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Ch. 72

"Peeta Mellark." The words slip out of President Snow's mouth like a snake. I'm not sure how long it's been since I was out of the arena, but I'm in the same room I was after the last games. White and small, the feelings I had in it last year were not the same. I had just woke up hours ago and the cut that Brutus had given me was gone. The bruises I knew I would have from falling weren't there. And Katniss, Katniss wasn't here. I knew it, the nurse had told me, seconds ago.

Where Katniss is, the nurse hadn't told me. I had no clue where she was and it made me sick to my stomach. She could be dead, gone, away from this world. My heart is still beating, my lungs are still breathing, but in my mind I am dead.

When President Snow walked into the room the smell of blood and roses entered as well. It wasn't a pleasant smell and I didn't know how people could stand to be around him for longer than a minute. He had only entered seconds ago and I already wanted the coward out.

I stare straight ahead at the door, escape would be hard, but I had been through the Games twice, I'm sure I could do it. I wonder what it's like out there in the Capitol right now. Are people losing trust in their marvelous president? I sure hope so.

"It seems you're still alive." He says. A snake, poised to attack, getting people with fear and not strength.

"It seems you are too." I answer back, still looking straight ahead. I wish I could kill him right now.

"Funny joke, Mr. Mellark. Have you heard of your District?" He asks. Of course I haven't heard of my District I just woke up. I had no clue about my District, but the way he said it, something bad had happened. But I didn't care anymore I just wanted to know where Katniss was. I stay silent.

"Well it seems you don't care." He pauses and looks around the small room before he sits. "Tell me Mr. Mellark, what do you know of District Thirteen." District Thirteen was gone, all gone, blown up ages ago. Everyone knew that and if you wanted to forget you couldn't because it was shown on the television every single day.

"That you killed them." I spit out, still not turning my head to look at the sick monster.

"Oh Mr. Mellark, I was only a young boy when the first revolution happened. But no, not even the people before killed them. We made a deal. I don't know why they didn't kill them. Pity is a horrible thing to have." His words sicken me and what did they mean? District Thirteen was still alive? Is that what he was telling me?

"District Thirteen is still alive?" I ask, still not turning my head, I couldn't find it in me to do it.

"Yes, it's where your wife and child are. But of course you do not have a child and she isn't your wife. You really got the people though." He says. Is that what sickened me the most about him? That he could see right through me. That every little lie I told to get people to believe me he knew the truth. I swallow hard. I would get him someday. He would die.

"Katniss is there?" Now and only now do I turn my head because we were talking about Katniss and if she was still alive then I could find it in me somewhere to look this snake in his eyes.

"Yes, they want to wage war against us." He laughs, as if he has an inside joke with himself, "But we don't want that do we, Peeta?" He stands, "You have an interview with Caesar tomorrow, if you want Katniss back safely, make them stop the war." His words were firm and before I could say much else he was out the door.

He knew how to make me do things, use Katniss against me. Because deep down in my heart of hearts I wanted them to wage war against the Capitol. And also deep down I knew if they did Katniss would be dead within minutes at the hand of Snow. I gulp hard again. I had to use my words to stop the war. I could do this, I knew I could and once I got Katniss back safely we could start the war all over again.

The lights go dark and the television turns on. It takes me seconds to realize I'm staring at my District and minutes to realize they're being bombed. I watch as the place I grew up in is destroyed and I see all the people running only to be caught by an explosion. The tear meets my cheek before I can stop it. My District was dead and my heart would be too if I didn't stop this war.

They make me watch the bombing for fifteen minutes and then the nurse that was there when I woke up walks in.

"Where's my family?" I yell at her. She doesn't not respond. I try to lift up my arms, but they're restrained. "Where's my family?" I try again. Again she does not speak. I try over and over and over again and she never speaks. My family was not supposed to be harmed. I knew they were going to be safe once I was gone. But they aren't and they might be dead and the nurse leaves and I still do not have an answer.

I still yell it when she is gone. I still yell it when I begin to feel tired. I know they are watching me. I know they are probably laughing at me. And I don't feel good at all until I see Portia walk in that door her cheeks tearstained as well, that's when I stop yelling. That's when her tears become more and mine become less.

"They took Cinna." She sobs and falls into my chest. It would have been much better if I had died in that arena. I feel envy for the people lucky enough to be out of this world. But since I was here and they were taking everything I had ever loved, I could at least try and get Katniss back.

I'll have to be at me best in that interview tomorrow or I won't have anything to live for at all.

End of Book Two

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