Author's Note:

'You and Me' is the third in my series known as 'Someday' or 'The Someday Trilogy'. The series tells the tale of senior year with canonical characterisation but original interpretation of the characters and the direction they would take in senior year. The series utilises an interpretation of canon from High School Musical 1 and High School Musical 2, and from there my own characters and plot apply. The overall plot direction and brainstorm was formulated prior to the release of High School Musical 3; therefore takes on a similar yet unique direction of senior year as seen in Disney's version.

I recommend that you read 'Once Upon A Time' and 'This Moment' prior to reading this; however it does stand alone as a story telling the cumulation of senior year in its own right. My writing has improved significantly in contrast to my early days writing this series. There is a great deal of back story throughout the entirety of my series however I feel as though this stands independently enough to be read if you are new to my fanfiction.

The plot skeleton of this fanfiction was developed way back in 2007 when I first began to write my series. Very little has changed in my direction, merely my execution has developed and the nuts and bolts have been fine tuned over time.


'The Someday Trilogy: You and Me' is original fanfiction written by Pandora147. I acknowledge that the characters and universe is accredited to Disney and the various writers and producers whom I am indebted to for inspiring my creativity. I make no money from my creative endeavours.


"What are you doing?!" Troy shouted at the television. He leapt to his feet, eyes blazing and fist pumping. "Which team are you playing for?!"

"The ball goes in the net you douche!" Chad shouted with equal fervour.

Gabriella's eyes were wide, watching the boys fascination. The room was half filled with people who understood every intricacy of basketball – Jack Bolton, his son and three buddies who were all basketball superstars in their own rights. They were wearing their Wildcat gear, even though basketball season had finished months earlier. She was watching the same game they were, understanding the gist but just not quite on the same level of intricacy as them. Fortunately, she was also in the company of people who understood the same amount she did – and some of them, even less.

"It's fascinating, isn't it?" Lucille commented with a low voice, and a knowing smile.

Lucille Bolton was accustomed to the tradition – this was the fourth year that Troy, Zeke, Chad and Jason had gathered at the Bolton household to watch the McDonalds All-American on ESPN. They made a party out of it, all bringing along a plate of food to contribute to the pot luck smorgasbord. That year, things were a bit different to previous years. They hadn't officially invited everyone, but at some point between Troy inviting Gabriella and Zeke inviting Sharpay – it wound up being a whole group affair. No one had really minded, not until they were all settled in around the living area and Sharpay had announced she was bored about ten minutes in and started to whine. Ryan, Sharpay, Martha and Kelsi were half watching from their side of the room, half looking over some magazines and comparing celebrity gossip titbits.

Gabriella had remained in her place on the couch in between Troy and Taylor – she was playing every inch of the supportive girlfriend. That year, there was an inevitable sour note to the guys getting together to watch the game. Troy couldn't deny the honour in being included on the short list of the top 100 high school players who were being selected for participation in the game, but nonetheless, it had hurt when he'd been told that he hadn't made the final cut and missed out on selection for the squad. In many ways, it highlighted to him that he was good, but he wasn't that good – emphasising just what was going to lie ahead in his years at college. Kobe he was not – but maybe if the cards fell just right, Steve Nash, he could be. The short white guy was bound to have to overcome difficulties fitting in; the ante would be increased, as expectations would duplicate.

"That could've been me," Troy said enviously, watching as the point guard from the west made a clean cut three pointer.

"There's no way you could've made that," Chad exclaimed. There were few people who supported Troy as much as Chad, but even Chad couldn't deny the reality.

Troy raised his eyebrows. "Oh really? Is that a challenge, Danforth?"

"Boys," Taylor admonished. "Watch the game."

"So... what just happened?" Ryan asked, blinking. He'd glanced up at the screen momentarily and realised he honestly had no idea what was going on. He was able to appreciate the athleticism of the players and their toned, muscular frames; pretty much the sole reason why he was paying any attention at all.

"I think there's a reason why we should've let this remain being their tradition," Kelsi said, wrinkling her nose. "Basketball is fun to watch in person when you know some of the people playing, but on TV... it's kind of lame."

"Kelsi," Troy said, without taking his attention away from the television screen. "You're a great girl, one of my closest friends, but seriously I warn you, that you should never, ever, ever say anything like that ever again." His tone was deadly serious.

"I bet Gabriella agrees with her," Martha pointed out with a sly grin.

"I will choose to not comment on the matter and instead offer to go get a round of sodas," Gabriella said diplomatically, but simultaneously shooting Martha a 'shut the hell up' look.

"Excellent, what a good girlfriend," Jason said approvingly. "I'll take orange soda."

"Dr Pepper for me," Zeke added.

"How long until this game is over?" Sharpay asked, rolling her eyes. "I need to check my e-mail. My Blackberry e-mail isn't working properly. Stupid Blackberry. I want an iPhone. I'm gonna ask Daddy for one."

"Why do you need to check your e-mail so badly?" Taylor asked.

"Because any day now, I'm going to have word back from my callback audition at Juilliard," Sharpay explained. "I know it'll be yes - after all, if Ryan is going, it's impossible to accept one Evans' twin and not the other one as well."

"I still can't believe you got in!" Kelsi said excitedly, giving Ryan a hug. "I am so incredibly proud of you. Though, really, I knew you'd be a shoo-in."

"When are you meant to find out?" Martha asked Kelsi.

