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Prologue: A Twist in the Timeline

You go down the longest road to nowhere

You pull it apart and you're just left there

~The Longest Road, Morgan Page

The timeline, from the beginning, had been severely twisted. They all knew that, and yet proceeded to change it, to twist it further. They didn't realize the consequences of their actions until the tear in spacetime started to widen. But it was this that became the nail in the coffin.

At the very end of time, far beyond everything, the skies seemed darker than normal. A lone crystalline warrior stood watching. She could see all yet was unable to act against it.

She saw the new Cocoon with her crystal eyes. She saw the destruction that followed its ascendance. But then, as everything was destroyed, a hole, a void opened in spacetime and dragged these events into the Void Beyond.

She blinked once in disbelief. The visions of the timeline streaming through her mind were gone, replaced by sights of the shores of Valhalla.

She was no longer crystal.

The protector and the seeress had ended up elsewhere, back in a time where both were alive. But they both knew their time was short, even considering they'd been granted a little more of it.

For the time-traveling pair had jumped back to another place. They were about to enter a gate that led to a city which had been consumed in the distortion. As they were traveling the timeline for nearly the last time, they were laughing, sure of their success. They paid no attention to the fact that the path of their gate had warped and now opened on the other side of the Sunleth Waterscape instead of Academia.

That was where it all began. The pair had entered a distortion in the timeline that had yet to become a considerable distortion.

Things were there that weren't supposed to be.

"You should come back to New Bodhum," the girl was saying, oblivious, as her feet touched the ground lightly. "Don't worry, they won't mind. Besides, you can't go back to where you came from, can you?"

"I guess not," the young man answered. He was silent for a moment, just as they emerged into the clearing on light feet.

"Where's Snow?" The girl's eyes clouded over with confusion as she gazed upon the scene.

The young man glanced upward and his eyes met with the enemy they'd encountered there before—the massive flan that had destroyed the pillar holding up Cocoon.

He blinked. "You weren't supposed to come back," he muttered at it, one hand reaching for the hilt of his sword. "Cocoon is going to stay right where it is!"

But the flan was no longer interested in the pillar. Instead, it had its gaze focused on something—no, someone—in the opposite direction.

"Something's not right here…," the young man said.

He trailed off. "No!" the girl screamed, starting to run toward their opponent.

"Serah!" he called after her.

But, with a concerned expression, he realized the problem. He was right. This wasn't part of their plan.

They could both easily see that something was very wrong.