Chapter 13

This marks the end of the rewrite, the fallowing Chapters well be continuing the story.

Jedi council room, Corusant

"Kass Epstein, if understand correctly, you were forced to join the Sith, correct?" Master Fisto.

"Yes Master Jedi, I'm not to found of the Sith, never was actually." Kass answered.

"Indeed, we also understand you wish to join the Jedi order." Master Windu said.

"Yes sir I would." Kass said.

"Very well, welcome to the Jedi order, young one." Ki-adi-mundi said.

"A master you need… Master Windu it shall be." Master Yoda said with small amounts a chuckles at the end (He chuckles right? Heck did I even get his character right? Oh well).

"Yes master Yoda I'll do my best to train this new Jedi." Master Windu said standing up to bow to the elder Jedi. The council room began to empty after another minute or two, "well then Padawan Epstein, I suggest you go make yourself at home your training starts tomorrow." Master Windu said walking out of the room as well, Kass followed close behind.

"Yes master." Kass said following her new master out of the room.


"All right you have three seconds to start this war meeting, go!" Petula ordered in a threatening way to a Sith officer.

"Ok, here's the plane of attack…while Darth Bane distracts the Republic ships above the planet, our bombers well move in and attack these three positions." the Sith officer said pointing to several maps in the proses.

(I'm not telling you the positions because it's a surprise)

"And before the bombers reach their first target, our transports well begin to land at this strategic positions, by the time the bombers are at their first target the transports well be landed and unloading our men." The officer continued pointing at yet more maps.

"Question, what will I be doing during all this?" Petula asked.

"Ah yes you'll be leading an attack on the council building while your apprentice tries to take the Jedi temple." The officer answered pointing to the two locations on the map.

"With this plane we'll destroy the Republic in one swift movement!" A dark Jedi said when he realized the meeting was over.

"Like the other Sith empires thought their planes would." Petula said under her breath. "Let's get this over with!" She said a little louder while she got up from her chair.

"Captain, drop out of hyperspace and lunch the bombers and fighters immediately!" the Sith officer ordered through the comlink.

One hour later

"Ok you two that is enough training for today, get some rest." Master Shaddeluim said after his two padawans completed a rough training session.

"Thank you Master." Sapphira said sitting on the floor with her light saber arm resting on her knee, and Shadow to her left lying on the floor with one knee facing up towards the roof.

"Well that could have gone better." Shadow said sitting up to the sitting passion.

"That's for sure." Sapphira said agreeing with Shadow. The entire temple began to shake after a loud explosion was heard from the Temple's docking bay.

"What was that?" Shadow asked after the shaking has subsided.

"I'm not sure, but I think we're under…." Sapphira answered before being cut off.

"We're under attack! Shadow and Sapphira you're staying here to hold the Temple in case of an attack." Master Shaddeluim said cutting off Sapphira.

"Where are you going?" Shadow asked now on her feet.

"The Clones and I, are heading to the Senate building too hold the fort there. My force is already there, so I need you two to stay here and keep the younglings calm with Ahsoka and Amber." Master Shaddeluim said explaining things more clearly.

"Yes Master." The two padawans said before walking off to find Ahsoka and Amber. Shadow and Sapphira began their search for Ahsoka and Amber; they didn't have to look far though. They were at the main entrance looking out towards the city, which now has multiple smoke clouds rising from the city streets.

"Oh man this isn't good." Shadow said after a moment of silence.

"No kidding." Amber agreed walking away from the entrance.

"Where are you going?" Ahsoka asked.

"I'm going to find the younglings, to make sure their ok." Amber answered.

"I'm going to find Gishuon; he should still be I the building somewhere. Ahsoka, I need you round up as much temple security as you can, if we're attacked they'll have a warm welcome. And Shadow, do you remember 'Desert Shadow'?" Sapphira asked tacking command of the situation.

"Yeah way?" Shadow asked.

"Set it up and warn any and everyone in the temple to steer clear of that area." Sapphira answered walking off to find the bounty hunter, Gishuon.

Three minutes later

"Ok 'Desert Shadow' is set up in the library." Shadow said walking into the council room.

"Good, I found Gishuon and he's with the temple guard outside patrolling the area." Sapphira said.

"This is guard 13, we got Sith in hallway 3 heading towards the library, and this crazed dark Jedi is leading them." A guard reported over the comlink.

"Hold tight Guard 3, we're on our way, Amber stay here with the younglings, while the rest of us try to send the intruders into Shadow's trap." Sapphira said leaving the room with Ahsoka and Shadow close behind.


"Commander Knight, what's going on here?" Master Shaddeluim asked looking at holoprojection of the surrounding area.

"Sir we got the Sith coming in from this bridge." Commander Knight answered pointing at the said bridge.

"Hmmm, what about the other three bridges?" Master Shaddeluim asked

"This bridge has been destroyed by who knows what, this bridge is being blocked by a downed bomber and this one leads right to our Command Center." Commander Knight answered pointing to the said bridges.

"Ok, I want men at this downed bomber in case they find a way through it, I want the rest of the men ready for an all out fire fight on this bridge, and deploy the AA and local Shock troopers on the landing pads for the senate building." Master Shaddeluim ordered pointing to the positions he wanted his men at.

"Yes sir!" Commander Knight responded before relaying the commands to the rest of the men.

"One more thing Commander, I want these skies clear." Master Shaddeluim said.

"Sir we can't get any fighters up because of those transports are using their guns as AA." Knight said.

"Send in the Raiders." Master Shaddeluim said before walking off towards the front lines.

"Yes sir." Knight said before getting said unit on the comlink.

"Sir the Sith are coming at us hard!" Stormer said after seeing Master Shaddeluim coming towards them.

"Where's Lucky?" Master Shaddeluim asked.

"He's over their sir." Stormer answered before firing off a couple shots at on coming Sith soldiers.

"Lucky, I want you to fire at that Scorpion Tank!" Master Shaddeluim ordered pointing towards the oncoming tank.

"Yes sir!" Lucky said moving out of cover to get a clear shot at the tank. He took his aim blaster shots were wising past his head; he took the shot the missile flew over the heads of Sith troops, until finally it hit its target. The missile broke the glass of the tank's cop pit, and killed the pilot but it didn't go off. "That's wired." Lucky said now behind cover, but then the entire front part of the tank blew up, tacking out men and droids around the tank.

"Nice shot." A random clone said after watching what happened.

30 min earlier.

"This is Transport 3; we're in place near the Senate building." A Sith pilot reported.

"This is bomber squad 6; we're approaching the Jedi temple, T minus 20 minutes." reported another Sith pilot.

"Good continue as planned." the Sith officer said. "That's the last of the unites sir." The officer said this time to an unknown Dark Jedi.

"Temple is hit I repeat the temple is hit." The Sith pilot said into the radio.

"Good, get my men ready, it's time I said hello to the Counselor." Said the unknown Dark Jedi.