Story Title: The Lone Victor

Rating: M

Summary: Most tributes think of Careers as the enemy. Brutal tributes with the -capacity to kill. I'm denying nothing. We have a capacity for love too, though. If somebody doesn't like it-


They can suck it.

Pairing: Cato x OC

Warnings: Extreme and disturbing themes. Language, sexual content and gore.

Also- the storyline will be changed indefinitely as I see appropriate. Meaning: just about everything. I will try to stay true to the Hunger Games as much as possible, though.

Disclaimer: I own nothing besides Nora and the differences in the storyline. All other content belongs to it's respective owners.

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I have yet to live through a Reaping where anybody seems stressed. I'm sure there's exceptions, but I've yet to witness one. Due to the proud circumstances of the Hunger Games, everybody in District One seems to use the occasion as some sort of social gathering. The chatter is enough to make me want to stab someone and the lack of attention given to the purpose makes me want to scream. That's the usual, anyways.

Yet on the Reaping of the 74th Hunger Games, uncertainty was apparent to those who chose to acknowledge it. Every year, a small group of those who had survived to their last year at the training school would fight for the rights to volunteer and ultimately compete in the games. Sometimes to the death, but always resulting in a volunteer. This year, only two bitches had made it to their senior year. Neither were capable of much more than a ditsy catfight, but one inevitably came out the winner.

Then got injured during training a week and a half later.

Yeah. That kind of pathetic.

That was exactly the reason for the uncertainty as we stared up at the crystal stage. Not over who will have the rights to volunteer, because that's obvious. Moreso, it was because nobody's sure if she should volunteer. The bitch was completely pathetic. Honestly, half of the seventeen year olds could probably beat her. Actually- no. Almost all of them could.

My eyes followed the escort as she walked over to the stage that we all stood before. She looked absolutely ridiculous and apparently tried to be styled after a rainbow. Typical bitch from the Capitol. They might have been designed brighter than the luxury items we export, yet they're all as transparent as our stage. Just the same as every year, she didn't know when to shut up. The video she showed was just as ridiculous as it was every year, and it takes her a ridiculous amount of time to get to the reason she was here.

I actually considered throwing a knife at her to shut her up, but reason that would be frowned upon. When it became my time to represent my district- in two years- I was going to become the Victor. Not the girl who could-have-would-have-should-have, but didn't, because she killed a Capitol Escort.

That would be my luck, no doubt.

The only thing that brought me out of my thoughts was a name. Diamond Evarez. It didn't really mean much to me, though, until I heard the squealing. My eyes narrowed in on the source of the sound and then went wide. It's the senior bitch. The girl who was supposed to volunteer. A proud smile was displayed on her pale face before she started her little fit of giggles.

Now, I always thought that she couldn't possibly make it as far as she did. Let alone become a tribute by means of accidental injury. Then she goes and gets picked, anyways. It irritated me beyond what I could have ever anticipated. She didn't deserve it! The fact that nobody was volunteering in her place just added fuel to my rage. They were going to let her be tribute.

They were all going to let her humiliate the district. Our district. My district.

I could make excuses all day, but it really was my pride that made me do it. As I watched Diamond walk giddily to the stage, I couldn't handle it. She didn't deserve it. In a moment of desperation, I whispered steadily, "I volunteer."

Nobody seemed the hear the words exit my mouth.

Becoming more desperate, I pushed everyone out of my way as I sprinted towards the stage. I felt hands grab at me from behind and unsure of whether or not they were Peacekeepers of just other people from District One, I pushed the hands off. "I volunteer!" I screamed at the escort.

All talking seemed to stop. Oh yeah, I thought, They heard me that time.

I didn't look at anybody but the escort. I knew what I had just done was completely unheard of in my district, but I thought it was justified. I had just volunteered without being chosen to do so. The escort didn't seem to be phased, though. She just smiled her fake smile that somehow seemed to comfort me from my actions. Come to think of it, she probably didn't know what I had just done.

