Hey! Rayne here. This was a funny little idea that came to mind while i was doodling on in my notebook during class. :P It takes place during Ginny's seventh year and Hermione's... eighth year, I guess. And i might make it into a series of "In the... With..." oneshots if i get lots of reviews! Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Harry Potter and his wonderful world and all who inhabit it are not mine. I just like to borrow them from time to time. :)

Ginny was sitting in the Common Room when none other than Hermione walked through the portrait, sighing noisily and muttering something about stupid professors and their stupid requirements. She sat down heavily beside Ginny and slammed her bag down on the floor by her feet.

"Good day?" Ginny asked, turning to face her new companion.

Hermione's face reddened. "Hardly," she grumbled. "I tried to turn my potions essay in to Professor Slughorn, and he had the nerve to tell me that he wouldn't accept it a week early and that it was too long. Too long! How can an essay be too long?" She gestured with her hands in the air when she spoke again. "It's only three feet! Three feet!"

Ginny chuckled. "That's too long, Mione."

"No it's not!" Hermione complained. She opened her mouth again to rant some more but was stopped by a pair of lips on her own.

Hermione gasped and Ginny took advantage of the opportunity, licking the girls lips before moving her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Hermione remained still for a moment before moaning softly and leaning into the kiss. Ginny tangled her hands into Hermione's hair and pulled her closer.

Hermione then seemed to realize what she was doing. She jumped back from Ginny and brought her hand up to her mouth in shock. "You…" she mumbled, "you kissed me."

"Yes, I did," Ginny said nonchalantly. "And you were talking too much."

"You kissed me. Like on the lips kissed me."

Ginny hummed in agreement. "And what a lovely kiss it was, too." When Hermione remained silent, Ginny grinned. "Left you speechless, have I? The know-it-all, talkative Hermione Granger, lost for words. Amazing."

Hermione blushed prettily. "Oh, shush," she said, chuckling. She picked up and shouldered her bag before rising from the couch. "I'll… see you later, I guess," she said awkwardly. She left the Common Room again, leaving it as quiet as it was before.

Ginny smiled as she watched the other girl leave, staring at the closed portrait long after she had left.

Hermione strode purposefully into the Great Hall for breakfast the next morning. She sat down next to Ron and across from Ron. She immediately froze when her eyes landed on Ginny, who was sitting calmly beside Harry. Ginny winked. Hermione blushed, but smiled back.

"What's up with her?" Ron asked suspiciously. "She seems too… happy."

"I have no idea," Ginny responded happily. "Absolutely no idea."

And so there you have it! hope you enjoyed it! like i said, I might make this into a series if i get enough reviews. so Please Review!