Off On Your Own (Girl), So We Can Be Alone

Frank and Rachel found themselves in Logan's advanced chemistry class as the teacher was saying a few words. They were in the very back of the room so that Rachel wouldn't really get noticed, and so Frank could have a little fun with her.

Logan was standing in front of her parents so she couldn't see what her father was trying to do. Rachel was trying to listen to what was being said but couldn't, so she leaned over to Frank to have a few words with him.

"If you don't get your hand from back there I will cut you off from sex for a month" she said and Frank immediately retracted his hand off her butt.

"I hate when you make threats like that!" he whispered

"You force me to"

"Shh" a parent next to them said and Rachel was ready to shhh them back but she kept her cool

The teacher kept talking and it was getting more boring by the minute so Frank started whispering in Rachel's ear again

"You know we can sneak out of here and go find ourselves a broom closet"

Rachel elbowed him in the ribs and he let out a low scow, then he whispered in her ear again

"Your ass is mine later tonight!"

Rachel, Frank, and Logan decided to leave earlier than expected, matter of fact some parents were still getting there while they were talking in the parking lot. Earlier when the three walked in they were immediately met with Logan's principal who was already waiting on them. Rachel and Frank got most of the heat, but in the end everyone agreed to just disagree.

"I told you this would be a waste of time" Logan said to her parents

"It wasn't a total waste of time" Rachel said

"Is there anybody at this school you could hang out with?" her father asked


"Well can you find you some friends?" he asked again

"Frank" Rachel sighed "Honey don't you think this school year would go smoother if you got involved with some activities or interacted with people?"

"Yeah but I don't want to do that" Logan said as they got to Rachel's vehicle

"But why not?" Frank begged

"Frank!" Rachel told him

"I just don't feel like making people like me here" Logan said

"Alright so what are you doing tonight?" Frank asked his daughter

"I'm actually hooking up with some of my old friends from my other school" she said grabbing her bag out of the SUV.

"Really? That's good, so your not a total outcast" said Frank

"Just at this dumb school" Logan referred

"Where are you guys going to be?" Rachel asked hearing the first of this

"Remember Sasha from the basket ball team?" Logan said

"Yeah I think so" said Rachel

"Well her dad just finished their in home movie theater, talk about nice! Were gonna spend the night there watching movies and catching up, you know. Matter of fact that is her coming to pick me up now" Logan gestured as she seen her friend's car pulling into the parking lot

"I've gotta go" she hugged both her parents "Thanks for not embarrassing me tonight, even though I could careless about those people"

"When have we ever embarrassed you?" Rachel asked

"Remember my eighth grade social?"

"All we did was dance" Frank told her

"Yes along with a few other parents to some cheesy 80s music"

"Everyone had fun that night honey" said Rachel

"Only because my parents were doing the most! Look I'm going now bye" Logan went off to meet her friend

Frank turned to Rachel

"Well what are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know now, I was planning on having dinner with Logan so we could talk, get our issues out on the table. But I guess that will have to wait, what are you going to do?" she asked

"I'm hoping you and I could hang out tonight since we don't have anything else to do"

"Well what do you suggest we do?"

"Well we can rent a movie from redbox, drink wine, make love" he smiled

"That last part sounds nice, but I think we should sort of take it slow from now on"

"What? Take it slow why?"

"I'm just saying you and I have been sneaking around a lot, what if the tabloids catch onto us? Or Logan what if she suspects something, remember the last time we almost got caught. You do like to get touchy feely with me in public."

"So you feel uncomfortable when I do that?"

"No, Hell No! I'm just saying that you shouldn't try to do it in public. There is always someone who might be watching"

"Ok so I won't try to cop a feel from you outside of closed doors, gotcha!"

"Thank you baby. So I'll meet you at your house?" Rachel said

"Actually how about I come over to your house and spend the night there. Logan will be gone until tomorrow probably around noon so we won't have to worry about getting caught"

"Frank I don't know"

"Rachel come on! Who is going to know?"

"You know me I worry a lot these days"

"Well stop worrying so much, I'll leave before eleven tomorrow morning, promise"

After a few moments more they leave the parking lot and head to Frank's place so he can pick up a few clothing. He leaves his car home and they drive to Rachel's in her Range Rover. Mean while across town Logan is getting ready to go to a party with her old friends.

"I thought we were going to have a girls night at home"

"We lied" Sasha said

"So where are you guys taking me?" she asked

"There is a party in The Valley, lot's of people and boys" one of her other friends answered her

"Sounds fun" Logan said

"It will be trust me, hopefully you'll meet someone and start dating again"

"I don't want to "date" again, not after what Sean put me through"

"Logan that was a year ago now, time to move on"

"I know but I don't know if I am ready yet"

"Well after tonight you'll be ready" Sasha told her

Way later that night Rachel and Frank were cuddled up together on the couch watching and discussing the movie "Salt"

"I should have been in a movie where I could play a spy" said Rachel

"You a spy?" Frank laughed

"Yeah a spy and what is funny about that?"


"And I would have been a good spy right Frank?"

"A great spy baby!"

"That's what I thought"

"How about we cut this movie short and go play agent 00 in the bed room"

"So you can play James Bond?"

"No you can be the female Bond and I'll be the handsome bombshell!"

"You want to start role playing now huh"

"Yeah let's spice up our sex life, just promise me you'll bite more! I love when you bite my shoulder" he winked right before turning off the movie and whisking her up to the bed room.

At the party Logan's friends were watching her have a conversation with one of the many college boys in attendance.

"Is that your friends over there?" the boy asked her

"Yeah they are, their the ones who brought me here. They think I need to get reacquainted with the world"

"Well I'm glad they did, I could have missed out on the best thing here"

"Your just saying that"

"No I'm not, look around do you see any other girls here who look beautiful like you? Look how must of them are dressed, and coming on to all of the guys. But you your not like them at all, I wish I would have chosen your campus!"

