Portland, Maine

It was a snowy day, those types of days that I really hate with a passion, the ones where it's just snowing hard enough to make your life a living hell, but not enough for you to quit whatever it is that you were doing. It felt like it was a hundred below freezing and there was no way to get around all of the people that were getting the slush all over the place. No way around it! So finally I just decided that the busy roads were not going to cut it and picked one of the back roads that would get me to my house. It was getting to be dusk and I knew that I was going to get in trouble for still being out for too long, but it would have just taken way to long to get home the other way. No, this way seemed like it was going to be much easier and it gave me some time to study for my Latin exam that I had first thing in the morning.

Languages had never been a problem for me, since I can speak nearly fifteen already, Latin shouldn't have been that hard is what I thought, yeah, I was wrong. With almost all of the other I had been able to just read it off of their minds, been able to just listen to them and pick it up as if they were speaking it out loud, with Latin though, you don't hear very many people thinking it, let alone thinking about it. Latin was something that had been the biggest challenge of my life for me, even worse since my mom was going to have a fit when he found out that I was only getting an B- in the class. She seems to think that just because I am good at any other language that it should just come easy – but she had never really understood the whole mind thing anyway.

I have always been able to read minds since almost forever I can say, I mean I have never been able to not hear them, I have just learned how to tune them out I guess is the better word for it. When I want to- like when I am trying to learn a new language, I try to listen in to others, try to tune into what they are thinking about and then learn it that way. Most of the time it works like a charm, but like I have already said, I guess Latin really is the dead language that they are summing it up to be. But I mean if you think about it, years ago it was the only thing that they really had to speak from so why is it getting to be such a dead language? Shouldn't we all be learning it? As I pulled my Latin book out of my bag, I tried to stay near all of the street lights because it was getting very dark now.

" Do you have food that's. . . Operor vos cibum habeo?" I asked pretty much myself as I looked in the book and smiled as I got it right. I was so busy that I did not see the person that walked out in front of me. " Can I- Oh my goodness, I am so sorry Sir." I said as I nearly knocked the man to the ground.

" You smell like the most amazing thing on earth, what are you?" A man with a deep southern accent said as he looked down at me.

" What am I? What are you talking about, and how can you spell me from all the way over there? I am sorry Sir, but I really have to get home." I said as I tried to walk by, but it seemed like at lighting speed he was in front of me and starring at me like I was a full blown meal.

The man did not say another word, as he looked around the street, I knelt my head down as I knew that there was no one around, no one that would come to my aid, that's way I had picked this street, because no one really comes down it. The man smiled as something happened to his teeth, they seemed to have. . . morphed almost, into fangs, only two of them though as he, once again in lighting speed, came down and pierced through my skin and into my neck. I felt a wave of panic come over me as I tried to fight the man off, but it seemed like he was made of steal, tried to scream, but he then just covered my mouth. There was nothing that I could do as he slowly drained my body of all of the blood that was in it. I could feel myself sinking into the cold snow that was around me as my vision started to blur, my body started to give in to death. I could feel myself fading as a cold gust of air came over me and I felt as if a warm rain had washed over my body.

" Am I dead?" I asked lightly as I opened my eyes as wide as they would go, I could see that I was covered in something more than blood, and now standing in front of me was a man that was no more than a few years older than I was.

" No, not yet, though you are very close to it." The man said as he wrapped his jacket around me.

" Please, you have to help me." I begged at the man, looked into his eyes and tried to convince him.

" I saw that you were speaking Latin back there, how well are you at it?" He questioned, I started to wonder if he was going to just quiz me while I died.

" Not too good yet, I am still learning it, though I know. . . a lot of other languages fluently. French, Spanish, Swedish, Gaelic, and. . . Why can't I hear your thoughts?" I asked lightly as I looked up at the man, this puzzled him.

" My thoughts?" He asked.

" Yes, I can read everyones mind, but not yours. . . Can we please. . . later?" I asked, I could feel myself fading deeper into the dark.

" Would you like to live with me forever? You will be my daughter, sister, mother, for all of life and beyond." He asked.

" I would like that very much. . . just. . . help." I could feel myself fading as the man did the same as the one before him and that's when I knew that I was going to die.

