I was driving to the hospital,to check on Shianahs dad,and hopefully shianah would be there...

But on my way,I saw this kid spray painting our entire billboard black,so you couldnt see it.

I quickly pulled over."Hey kid ! what do you think your doing ?"I yelled to him.I couldnt see his face,

It was covered by a he began to run yelling "PAYBACK TO YOU HEARTLESS SHOW OFFS !"

It was kind of a deep voice,maybe it was just a girl or guy trying to sound like that...Wait.

Heartless show offs ? had to be Shianah.I decided to screw the hospital,and drove straight to her house.

I knocked on the door,very angry."Hello?"A women answered."Yeah,hi is shianah there ?"I asked her.

"Uhh yea just a ,THERES SOMEONE AT THE DOOR !"She i heard footsteps comeing.

Then the women left me and shianah.

"Why would you do that !"I yelled at her."Do what ?"She gave me a confused look.

"You just spray painted our bill board !"I yelled some more.

"You had no right to use my name nor my dads incident ! You lied to make yourselves look good ! And now im a die hard fan
now ?!Yeah !Right ! And use my name on television !? What is your issue !PLUS IT WASNT EVEN ME !SHAWN DID IT FOR
ME !"She yelled,and a tear fell from her eye.

Oh..Yeah...Right..."It was harrys idea ! "I frowned.

"Oh sure !Blame it on him ! your no better !"She began to frown more.

"Your italian,is that what im hearing ?"I slipped into fantasy.

She stared at shocked."No ones ever..Guessed..My accent.."She suddenly stopped crying.

And then i did it.I leaned in for a kiss.I was about just a mili second from her wasnt resisting.

"OH NO YOU DONT !"A voice yelled,as they pushed me from kissing was shawn.

"Heres there phone number,I also got ATON of prank call ideas written on back."He smiled as he waited for a kiss on the cheek

I shrugged an kissed his cheek,stuffing the paper into my pocket."Wait,Why would you want to..Prank call us ?"I asked.

She Sighed..And dug her foot into the ground."I kinda wanted payback..Actualy..I am still mad.."She sighed some more.

"Clever...Wanna join us for lunch today ?"I laughed,getting up.

She stared at me,looking like she ahd slipped away from reality.

"Oh..Umm..Im going to be at the hospital till late waiting for results on my dad.."She frowned.

"Oh..Er...Oh ! I know ! We can eat at the cafeteria in the hospital !"I smiled.

She smiled back."Sounds fun ! And i promise , im done pranking you guys and stuff...Shawn,Plans are off."She smiled back.

Shawn had this real mad look in his eye."Can i come,just to make sure you guys dont..Kiss !"He shouted.

"If you do it counts as one of the 3 dates .."She sighed.

"3 dates .. ?"I looked at me.

" she promised me for doing all these pranks on you guys."He Smiled,kind of creepily.

"And I will join hospital what time ?"Shawn smiled at Shianah.

Shianah wrote something down and passed it to shawn."Thanks."Shawn said as he walked away.

"See you there at.. ?"I asked.

"5."She smiled,as she walked into her house,shutting the door behind her.

I grinned hugely.



I started walking down to the to see me and him.

I know what your thinking,what about Shawn ? Wrong hospital,Wrong time.

I texted niall,since shawn gave me his number,and asked him if he was here.

He quickly texted back,saying he was at table 7.

I rushed downstairs,and walked to table 7,only to see not only ,Zayn,Harry,Louis,And liam.

"Hey "He smiled at me.

"Hey.."I akwardly smiled.

"You gonna sit ?"He asked me.

"Uh,can i have a word with you,alone ?"I asked niall,as he got up and went to the corner with me.

"Why are they here ?"I frowned at him.

"Calm down,they just came to apolagize,and invited us."He smiled.

"No.I invited was suppose to be ME and ME ,YOU and THEM !"I frowned.

"Wait-this was suppose to be a date ?"He asked me.I was so embarresed.

I just ran out the door.

Tears were running down my face.

I tried my hardest to imply it was a date..

He really hurt my feelings..I ran for about 20 minutes and sat on a bench and cried.

Just then Shawn walked up to me."You lied.."He sighed as he sat next to me.

I looked at him."Im sorry,but i really am not focused on you at the moment.."I sniffled.

"Whats wrong ?Did he hurt you ?Did he stand you up !?"He wondered.

I wiped my tears with my sleeve. "None of those...*Sniffle*..He brought other people.."I whined.

It wasnt completely his fault though...

I didnt hurt me.

"Its alright..I would never do that to you.."Shawn put his arm around i would rip his head off but,at the time,

It really didnt matter. "How old are you again ?"I sighed,still crying.

"Im 13,turning 14 in a few days..But age is just a number"He grinned.

I looked at him.I smiled kind of,but still i was crying."Really?You make a cheesey joke now ?I giggled,still crying.

I guess he took that to offence,he sighed.I looked at him some more,and then leaned my head on his shoulder.

He grinned and looked at me.

"Look,This changes still young enough to be my baby brother."I laughed.

He wiped away a tear on my face."So..Will you date me ?"He asked me shyly.I got up.

"Listen,your a good guy,err,creepy,but good..But i just dont think ill ever trust a man again.."I sighed,walked back to the

hospital and got my minivan.I drove home.


I sat on that bench i came close...

Shes amazing..But she just wont love me..


I decided to do the last favor,even though she called it off.

Im going to make them look only in a hospital.

I walked to the hospital,and looked in the window.I saw The boys surronding the blonde,who was covering his eyes.

I crept in and listened.

"I cant believe i blew it..Shes beautiful,Funny..."The blonde cried.

I was ready to go in there and punch him.

"Come on,your NIALL ! From ONE DIRECTION !You can get any other lady,better ladys !"Harry smiled.

I ran through the door and punched him.

"NO ONES BETTER THEN SHIANAH YOU TWO HEADED JERK !"I yelled,and every one stared at me.

Harry got up and kicked me,twisted my arm,and i heard a crack.

"MY ARM !"I screamed.


I think i just did my last favor...

I got up,and shook it off,still trying to act hurt.

"You know what,hes right,no ones better then shianah !Im going to get her back !"Niall smiled,Running for the door.

"no.."I sighed.