Chapter 1: With or without you

He is no longer sure how many months it is has been since he last saw her smile and how he missed that floral scent from her hair – but he knew that he is missing her even after all these time. For every single day when they are apart, these emotions of sadness and pining welled up to greater volumes. What he would give to hold her in his arms once again, and to be there for her when she stumbles or whenever she's hungry. He already knew what Taiga will be like without him as he has been the one there for her the past two years and always the first to notice her shortcomings and supporting her right away. He had felt such pride for becoming her faithful dragon.

Is she eating properly? Does she have new injuries again? Will she get into fights with her equally willful mother and be set homeless once more?

Does she miss me, the way I miss her?

Whenever the last thought hit him like a wave, he felt the need to belittle his maturity – the maturity he was so certain he possessed. Gee, what am I a young kid dealing with puppy love? I should realize by now she's doing a magnificent deed and trying to make things work for our future, he thought to himself repeatedly.

However the absence of Taiga in his everyday life has made certain facts undeniable to Ryuuji. He is now even more certain of his love, even with this distance his only one wish is to be by her side. He also has a few regrets, why did it take him that long to realize that his true love has been right by his side? He often thought about the course of events that happened between Taiga's forced confession by Minori and the chain that leads to their separation now. If only he knew, how painful it is to only have that brief memory of holding her hand, he would bring her to all the dates she wanted. And make her every dish she desired, bring her flowers and hold her hand and…

That's it! He thought to himself in delight at his new revelation, I'm going to become the perfect boyfriend Taiga can ever have. And while I do that, I would save and prepare for our future together. Once I'm ready, I will propose to her once more.

All he needs now, is Taiga's long awaited return.