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Chapter one: Out of the Fire. Into the Shadow's!

A lone Lion walked around the ruined village, that used to be the proud Tiger's village, the Kin-Do Valley. Tanis smiled at the thought of how he had finally destroyed these wretched Tigers. And soon, he would have their children and their powers.

He stopped, when the group Wolves he had sent after the Tiger brats, returned. But he scowled, when he saw they were empty handed.

"Where are they?" Tanis demanded.

The Wolves looked at each other nervously. "Well, we're not sure about that orange one. But the white one, we think she's dead! We can't find her, so we think she probably fell down a near by cliff or something!" the black Wolf said.

Tanis growled at them and they cowered in fear. Then Tanis turned and stormed off, angrily. He had to find those Tiger cubs. He was sure that Shadow wasn't dead. She was just like her parents. Stubborn to boot!

Tanis walked through the ashes and smoke, then he slowly walked towards a group of Wolves. They were gathered around a lone male Tiger cub, of the age of three.

Tanis looked down at the young cub sadly. He was curled into a tight ball, tears streaming down his face. He was shaking and was simply terrified. He had no idea where his parents, sister or best friend were. He was all alone. Just like he always felt he was.

The Wolves stepped aside and let Tanis walk into the circle. He walked in and knelt down in front of the young cub.

"Hello there." Tanis said calmly.

The young cub looked up at him and rubbed his paw under his nose, as he sniffed and asked, "Wh-who are you?"

Tanis smiled gently at him. "My name is, Tanis. And your name is, Leon." Tanis replied.

Leon looked up at him in shock. "H-how do you know my n-name?" he asked in surprise.

"I know many things. I also know that your parents never loved or cared for you." Tanis said, trying to hold back his evil tone.

Leon sniffled again. "B-but, Shadow said my parents do love me!" Leon said.

Tanis merely shook his head. "Shadow doesn't know what she's saying. She was simply trying to trick you. No, I am the only one who cares for you, now!" Tanis said, an evil grin upon his face.

Leon cocked his head to the side and looked up at him. "R-really?" Leon asked.

Tanis nodded his head. "Yes. Do you want to come with me?" Tanis asked.

Leon began to tremble again. "B-but what about m-my parents and sister?" he asked.

Tanis closed his eyes and fought the smile, that wanted to creep across his face.

"They are gone. But that is a good thing. They never cared for you. I am the only one who loves you now!" Tanis said.

Leon rubbed his paw under his nose again and nodded slowly.

Then Tanis opened his arms out and Leon jumped to his feet and ran to Tanis. Tanis embraced the young cub and lifted him off the ground. He held him gently in his arms and rubbed his back.

He could hear Leon sobbing softly. He smiled. He knew how naïve the young cub was. He would be easy to turn.

Then Tanis turned and walked away from the burning village. Two of his targets may have escaped. But he would find them.

He gathered his troops together, on the edge of the forest. There were Lions and Wolves both. Tanis set the young Leon down and turned to address his troops.

"Tonight, we have found failure and victory!" Tanis announced.

One of the Wolves awkwardly raised his paw up in the air. Tanis growled under his breath and waved his paw at him, allowing him to speak.

"Uhh. What did we fail at?" the Wolf asked.

Tanis felt like strangling the Wolf, but he held his temper in check. He took a deep breath and counted to three. Then after a moment, he continued.

"We failed at getting the two female Tiger cubs!" Tanis growled.

The Wolf cowered slightly in fear.

Then a Lion stepped forward and asked, "Then what was our victory?"
"Ah, Sinat. My dear brother. We are victorious, because we have a new family member, added to our group!" Tanis said, as he motioned to Leon.

Leon looked up at Tanis. Then he looked at the Wolves and Lions shyly. The Wolves growled at him, as did the Lion's. Tanis had known they wouldn't take a Tiger cub as a good thing.

"Now, now. I know you all aren't to happy about this. But Leon is to be treated as one of our own! You will treat him as if he were my own son!" Tanis announced.

The Wolves and Lions grumbled and nodded slowly. Tanis smiled. Then he walked over to Leon and knelt down in front of him.

"Now then young Leon. You will be coming with us. You will live and train with us. You will be one of our own!" Tanis said.

Leon slowly nodded. He was still so afraid. He had just lose his sister and his best friend. Then to top it off, he had no idea what had become of his parents. His village was destroyed and he was all alone. Tanis was the only one he had now.

Leon sniffled quietly and Tanis bared his fangs in an evil smile. Leon opened his arms out and Tanis scooped him up and held him.