_ When I woke I was in a different place, someplace that was so dark that I felt like I was going to suffocate from it all and as everything became clear and focused, I could see that I was someplace different all together, I was at least three deep below ground. I found that I could climb fully out and as I looked around I saw the man that was no more than a year older than I was sitting in the snow on the ground a few feet beside of me. He was smiling at me as I climbed out, looking very pleased with something as he walked over to me. I started to remember everything that had happened, from the man that had attacked me before, to the last thing that he told me.

" What are you?" I asked as I tried to back away from him.

" I am your maker now." He said with a smile as he hot out his hand towards me. " Godric."

" Sygin." I said lightly as I placed my hand in his. " So what in the world did you do to me to make it so that I lived, I mean there was no way that I had enough blood in me to survive something like that! Are you some kind of magic doctor or something like that?" I asked.

" You could say so." Godric said with a faint laugh.

It was not too long after that I learned that I was vampire, a creature of the night that should have never became. I was the last of three children that Godric had created and by far the one that he most did not want to have to change, he said that he had been watching over me and trying to protect me from vampires since he had first smelt me almost a year back. He told me that he knew that I could speak about five languages and that he knew what I really was, well had been before the fact that I had become vampire. But he would never tell me about it. Godric regretted that he had to turn me into vampire, saying that he did not want a curse like this to happen to anyone, but he also did not want the world to lose someone like me. Godric and I explored the world in one another's arms, becoming closer and closer as the years went on.

Slowly I began to love the life of a vampire, the sleeping during the day was the only downfall that I could really see to it. I mean I loved everything that there was about it, the darkness that surrounded you no matter where you went, the mystery that almost made you even more beautiful than you were before, the fact that I could control a man that was triple my size with one hand tried behind me back! Everything about being a vampire I was in love with! I even got used to drinking from humans almost instantly, half because I felt like I was going to starve to death if I did not, and the other half because once I started, it felt like heaven on earth to drain that man from all of his blood, to be able to feel when his heart stopped, it was something that made me feel stronger than I ever had been before.


Austin, Texas

Godric had just been asked if he wanted to become the king of Texas, since their king had just recently died because of some vampire hunter that had found him munching in some little girl. We talked it over during the many nights that we spent in our newest home. I thought that it would be an amazing thing to become a king of a state, it would be good for the both of us to be able to settle in someplace for awhile and just. . .enjoy the sights that Texas had. But no matter how hard I tried, there seemed to be no way to convince Godric about becoming king of Texas. So when the Authority came for an answer, Godric respectfully decided but said that he would love to have a job as one of the new sheriffs of District Nine.

" A sheriff! Godric this is still amazing that you will have so much more power then you had before. You will be able to protect all of the vampires in this area from those horrible hunters that are trying to kill us and be able to do what you please!" I said with a smile as we walked the warm streets.

" Yes, I thought that you would be pleased with that. Now come, I have got a present for you." He said as he pulled out two tickets to Aerosmith! They were my favorite band at the time and I had been begging him to let me go for weeks before this moment.

" Godric! How in the world did you get this! I mean they are right upfront and I mean you said that you would never go to a horrible rock show like this! Did you listen to the tape that I got you! You did didn't you and you loved it!" I shrieked as I wrapped me arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss. " I love you so much!" I said in joy as I jumped up and down. " Now tell me that you loved it." I said with a smile.

" I guess that their music is alright. Now common, we have a concert to get to! I paid good money for these tickets." Godric said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and lead me into the time of my life.

I loved every moment that we got to spend that night together, just listening to every word that Steven Tyler sung out to us and every moment I could feel like I was a little more human than I had been in years. I felt like I was just another teen girl that was there, screaming their lungs out and having a blast at their first rock concert – though for me it was my first concert in general, my father hated to allow me out of the house before dark and I guess for good reasons – and I felt like Godric was a proud father as he looked around and saw many more dads around with their daughters. Godric even allowed me to get a rock shirt that he paid for, something simple. A "Dream On" shirt that had everything in big, bubble letters.