I pushed past Diamond, ignoring her baffled expression. She should have been thankful. She would have been slaughtered mercilessly. I would win.

I would become the victor.

Walking up on the stage, I couldn't help but to feel like something was wrong. It felt so different than I had fantasized. As I neared the escort, I turned to face the crowd for the first time. That was worse than I had expected. Some people looked indifferent, unknowing of what had just happened. Then there was everybody else. Confusion, betrayal, rage… It seemed like nobody saw it as I did.

I deserved it. I would make them all proud. Not Diamond. They'll see, I thought to myself.

Despite the disapproving expressions, my eyes raked the adult crowd faces to see that of my trainer. I couldn't find it before I was pulled out of my trance by the escort. "Hello," She beamed. "What's your name, sweetheart?" She inquired with that same smile on her face.

It was all fake, all for show. I didn't care, though. There was something that made me like her. Maybe it was because I'd rather deal with a fake bitch than a woman who talked about butterflies and rainbows all day. Even if said bitch looked like she crawled up a rainbow and died, then came back to life in the most spectacular way ever.

I looked from her and back to the crowd, a smirk pulled at my lips. "Nora Beaufort." I told her, staring at the crowd. I didn't care what they were all thinking. It was my moment. There was no way in Hell that I was letting it slip through my fingers.

I didn't listen to the rest of her speech, I just smirked at the crowd. It was my moment, I had to absorb every moment of it. I watched as a senior at the training school volunteered, taking his place by my side. Alec Devici wasn't very tall, standing at about 5'10. His build made up for his height, though. Alec was built, an attribute that I had definitely appreciated a time or two during training. What bothered me was that I had no idea how good he was. He must have been good to volunteer, but I knew nothing else about him.

Never considering the fact that we might enter the games together, I had never sized him up as an opponent. A mistake that I regretted immediately in that moment.

The day went by quickly, and before I realized what had even happened I was staring at a crack on the cement wall. I didn't know how long I had been standing there, indifferent to my surroundings. It was as if I was in a prison- a prison that would lead me to my freedom. Finally, the urge to do something had eaten desperately away at me until I reached up my dress and grabbed the knife that rested against my thigh.

The feeling was so natural, it always had been. As my fingers curled around the handle, my eyes focused on the thin crack. It was very thin, probably going unnoticed. Not by me, though. I exhaled deeply to gain concentration before I brought my arm back and then forward again. The knife flew easily through the air before hitting the wall. I raised a brow as it didn't fall, walking over to attempt to understand why it had stuck in the cement.

Upon further investigation, I chuckled in realization. The crack had been so thin that the blade was wedged in between it. I grabbed the handle with both hands, trying in vain to pull it out. I put my left foot against the wall, trying to use the angle to pull the knife out.

"Stupid mother-fucking cunt ass-" I began cursing at the knife, using all my strength to tug at the knife. I immediately stopped as I heard the heavy door open, quickly turning around to greet the unexpected visitor and hide the knife. I rolled my eyes at the sight. "Oh, it's just you." I looked at the woman for a moment, waiting for her to say something.


I shrugged my shoulders and turned around, trying to retrieve my lucky knife again. I winced as I felt her warm hand on my shoulder, suddenly wishing even more that my knife was available. "Yeah?" I grunted as I pulled on the knife again.

Then came the crying.

I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could manage, wishing anybody but her was in the room at the moment. I can't deal with the woman crying. It seems like it's all she ever does. "Do you know.." Her voice began shakily. I refused to face her so I resumed attempting to pull the knife out of the wall. "Do you know what they're saying?" She finished.

I scoffed at the thought, "Probably that they'll actually have a chance now," I mumbled.

It took her a few moment before she grabbed me by my shoulder so I would turn to look at her. Our faces were almost touching you. "Odis is trying to get you out of it," She told me. I looked at my mother, confused at the thought of my trainer trying to get me out of a situation that I craved to be apart of.

"What?" I asked. That was the last thing I had expected.

