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~Mismatched Lovers~

Found You

The King growled from his office, "Get me the Finders!"

In a matter of minutes a group of Finders walked into the room leaded by their leader. The entire group got down on one knee and bowed their heads at the King. In the group the largest was the leader, who was in front of the group. He was only called when the mission was of the highest level. And of course the prince being missing for close to a year was the highest on the list.

"Rise," The King called.

The leader rose, his sharp violet eyes on the king, "What do you need of me?"

The King pushed his blond hair behind his ear, "You know I would never call you from your duties as royal caretaker unless it was something dire. As you know my second to youngest has been missing for almost a year. I need to find him now; I am tired of waiting as your underlings failing to locate him. You are more familiar with him than anybody, which is why I am sending you out. Do you understand?"

"Yes, your highness." The man said.

"Good now go I expect him to be found fast." The King said siting in his chair.

The violet eyed man and his underlings turned and walked out the door. Once outside the man changed forms and flew off into the sky, towards the portal. He knew he had to find his charge and fast.

~Mismatched Lovers~

The Queen was pacing in the royal bedroom when the King walked in, "Have you sent him out?"

"Yes I have don't fret my queen." The King said pulling his queen to the bed.

"Why did I not think of that sooner? I am so stupid." The Queen said with tears rolling down.

"No, no, please don't do that." He said wiping the tears away with his thumb.

"Where did I go wrong? To make him run away to such a remote location, I am a horrible parent." The Queen cried.

The King pulled his love into his arms and enveloped the queen in his wings as they lay on the bed, "He will find him, I'm sure of it"

The Queen's tail sought out the King's tail in comfort. They lay in each other's arms, forgetting all about their work that needed to be done and just relishing in the comfort they got from one another. The King stroked his sleeping Queen's face. He just wanted his child found so his love did not have to fret so much. Silently he hoped for his safe return.

~Mismatched Lovers~

"Birdie, birdie, birdie!" Gilbert called from the balcony.

Matthew got up from his comfortable spot on the couch and went unlock the doors. He was picked up and spun around by strong arms. When he was done getting spun around, he was staring into happy red eyes. Lately Gilbert had becoming touchier, not that Matthew minded.

"Alright so what do I owe this early morning visit?" Matthew said finally be letting down.

"I got a day off so I can spend it all with you." Gilbert beamed.

"How did you get a day off? People die every day you need to collect the souls."

"Everyone in the group gets a day off but at different times so there are always soul collectors around. This time it is my turn for a day off."

"Well do you want breakfast because it seems like you rushed here."

"Pancakes!" Gilbert shouted, throwing his arms in the air.

"Alright I'm going make them."

Matthew wiggled out of Gilbert's grasp and trotted into the kitchen. He gathered all the ingredients before Gilbert walked in. Gilbert watched the upmost curiosity as Matthew worked. He loved seeing the little Canadian work. Licking his lips, he wondered how far he could push the envelope of their relationship before Matthew gave in. They only went as far as heavy make-out sessions.

It had been about two months since they met. Whenever Gilbert had a child's soul he would drop them off with Matthew while he finished the rest of his day. For Gilbert it was just an excuse to see Matthew before he went to bed. The night would always end in a goodnight hug and kiss after a while. It was almost like he wanted Matthew's presence with him just to get him through the night.

Gilbert went behind Mathew and hugged him from behind to peep over his shoulder. He stated kissing behind the other's ear and trailed down his neck. Roaming hands started making their way under the thin shirt that separated them. Matthew leaned his head back on the shoulder behind him and moaned as the cool fingers trailed around his stomach.

"Gil, I thought you were hungry?" Matthew moaned.

Gilbert reached around Matthew to turn off the stove, "I'm hungry for something else, Birdie."

In one swoop Gilbert picked Matthew up and ran up the stairs with him. The smaller was quickly deposited on the bed. Matthew backed up into the middle of the bed making Gilbert follow him. So the albino caught up with the blond and pushed him back. Their lips connected in a full blown, teeth clattering kiss. Matthew carded his fingers through the white locks above him. The lips moved lower to the hollow of the blond's throat.

"Gil…more," Matthew moaned as Gilbert started sucking on his collar bone.

Gilbert quickly removed the other's shirt and started working on his pants. Matthew had to wiggle around to get out of his pants quicker. He had to urge Gilbert to take off some clothes as well. The albino's mouth and hands moved anywhere there was exposed flesh. As he moved his way down Matthew tried covering his exposed private but Gilbert was not having it and pinned the limbs to his side.

"You want more?" Gilbert said against Matthew's hip.

"Yes, please I want it." Matthew blushed.

"You know what that means right." Gilbert ran his hand over the other's semi hard member.

"I don't care. Mark me, make me yours, don't let another man touch me, I'm yours."

"Good because I am never letting another man even near you."

Their mouth's reconnected in another teeth clattering kiss. Gilbert brought his hand to their connected mouths. He pulled away and attached himself to the pink nipple and put his fingers by Matthew's mouth. Matthew taking the hint opened his mouth and started swirling around the appendages with his tongue. Gilbert groaned as when he thought his fingers were well coated he removed them.

