A Lombax's Past Chapter 9

Ratchena woke up she heard voices all around her. She kept her eyes closed she was too weak to open them. She tried to figure out what the voices were saying. The voices sounded deep and slow. It took to much energy to find out what they were saying. She also heard a beeping noise. Every 3 seconds there was a beep noise. Ratchena then knew she was at a hospital.

"Mom." Said a voice that could only be Ratchet's

Ratchena wanted to answerer, but she was just too tired, but she did manage to whisper.

"You called me Mom."

She woke up again not remembering when she fell asleep again. The only sound she could hear was the beeping noise. She slowly opened her eyes, but only to close them back up when she saw a blinding light. She tried again this time her eyes adjusted to the lights and she was staring up at a white tile wall.

She tried to move her right arm, but pain tingled through her arm. She looked over at her arm to see that it was in a bloody sling.

She tried to move her left arm, but then she felt something. She quickly looked over to see Ratchet's hand over hers and his head laying on the bed fast asleep.

Ratchena smiled.

"He's so beautiful." She whispered to herself

She looked down at her feet to see that Clank was sitting at the edge of the bed holding on to her foot fast asleep. And sitting in the chairs at the end of the bed was Talwyn and Quark.

Ratchena felt a jolt of guilt go through her stomach, but before she could dwell on it for long she heard Ratchet groan.

She looked over to see her son open his eyes. He rubbed them and then looked at Ratchena.

"Mom you're up!" He said smiling

"Clank! Wake up!" Ratchet said shaking the little robot.

Clank woke up and saw that Ratchena was awake.

"Ratchena." He said smiling

"Hi guys." She said weakly as tears of happiness swelled in her eyes.

"Mom are you alright?" Ratchet asked concerned.

"Nothing son just that I remember when you were born how I just couldn't wait for you to talk so you could call me mom." She said smiling but, then her smile vanished as She looked down at Ratchet's chest saw the bandages on his chest.

"How did I get here?" Ratchena asked

"I'll tell you later, but for now lets just make sure your ok." Ratchet said

"Hey there." Said a friendly voice

Ratchena looked over to see Talwyn and Quark standing on the right side of her.

Ratchena looked down as more guilt was plastered all over her face.

Talwyn put her hand over Ratchena's shoulder.

"Please don't feel bad. You were being controlled you couldn't stop what you were doing." Talwyn said kindly

Tears swelled in Ratchena's eyes.

There was a slight knock on the door.

Ratchena quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up.

"Hi my name is nurse Cling,." Said a 6 foot robot nurse holding a pink foam tray of bandages and antibiotics.

She had bright yellow eyes and red lips. Her hair was purple and pulled back in a ponytail.

"I'm afraid I will have everyone to leave unless your family so we can change those filthy bandages.

Ratchena looked down at her bloody sling and nodded her head in agreement.

The nurse smiled kindly.

"Oh alright we'll see you later ok." Said Talwyn kindly

Ratchena smiled as Talwyn, Quark, and Clank left the room.

The nurse closed the door and walked over to Ratchena's right arm and sat down in the doctor's chair.

She started to slowly take apart the sling.

"So why did they have to leave?" Ratchena asked confused

"Oh you'll see." She said as she continued to unwrap Ratchena's arm.

The nurse finished unwrapping Ratchena's arm to reveal her injury.

From her elbow to her knuckles were assents of bone and torn bloody flesh.

The stench was unbearable. It smelled like a dead animal.

Ratchena stared down at her arm. Shook her head slightly.

"How did this happen?" She asked as the nurse started to clean Ratchena's injury.

"Well when your Robo wing got torn out it sliced over your arm and your arm caught on fire." Ratchet said

"Why didn't I feel any of that?" Ratchena asked stunned.

"We've been trying to figure that out for over a week." Said the nurse.

"Wait over a week? What does that mean?" Ratchena asked.

"Mom you've been here for 3 weeks." Ratchet said

"How did I heal so fast and What about my Robo wings? Do I still have those?" Ratchena asked

"Don't worry we fixed up all up. Now when you used those they won't slice you open and we don't know why." The nurse replied

"Oh uh.." Ratchena said

"And were done." The nurse said getting up

"Thank you." Ratchena said.

"But we still need to weigh you and see how tall you are." She added

"Oh alright then." Ratchena said.

Ratchena got up and almost fell down, but caught herself on the bed. She wobbled her way to the scale across the room. She stepped on and the nurse wrote it down.

"Alright 96 and a half pounds." The nurse said out load

The nurse then took out a measuring tape from her pocket and measured Ratchena.

"5 feet 4 inches." She said and without another word the nurse left the room and Ratchet and Ratchena were alone.

Ratchena wobbled back to her bed and climbed in.

Ratchet handed Ratchena 2 pieces of folded drown paper.

"What this?" She asked

"I found it on the ground after Nefarious base was destroyed." Ratchet said

Ratchena looked down at the paper and slowly unfolded it.

Her eyes went wide as she saw some diagrams of parts of her that was replaced with some scribbles next to them.

It showed her left ear and that half of her skull.

