Okay, I'm writing this because I really liked cloudswords' stories, KIT 'N' KITTEN ADVENTURES: (Insert name here) being one of my most favorite group of stories. So, I decided to come out with my own. with his permission of course. ;) Thank you cloudsword for allowing me to write, and publish this. So now, let us continue to my take on the KIT 'N' KITTEN ADVENTURES, The Unofficial KIT 'N' KITTEN ADVENTURES! :D Also, the whole story will be wrote in third person, so no first person what-so-ever.

Warning: Possibly dangerous amount of "fluff" ahead, fluff levels emitting from the area could be lethal, you have now been mockingly warned. ;)

Disclaimer: *sigh* I really don't see how this really matters, but Bolt is Disneys, and the rest is complete copyright to cloudsword, the best Bolt fanfiction writer to date, well besides the plot, that's me, but really it is cloudswords new charaters, and Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino having powers, ect...

"Hey kids, come up here for a minute!" Mittens yelled into the yard from the porch she sat on lazily.

They all came running up from the grassy field, and up to Mittens eagerly.

"Yes Mom?" Wolf asked.

"Yes Aunti Mittens?" Mir asked.

"Penny said she would take us to the park, but only if you mind, and be good, understand?" Mittens asked eyeballing Wolf who just chuckled, and whistled casually.

"Yes, we understand." Mike said for everyone.

"Good, now go inside, and have lunch, we'll be ready to leave in about 10 minutes." Mittens said nodding towards the door.

They all ran towards the door in an attempt to get in first, and in their attempt they all fell onto one another, and ended up being a pile of kits, and kittens all laughing their heads off. Mittens shook her head, and smiled at the 6 of them. She yawned, and got up to find Bolt. She walked into the house over the laughing ball of fur, and into the living room where she found Bolt laying on the couch.

"Hey Bolt." she said jumping up on the couch next to him.

"Hey Mittens." he said yawning.

"They're about to leave, you sure you don't want to go with us?" she asked him.

"Yeah, I'm not felling up to it. I'm really tired today." he said closing his eyes.

Mittens smiled, and whispered into his ear "Alright goodnight Bolt, we'll be back later."

"Okay." he mumbled out nearing the edge of sleep.

She then jumped off the couch, and walked into the dining room where she saw the kids had finished eating, and were ready to go.

"Alright, lets go." Penny said grabbing her backpack.

15 minutes later...

"Alright guys, we're here. Just stay close to the playground area." Mittens said walking up to the bench where Penny had sat down, and jumping up herself.

She turned her head to watch the kids play for a while, until Penny asked "So... got anything to talk about?"

"Amazing isn't it?" she asked Penny who responded with a confused look.

"What?" she asked Mittens pondering what was amazing.

"How in just two, and a half years, all this happened." Mittens said.

"Oh yeah, strange isn't it? How all that can happen in such a short time." Penny said looking up at the clouds.

"Yeah." Mittens said closing her eyes to take a short nap.

Penny smiled, and returned to her book entitled 'How to take care of talking pets, by Penny Fosester' every now, and then looking up at the kids, and returning to her book. After a while though, she too fell into a slumber with Mittens.

With the kits, and kittens...

"Hey Kevin, come on, let's play tag!" Hazel yelled to Kevin who was hiding under a bush.

"Yeah, come on Kevin!" Anna yelled as well.

"O-okay..." he said shakily getting up, and walking with them to start the game.

They then ran about, and ran past a tired Mike a few times. On the sidelines Wolf was scheming.

Wolf then walked up to Mir, and whispered "Hey, come over here for a moment."

She nodded, and they walked about 6 to 7 feet away from the others.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"You want to play a prank on Mike over there?" he asked pointing his paw to where Mike had stationed himself near the edge of the playground resting for a moment.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked smiling.

"We could sneak around behind him in the woods, and scare him." he suggested.

She thought about it, and nodded saying "Sure."

They sneaked around the playground without gaining any attention at all, and crawled down the hill into the forest. They walked in the direction that thought Mike was in, and stayed quite as they could. But suddenly they heard a low growl in one of the nearby bushes. They both nearly jumped out of their skins, and ran as fast as they could away from the bushes. Away from the park as well, deeper into the woods. When they finally stopped running, they looked around, and noticed they weren't anywhere near the park anymore.

"Uh Wolf, which way did we come from?" Mir asked looking around them for any sign of the park, or a indication of which way they had ran.