Gilbert positioned Matthew's leg around his waist and put a finger near his entrance, "It might hurt."

"I don't care just hurry."

Slowly Gilbert pushed one finger in. He felt the entrance tighten before Matthew relaxed. Soon two replaced one and he started scissoring his fingers to open up the tight passage. Matthew was moaning and withering at each stretch or push. He was wringing his hands in the sheets below. A scream escaped his throat as Gilbert pressed against his prostate. He used his hands to cover his mouth.

"More Gilbert, I want something bigger."

"You sure?"

Matthew nodded his head, "Yes."

"You asked for it, remember that. No going back."

Matthew nodded again. Gilbert undid his pants and pulled his member out his boxers. He positioned his member at the stretched entrance and looked at the smaller before he plunged in. Matthew arched his back and opened his mouth in a silent scream. Hands came and wiped the tears that were forming. His hands flew to his stomach as he was stretched to the point he thought he was going to split in half.

Gilbert stayed completely still, against his natural instincts. His inner demon was telling him not to wait and pound him into the bed before something interrupted him. He could feel his eyes shifting; his inner demon wanted out, he wanted to mark his mate. It took a while for him to calm himself; he did not want to hurt the smaller male. By the time it took him to calm down Matthew looked alright, his face no longer twisted in in pain.

"Are you alright and ready?" Gilbert groaned.

"Yes…I'm fine now."

Gilbert pulled out just a bit and slowly pushed back in. He kept this slow movement until he no longer saw Matthew's face scrunched up. Slowly he picked up speed and strength. Matthew was moans and screaming in pleasure as the speed picked up. It was striking right on his prostate making his see stars. Gilbert could not help it he transformed.

His claws dug into Matthew's hip and his wings flapped giving him more strength in propelling him forward. Matthew was gripping the sheets with deadly force. Pleasure had taken over every part of his body. He had no sense of anything just the pleasure and the man above him. Matthew wrapped his legs around the demon's waist and dug his fingers into his white hair. The roughness only encouraged Gilbert to move faster and harder.

"Gil…I can't…" Matthew moaned when he could get air.

"Go ahead," Gilbert breathed in his lover's ear.

Matthew could only hold out for a few more thrust before he went over the edge and painted their stomachs white. Gilbert started kissing and nipping the junction between Matthew's shoulder and neck. Soon he followed Matthew into completion and painted his insides white. When he came Gilbert bit down on the junction. Fire erupted from the wound but soon turned to pleasure and Matthew found himself on the very edge again. One hard thrust from Gilbert to make sure not a drop was wasted sent him over the edge again.

"My beautiful mate can't control himself I see." Gilbert flipped Matthew onto his stomach, "Well neither can I."

Gilbert plunged back inside his warm mate. The entrance tightened up the moment he moment he was back in. Matthew cried out and allowed his chest to fall on the bed at the powerful thrust. The demon had to use his claws to keep his mate up from the rough thrusts. The sound of moaning, screaming, and wet skin slapping against wet skin permeated every corner of the room.

Matthew could not keep it in any longer. The pleasure was distracting him from consecrating. Not much longer his wings unfolded from his back and spread out just to let them fall on the bed. Gilbert's eyes widened but darkened at the thought of having an angel as a mate. If anything his pace picked up and tried going deeper inside, wanting everyone to know he was his.

"My beautiful angel, my mate, my life," Gilbert breathed in Matthew's ear.

Matthew only moaned in response because he could not form words. His saliva was coming out the corners of his mouth as his head rolled back. He gave a shuttering moan as he came. Gilbert gave a few more hard thrusts before he followed as well. He rode through it with ease. After he was finished he stayed still inhaling the sweet scent of Matthew.

"No…more…can't." Matthew said breathily.

"You sure I can keep going." Gilbert licked his lips.


"Fine, Birdie, whatever you want."

Gilbert pulled out and moved the feathery wing to the side to be face to face with his love. He grabbed a hold of his lover's hips and pulled him close. Matthew was finally able to catch his breath and returned to normal. He nuzzled Gilbert's neck in an affectionate manner. His wings were heavy but considering what he just did and was tired it was nothing to worry about. Gilbert could not help but run his fingers through the soft golden feathers.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Gilbert said.

"I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Now you know, are you going to leave me?"

"Never, you're my mate, my life, there is no way I could ever think of leaving you."

Gilbert draped his wing over his mate and started to drift off to sleep. He stayed awake long enough to watch Matthew fall into motionless sleep. Listening to the even beating of his heart made him drift off before he even noticed. They were asleep for no longer than a few minutes before the glass doors to the balcony shattered. Matthew and Gilbert shot right up and Gilbert used his wings to protect his mate. A group of eight larger men flew in.

The leader came forward to the couple, "Gilbert Beilschmidt, you're under arrest."

~Mismatched Lovers~

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