For Me

Logan Farmer found herself in the principal's office quite often lately. It was only the second week of school and it was her third trip. The only reason why she was there was because she got into an argument with her English teacher who liked to be a bitch to her. She was starting her senior year at a new school, a public school since she and her mother moved back to Los Angeles. Rachel had called off her engagement to the owner of one of the world's biggest winery. It was too late for Logan to register again for private school so she settled for public.

The principal was a strict bitch who looked at Logan and only saw a snobbish rich kid. Having Rachel Marron for a mother didn't exactly help either, but Logan was proud of who she was and where she came from.

"Ms. Farmer you can go in now" the secretary said to her. Logan went in and sat down

"I understand you had an altercation with a teacher" the principal said

"Yes I did"

"Can you tell me what happened?" the principal asked and Logan went on to tell her the story

"Ms. Farmer you realize this is your third time being in my office"

"I didn't ask to come here"

"No need to be smart about it Ms. Farmer, how long do you plan on being at this school"

"Well with the way things are going I don't think it will be much longer"

"We have parent- teacher night this Friday and I am sure your parent's would love to come."

"I think they have better things to do Mrs. Ashmore"

"I want to schedule a parent teacher meeting that night also with them. Here take this home and give it to them. And the next time I see you back in here it better only be for that. Go back to class" She gave Logan the note and excused her.

Logan went down the hall to her locker and got her books for the next class. She was already kicked out of the previous so she might as well wait for the next. This was her last class and then afterwards she could go home. She waited by her locker until the bell rung and then she went off to advanced chemistry.

As she sat there tuning the teacher out she thought about everything that was going on in her life. She hated this school, she really didn't care to have any friends or much of a social life. She and her mother were close again, thanks to her would have been step father. He turned out to be a jack ass and Logan was glad he was exposed before Rachel made a huge mistake. The biggest mistake her mother ever made was not marrying her father.

Frank was running through the park doing his afternoon run a little early. He stopped and sat on a bench to take a rest and not long after a female jogger came and sit by him.

"Hello" she said

"Hello" he repeated back

"How is your run going?"

"I'm getting there"

"You come here often?" she asked

"I just started again, but most of the time I jog in the evening"

"Well it's a little too early for you isn't it" she joked

"Well I have the rest of the day off but I'm going to be busy later on. So I wanted to get it done now"

"I'm Ava" she said extending her hand out to him

"Frank nice to meet you"

Rachel was in her office on the phone talking with Bill. Bill was away on vacation, but Rachel wanted to talk about business.

"Why do you want to retire Bill?"

"Rachel we can talk about this when I get back you know that right"

"But it's been bugging me ever since you told me three days ago"

"I know but I am on vacation Rachel"

"Just tell me now and I won't bother you again until you get back"

"Well I've been in the business for three decades, I'm getting old, and my favorite client just got off her farewell tour. So she is going to be retiring soon too"

"Yeah but you and I still have a business to run, were a team"

"What business are we going to run Rachel?"

"Our record label"

"Rachel are you serious?"

"Yes I am serious, we already have the talent and my record company is looking to sell and I want to buy!"

"It's not like it used to be Rachel, it's risky "

"It's always been a risky business. We both know what we would be doing, we know the business!"

"Can we talk about this when I get back" Bill asked as Rachel heard a car door slam and seen out the window that her daughter was home.

"Yeah I have to go anyway Logan is back"

"Alright, tell her, her godfather loves her"

"I will bye bye" Rachel hung up the phone and left the room to go greet her child.

Logan walked in glad to be home but fretting to tell her mother about the note

"Hey baby"

"Hey mom" Logan went to her mother and gave her a hug

"How was your day?"


"Did you learn anything?"

"Trigonometry wanna learn?"

"Not really haven't studied that since my days of high school"

"Which was like what the late 70s?"

"What are you trying to say your mother is old?"

"Come on mom you know I'd never say it to your face" she smiled

"You better be nice"

"I am being nice" she said still holding her mother "And how was your day?"

Rachel let her go and led her to the kitchen

"It was ok, I had a couple of things to do business wise and then I went shopping"

"Bought me something?" Logan asked putting down her backpack and taking a seat at the bar

"The bags are upstairs in your room"

'Thanks mom! So wanna come have lunch with me? I'm buying"

"Really" Rachel was skeptic and surprised

"Yeah we've been busy since we moved back and haven't really had any time to spend together. I miss our mother and daughter bonding time"

"I miss it too sweetheart. I know these last few months haven't been easy for you or me, but I promise to make it up to you"

"You don't have to make anything up to me mom, as long as were on the same page we have no problems."

Logan was referring to the fights she and Rachel had had while living in Napa. Logan was going through a rebellious stage and was defying Rachel to the fullest. She hated Rachel's ex fiancé and made it very well known. Now she regretted what she did and was trying to make it up to her mother herself.

Logan changed clothes and she and Rachel left to go eat lunch and see a movie.

The two ladies were seated at the restaurant waiting for their food to arrive. Logan thought it would be a good time to bring up the principal's note.

"There is parent- teacher night this Friday at school"


"Yeah you and dad can come and meet my boring ass teachers…

"Watch your mouth" Rachel told her

"And see the work I have done so far, sorry"

"Well I can't wait and you can tell your dad tonight when he comes over for dinner"

"And you and dad have a meeting with my principal and English teacher too"

"What? Why?"

"I got into it with my teacher today and she sent me to the office for the third time"

"The third time, but school just started. Logan Marron Farmer!" Rachel said getting upset with her child

"You know how I am with authority figures"

"Well your going to really have it tough in the real world. What happened?"