"I wish you would have too" she smiled

Before Logan left with her friends she and the guy she was talking to exchanged numbers, and agreed she agreed to a date with him. Things were starting to look up for her and maybe it is a good idea for her to try dating older guys.

The next morning Rachel woke up before Frank and decided to fix breakfast for them both. She decided to let him get some much needed sleep after sexing her all night, and he deserved it! She made eggs, bacon, sausage, blueberry pancakes which was their daughter's favorite, and even coffee. While scrambling the eggs though she received a phone call from her eldest child.


"Morning mom"

"Fletcher baby" she excitingly said

"How are you doing this Sunday morning?"

"I'm great actually couldn't be more better, how are you?"

"I'm doing great but I miss you guys so much"

"We miss you too sweetheart"

"How is Logan?"

"She's doing great too, a handful as you know, but she is good"

"Are you two getting along better?"

"We have our days but most of the time we are"

"And how has Frank been?"

"I haven't really seen much of him often but from what Logan tells me he is doing good"

"Mom stop lying"

"Lying about what honey?"

"You don't see him more now that your back in town"

"Not really son we are both very busy"

"So you mean to tell me that your not in close contact with the love of your life?"

"Why should I be?"

"Uh because your still in love with him and he is still in love with you! Your both not dating anyone so why not date each other"

"Whatever you think son"

"It's the truth"

"Okay well when are you going to come home and see us?"

"As soon as I can, I'll try to come around the end of October"

"Are you bringing someone special?"

"I might"

"What's her name?"

"Jill mom"

"Jill what?"

"Mom come on?"

"I just want to do a background search"

"Your not going to do any of that, but you will know more about her when you meet her"

"Alright baby I guess, you know momma has your back right"

"I've always known that, now I've to go I'm arriving to the hospital right now"

"I love you son keep making me proud"

"I love you too mom"

They hung up with each other and Rachel finished the eggs and put them on a plate. Sometime later after brushing her teeth and getting dressed she went back upstairs to wake Frank.

"Frank baby time to get up"

"I don't want to get up" he mumbled still asleep

"I made breakfast"

"I just want to lay with you all day" he reached out and pulled her on top of him

"Oh you want some more this morning, after last night!"


"Really though sweetie I have breakfast waiting for us and it's almost nine thirty so if were going to eat together we need to do it now"

"Alright I'm getting up"

Rachel got off of Frank so he could get up and go take a quick shower and get dressed. Afterwards they both enjoyed their breakfast together.

"Fletcher called me about forty five minutes ago"

"Really how is he?"

"He is doing great, we might get to meet a special someone next month."

"We will huh! Do we have a name?"


"Well I can't wait to meet this Jill. So what else did he have to say?"

"He was just calling to check on us and he knows that we are still in love"

"Anyone can see that"

"I know but I just told him that you and I are not really in touch like we should be, so stick with that story"

"I will for right now. How much longer do we have to hide our relationship anyway?"

"Just a couple more months and then we are home free, shoots we might get married!"


"I'm kidding, we would wait of course. I wish I would have married you when I had the chance. With you being down on one knee after finding out that I was pregnant with your child, I shouldn't have had to make a choice. I should have knew then and there that you were the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Now that I am older and wiser I know now that I was an idiot back then for letting you slip away. I'm glad you stayed in my life and not just for me but our children.

"Rachel I could have never imagine leaving you three behind. Not after everything we've been through, I love you and our children. I understood why you didn't think it would be a good idea for us to be together, our lives were different back then. But now after so many years we are still in love and we still want each other. I'm just grateful that you didn't meet another fella and fell in love with him."

"Trust me that wouldn't have been possible because no one ever compared to you"

That made the smile on Frank's face grow big and Rachel leaned over to him for a deep kiss.

"I love you so much Rachel, you just don't know" he said leaning his forehead on hers

"I love you too Frank more than you'll ever know" she said back and they kissed again

Outside the gates of the mansion Logan was sitting inside Sasha's car talking with her.

"Are you going to call him or will he call you?"

"He'll probably call first"

"I say you call him first, keep him interested"

"Trust me he is interested enough"

"He better be, you stayed talking to him all night"

"Because we were having a great conversations!"

"How old is he again?"

"He is a senior at USC, I told him I am in my sophomore year at UCLA."

"Sounds good, maybe he has a friend, so I can get hooked up"

"I'll see, thanks for taking me out for a change. I've been so miserable for the last year or so, I just didn't think I could ever enjoy the things I used to again"

"And the things you don't want to do again like drinking"

"Yeah drinking, not after that accident that almost happened. I still haven't worked up the courage to tell my parents what was going on in my life at that time. I don't think I'll ever tell them, they might never forgive me"

"Please your parents, the sweetest most understanding people I've ever known"

"Would you tell your parents that you had a drinking problem and was almost in a bad car accident that could have cost your life?"

"Yeah that's a tough one"

"Well I better get going I'm starving, thanks again Sasha"

"Your welcome, anything for my best friend"

Logan got out of the car and let herself in through the gates. When she reached the house she went inside and placed her bag by the door. Frank and Rachel were still eating when Logan was approaching the kitchen.

"Umm, mom I can smell that delicious food all the way by the front door!" Logan said taking in the wonderful smells of breakfast. Frank and Rachel immediately turned to each other like what the hell is she doing back so soon. Then focused their attention on their daughter walking through the kitchen.

"Hey" she said looking at them both surprised that her father is there too

"Hi honey" Rachel said

"Hey hon!" Frank repeated

"What are you doing here dad?"