Chapter 1
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Nal Hutta's moon, Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa's streets are dangerous to walk especially when you're alone, unless you're a Jedi that is. A clocked man is walking down the street with one destination in mind, the local cantina. The man reached his destination quickly and without any trouble, "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE THIEF!" yelled an all too familiar voice, from the cantina. Then a young black furred vixen (female fox, for those of you who don't know) came running out of the cantina, she was around the age of five. The young girl ran right into the cloaked man causing her to fall down. She quickly got up looked up at the man,

"Sorry sir" said before running off again.

A green Twi'lek came running out a second later. "Davnick, I thought that was you yelling, a thief get the better of you?" the man asked.

"It help's when she's like five! She bumped right into me said 'sorry sir' then ran off." Davnick answered rapidly.

"Wait was she black furred and looked a lot like a fox?" the man asked his friend when realization struck him, he then began to check his belt what he found horrified him. "My lightsabers gone!" he exclaimed

"Aye and she got my blaster." Davnick said. The man looked in the direction the girl ran,

"Follow me." he ordered, Davnick obeyed following his friend closely.

Meanwhile with the girl.

After the girl ran from the cloaked man, she ducked into an ally to catch her breath. 'Well might as well see what I got.' she thought to herself going through the things she stole. "What the heck is this thing?" she asked herself, when she came to the man's lightsaber.

'Oh well, we'll figure it out later.' said a voice that came out of know where, causing the young girl to jump.

"Shadow, don't scare me like that!" the young girl said.

"There you are, you little thief!" exclaimed a big muscular looking alien. The girl immediately heading for the other entrance to the ally, but was blocked by another alien.

"I want my knife back, thief!" alien #1 said moving towards the girl.

"I'm sorry but I already sold it, to Greedit." she said backing up against the wall as the aliens got closer.

"You sold it!" Alien #1 yelled, grabbing the girl by the throat.

"Well then give him the money you earned from it!" Alien #2 ordered.

"Greedit doesn't bay me by money, he bays me by food." the girl responded. The grip on her throat got tighter; she was on the verge of passing out when her eyes went from sapphire to blood-red. The aliens say this, but shrugged it off, she then kicked the alien holding her in the stomach. The alien hunched over holding his stomach releasing her, she then hit the alien in the face knocking him out.

She then kicks the other alien in the groin, the alien then dropped to his knees receiving another kick to the face. Her eye color returned to its regular shade of sapphire then ran straight for the nearest ally exit only to run in to the cloaked man again. "I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you." he said calmly. She was about to run in the other direction only to ran into Davnick.

"I'm in trouble aren't I?" she asked innocently.

"Big time." Davnick answered dryly.

"Do you think you can with us for a second, we would like to ask you some questions?" the cloaked man asked kindly.

"Ok, I guess if it's just a few." agreed the girl cautiously.

"Ok, first question, what's your name?" the cloaked man asked still keeping his kind voice.

"Sapphira, do you mind me asking, what's your name?" Sapphira asked.

"Not at all Sapphira, my name is Jedi master Shaddeluim." he answered. "And this is my friend Davnick." Master Shaddeluim said introducing his friend.

"Now what was it that you wanted to know?" Sapphira asked after she waved to Davnick.

"Well first off, where are your parents?" Master Shaddeluim asked suspiciously.

"Dead." Sapphira answered.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. My second question is that are you willing to come with me Corusant, so can be tested to be a Jedi?" Master Shaddeluim asked.

"What's a Jedi?" Sapphira asked. Master Shaddeluim began to explain what they were, what they did, and how the force works.

"So, you're saying is that I'm strong in the force?" Sapphira asked, in response the Jedi master gave a nod.

"So, you want me to come with you to this Jedi temple so I can become one of you, correct?" she asked again receiving a nod from the Jedi master.

"Might as well its getting too rough for me here." she said in agreement. She instantly went behind Master Shaddeluim frighten, when she heard some groaning from behind her. Puzzled the two friends looked in the general direction it was coming from.

"I'm going to kill that kid!" alien #1 said getting off the ground.

"I think we should leave." Sapphira suggested.