"Um... I don't know." Wolf said doing the same.

Mir stopped, and quickly turned back to Wolf, and screamed "What do you mean you don't know!? We can't be lost!"

"I think we are..." the little kit said with fear evident in his voice.

"How are we going to get back!?" Mir screamed, on the brink of tears.

Wolf just looked at her for a moment, and he walked up, and lied down next to her to help calm her down.

"Shush... I'm sure Dad's looking for us right now, just calm down." he said in as comforting a voice he could.

She sniffed, and lied down next to him, and put her head on his paw.

"Are you sure?" she asked sniffing.

"I'm sure." he said smiling as he too lied his head down next to hers.

After a few minutes lying there, he felt a drop of water hit his nose. His eyes shot open as he looked up at the sky as another drop fell on his little black nose, and his fur ruffled up in surprise.

"Uh-oh..." he said as realization hit him.

Mir woke up, and said "Uh-oh what? I don't like uh-oh, that is not what I want to hear right now."

"Its started raining." he told her.

"Oh, we better find someplace to hide from the rain then." she said not quite getting the point.

"That's the least of our problems now..." he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked getting worried.

"It's raining remember?" he asked.

She nodded, and he said "The rain will wash our scent away, we need to figure out which way to go, and fast."

Her eyes went wide, and she stood up in a jump of fear.

"We have to get moving now!" she said looking around once again.

Wolf nodded, his ears flopping slightly, and they head off towards who knows where.

With Bolt...

Bolt was having a nice nap lying on the couch, when he suddenly Mittens was shaking him yelling "Bolt wake up! Wolf, and Mir are missing!"

"Wha-What?" he said shaking his head yawning, still waking up from his slumber.

"Wolf, and Mir are missing!" she screamed at him annoyed at her husbands inattentive listening skills.

"What!?" he screamed now fully awake.

"They're missing, we searched the entire park looking for them, and even some of the forest, but we can't find them anywhere!" she screamed worried at what might have happened to them.

"You can't find who anywhere?" Shadows asked strolling into the living room.

Mittens, and Bolt looked at him a indescribable look of dread crossing their face.

His eyes hardened, and his black nose crinkled.

"Whose missing?" he asked in a more serious tone.

"Wolf, and Mir..." Mittens said looking down at her paws in shame.

"What do you mean they're missing!? Dog, I asked you to look after my kids, and you lose one of them!" Shadows screamed at them the fur on the back of his neck standing on end.

"Hey, I lost one of my kits too!" he screamed back growling at the cat.

"Well, where'd you lose them!?" he yelled them.

"The park!" Mittens hissed at him her crystal claws jutting out of their sleeves to shut him up.

He quickly made for the door, and used his super speed to get to the park as fast as he could to get to the park.

"We had best do the same." Bolt said running out the door, towards the park.

Mittens did the same, and they all made way for the park. Shadows arriving much sooner then the others, he quickly ran up to his remaining kittens, Anna running up, and telling him what happened.

"We were all playing, and the next thing we knew, they were gone!" she screamed at him fearful for her sister.

He nodded, and started looking all around the park. Under the bushes, in the trashcans, and the trees.

As soon as Bolt arrived, Shadow turned to him and asked "About time you got here dog."

"Hey, I don't have super speed anymore remember?" Bolt returned to him growling.

Shadows simply stared at him.

"Mittens, you search all around the outside of the park, we'll search the inside, and the forest." Bolt said to his wife who nodded, and did just that.

"Yeah, and hurry." Shadows said a look of complete seriousness crossing his face.

"Don't tell me what to do." Mittens said giving him the look.

He shivered, and remained quite as the two start to research the area, after finding nothing in the park, they made way for the forest.

"Hey." they heard a voice call from above.

They looked up, and saw a lone bird perched on the branch above.

"Yeah?" Bolt asked.

"Hey, you two wouldn't happen to be looking for a kitten, and a who knows what would'ya?" the bird asked, it's head twitching.

"Yes, where are they!?" Shadows screamed at the bird.

"Whoa there, take it easy cat." the bird said flapping its wings.

"Where are they?" Bolt asked calmly.

The bird turned its head to Bolt, and said "I don't know the exact location, but somewhere that way. They got scared pretty good by that wolf, heh, heh, he should be hunting them at this point. You'd best to smell'em out you know?"

Bolt nodded his head, and said "Thanks."

