A knock on Pink's door awoke the slumbering Blue and Pink that morning. Pink got up from the right side of the bed, dressed in her light pink cami and light

pink pajama bottoms with yellow bananas patterned up and down the legs to answer the door.

"Spector?" she said, her tone filled with surprise and excitement all at the same time.

"Yes, Pink. It's me." He said from behind the open doorway. Blue, still lying in Pink's canopy bed panicked and ended up hiding his lanky body underneath her

pink cashmere blankets. He couldn't hear much of what they were saying after almost cocooning himself in Pink's sheets. But it wasn't long before Pink's door

closed, and she returned to her bedside, gently poking at the rather prominent hump of her bed which was Blue hiding in her pink sheets.

"You can come out now. He's gone."

Blue immediately thrust the sheets away from his body, especially from his face which had been very much thankful to be breathing the open air again. After

gasping for air, he noticed Pink's uneasy facial expression. "Something wrong?" He asked, wrapping his arms around his legs which he had sitting in front of

his chest. She sat on the edge of her bed.

"That was Spector. And he was… well, apologizing for the other day. And he… he wants to make it up to me he said. Take me out to a movie. And out for food


"Oh…" Blue murmured for a lack of a better thing to say. What could he say honestly? He didn't like it one bit. Spector couldn't just waltz in here after what he

had done and expect one evening of movie seeing and dinner indulging to fix it. He had broken poor Pink's heart, and now it seemed he was trying to just

sweep it under the rug. It was twisted really. Blue didn't understand how this guy was living with himself so contently with such a situation on his hands. But

seeing Pink was at a loss of words herself, Blue spoke up again. "So… are you gonna go?" Pink got up from her bed, and began to pace back and forth across

her carpeted floor.

"I… I don't know, Blue." She whispered, uncertainty swimming in her eyes which never met his, despite him keeping his own gaze focused on her.

"I mean… I still love him, Blue. It was only a few days ago that… well, he said those horrible things to me. And I'm still very much in the early stages of

healing… but, if he really wants to apologize and make things right, maybe I should give him that chance. Maybe he's had time to think about things… and he's

finally realized that he was wrong." She continued, still pacing from her door to her mini kitchen, and then repeating the trek all over again. Blue stared at her

in disbelief. Was she seriously going to give Spector another chance? After all he had put her through? He honestly didn't understand her at this point. Why

couldn't she just let go? Spector clearly didn't love her. As this rather harsh thought crossed his mind, Blue then realized… Pink clearly didn't love him. So why

didn't he just let go? He sat in his dearly beloved's bed, watching her pace back and forth, and speak of her deep feelings for their white haired ruler and he

felt his heart aching and breaking all over again, just as it did when he overheard the two of them talking in Spector's quarters. He couldn't take it anymore. He

couldn't afford to feel this pain so often. It wasn't good for his health. Or his heart. If he kept on loving her, his heart would surely shatter into a million pieces

in his chest. Or it would shrivel up into a mutated, dry callus from the cold feelings inside. He got up from her bed quickly, almost throwing himself to the edge

of her bed, and said, "I gotta go." He made his way for the door, and before Pink even had a chance to stop him, verbally or physically, he was out the door.

"That was weird…" Pink murmured to herself. As she stopped her pacing, she turned her gaze over to her bed and its pink, tousled sheets. Might as well make

the bed. She thought, shrugging her small shoulders. She walked over to her bedside, grabbing the soft, pink sheets by the ends, and lifting them up to

smooth them as she let them fall onto her mattress. As she did so, she noticed some kind of bump in her sheets. She raised a curious eyebrow. What could it

have been? She didn't usually go to sleep holding anything. She reached her dainty hand under the sheets, grabbing hold of whatever it was disrupting the

almost completely flat surface of her sheets. As she pulled her arm back from under the sheets, now having the unknown object in the palm of her hand in

front of her, she gazed at it in great astonishment. It was a circular shaped compact, blue in color. A compact mirror? It must have belonged to Blue, given its

blue hue that Blue's clothes always resembled. She giggled to herself. She didn't know he was the type to care so much about his looks. Figuring she would

give herself a quick mirror check, she used her fingers to gently lift the top to open the compact, and as she did, she got the biggest surprise of her life. This

wasn't just a compact mirror one would use to make sure their hair was in place or to ensure they didn't have any remnants of their lunch stuck in their teeth.

This compact wasn't even a compact. It was a locket. And it held a secret. A secret that involved the pop star herself quite heavily. Inside was a picture of her,

winking, a big smile of her face, surrounded by blue ink drawn-on hearts. There was also a soft lullaby that played upon opening it. Pink sat down at the edge

of her bed, feeling her body getting numb all of a sudden. But her eyes never left the locket.

"Blue…" She whispered to herself.

How come he never told her? How come he never tried asking her out even? She hadn't the slightest clue how he felt about her until this very moment. But as

she thought about it, it all began to make sense. There was that day at the beach…

"So… you here alone?" She sighed. "Yes… I'm single. But… I plan on making him mine one day." After speaking, her sad expression shifted quickly to her usual,

cheerful deposition. "Ohh… he must be one lucky guy…" He trailed off. "So… what's he like?" His curiosity was getting the better of him. "Hmm… well he's handsome.

Strong. And has a lot of power… so he knows how to take action." More silence. Pink was the one to break the silence this time. "Well, I'm gonna get going. But it was

nice talking to you." The pop star couldn't help but feel a longing stare following her figure as she walked across the beach's sand, carrying her sandals in each hand.

And then there was his behavior as of late. He had been coming to check on her ever since Spector had basically told her off in his quarters. He had eaten her

food despite her own critique of her cooking. He had expressed his interest in her concert. He had been there for her when no one else had been.

And on top of all of that… he had even admitted in somewhat to her.

"You can get over this, Pink. It's doable but definitely not easy. Trust me, I know." She pulled away from him, wrapping her arms around herself as she turned her

back to him. "You got your heart broken before, Blue?" She asked a mix of sympathy and curiosity present in her voice among her occasional sniffles. He stiffened.

"You could say that."

It all made sense… she just wondered why she didn't see it before. And she felt her heart drop in her chest, knowing that she had broken Blue's oh so kind