"Might as well, fallow me to the landing pads where we'll get off this planet." Master Shaddeluim said leading the way out of the ally. After a few minutes Master Shaddeluim, Davnick, and Sapphira, were quietly walking down the street, walking past ship after ship. Master Shaddeluim stopped walking to take a look around trying to his ship. "Now where did I land that thing?" he asked himself quietly. He looked back towards his two companions; Davnick was checking his blaster, while Sapphira seemed to be talking to someone. 'Who is she talking to?' he thought after watching her for a second. He then started to walk towards Sapphira, the closer he got the more he was able to hear.

"I like him, his nice." Sapphira said to an unknown someone.

"Well I don't, we should ditch these geezers and go back to our life as pickpockets." a voice said from the shadows.

Master Shaddeluim became curious about who she was talking to, "Excuse me for interrupting, but who are you talking to?" He asked kneeling down to Sapphira's eye view. Sapphira then reached into the shadows and pulled out a black cat by the arm, she looked around the same age as Sapphira and size as well.

"This is Shadow." introduced Sapphira, receiving an angry glare from Shadow. Master Shaddeluim could feel the force radiating off of the two girls, and they looked like good friends,

'This could be a circumstance where these two girls have a force connection.' Shaddeluim said to himself remembering reading about such things.

He was immediately brought back to reality when he felt a hand on his shoulder; it was Davnick with a questioning look on his face. The Jedi master stood back up, keeping the two girls in view. "Well Shadow, I suppose you would like to come with us?" Master Shaddeluim asked nicely. Shadow looked towards her friend then back at Master Shaddeluim, after seeing the hopeful glint in her friends eye, she slowly nodded her head yes. "Ok, then follow me to the ship." Master Shaddeluim said after he spotted his ship.

The ship was is a small sized freighter (a little bigger than The Twilight), it was black with a red trim. Master Shaddeluim sent the two girls aboard, then turned to his friend, Davnick, "It was nice to see you again, old friend." he said holding out his hand.

"And I you." Davnick said grabbing his hand. They both went their separate ways, Master Shaddeluim walked aboard his ship to find Shadow and Sapphira fighting each other.

"What the heck is going on here!?" He demanded, this caused them to girl's ears to go down instantly, knowing they're in trouble.

"Shadow started it!" Sapphira said after a second of silences.

"What? No it wasn't it was…." Started Shadow

"I don't care who started it, because I'm ending it!" Master Shaddeluim yelled interrupting Shadow in frustration. "Ok, what was this all about?" he asked calming down a little.

"Well… I don't remember." Sapphira Answered.

"I do! It was over… I don't remember either." answered Shadow.

"So, don't you think fighting when you don't even know what you're fighting about is useless?" Shaddeluim asked, the two girl's just nodded their heads yes. "Ok, then it's going to take a few hours till we get to Corusant. Why don't you two head to bed?" The Jedi master said directing them to the ship's living quarters.

The two girls obeyed and lift for the beds, Master Shaddeluim heard Shadow mumble something to Sapphira, but he decided to let it go. He went over to the ship's control room, punched in Corusant coordinates and waited for the clear for hyper drive. When he was clear, he hit the hyper drive sending the craft in a tub of colors; he slowly drifted to sleep in the captain's chair. Three hours later he was woken up by a scream of fright, he quickly looked towards the sleeping quarters.

He got out of his chair and quickly went towards the room the scream came from. When he got there he found a crying fox and an annoyed cat, he sat down next to Sapphira to comfort her, all the while asking Shadow what happened. "It was a nightmare, she gets them a lot. But eventually cries herself to sleep." Shadow answered.

"I see, when did this start happening?" He asked. "Ever since our parents died." Shadow answered.

"You ok Sapphira? Come on we are all most at Corusant, why don't you get yourself cleaned up?" Master Shaddeluim suggested. She just nodded her in agreement calming down a little.

I'm just going to sum up what happened next. They reached Corusant, Sapphira and Shadow got the approval of the counsel to become Jedi, by the time their ten the clone wars started, and are now currently waiting for a master. Master Shaddeluim has been called by the counsel so he can receive a Padawan(s). The republic lost contact with an outpost in the outer rim, and Master Shaddeluim has been sent with his new Padawan(s) to investigate.