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~Twisted Love~

Pure Presence

Gilbert flew up to the 'center'. His destination was Toronto, Canada. He was sent to collet souls there for judgment with a group of other demons who were going to different destinations. He was the leader of a group of about eight men and two women. They were going to be staying there for about two months going back and forth between Hell and the 'center'.

"Gilbert." A voice rang out.

Gilbert looked behind himself to see his best friend Antonio picking up speed. Antonio was a demon with long brown hair pulled into a low ponytail with a red ribbon. He had been killed during his pirate days fighting with the British Navy. Technically he was in the Spanish Armada as a high ranking officer but turned into a Spanish Conquistador during the Exploration days of Spain. They became best friends when Antonio brought Gilbert down into Hell around World War II.

"Antonio! What are you doing?" Gilbert said when his friend was beside of him.

"Going to collet souls like you mi amigo." Antonio said happily.

Soon they passed through the gate and they were in the 'center' or the human world, Earth. Hell was at the bottom and Heaven was at the top so basically Earth was the 'center' and was the meat in a sandwich. The different worlds were not connected like one would think though. Hell, Heaven and Earth were in different diminutions but were connected through different potholes allowing for different destination landings. Demons were come through different land grafts like dormant volcanos, large holes, caves, etc. Angels came though clear portholes in the sky, the portholes moved with the clouds.

"Where did you get assigned, Spain again?" Gilbert asked.

"No I did not España again, I got London, England." Antonio said sadly.

"Oh the irony." Gilbert laughed.

"Si, but I get to see how it changed all these years."

They said their goodbyes when it was time to split up. Gilbert went one way and Antonio went the other. They came up with plans for meeting up tonight when they got back. Gilbert and his group split off of the large group and flew toward their pre-determined spot.

"Once we get there collect as many souls as possible for today. We leave at eight PM sharp that gives you fourteen hours to collect souls. I want a minimum of a twenty from each of you during these two months. Do you all understand?" Gilbert yelled his orders.

"Yes sir." The group said in unison.

"Split up." Gilbert barked.

The group split up, his platoon going in every direction. Gilbert landed in an alleyway away from human eyes. He changed his form. His horns retracted inside his head, his wings disappeared, his fingernails were no longer sharp, and his eyes were no longer slanted. He flung his hood on his head and made sure he had his backpack because that is where he kept his collected souls. Some people were giving him weird looks. A person dressed in all black in a jacket with the hood pulled up was kind of strange in the beginning of summer.

The first soul Gilbert came across was of a sixteen year old teenager who committed suicide yesterday night by shooting himself in the head with his father's gun. Gilbert followed him for a few minutes before pulling him in the ally. He always hated the confrontations because if a soul was corrupted enough it could use demon like powers and usually when they reach Hell they are turned. When Gilbert told him the boy broke down crying. He was able to calm the boy down and accept it then put the soul in his backpack.

He grabbed the book out of the backpack to see where his next soul was. The entire day Gilbert ran back and forth from one side of his part of town to the other. He was all bruised and battered from running into five enraged spirits, which was the only part he hated about the job. It was five PM and he was starting to get hungry. He had roughly ten thousand in his wallet at the moment because some head of a big corporation was scheduled to die today and when the job was done he took the money.

A demon was allowed to kill a person when his/her time was up. Not only was their time written in the book and once the soul was collected it was marked off on all the collectors book but also on black line on their necks, the darker the color the closer to death that person was. People killed by accidents were the result of a demon's intervention because their time was up. When people died naturally or the cause was suicide their souls just came out they just needed to be captured and no help was needed. Since a person no longer needed the money the demon was allowed to take the money in the person's pockets to help him/her blend in with the human world.

Usually Gilbert brought along another demon to eat with him but he could not sense another one in the area. He was about to go to a restaurant alone before something caught his eye but his senses caught it first. The presence was pure and untouched. Gilbert's head whipped around when the presence came closer to his back. His eyes focused on a small blond boy saying his good-byes to a larger boy. The boy's shoulder length blond hair perfectly framed his bright lavender eyes. A red hoodie and baggy light blue jeans covered his frame. The thing that got to Gilbert the most was that there was no black line on his neck, not even a light one. When the boy came by Gilbert grabbed his arm.

"I'm sorry." The boy muttered.

"I have a question for you." Gilbert said.

"I'm not a prostitute if that was what you were going to ask." The boy snapped.

"It's not that. I was going to meet a friend for dinner but he blew me off for his girlfriend I was hoping you can accompany me; I really don't want to eat alone. What's your name, mine is Gilbert."

"My name is Matthew. Take off your hood first." Gilbert did as he was told and he saw the boy smile. "Alright I'll go. I can pay for myself so you don't have to waste money on me."

"It'll be my treat because I am taking up your time."

"You're not taking up my time. Not when you're hot."

Gilbert stopped walking and just blinked, "I'm hot?"

Matthew spun around on his heel and clasped his hands behind his back, "Yeah no one ever told you that before. Being albino just shows a person in another light because they don't fit normal society rules. To me that make people even more desirable because I don't fit the normal rules either. I never met an albino before so it's a plus."

Gilbert was stunned by the sight before him. The sun was right behind Matthew making his blond hair shine. His head slightly tilted to the side making him have a cute look. The wind was making Matthew's hair sway back and forth. Matthew really did look like an angel in Gilbert's eyes all he was missing was the wings because he even had the pure presence of an angel.

