Hi guys. I know its been like half a year since I updated. And I thought I'd have time in the summer, but I was completely unproductive. I spent my summer doing kumon, daydreaming, and watching Doctor Who. And Austin and Ally isn't as great anymore. I mean, in my opinion, it's just a bunch of episodes, not a story. I still love it, but I'm switching to Doctor Who. And I'm deleting this story. Here's the reason why. WARNING: THIS IS SENTIMENTAL

I have no inspiration anymore. Remember my very first chapter? All the characters are based on real people. Well I had a huge crush on Leon, and Reyna and Jay were my friends. I still wish they were my friends. We were friends, and then we silently drifted apart. There was drama and hatred that I wasn't even aware of for years. The Carriers was my 11 year old self's way to vent my anger and frustration and wishes. It was my way of bringing my little kid world back together. I wanted to become an author so I could tell the world of my somewhat stupid life. But then I moved. And things changed without me, and new things shoved their way into my life.

I went to a new school, and it changed me. I made new friends with the tiny class. Now i want to tell the world about my new home. I fell in love with that small school. After only a year, they are my new writing subject and not the friends I left behind.

To my old friends, I still want to be friends, and I still dream of you, but i've moved on.

To my new friends, Thank you, and get ready to see yourselves in my stories.

To fanfiction friends: Thanks for sticking with me

To haters: Get lost

I will not be giving this story to anybody, because of the emotional value, but I may be writing a continuation of this and it will include the people Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez played the part of. and i will introduce you to my new friends.

I will actually be deleting all my stories except for the Half-Doctor and Stab.