Six Eyes of the Snake

chapter 1

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Chapter 1 The Awakening

Naruto was running down the streets with tears in his eyes. Why wouldn't anyone ever leave him alone. All he wanted to do was play at the festival but the second he walked out of his apartment he was chased by a horde of villagers.

"Die demon!" "You should have been killed 8 years ago!" "Today we finish what the fourth started!"

Naruto continued to run each year he was chased by a mob only to be saved by Anbu, or Hokage-jiji, But he's never had to run this long before. Naruto runs into an alley hoping to get away from the mob but to his horror it was a dead end, he was trapped.

The mob stopped briefly and Naruto wondered what they were doing when a gruff looking man stepped out and appeared to be the one who started the mob. He began to speak, "Demon! For eight years you have gone unpunished, and foolishly protected by the Sandaime Hokage but no longer! For today while the Anbu are kept out of the streets by the civilian council, the eight year anniversary of your defeat by the Yondaime Hokage you finally shall receive your punishment.

As the mob closed in Naruto began to cry. He wasn't going to be saved this time. He was going... to die.

Inside the Seal

Most people probably think of the Kyubi as a fearless beast that without a second thought could level cities to the ground well that is normally true but there was one thing that even the Kyubi was afraid of, death. Kyubi was scared, cross that he was absolutely terrified. Kyubi was immortal but the fool Yondaime bound him to his host so when Naruto dies so will he. He wasn't some angel that goes to heaven, no he knew where he would go and it was not a pleasant place. Kyubi knew he would reform many years later but he didn't want to find out what spending all the years in Hell while his body reformed.

Kyubi was currently frantically trying to figure out a way to save himself by slamming himself against the cage bars, trying to dig under the bars, and beating the bars with his tails. There was no way to escape the blasted Yondaime's seal was just to strong.

Kyubi collapsed against the ground seemingly giving up when he felt it an ancient presence deep inside that he hadn't sensed before. He immediately channeled his chakra to that point in a last effort to save himself. If he succeeded than his host would never be the same again.

Outside the Seal

Naruto was feeling pain, so much pain as the rain of punches, kicks, and kunai seemed to never end. Suddenly everyone stopped and backed up a few steps and then the man that Naruto could tell was the person who stepped forward earlier came up with a dagger in his hand and stated, "Demon your time has come to an end it is time to face your punishment, which is death!

As the man stepped forward Naruto began to cry again asking aloud, "What have I done? I've never hurt anyone honest!"

His please fell on deff ears as the man continued to walk forward. As the man was bringing his hand down for the final blow. Naruto cringed for the blow to come, but suddenly he felt incredibly powerful. He thrust his hands out while shouting Shinra Tensei! (Almighty Push). Suddenly everything that was in the alley way found it self thrown a great distance before they hit the ground unconscious.

1 Hour Later

A man was walking down the street back to his apartment after a night of drinking with his team. He had long black hair, angular snake like eyes, and pale skin. This was Orochimaru student of the Sandaime Hokage and member of the legendary Densatsu no Sannin. When Orochimaru (AN: Orochimaru hasn't betrayed the village yet and won't until the shippuden arc) saw all the people strewn all over the place he immediately went on guard. When he looked around he couldn't see what could have caused this. When he was looking around he heard what sounded like a young boy crying.

Orochimaru immediately went to where he heard the boy crying to see if the little boy saw what happened. When he went into the alley the first thing he noticed was that the small boy looked terrible. Underfed, beaten, and stabbed. His first thought was, "Why would anyone do this to such a young boy."

Thats when he noticed who the boy was. He was the Fourths legacy, the jinchuriki of the Kyubi no kitsune, don't get him wrong he wasn't an idiot he knew how strong the seal was and there was no chance of the fox breaking loose on its own. Orochimaru wasn't a fool he knew that those people probably had tried to kill the young boy but how they ended up like this was something that he did want to know. When he walked toward the boy he noticed Naruto stop crying and then Naruto said so sadly, "please don't kill me I didn't do anything wrong."

Orochimaru might not be the nicest guy around but he quickly stopped walking kneeled down and said to him, "I don't want to hurt you how about we take you to the hospital and get your wounds treated.

Naruto said solemnly with his eyes still closed, "They won't treat me at the hospital the say they don't want the patients being exposed to a demon." At this point Orochimaru was flabbergasted he knew their were a lot of fools inside Konoha but he didn't realize that most the village were complete idiots. To not let a young boy in who was injured in to the hospital was outrageous.