"We had a disagreement like always"

"Like always? Your supposed to do what your teacher tells you to do, I don't care how wrong she is she is the teacher. Have some respect"

"I would show some respect if they didn't act like idiots"

"Logan I want you to apologize to your teacher tomorrow when you get to class"

"But Mom"

"No buts, and I will find out if you did it or not"

Rachel always got the final word and Logan had to respect that, no matter how much she hated it. There food eventually arrived and they moved onto other subjects.

"So dad's coming to dinner tonight?" Logan asked

"Yeah he just got back from New York today and he called and said he wanted to hang out"

"Hang out huh" Logan smirked

"Yeah… what?"


"Yeah you want to say something"

"No I don't, I will keep my comments to myself"

"Say what you need to say"

"You and dad have been in contact a lot lately"


"And I'm just wondering what's going on"

"Nothing is going on, we are still really close friends"

"Who used to be lovers and have a child together"

"I still love him, he is the father of my two children. But there is nothing else there between us"

"Then why haven't you two found love yet?"

"Because I am not looking, I don't know what his excuse is"

"Why did you almost get married?"

"Because at the time I was looking for someone to finally settle with, and that didn't work out like I planned."

"Cause your still love sick over dad"

"I am not, and your father sure isn't either"

"How do you know?"

"If we still had a thing for each other don't you think we would have done something about it a long time ago?"

"I guess your right"

"I am always right! Can we talk about something else?"

"What do you want to talk about?"

"How is your love life going?"

"I don't have one"

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want one, I don't have time for BS! Why should I have to worry about if him dating and some other girl on the side. All they like to do is play games and try to get into my pants. "

"Frank and I raised a smart girl, I am so proud of you honey!" Rachel said holding her daughter's hand

"It's the truth, just the other day two girls were fighting over a boy who wasn't even worth it. He wasn't cute or anything but there they were beating each other up over him. That's insane!"

"What if you were in that situation and you really cared about him, would you fight?"

"Hell no! If your going to cheat might as well free yourself because I don't want you"

"That's my girl!"

"I'm your only girl"

"And my best friend."

"I'm your best friend?"

"Yeah who else can I trust in this world besides you and your brother."

"You trust dad too right? After all he did save your life" Logan told her mother, which Rachel had to then rephrase her answer

"You three are the only ones in this world that I love and trust, and the only family I have!"

Frank stopped in front the gates of Rachel's home and used the code to enter. He and his girls were going shopping together to pick up the food that was needed to cook. He drove down the long driveway and parked next to Rachel's car and got down. He hoped that they would be ready to go since they always like to take forever getting dressed to go out in public. He thought they didn't need to do anything because they were already beautiful just the way they are.

He walked into an empty corridor

"Guys I'm here"

"We'll be down in a second Frank" Rachel said from upstairs

Frank sighed, he would be waiting for a while so he went into the living room and flicked on the tv

Back upstairs Rachel was trying to finish getting ready but Logan kept bothering her

"Come on mom wear something sexy for dad!"

"I am not dressing sexy for your father and what is wrong with what I have on?"

"Nothing your always stylish, but this is dad mom! Jeans, a black undershirt underneath, and a white blouse just won't work!"

"Logan get it through your teenage little head, I am not after your father. And I am certainly not trying to impress him"

"Fine! Fine… I wonder what he is wearing" She said getting off the bed and going to meet him

"That child I tell you"

"Hey dad!" Logan said coming into the room and Frank stood up for a hug

"Hi honey!"

"I missed you"

"I missed you too, how is my princess?"

"I'm great, and how was New York?"

"It would have been better if you had come like the last time"

"I know, school gets in the way of everything"

"How was school today? Still adjusting to the new atmosphere?"

"It's like any of the other schools I attended, except less strict and more action… and people" Logan looked her father up and down. He was looking very handsome, turns out her parents would be wearing something very similar.

"What's wrong you keep looking at me funny?" he asked

"Nothing dad, you look great! Been working out?"

"Yeah trying to lose this little cute I've developed with old age"

"Dad your not old"

"I'm 55"

"That's not old your still middle age"

"Wasn't it a couple of weeks ago you were telling me that I was too old to understand your generation's choice of music?"

"I was just saying that because you wouldn't let me go to that Little Wayne concert"

"And I still don't understand how you all can listen to that crap"

"It's not crap dad, it's quality music, sometimes"

"Yeah ok"

Just then Rachel came downstairs ready to go

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting" She said going over to Frank and hugged him

"It's no problem I'm used to it"

"Alright then let's go Logan said to them grabbing her dad's keys from him."

"Wait your driving?" asked Frank

"Yeah dad come on"

They left the house and Logan got into Frank's 2011 Chevy Silverado. Rachel and Frank tried to decide who would sit in the passenger seat.

"I'll get into the back, you sit in the front Rachel"

"No I'm fine with sitting in the back"

"No you can sit in the front, I get paranoid with Logan behind the wheel anyway!"

"Dad I don't drive bad"

"So you think"

They got into the truck and headed for the store, but before leaving Logan pulled out her ipod and connected it to the truck's system.

"What is she doing?" he asked Rachel

"I don't know" Rachel said back

Logan scrolled down to her rap play list and turned up the volume. All of a sudden they heard the bass line go boom and Frank and Rachel immediately covered their ears. Logan hurried up and turned the volume down after getting looks from her parents.

"Sorry" she apologized