"Earth to Gilbert, are you still here." Matthew was snapping his fingers in front of the albino's face.

Gilbert shook his head, "Yeah sorry about that. I was kind of lost in thought." He rubbed the back of his head.

Matthew grabbed Gilbert hand and pulled him, "Come on, we are almost there."

"Alright, alright you don't have to pull me." Gilbert laughed.

They ate at a casual family restaurant. Gilbert found Matthew was fun to talk to. When Gilbert asked about the guy earlier Matthew told him the truth. Matthew was on a date with one of the boys that liked him, apparently four other guys liked him too. He told Gilbert that he is going on dates which each one because they wanted him to pick one of them who was the best choice. Gilbert felt like it was a courting ceremony that the demons do. The rest of the supper was filled with idle chit-chat between the two.

"That was great; you really did not have to pay for me." Matthew said once they were out the restaurant.

"It was my treat. You know you are great company." Gilbert complimented.

Matthew blushed, "Thanks, you were too."

"Can I walk you home?"

Matthew blushed even harder, making his cheeks burn, "No one ever asked that before…so I'll...take up on your offer."

Even though it was dark and the only lights were the street lights Gilbert could tell Matthew was blushing, "Thanks."

"We have to go through the park to get to my apartment. I just moved here about two months ago and I found that going through the park was the shortest route."

"Alright let's go."

Matthew slowly reached for Gilbert's hand and lightly gripped it when he found it. Gilbert was shocked when he felt Matthew's hand but squeezed it back. He looked at Matthew to see he was covering his red cheeks with the sleeve of his hoodie. It was cute to him, it fitted Matthew. When they reached the apartment entrance Gilbert did not want to let go of Matthew's hand.

"Can…can we do this again sometime?" Matthew stuttered.

"Yeah, I would like that. It would be fun." Gilbert smiled.

"When can I see you again?"

"I'll be around for the next two months so you'll see me around. Next time you see me we'll set up the next date"

A smile broke out on Matthew face, "I'll like that." Matthew eyes darted back and forth before he did something that stunned Gilbert. He kissed Gilbert on the cheek leaving him stunned on the steps, "See you later." He said darting into the building.

A grin the Cheshire Cat would be proud of broke across Gilbert's face. He set off to find an alleyway away from onlookers. As soon as he changed forms Gilbert was flying in the sky meeting up with some of his other team members.

~Mismatched Lovers~

Matthew quickly got into his apartment. He was breathing really hard. His mind was still confused on what he did. He had never done that to one of the guys he was dating neither less a total stranger. For some reason Matthew felt as if he could act himself around Gilbert.

"What just happened?" Matthew said out loud.

He dragged himself to the bathroom and shed his clothes. The cold water was heaven on his feverish skin. He was looking forward to seeing Gilbert again to arrange their next date. A million ideas for the date passed through his mind, each one better than the other. Something in the back of his mind reminded him of Gilbert.

I meet him before haven't I. Matthew thought leaning against the shower wall.

~Mismatched Lovers~

"Gilbert, I thought you weren't going to make it." Antonio said once Gilbert walked through his friend's door.

"And miss this, hell no." Gilbert said plopping on the couch.

"How was your trip today?"

"I met a little birdie."

"Aye pray tell."

"He doesn't feel like a human. His presence is too pure to be a normal human." Gilbert said spread eagle on the couch.

"What do you mean?"

"There is no darkness in his heart, not even the littlest trace. It was like he was kept away from everything in the world so nothing corrupted him."

"What does he look like?"

"He has wheat blond hair about shoulder length and the brightest lavender eyes I have ever seen. His body, the Devil does not even know what under those clothes. The way he acts is just…just…I can't think of the word but it is awesome like me." Gilbert closed his eyes remembering everything about the boy.

"I just have to see him one day then to see who mi amigo is crushing on." Antonio laughed.

"Who said I had a crush!" Gilbert exclaimed.

"By the way you are acting sums it up."

"Antonio your smile is creepier the usual today. Why is that?"

"Because mi amigo finally found someone he likes, even though he is human."

Antonio and Gilbert had a fun time that night. They drank until they passed out in the living room. That night Gilbert had a dream that he and Matthew were on a walking on a beach with the sun setting behind them. The water was a mixture of pink, orange, purple, and blue and it was lapping on the white moon colored sand. Matthew was hugging his arm the whole time they were walking down the endless beach.

Antonio woke up to pee and saw a large smile across Gilbert's face. He must be dreaming about the boy.

~Mismatched Lovers~

"I want my son found." The Queen shouted from the throne.

"Honey please quiet down." The king said beside his mate.

"Shut it you." The Queen snapped.

"Your Majesties we are trying to locate him as fast as we can but he moved locations so we have to search all over again. We have sent out search parties to look also." The guard said from in bowed position.

"Search harder." The Queen cried. "I want my little boy back."

"You are excused." The King said to the guard.

The guard rose from his knee and bowed to the ruling couple before walking out the room. The King comforted his Queen who was now crying hysterically. They always kept an eye on their son in the human realm; they made sure guards were watching him at all times. Now their son was MIA because he used an illusion to slip away undetected and they were worried sick about him. It was not like their son to move to another place once he was comfortable in one. They only hoped he could be found safe and sound.

~Mismatched Lovers~

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