Leon laid his head on Tanis' shoulder and tried not to cry. He was so scared, he didn't know what to do.

Tanis turned back to his troops and said, "Come. We must go now. Any remaining Tigers, may try to come back and see if they can't get a small try at revenge on us! We must leave and head for home."

The Wolves and Lions nodded. Then Tanis turned and led the way home. Carrying the young Leon in his arms.

It was a long hike back to Tanis' secret hideout. Most of the way back, Leon would cry off and on. Tanis knew he had a lot of work ahead of him, if he were to make Leon a hard cored warrior.

By the time they had reached the hideout and Leon's new home, the young cub had fallen fast asleep, in Tanis' arms.

Tanis quietly walked into one of the extra rooms, that would be Leon's room, once it was fixed up. Tanis walked over to the small bed and gently laid the sleeping cub down on it. Leon stirred, ever so softly and smiled.

Tanis pulled the covers up and tucked them around the young, South Chinese Tiger. Leon pulled the covers tighter around him and snuggled down, for a good nights sleep.

Tanis stood up and watched the cub for a moment. Deep in thought.

"You'll make a fine warrior, young one. In due time!" Tanis whispered evilly.

Then he turned and walked silently from the room, closing the door, lightly behind him. He walked down the halls, towards another room.

He walked up to a door and knocked, ever so lightly on it. He waited a moment, then a male black Panther came to the door. He had gold eyes and a white strip of fur, that ran down the middle of his forehead.

He looked at Tanis and smiled. "Ah, hello Tanis! Have you come to see our little one?" he asked.

Tanis smiled. "Hello, Hunter! Yes, I did come to see your little one." Tanis said.

Hunter stepped to the side and allowed Tanis into the room. Tanis looked towards the back of the room and sitting up in bed, was Hunter's wife, Ivy.

She was also a black Panther, with silver eyes and white patches, that were underneath her eyes. She was holding a small bundle, gently in her arms.

Tanis walked over and looked down at the little bundle. Hunter hadn't come out on the raid on the Tiger's village, because Ivy had gone into labor, with their first child. So Tanis had allowed Hunter to stay with his wife.

Tanis smiled down at their little girl. "She's lovely!" Tanis said.

Ivy smiled down at her new born daughter. She slept soundly in her arms. Only stirring once in a while and letting out the occasional small yawn.

"So, have you decided on a name for her?" Tanis asked.

Hunter sat down beside his wife and smiled. "We've decided to name her, Tanani!" he said.

Tanis continued to smile. "Lovely. Simply lovely." Tanis said.

The two Panthers smiled at each other, then at their daughter.

"Well, I'll leave you three be. Congratulations!" Tanis said.

The two Panthers thanked him, then he turned and left. Tanis walked down the hall, back to his room. He walked in and closed the door behind him. He could feel a smile, creeping across his maw.

He may have lost the female Tiger's. But he had the male. And he also had a new member, to his evil group. He walked over to his window and looked out at the forest. He looked towards where his village, rested among the trees.

He could see the very tops of the roofs and small smoke stacks coming from them. He knew that everyone would be heading to bed soon. Then he looked towards the West and saw what used to be those hateful Tiger's village.

He could see the black smoke, coming from the burning houses.

"You know that mother will be worried about us!"

Tanis turned and saw his brother, Sinat, standing in the door way.

"I know. As will our younger brother, Ajani!" Tanis replied.

Sinat joined him at the window seal. "What about Kasaru?" he asked.

Tanis chuckled quietly. "Our little sister is much to young, to worry about us being gone. Heh. As soon as the time is right. She will be joining us. Whether she likes it or not!" Tanis said.

Sinat smiled. He knew what a nice slave Kasaru would make. But what he didn't know about her, was her powers. Only Tanis knew of those. And he didn't even know them all. But he would find out soon enough. As soon as he had his sister.

He knew she was to young to be able to figure out what he was planning. She was only three! It would be much to late, by the time she found out about his plans.

"Well, I think I'll head to bed now. Good night, Tanis." Sinat said.

Tanis nodded once. "I think I shall too. I have much work ahead of me, tomorrow!" he said.

Sinat cocked his head to the side. "And what might that be, brother?" he asked.

"I must train the young Tiger cub, in our evil ways! He is eager to please! But he is still young. He has a long way to go. So I must start his training immediately!" Tanis said.

Sinat nodded, then turned and left the room. Tanis smiled.

Soon, he would have all the Tiger cubs and his sister.
Soon he would have all their powers.
Soon, he would rule all of China...

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