Orochimaru thought for a sec a said, "Come I have a subordinate who is trained as a medic nin, he will treat you and fix you up." Naruto looked up at the young man and opened his eyes. Orochimaru was shocked cause instead deep blue that he had expected, it was purple with a ripple pattern.

Orochimaru grinned widely, Orochimaru only saw this dojutsu once before when he went to check on Jiraiya when he was training the three orphans from Ame. Orochimaru knew what this eye could do when Jiraiya showed off the kids abilities. Maybe Orochimaru had found someone to take under his wing as an apprentice(AN: Yes Anko was his apprentice but he taught her all he could).

As promised Orochimaru took Naruto to Kabuto to heal him. When Kabuto left for a minute to go get some rubbing alcohol to disinfect Naruto's cuts. When Orochimaru pulled him aside. "Kabuto I want you to look out for the boy and when your done treating him take him home and make sure he is safe. His eyes intrigue me and I wish to make him my apprentice in order to learn more about his eyes." Kabuto's eyes widened, "Are you sure master this is a great risk considering who you are this could hurt your reputation here in Konoha." Orochimaru only chuckled while stating as, "I couldn't care less what those foolish villagers think of me, I am a Sannin, an icon of power." At this Orochimaru shunshined away to research more about the boys eyes.

3 Days Later Council Chambers

"Hiruzen surely you see that, that thing is a threat to the village and must be killed." Said Homura. His counterpart Koharu decided to speak up and stated, "He attacked and injured several villagers that brat must be exiled or executed". Suddenly from the door a voice stated, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." And just who do you think you are barging in here! O-Orochimaru, stuttered a shocked Koharu. When the boy was attacked by those people that you claim he attacked he some how unlocked a kekai genkai seen only twice ever before.

The Sandaime decided to speak up at that point. "Orochimaru what did Naruto unlock, and who were the two others that had it. Orochimaru answered his sensei's question, "The eye is called the Rinnegan and is immensely powerful. I'd be willing to say stronger than the Sharingan." The council was flabbergasted they had always thought that the Sharingan was the most powerful eye in existence but here was one of their most powerful shinobi telling them that an eight year old now had something much stronger than that.

Homura slowly stuttered out, "W-who were the other two t-too have t-this ability." Orochimaru smirked and stated, "One was an orphan in Ame named Nagato," Unbeknownst to the rest of the council Danzo growled at the mention of Nagato. And the Second," Orochimaru continued, "was the legendary Rikudo Sannin. The room was suddenly lacking oxygen as the whole council simultaneously gasped.

Even the Sandaime was gaping like a fish out of water. Finally Councilor Haruno screamed out, "I THOUGHT THE RIKUDO SANNIN WAS JUST A LEGEND!" Everyone winced at the volume of the Banshee queen. As Orochimaru chuckled, "Only a civilian would be so naïve to believe that in the ninja world that there is any such thing as a legend. All legends must start from somewhere and the Rinnegan is what made the Rikudo Sannin so great."

"So don't you fools see," Orochimaru continued, "If you exile or execute Naruto you threaten to lose someone who has the potential to be the most powerful ninja in existence.

At that statement Danzo spoke up, "Hiruzen let me take the boy into my ROOT program not only shall he become loyal to Konoha he shall become stronger than anyone could imagine.

At that the Sandaime spoke, "No Danzo I will not permit it, I said no eight years ago and my decision hasn't changed. But we do need someone to train him because surely the other villages will hear about this and try to kidnap him or kill him.

"That won't be a problem sensei," Orochimaru spoke up I have decided to train him myself." "Are you sure Orochimaru," asked the Sarutobi clan head, "I thought you weren't going to take another student after Anko. "I Thought so to sensei but his eyes intrigue me and there isn't another person in this village that can train him as well as I could; except for Jiraiya but he's only in the village every once in a while and can't take a student, and Anko didn't have the aptitude for a weapon like I do and I couldn't teach her most of my elemental jutsu due to her having a different elemental affinity. But with the Rinnegan he can master any type of ninjustu.

"I see," said the Sandaime, "I approve make him strong Orochimaru." "Of course sensei," responded Orochimaru.

Meanwhile With Naruto

Naruto had gone to sleep when he appeared before a giant cage in what appeared to be a giant sewer. He was looking around when he heard a deep growl. Naruto immediately jumped up and shouted, "Who's there?"

Not even a second after he said this two glowing red eyes opened up and a dark form with nine tails revealed it self and calmly stated, "I am known as Kyubi!"

Chapter 1 End

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