"Come on Dog, we have to hurry. You heard what that bird said, there's probably a wolf hunting my kid!" Shadows yelled at Bolt.

"Hey, he's hunting my kid too, so calm down." Bolt said ending the conversation.

"I can't calm down, you know why?!" Shadows screamed.

"Why?" Bolt asked him calmly.

"Because me, and Sassy was watching the weather with Clera, and it said that there's going to be a huge thunderstorm tonight!" Shadows screamed at Bolt for not taking this as serious as he should.

"Well all this screaming isn't helping us find them any faster now is it!?" Bolt screamed at Shadows in anger.

Shadows remained quite, and the two of them continued their search for several hours, coming up with nothing because of the bad weather washing away the kids scent.

"Come on." Bolt said heading back to the park.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Shadows yelled at Bolt.

"We aren't going to find them in this weather, and they're smart enough to find shelter, so it would be near impossible to find them now, we'll just have to come back tomorrow when the rain stops." Bolt told Shadows who glared at the dog.

"But-" he started.

But Bolt cut him off by saying "No, lets go. I'm not leaving you out here."

Shadows reluctantly agreed, and they both left the forest in silence. When they returned to the park, they saw Penny, and her mother waiting with the car.

"Did you find them?" Penny asked opening the car door for them.

Bolt blinked at her, and tilted his head to the side as his answer.

"Don't worry, we'll find them tomorrow." she said petting him on the head while Shadows got in the car skulking.

Bolt didn't say anything, and they all went home where it was nice, and warm. But Bolt couldn't help, but think that the kids weren't going home, they were going to be cold all night, and possibly be sick by the time they find them, or worse...

Back with Wolf, and Mir...

"It's raining pretty hard now Wolf..." Mir said lying next to Wolf in the small cave they found as lightning crackled lighting up the cave for a few moments.

"Yeah... Our scent is long gone now..." he said staring at his paws as if they had faces on them.

They both remained silent for a few minutes, staring at the rain.

"I-I'm sorry..." Wolf said closing his eyes, tilting his head to the ground his nose between his paws.

"What?" Mir asked.

"I'm sorry for suggesting that we prank Mike, and for getting us lost in these woods, and I'm sorry for anything else I ever did to make you sad!" Wolf said breaking down into tears.

Mir stared at him as he cried into his paws, and she came over, and wrapped her left front leg around him in embrace as thunder roared throughout the forest.

"It's okay..." she said comforting him as he cried unlike she had ever seen anyone cry before.

Suddenly, she too started crying, and pushed her head under Wolfs right front leg her face burring into his neck.

He moved his head sniffing, and asked "Scared?"

She nodded, and his eye softened. He sat his head down on top of hers, and wrapped his right front leg around her to comfort her from being alone, and without her parents.

"Hey Wolf?" she asked.

"Yeah Mir?" he asked listening to both her, and the rain.

She then said "I really like you."

He was shocked, but said "I really like you too."

Then they went to sleep for the night.

With Bolt, and Mittens...

"I can't believe we couldn't find them..." Bolt said depressingly.

Mittens put her left front paw on his right front , and said "Don't worry Bolt, they can take care of themselves for one night. They're both smart kids."

He grimaced, and said "I know, but... It's just... You know what I mean."

She frowned, and said "Yeah... I know what you mean..."

"Hey guys..." Penny said with a frown walking up.

"Hey Penny..." they both responded in depressed unison.

"Quite the day huh?" Penny asked.

"Yeah." they both said in unison again.

Penny sighed, and said "Well, I just came to say goodnight, and to tell you that you will find them tomorrow."

"Thank you Penny." Mittens said.

"Yeah, thanks Penny." Bolt also said

She grimaced, and walked out of the room. Leaving two depressed, worried animals to skulk in their bed.

And there you have it! First chapter of the unofficial KIT 'N' KITTEN ADVENTURES, 'KIT 'N' KITTEN ADVENTURES: LOST!' Thank you, thank you everybody, but the real credit goes to cloudsword for creating the original characters of Mike, Wolf, Hazel, Anna, Kevin, Mir, Shadows, Sassy, and the rest of his crew. Bolt, Mittens, Penny, and the rest belonging to disney. I am merely the author for this story, but as I've said many, upon many times now, the real credit goes to cloudsword. Give him a round of applause everybody! :D Oh, I hope they get home safely, and what about this wolf that's after them? Oh the irony!

Yours truly, InvaderL.