Ratchena squinted at the small scribble to make out words.

20x better hearing she made out.

Her left eye: Night vision and aim.

Her fangs: Indestructible

Her Left arm: 12 inch hook blades and lefts up to 500 pounds

This also showed where the strange Electric flame came from.

There was a small, but powerful generator in her wrist that created this

Her left hand: Crushing grip, Claws (Indestructible) …

The rest was also smudged.

Her right hand fingers: Claws and crushing grip.

Her right leg: Push up to 50 tons and ….

This angered Ratchena a little as this was also smudged

Her left foot: …

This was burnt off.

Ratchena flipped the paper over to see a diagram of her a again, but this time from behind.

It showed her ear again and her skull.

Her Robo wings.

Her spine: Helps with balance, lifts to 200 pounds, and 12 inch chainsaw blades.

Her tail: Lifts up to 300 pounds

Ratchena put that paper down and looked at the other.

This one showed her bones and organs that were replaced.

It showed the left side of her brain and the 3 controlling chips.

Left side of brain: Built in computer, GPS, and Control any computer, TV, ect.

Her jaw: Crush anything.

Throat: Mimic any noise/voice

Her rib cage/ribs: Indestructible

Heart: 90% Replaced, No remorse, guilt, or love

Fur: Able to change color and length, can heal back together, and Armor cover.

She turned the paper over to see nothing, but a blank side.

She sighed.

"I guess all I' am is a death bot." She said sadly looked down

"You're wrong." Ratchet said

"What?" She asked looking up

"Your not a death bot. The doctors removed those chips, but…" he trailed off

"But what?" Ratchena asked

"The chips were shattered so they got as much as they could, but they can't find this one piece. So the only way you could become that monster is when you trigger that chip " Ratchet explained

"How do I do that?" Ratchena asked eager

"When you get angry." Ratchet said

Ratchena had a worried look on her. How was she supposed to control her anger?

"Hey Ratchena." Said a sweet voice

Ratchena looked over at the door to see Talwyn

Ratchena smiled

"I don't think you and Quark got a proper interdiction." Clank said as he got up on the bed and sat next to Ratchena.

Ratchena looked over at Quark who seemed nervous.

Ratchena then tried out the computer in her head and looked up Quark.

"Oh president Quark!" Ratchena said smiling at the thought of her meeting a President, but as she got more information about Quark she frowned.

"How did you know I was president?" Quark asked crossing his arms

Ratchena had figured out Quark. He was a want-a-be hero that took credit for Ratchet and Clank's actions. He was also a coward.

Ratchena wanted to tell him this, but then felt pity on him. If he did all of this just for fam then she better not make him feel worse.

"Oh, but only a fool would not see that you are the bravest, the sweetest, most greatest person in history." Ratchena said

Quark uncrossed his arms and a huge grin spread across his face.

"Yep that's me." Quark said pointing at himself

Ratchet had a surprised look on his face. Ratchena winked at him and Ratchet's surprised look vanished.

"Oh mom I almost forgot." Ratchet said as he grabbed something from under the bed.

Ratchena looked over the bed in curiosity.

Ratchet placed a long object wrapped in brown paper on her lap.

"I found it locked behind glass and thought it had to be yours." He said

Ratchena looked down at the object then back at Ratchet.

"Go on." He said

Ratchena started to rip the paper off and saw a familiar Black and Dark Purple design.

She then ripped the rest of the paper away and gasped. In her lap was her wrench from a long time ago.

She saw writing on the side of her wrench and as she read it she smiled.

"What does it say?" ratchet asked

"It says to my dearest. May you always be protected. Love, Kaden" She replied smiling

"You know how to read Lombax?" Talwyn asked surprised

"Yes I can read and write." Ratchena said surprised at this question

"Well that's great you can help us out!" Talwyn said

"Help you with what?" Ratchena asked

"Help us find the Lombax's of course! A long time ago we found some Lombax books and diaries, but none of us could read them and we believe one of them might contain a clue." Talwyn said

Ratchena thought about it then she looked over at Ratchet

"He's been alone all his life, not knowing anything about us. I'm their only hope." She thought and then she looked over at Talwyn and nodded her head.

Talwyn took a breath of relief.

Ratchet leaned back and smiled.

Clank patted Ratchena on the shoulder.

"Hey how did you know Ratchet was my son?" Ratchena asked

"Remember when I snatched some of your fur? Well I went back to the house and made a DNA test. I wanted to make sure you were a Lombax and the results came back positive and it showed Child and Mother Relationship." Clank explained

Ratchena smiled

"So when can I leave this place?" Ratchena asked

"The doctor said whenever you want." Ratchet said smiling

"Good because I want out now." Ratchena said crawling out of bed.

Ratchena got up and almost fell down.

"Whoa I got ya." Ratchet said as he kept her from falling. He grabbed her wrench and handed it to her so she could use it like a crutch.

"Here." Talwyn said as she handed Ratchena some light green shorts and a black tank top.

Ratchena smiled

"Thanks." She said as she walked into the bathroom to change.

She was a little wobbly as it took much effort to left up her right leg.

