From a prompt a million years ago that is a high school AU! Featuring Thor, Loki, Jane, Darcy and a slew of others and focuses on new girl Darcy with loner Loki.

Multi chapter so this is chapter 1/intro (omfg its super short tbh) and also crossposting on my tumblr: youvejustbeenlokid

His brother is brawn and power and terribly charming grins that make girls go weak in the knees. His brother is glorious on the football field and gives everyone high fives, even the short freshman trying to get his locker undone before the second period bell rings signaling he is late. His brother has eyes for a girl named Jane Foster, senior class valedictorian and the slayer of all learning curves in every class she takes.

His brother is perfect and loved by all.

Sometimes he wishes he were his brother.

He is the one who smokes under the bleachers before first period English. He's the one that is slim, quick, as charming as a snake and sometimes twice as dangerous. He's the boy warned about to new students. Don't take him too serious, don't believe him when he tells you something is okay to do because chances are you're being set up. The only one who controls the boy is his brother and sometimes his brother simply lets him get away with his tricks. He's the one who has pulled the fire alarm so much that when the school actually had reason to evacuate everyone thought it was a joke until they saw the smoke.

And he probably started that one too, but there has never been any real evidence. The teachers talk. The students talk. Everyone talks but her but Darcy is new and she doesn't know better. Loki is sure she'll get her education of how things work soon enough.