Snow White is Asleep

In an Enchanted Forest, Snow White was living in a deserted cottage with seven strange men. Snow White prepared dinner for them: vinegar cucumber soup, and left the meal to cook slowly on the fire. She then went back to the bedroom upstairs and laid asleep on seven small beds.

The dwarves were ecstatic that they had a woman in their humble abode. They rarely had female encounter their whole life. To celebrate, their self-appointed leader, Doc, spoke up. His glasses askewed and his arms were waiving like an excited octopus.

"We-We..We should celebrate! A young maiden in our house, cooking for us even!"

Bashful muttered, "Daaw. That's kinda hot if you think about it." He started blushing uncontrollably, going red in the face.

Sleepy yawned loudly. "Oh, guys. I'm kinda sleepy. Going to bed now with Snow White.." He jokingly made a movement going upstairs and accidentally fell all the way down. Laughter followed suit.

"I bet she's still innocent," said Happy. He started singing without a care in the world. "Like a virgin, touched for the very first time~" Then he slapped his fat crotch crudely, repeatedly.

"Patty cake, patty cake, patty cake," chanted Sleepy. He groped his saggy man boobs lustfully with both hands. Bashful started humping Doc's leg.

Grumpy snarled at them. "Ya horny old fools! Making me sick!" He spat on the floor.

"Grumpy's right. *Achoo!* You should be ashamed of yoselves," said Sneezy. He let out a loud fart in protest.

The house smelled like a dead rodent.

"Ya mangy puke! Stink like a skunk's asshole!" screamed Happy. He turned his round body and let out a loud steaming ass gas in response. It smelled like old tuna sandwich with cheese. He laughed like a delirious hyena basking in his stink.

Grumpy frowned and pinched his nose in retaliation. He squeezed hard but only a tiny "poot" sound came out. The roar of laughter was insane.

Dopey smiled. He undid his pants and bent over his naked butt up towards the other dwarves. He pushed hard and grunted loudly. Out came a big fart along with a load of slushy slime of diarrhea.

All the other six dwarves were sprayed with that brown, chunky substance and they stood there speechless. They were drenched to their toes. The smell was incredible and the wooden floor was stained.


It was Snow White.

After a trip to the bathroom, they had dinner.