Within 2 minutes Ratchena walked out ready to go.

"Her mom I'll help." Ratchet said as he got under her arm and helped to stand up.

"Thanks son." She said as she put her wrench on her back.

They got to the front desk and Ratchet signed her out.

With Clank, Talwyn, and Quark behind them they made their way to the front door.

They opened up the door to have all these flashing lights blind them.

"Ratchet! Hey Ratchet!" Someone yelled

Ratchena opened her eyes to see all these reporters and news cameras surrounding them.

Ratchena turned her head away and put her ears down.

"Ratchet is I true that you're the proud new father of a baby girl?!" Asked a reporter.

"No!" Ratchet yelled as they pushed their away through the crowd.

"Ratchet is that your girlfriend?!" asked another reporter

"No." Ratchet said as they continued to push through

Ratchena looked down and hid her face with her hair.

"Miss! Miss! What's your name?" A reporter asked

Ratchena didn't reply.

"Hey is she a Lombax?!" Asked one of the reporters.

"Na she can't be look at that tail!" Another said

One of the reporters grabbed her tail.

"Ow!" Ratchena yelped as she wrapped her tail around her leg.

"Hey!" Ratchet yelled angrily

"Come on Ratchet lets go." Ratchena whispered.

Ratchet, Ratchena, and Clank finally got to Ratchet's ship. Ratchet jumped in the drivers seat as Clank sat in the middle. Ratchena used all her strength to climb in the ship, but she finally manage to get in and Ratchet took off.

Ratchena let out a breath of relief.

"Wait what about Talwyn and Quark?" She asked

"There bring your ship home of course." Clank said with a smile

"Home?" She asked

"Well with us." Clank said

Ratchena shook her head.

"I can't do that." She said

"Why not." Ratchet asked

"I can't live with you. Where would you sleep?" She asked

"Well that's a surprise." Ratchet said smiling at her.

Ratchena was confused, but didn't say more.

She looked out the window to see the stars and planets pass by.

She started to ask herself questions

"Where are the Lombax's? How much did I miss over the years? What ever happened to Tachyon? Where is Alister and Kaden?" She asked these questions over and over like the answer would come to her until she finally fell asleep.

"Mom wake up." Ratchet said as he gently shook her.

Ratchena opened her eyes.

"Were home." Ratchet said kindly

Ratchena climbed out of the ship. It was dark and cold. They walked in to the house. Everything looked the same.

"Mom up here." Ratchet said

Ratchet was already up the stairs.

"What's he so excided about?" She asked Clank

"I promised him I wouldn't tell." Clank replied with a chuckle

Ratchena made her way upstairs until she finally got up there.

"Ratchet." She called

"In here mom." He answered

Ratchena saw an open door between Ratchet's and Clank's room.

"I don't remember that." She said to herself

She walked in and gasped. It was a huge room with a walk in closet on the right, a desk in the middle of the closet and the other room ageist the wall, a king size bed on the left ageist the wall , a huge window with a wonderful view of the city was by the bed, and a balcony. The walls were painted a lovely purple with beautiful flowers of all colors painted on.

Above her bed was written Ratchena in beautiful letters surrounded by leaves and flowers.

"Oh my... It's beautiful." She said

"Mom." Ratchet called from inside the other room.

Ratchena walked in to discover that this was a huge luxury bathroom.

The walls were painted light blue and their were waves and pink seashells painted on the wall.

The sink was to the left and was made with a beautiful black marble and the mirror over it. The mirror had a white golden color frame with more seashells with orange and purple starfish as the faucet formed a shape of a fish as the hot and cold handles formed the shape of coral.

The shower/bath was across the room and was white with waves painted on the bottom. The tile by the shower formed a beautiful sunset with the birds fling and the sea under the sun. the shower nozzle formed a shape of an octopus as the faucet once again was a fish as was the hot and cold handles.

Ratchet was leaning ageist the wall smiling.

"So how do you like it?" He asked

"Oh it's lovely, but didn't this cost you a fortune?" She asked

"Na I have a friend who's a Plummer." Ratchet said smiling

Ratchena looked confused.

"It's a long story." Ratchet replied

"How did you know I love the ocean and gardens?" she asked

"Well really the Plummer suggested it." Ratchet said

"Well he was right." She said smiling

That night Talwyn brought over Chinese food for dinner.

It had to be the best time for Ratchena. They all laughed and talked about Ratchet and Clank's adventures.

She even enjoyed listening to Quark's stories (even though they were far fetched) Ratchena still listened and pretended to be amazed.

After dinner Talwyn and Quark left and Ratchet, Clank, and Ratchena turned in for the night.

"Night guys." She said

"See you in the morning Mom." Ratchet said

"Good night Ratchena." Clank said.

Ratchena walked into her room and got dressed and climbed into bed. She wasn't exactly tired so she started to think as she looked out the window to see the lit up city.

"What am I going to do with this memory thing? How am I going to control my temper?" she asked herself

"Well the best thing to do is to just worry about one thing at a time. And right now I should just worry about Ratchet and his friends." She thought

And with that she fell asleep.

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