Godric even glamored the bodyguards into allowing us to go through and be able to meet Steven Tyler! I felt like the biggest fan of my life as I got to meet my rock-idol of the moment, smile at him and ask him about five hundred questions about the band and about himself. It was one of those moments that I will always be able to remember, no matter how old I get. Godric says that all memories start to fade after awhile, even the most memorable moments fade into nothingness. As we walked home from the show, it was still dark enough where we got a bite to eat on the way home. I felt like I was walking on sunshine as we made it home and I took a shower, feeling like all of the sweat from all of the different humans had gotten on me somehow and played my Aerosmith tape on full blast as I took my shower.

By the time that I had gotten out of the shower and gotten my new shirt on, I would have figured that Godric would have been in the basement by now, in our little room that had no light whatsoever, getting ready for bed. So I took a little extra time then I normally did and got my hair ready for the next night and when I finally turned my tape off is when I heard him for the first time, the sound of my brother's voice coming from down the hall. His voice was dark but very soft when he was speaking to Godric, almost like he was the one person in the world that my brother truly had ever loved. I knew this exact same feeling from the moment that I heard it, though I did not know then that I even had siblings to be heard of, I dropped my tape player and ran out into the kitchen where the two men were standing, a woman behind the two of them, playing with one of my lather jackets.

" Do not touch that!" I said as I came up beside of Godric, the woman automatically letting it go.

" I didn't want to touch that piece of garbage anyway." She said as she rolled her eyes.

The man and the woman looked like they could have been brother and sister. They both had long, blond hair that was around the same tone in color, the same type of stance that was about them, and the same glare in their eyes as they both looked at me. The man though, he was the one that caught my attention after I found that the woman had dropped my jacket. He was tall, lanky but strong, and had a look about him that would be able to kill be able to kill a man with just a that single look and for the moment, I was the one that was getting that look thrown at me. They were both in leather, the woman almost a full leather outfit with her hair teased out to the max. The man in a leather jacket and jeans so tight that it did not leave much to the imagination.

" Who is she, Godric?" The man hissed as he looked me down from head to two, it was when I realized that I was only wearing my new shirt, I felt bare.

" Eric, this is your newest sister, Sygin." Godric said as he looked over at me. " Sygin, this is you brother, and my eldest child, Eric."

" Pleasure." I said lightly as I looked him up and down.

" Sygin? Named after the Norse mythology?" Eric asked.

" Yes, that would be correct." I said as I looked back to the woman behind Eric.

" Oh, this is my progeny, Pam." Eric said the girls name as if he was scolding her for touching things that were not hers to touch, which made me smile just a bit.

" Nice to meet you, Pam." Godric said with a smile as he looked out of the window toward the sky, the sun would be rising any minute now.

" We should be getting downstairs." I said as I lightly tugged on the sleeve on his shirt.

" I know, I will be down in a moment, Eric, will your progeny and yourself be staying the night?" Godric said which meant that he was going to send me off in a minute.

" No, I do not think that we are, we are going to be headed down to Louisiana tomorrow night and we have a place not too far from here. I was just coming to stop by and say hello, since we are in the same country. Tell you congratulations on getting the sheriff position." Eric said lightly.

" Very well, Sygin, I will be down in a minute if you want to go down and go to sleep." Godric said.

" Okay, nice to meet you Eric, Pam. Hope you will come out to eat with us tomorrow night before you go."

" That would be. . . nice." Eric said with a smile. " Goodnight, Sygin." I moved towards the door that lead to the basement and closed the door behind me, but only stayed two steps from the top to listen to the the rest of the conversation.

" You never said that you had another progeny, I would have liked to have been there to meet her properly before now, Godric." Eric said, getting a little more angry, but still not mad.

" I am sorry, I just thought that you were off having your own life, being the person that you wanted to be, procreating. Like you wished when you wanted to released." Godric said in a flat tone.

" Please do not play that card with me, Godric." Eric hissed.

" Well if you must know, she is part fae and was going to die because another vampire had found her before I had." Godric said in almost a hushed tone. " She could be one of the lasts ones known to earth, there was no way that I was going to let that die."

It almost hurt that he told Eric all of this and not the girl that was this fae thing, the one that had been begging him for years to tell her what she was, the one that wanted to know since the day that she was born what made her so different from the rest of the world. But I did not mind much, I could not mind much because I knew that Godric would have told me at some point. So as I laid in the bed in the light-tight room with Godric sleeping at my side, I knew that there was going to be some questions to ask my dear old brother the next night.