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I slowly opened my eyes only to find the spirit of chaos lingering over me.

"Hey! It's tomorrow! So wake up!" I heard him yell picking me up and shaking me violently. I felt bile start burning it's way up my esophagus, but right before I lost what little I had in my stomach the spirit dropped me back where I had been lying.

I rolled over on my back only to find the moon still lingering over the land. "But it's still night time" I said as something soft brushed against my fur.

"Yes, technically, but it's been twenty four hours so it's tomorrow!" the obviously excited spirit said with a laugh. "Now we can cause all kinds of chaos, but we start with the city of Canterlot! I hate those bloody gardens..." Discord said starting to ramble as he walked away.

I rolled over and got up, wincing as the area where my sprained wing had been was still sore. I looked around only to find myself in the graveyard standing next to one that had flowers blooming around it. A light pain in my chest called up to my brain making me put a hoof up to it.

My memories jumped to what had happened yesterday, making me call out in my head.

What the hell do you want? It's too early for you to bug me... was my only reply from Ralph making my head droop.

"Hey! Are you coming or what!?" the spirit of chaos yelled from the gates of the graveyard.

My head shot back up at breakneck speeds, and I started after Discord, shooting a worried eye towards the grave.

Discord and I started running through town, changing things at will. A produce cart here into a lion, a signpost there into a rocket.

Every so often we'd see a pony and take turns on deciding what to do to them and proceeding to laugh.

The first one Discord decided to decapitate and send it's head rolling along only for the body to gallop after it. A pink mare I made sneeze broccoli and then sent her on a sneezing spree sprouting broccoli everywhere.

During the middle of our fun, an odd tingling sensation traveled up from my legs, but I ignored it deciding instead to continue causing chaos.

A loud cry broke my concentration as I was about to make a house shoot up into the sky.

"Daddn!" a familiar voice shouted. I turned around to find an alicorn running at me, but I couldn't think of her name as new ideas popped into my head for making things different. "What happened to you?" the mare cried as she looked me over.

Why not just make her hooves very sticky so she can't move? Ralph's voice popped into my head making me snicker.

"Daddn, you need to come with me, Zenran's in trouble! He got trapped underneath a tree!" she said as tears started welling up in her eyes.

I felt torn almost, part of me wanted to go with her and help her with whoever her friend was, but a nagging voice continued to nag me with ways to mess with her.

A bright flash of light blinded me for a moment and an unnatural cold surrounded me I rubbed at my eyes only to see a grayed out version of myself standing in front of the mare that had been begging me so much to help her.

Almost as a slap in the face her name came back to me and I cursed that I had been unable to recognize her. "My daughter of corse!" I said out loud hitting myself in the head with a hoof. My attention quickly drew back to the scene before me as Marrisa let out a scream looking up at me.

"What?" I said before looking over at myself who was looking up at me with a wide grin across his face. Then it hit me 'What the hell! Why is my body over there while I'm right here!?' I questioned in my head.

"Well I can see that it worked" My body said with a terrifyingly recognizable voice. "For almost one hundred years... I've been trapped in your bloody head! But I'm free!" Ralph said falling to the ground laughing.

"D-daddn?" Marrisa questioned towards me switching her line of sight between my body, which was still rolling on the ground laughing, and my floating form.

"What's going on over there?" Discord's voice sounded from on the other side of one of the buildings.

Acting quickly, I willed myself over near my daughter, praying to whatever God there is that my magic still worked, and activated an invisibility spell masking our presence.

We both watched as Discord teleported right above my body giving it an odd look. "Are you done?" he asked as Ralph's echoing laughter stopped.

"Oh, Heh, I think I might be done for right now" Ralph said, obviously trying to hold back the laughter.

"Alright then, let us get back to what it was we were doing!" Discord said pointing his bird talon into the air. "Causing Chaossss!" he said flying up into the air before disappearing with a flash of light.

My body let out a laugh and galloped back into the city.

"What in hell is going on?!" Marrisa shouted as I strained myself to lift the large log off of the zebra. "I mean, Daddn! You're a ghost! Ho..."

I threw the log off of Zenran and put a hoof into my daughter's mouth cutting her off as I started panting out of habit. "Marrisa... you need to stop... talking so much... when you're scared..." I said.

"Whoa" I heard Zenran's voice and turned to him with a scowl.

"Just shut your mouth now boy..." I said coldly.

I felt Marrisa jump away from my hoof and I turned back to her, only to see her with her tongue hanging out. "I fink my tong went num" she blubbered.

I let out a chuckle, but quickly felt as though something had sucked the energy out of me. "whoa" I managed to say before I felt something tugging on my tail.

I looked back only to see a long strand weaving and winding it's way into town. I tried to get a better look at it, but as soon as I touched it, it seemed to disappear.

"Daddn" I heard behind me. I turned around to find a very worried looking Marrisa. "How long are you going to be like this?"

I shook my head, unknowing of the answer, and still feeling a great deal of fatigue. "I don't know..." I said looking down at the ground, but an idea popped into my head. "Marrisa, do you still know how to do that teleportation spell I taught you?"

She looked unsure for a moment but nodded her head. "I've never tried to teleport more than one pony though" she said.

"Well now's a good a time as any to see if you can!" I said going over to her and grabbing on. "now you remember you need to visualize where you're going, right?"

"Yes, but I don't know where you want me to go!" she said rather annoyed.

I laid my head down on her torso and chuckled. "I want you to go outside Canterlot Castle, right outside the force field" I said, the weariness showing in my voice.

"Um, Daddn, I've never teleported that far, I don't know if I can" She said sheepishly.

A light groan escaped my voice "Alrighty then! Please take me to the Everfree" I said in mock happiness. "I think I may need a friend of mine's help if its to this point"

"Daddn? The Everfree? Who's there?..." Marrisa started right off with questions. After a while she was finished, asking only a "Well?"

I let out a sigh, "You were too young to remember it, and I had left you with Fluttershy, lets just leave it at that" I said, debating whether to get up and go there myself.

"Well... alright then. If you say so" She said starting off towards the nearby forest.

Zenran, who had been standing there with a dumbstruck look on his face quickly shook his head and followed. "W-wait up!" he called after us.