"You weren't supposed to volunteer." She whispered, the tears starting again. "You weren't supposed to volunteer," She repeated, sliding her hand off of me.

"I wanted to." I told her, narrowing my eyes. Why couldn't she be happy for me? The games were what I had lived for, what I had trained for since I was five years old. I was going to be a Victor.

"My baby…sixteen years old…..My baby." She cried. I raised a brow at that. Since when was I a motherfucking baby? Even when I was a child, I was never her baby. Nobody makes their baby deal with their own temper tantrums, infidelity, and bitchy mood swings. No baby could survive dealing with her. I wasn't a baby. I was better than that. I was a survivor. A Victor. "Why? You're not ready yet." She told me.

Thanks for the confidence, Bitch.

"I've been training for eleven years. I think I'm ready." I explained through clenched teeth, trying not to lose my temper. If only my knife would ever come out…

"You aren't ready to die!" She screamed at me, her cheeks crimson from the hot tears streaming down her face. "You're not ready!" She screamed again. I clenched my hands in to fists, trying not to harm her. She didn't even know what I was capable of. She knew that my trainer said I was gifted. Did she ever ask how my day went, or what I ever learned? No. Just if the trainer had received the money she sent him.

Hate you too.

"I'm not going to die." I muttered quietly, trying to calm myself. I would probably get disqualified if I choked her giraffe neck. She just cried.

I have never been so glad to see a Peacekeeper than when one opened the door. Her time was up. Oh no, because her visit was so comforting. It seemed that she took a bit longer than I did to realize he was there and started crying even louder. Speaking of times that I wish I could turn the knife on myself…

"No!" She cried. "Come back to me, NoNo!" She wept her nickname for me as she was being escorted out of the room. "I can't do it alone," She cried before the door shut. Now, I knew I probably should have felt bad for her. But all I could say was,

"Damn straight,"

I gave up on the knife and sat down in the chair again, instead. It was only a few more minutes before the door opened again. The familiar face was one of the only things that could legitimately terrify me at that moment. Odis. And he looked pissed.

The man walked over to me so quickly that all I could do was sink back as far as I could in the chair. Before I even realized what had happened, my neck was to the side and my cheek burned like a bitch. Good to see you too. I turned my head to look back at him, hoping he wasn't planning on slapping me again. He was just staring down at me, the angry expression ever so present and arms across his chest. "What the fuck, Nora?" He seethed.

I opened my mouth, but I just couldn't come up with a suitable answer. For one of the few times in my entire life, I was left completely speechless. It took me what seemed like an hour but was probably only a few minutes to respond. "She's a fucking moron?" The answer came out as more of a question than an answer, though.

"She was the chosen volunteer." He countered.

"She was chosen. Nobody volunteered." I answered automatically. He didn't look impressed, but there wasn't anything that I could do. I wasn't sorry and he knew it. I would never be sorry.

It took him a moment to reply, and he took the time to lean against the wall. Right next to my knife. He didn't miss it, either. He just looked at it for a minute before doing the only thing I wasn't expecting- he laughed. I watched as his face slowly raised and his eyes met mine. "Fucking seventy-four, huh, Scar?" He asked me. I liked his nickname a Hell of a lot better than my mothers.

It took me a moment to reply, and I did so hopefully. "Couldn't get me out of it, huh?"

His laughing quieted and he just chuckled softly. "Eh, it's the fucking Capitol. They don't give a fuck as long as they get their show."

"I can give it to them." I told him, his eyes going wide at the idea. I took a breath before continuing. "I'm not scared, Odis. I'm going to win. Not only am I going to win, but I'm going to make them beg for mercy." He nodded and I knew that he knew I was talking about the other tributes now.

He smirked at me, playing along. "Do me a favor?" He asked.

"Anything." I owed him everything. He had taught me everything that I knew.

"Cut twos throat out." I had to laugh at that. Good old Odis, already thinking about the rivalry between the career districts. And people wondered where I got it from.

"I promise." I pledged.

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