This is the sequal of How to annoy a vampire so I recommend reading it first. Since I got many requests I thought I should do it. Hope you like it. Please review it keeps me going! :) thank you

Marshy and I have been dating for about two months. It's funny how when we think about how we met. Marshall is really a good boyfriend but lately he hasn't been paying attention to me, so as the adventuress I am I'm going to put marshall through a series of pranks or ways to get him to notice me more. Not that I need to but his reactions but they are priceless. Number One: Teasing.

Now Marshall, is always at my house. He basically lives here if cake would only admit it. He sometimes sleepsover. Today he just so happens to be sleeping over. Like usual he sleeps on the couch.

"Hey Marshall!" I laughed.

"Hmm?" His head popped from under the covers.

"Come over here!" I laugh.

"Okay!" He says huskily. He hops into my bed and wraps his arms around me.

"I just wanted to tell you I wanted you to get me some strawberries" I did my poker face.

"..." He pouted before getting strawberries and going back to his couch.

I snickered to myself. He won't even know what's coming.

The morning.

"Hey Marshall!" I greeted him as he stretched off the couch.

"Aye Nice buns." He slapped my butt.

"Really? Nice buns." I said sarcastically. We have been dating for about 2 months and with this tiger I an already used to his physical contact with my body.

"Cereal?" I ask him.

"I'm hungry but for something more appetizing" He growled leaving gentle misses against my neck to my lips.

"Hah Marshy. Funny we both know your not getting any, anytime soon." I laughed at kiss rejected facial expression and left kisses on his bite marks making him groan softly. I pull away before it gets more than I want it to be.

"Why fi! Why! Don't tease me!" He whined.

"Really, Marshall I am the master of teasing!" I explained to him.

"ahrbrjdirndjf!" He mocked.

"hmmph" I pouted.

He came over and wrapped his arms around me once again. He kissed my lips sweetly before his tongue entered my mouth.

"BABYCAKES! NO PDA WITH THE VAMPIRE!" Cake growled at Marshall.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I sigh. "Marshall let's go to your house!" I say pulling him out of the house. Yes i've been avoidig cake because she doesn't approve with my relationship with Marshall.

We walk off to Marshall's House. It's really dusty.

"Dude how long has it been since you've been here?" I asked.

"Forever." he sighed looking around the dusty room.

"Wanna clean It?" He shoves cleaning supplies to me.

"Nope you do it!"

"But your the girl" He stated.

"Makes no diffrence. Beside Marshall if I clean it might make me tired and i won't be able to go through the plans I've been planning for us." I bit my lip hoping he'd buy it.

He did. His mouth wide open and staring into space. I could tell what he was thinking I was planning sex. Little did the pea brain know I was thinking about baking a cake. Ahh whatever let him think that, I seal his thought with a kiss. As soon as I do he rushes to clean everything and when he's done he actually did a good job.

"Good job Marsh." I praise him with a pat on the head. He brings me onto his lap.

"How about those plans." He traced patterns on my chest.

"Yeah I would live to do it! Can you help me. It isn't my first time because cake help me last time." I smiled.


"Baking a cake." I say innocently.

He throws me onto the couch and pins me down. "Hmm Fi I guess I'll have to punish you" He laughes.

"Yah and I guess I'll have to subdue you. In three two.-" I knee him in the stomach and swiftly leap over him. "One." I laugh.

"Even when were in a relationship this still happens." He fixes his ruffled hair.

"Whatever Make sure it's red velvet." He grunts.

"Okie dokey." I start to bake the cake.

Today was fun. Tomarrow will be soo much funnier. I can't wait!