Happy ending:

Midorima heads to the place he and Takao usually end up when on their basketball or drinking dates. His gut feeling tells him that Takao is there waiting for him. He parks his car and alights, heading to the hilltop overlooking the entire region. His guess is right, Takao stands there admiring the view and Midorima cannot help but also stand and admire Takao. His presence doesn't escape Takao's Hawk Eye and Takao turns to face him.

Takao looks refreshed now, as if a burden has been released from his previously sinking shoulders. He smiles at Midorima.

"Nice view here, eh?"

Midorima nods and smiles back, stepping forward to take Takao in his arms. Takao leans back playfully.

"Tsk tsk, so eager. I'll have to inform you that just because I broke up with Rina, it doesn't mean that I'll get back with you. You'll have to work for it. Now tell me, what will Mido-sensei do to make Kazunari fall in love with him again?"

Midorima smirks.

"There's no need to make Kazunari fall in love again, he has never fallen out of love in the first place."

Takao splutters indignantly.

Midorima grins and grabs Takao by his waist.

"But Mido-sensei will work hard to ensure that Kazunari will never be unhappy ever again."