Author's Notations:Well, it might not be as crazy as it used to be, but this is only the first chapter. Awaiting the next is you challenge my friends.

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Having been almost a hundred years since I had come here, everything seemed just as normal as ever. The birds sang in the trees outside, a lone owl flew in and landed on one of the many perches that sill lined the interior of the house, I watched as many different animals scurried over to eat the food from the bowls I had put them in before.

I let out a sigh of content as I laid on my couch reading my book. Only for a knock on the door to rip me away from the epic I was reading.

Letting out a groan, I replaced the bookmark before placing the book on the small table next to the couch and started for the door.

Another knock echoed from it's old hinges making me become irate and open it with magic. "Yes?" I asked, voice cracking from disuse as the animals he begun to understand me without talking.

"Princess Celestia wishes to see you" The guard at the door said, handing me a small letter before turning around and heading for a carriage.

"I see" Escaped from my mouth. I opened the small envelope and looked over the contents only finding out that it was a normal routine check that she had asked for me to do every few years. "Mind if I pay a visit to someone first?" I asked, realizing that the normal form of talking still hadn't gotten to me yet.

The guard rolled his eyes but nodded, "Please make it quick" he said.

"No worries, it should be" I said walking out of the old cottage closing the door behind me with magic. Spreading out my wings I took off slowly allowing the guards in the cart to do the same before speeding off towards my destination.

I heard a few calls from some ponies down below, but I payed them no heed as the cemetery came into view.

A loud groan was heard from the carriage as I landed and they behind me, but ignored them again. 'Always so impatient' I thought walking past the gates.

I was wondering if you noticed that as well Ralph said, slight annoyance in his voice. Maybe we should just kill them all, I mean it could work out just like I planned! First we borrow Blue Balloon's party cannon and then-

'Alright, first off; How many times do I have to tell you, I don't care if you talk about that kind of things. Just NOT here! And secondly, I doubt Blue Balloon would just let us borrow the party cannon he got from his grandmother' I thought nearing my desired grave by the second.

Ralph let out a sigh before a very quiet apology was heard in my head.

I stopped and turned to the grave that I had always come to in the mornings, when the weather pegasi had yet to come and do anything with the natural beauty that this world made.

"Good morning Fluttershy" I said sitting down in front of the grave which was perpetually covered in flowers, as the six next to it were as well. "I was able to take care of the rabbit that had been hurt by some of the carnivores in the forest yesterday. I don't quite know what happened, but the poor thing's ear was almost gone, I managed to bandage it up and it looks like it will heal"

A small smile spread across my face. "Though I doubt I would be able to do as good a job as you were. I'm sorry, but I need to cut this visit a bit shorter as Princess Celestia has called me in again. I just hope Princess Luna has forgiven me by now" I said chuckling and starting to get up. "Take care up there, and tell the girls I said hello"

I started walking past the different gravestones towards the exit.

I must say, for someone who could have any mare in this world, you stay away from them all when all you want is an embrace. Why is that? Ralph's voice echoed through my head again.

"Well, I doubt I could have any, and losing one is enough for me whether I must live out the years with the animals or not" I said not slowing in the slightest.

As the gate came into view I noticed the young guard tapping away at the ground with his hoof, impatiently waiting for me. When he noticed me walking up, a look came over his face and he motioned with a hoof for me to hurry up.

I rolled my eyes and continued at my walking pace until I reached the gate.

"It took you long enough you slowpoke! Now get in the-" he started, but was cut off as a zipper appeared over his mouth silencing him. I levitated the guard into the carriage as he struggled to break the zipper off and I took off starting to fly towards the castle.

Ignoring the loud yelling of the guard, I made my way up the stairs that I knew towards the throne room.

Okay, I will ask once, nicely, PLEASE shut him the hell up! I heard Ralph's voice echo through my head again only making me chuckle.

"Why're you laughing at me?! You assaulted one of Celestia's royal guards! You're lucky I don't have you thrown into the dungeon!" I heard the guard say, but I paid him no heed again as I only continued climbing.

'Hm, must say, he is growing annoying' I thought wrapping the guard in magic and teleporting him out into the castle courtyard. 'Ahh, there we are! Peace and quiet!'

Would've been better if you cut out his throat I heard Ralph's voice say.

"Maybe" I said coming to a stop at the top of the stairwell, knocking on the large door before pushing it open with magic. The throne room stood much as I had remembered it, a few of the banners had changed. Leading up to the throne bright yellow banners hung from the ceiling, and mimicking it on the left side save the coloration being dark blues and blacks.

Coming up on the twin thrones, I bowed before the pair of alicorns and they in turn lowered their head slightly.

"I see that nothing much has changed" I said breaking the silence that had overcome the room. I gave the room the once over again, before returning my attention to a rather concerned looking Princess Celestia.

"It is good to see you again Jason" The princess said, concern echoing in her voice. "but we lack time for formalities. My sister and I have come to a rather, unfortunate conclusion"

"Yes" Her sister Luna continued. "We have seen signs that Discord, Spirit of disharmony will be breaking free of his prison soon"

I looked at the two oddly for a moment but shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. "Pardon me, but from what I understand of this Spirit of Disharmony, should you not be getting the Elements of Harmony to..." I trailed off. 'Ah, yes, the last of them died not too long ago didn't they?' I thought looking away from the monarchs.

"Well..." Celestia started, "If we are correct, then your daughter is actually one of them, along with her group of friends"

My mouth fell as I looked back at them. "H-how do you know?" I asked shocked.

The monarch let out a sigh and shook her head. "We don't know for sure, that's why we need you to bring her and her friends in so we may speak with them"

Ending Notations: Apologies for the short beginning chapter, and as previously stated, less insanity. But all good stories must begin with a hook of some kind.