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Kim's Point of View

It was 3 in the afternoon, Rudy told us we didn't have to practice today. We were told he had a date, of course we were surprise but that's beside the point now. I'm pretty sure Jack has found out the news from his parents now since we got off school around 1:25. I am waiting on a text or a phone call. I'm very scared at the moment.

"Kim I'm home." Her mom called from down stairs

"Okay, I'm coming down." Kim told her mom

(Kim walks down stairs to see her mom, her mom ask what she wants for dinner.)

"Honey, what do you want for dinner?" she asked her daughter

"Can we just order some pizza? It sounds so good at the moment." Kim asked her mom

"Sure sweetie, just let me go change and we can order. We could also watch a movie if you like?" Her mom asked her

"Yeah mom that sounds great." Kim smiles at her mom

{Her mom goes upstairs to change. Kim decided to text Jack to see what's up?}

Jack's Point of View

I'm currently sitting in my room, still thinking about how to tell Kim. First, I need to go talk to my parents again and ask where we are moving too. Second, how am I going to tell the girl I love I'm moving. Then my iPhone is beeping, I'm betting its Kim texting me.

(Jack picks up his iPhone from his bed and Kim has texted him.)

Heyy babe, did you find out the news from you parents yet? –Kim

I don't even know what to text back. I leave my phone on my bed. I walk down stairs and my parents are starting on dinner.

"Hey Jack, how are you?" His mom asked him

"I'm fine at the moment, one question where are we exactly moving to?" Jack asked her

"We're moving to New York." His mom said

"Oh well I'm going back to room. Call me when dinner is ready." He asked them

"Sure Jack; we will." His father told him

[Jack went back upstairs to his room to his phone ringing, he looks at his phone and it's Kim. He lets it ring until he gets a voicemail from her. He listens to it.]

Babe, can you call me when you get the chance. What's going on? I need to know. Is the news bad? Please call me or text me. I love you Jack, bye

Jack's Point of View

Listening to Kim's voice in that voicemail, made me even realize how I'm going to miss her so much. I thought of not holding her or even kissing her, it just made me sad. But I knew I had to tell her tonight. I leave in a week. I only have a week left with the girl I love.

-Jack's parents had called him down for dinner; he walked down and sat at the table. Dinner was quiet, Jack didn't speak a word until he said to his parents that he needed to meet up with Kim tonight and tell her what was going on with him. He went back to his room and texted Kim.-

Kim, you think we can meet at the park tonight? I have something to tell you. –Jack

Kim's Point of View

My mom and I were in the living room eating pizza and watching the movie A Walk To Remember (A/N: I love that movie.) Then all a sudden I got a text from Jack asking if I could meet him at the park. It was like 7 at night. I hope my mom will let me go.

"Mom, do you think I could go to the park? Jack has something to tell me." Kim asked her mom

"Sure sweetie I think it will be fine." Her mom told her

"Okay, thanks I'm going to get dressed." Kim said

-Kim walked up stairs she changed out of her school clothes. She put on some pink sweats and light blue lose t-shirt and a pair of flats. Kim then looked in her mirror and put her hair up in a messy bun. After, Kim was done she went downstairs and told her mom "Okay mom I'll be back soon." Her mom answer "Okay Kim, I going to be heading to bed soon so make sure you bring you key to let yourself back into the house." Kim said "Okay I will mom." Kim grabbed her keys and headed down to the park which wasn't too far from her house. When she got there, Jack was sitting on the bench waiting on her.-

"Hey Jack, what's up?" Kim asked him

"Oh hey Kim, thanks for meeting me." Jack told her

"Yeah of course, what's the news?" Kim asked Jack

"Can you sit and I'll tell you." Jack asked her

~Kim then sits down next to him. She has a worried look on her face.~

"Jack, what's going on? Is it something bad?" Kim asked him

"I didn't it take it too well when I found out and I know you won't be able to either." Jack told her

"What is it? You can tell me anything Jack." Kim explained to him

"Kim, I'm moving in a week my mom job transfer her to-" Jack didn't even finish

"WHAT you're leaving?" Kim said shocked

[Kim starts to tear up a little bit. She didn't know what to say after "you're leaving."]

"I know baby, please don't cry." Jack said

"I can't stop Jack, hearing this; it's breaking my heart. We just got together and now you are leaving. Where do we even stand now Jack?" Kim explained to Jack

(Jack grabs Kim's hands and looks in her eyes.) "Kim, I want us to be together. I want us to work. I want you and only you." Jack told Kim

"I do too Jack." Kim cried out to Jack

[Kim now is now full on crying, Jack then gets on his knees in front of Kim still holding her hands still.]

"Baby, we are going to make this work. I don't want to let you go ever." Jack told Kim

"I love you so much Jack for staying that." Kim says

(Jack then stands up in front on her and pulls her up into a hug. He tells her. "Kim, I love you too more and more everyday if that's even possible." Kim now then pulls away from the hug and smiles. She then touches the side of Jack's cheek and plants a soft sweet kiss on his lips. She then pulls away.)

"Can you walk me home?" Kim asked Jack

"Of course sweetie." Jack said and then smile at her

[They walked to her house, when they reach the door. He kissed her on the forehead and then looked down to her.]

"I promise to you Kim, we are going to make this work. Will talk about this more after school tomorrow? Okay." Jack told Kim

"Okay, Jack. I'll see you tomorrow." Kim said

{Kim unlocks her door and walked into her house.}

Kim's Point of View

I got into my house and leaned against the back of the front door. Thinking of the words Jack was saying to me. "I want us to be together. I want us to work. I want you and only you." Just remembering him saying those words made me smile and it was the truth I wanted Jack and I to work out everything. Jack is my life and I want him to always be.

Jack's Point of View

When I finally got home from dropping off Kim, it broke my heart seeing her cry when I told her I was moving. I told her I wanted her and only her. Kim is my life and I don't want that to change because of this move.

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