Kelsi had found out about her audition with later notice than Sharpay and Ryan – she'd been invited to audition in Chicago a few weekends earlier. She'd made acquaintances on the audition day and knew no one else had heard anything either, which was pretty much the only thing helping her to get through the waiting period.

"Any day now as well," she said, gnawing the nail of her thumb. "I'm so nervous it isn't funny. I mean I have at least one back-up sorted, I got an acceptance from... well, I suppose it's my fifth choice? So it's something at least, I know I won't wind up stuck somewhere I desperately don't want to be."

"I thought we'd banned college talk," Chad said, rolling his eyes.

"It's easy for you to decide that college talk is banned, when you've got everything sorted," Jason pointed out.

"I'm just over all the college talk. Whatever will be will be, c'est la vie, all that sort of thing," Chad said airily.

Gabriella reappeared with Lucille, who had ducked away to assist with the soda run. They handed out cans to everyone.

"I've got the food almost ready, guys," Lucille informed them.

"Half time Luce, you know the drill," Jack said, eyes remaining on the television. "See that, Troy? What he just did then? That's what you need to work on trying to add to your game."

"I'll rewatch the TiVo later," Troy said, not a hint of sarcasm in his tone. The game was enlightening. The point guard who was playing for the west was pretty much Troy, but better. He was a shorter white guy with a killer jump shot, an amazing vertical leap – he was everything Troy wanted to be within his realistic physical limitations.

"Atta boy. Gotta be able to step up to the mark once you're playing in a higher league."

"Hey, did you decide the definite date for auditions?" Martha asked, directing her question toward Kelsi, Sharpay, Gabriella and Ryan. She'd been glancing through her school diary, making note of some appointments.

"Are you going to audition?" Kelsi asked with a wide smile.

"Just for a chorus role."

"Another play?" Jack said, half listening to the sideline conversation. "What play is this one?"

"Yes, another play," Troy said, matching his father's slightly cynical tone. "We're putting on Bye Bye Birdie."

The we in Troy's sentence was the most noteworthy element of his response, phrasing which Jack wasn't oblivious to and immediately challenged with a direct statement.

"Oh, so you're auditioning?"

"I don't know yet," Troy said shortly, partly distracted by the game and partly not wanting to discuss it in the open forum. "Come on! Why don't you just give them the ball!"

"I'm telling you Troy, Hugo is the way to go. He's really a supporting character," Kelsi said. "But he does a sweet duet, and has some funny lines, and we're incorporating the big dance number at Maude's from the film version. Nothing too intense, but something to make sure you're a part of the final show we'll have at East High."

"Auditions are next Thursday," Ryan said, answering Martha's original question.

"Hey, did you decide what role you're going to audition for?" Gabriella asked him. Last she'd spoken to Ryan he'd been a little torn between auditioning for a few different roles.

"Um well... I decided that I'd like to try for something different, you know. So, I was thinking I'd audition for Conrad Birdie."

"You? Conrad Birdie?" Sharpay said, filled with surprise. "Really? I was sure you'd audition for Albert! That's what we talked about."

"I was going to," he admitted. "But I don't know... I've done that, you know? Something different is exactly what I want. Conrad will stretch me into an area I haven't really done before."

"So we won't be playing leads across from each other?" Sharpay said with a slight pout – she had her heart set on Rose, and she'd already begun to choreograph Spanish Rose - she was planning to audition with What Did I Ever See In Him.

"You're going to nail Rose, your audition song is brilliant, Shar," Ryan said genuinely. In so many ways, Rose was the perfect role for Sharpay – it required a certain flamboyant flair and showmanship which only his sister could nail, but would provide her with opportunity to showcase a lot of emotion and depth.

Sharpay glanced sharply at Gabriella. "Are you auditioning for Rose?"

Gabriella hesitated. "I was deciding between Rose and Kim. It um... I was kinda waiting to see what Troy decided?"

Troy frowned. "Don't wait for my decision, babe, seriously."

"Yeah, but... if you got the part of Hugo, playing Kim would be really fun." Gabriella, just like she had since the summer between junior and senior year, had a mantra of making the most of every opportunity she had to enjoy her time with her friends from East High. The musical theatre program had never been about a career for her, it was about fun, and she wanted to play a role which would maximise her fun.

"You'd fit the part of Spanish Rosie pretty well," Troy pointed out with a wink.

"I am perfectly capable of rolling my R's and putting on a black wig," Sharpay said haughtily.

"And here's another reason to audition for Kim..." Gabriella pointed out warily.

"Don't not audition for Rosie on my account, Gabriella," Sharpay said – and she meant it genuinely. "I believe that the best woman will win the role." Sharpay wanted to win her role fair and square, and if it meant beating the second best to prove she was best, then that would be the case.

"Both Kim and Rosie would be awesome to play," Kelsi said, trying to smooth the tension. "I think between the two of you, you're each going to playing one of them, it's just a matter of who is suited best for each role."

"Hey! We're watching basketball! No musical talk!" Chad interrupted them.

The rest of the period went by with the boys exclaiming about the game. Kelsi and Martha went into the kitchen to assist Lucille with bringing out the various platters which they'd each brought – there was clearly enough food to feed a party with an extra ten people. They had all of the food laid out with plates and silverware ready for the guys to come attack during the half time break. They all loaded up their plates, joking and laughing and talking about the first half, speculating about which team they thought would come out on top. The whole time, Gabriella was seated beside Troy on the couch, their legs entwined playing a light footsie game – in place of hand holding, since they required their hands to eat. She excused herself not long before the game was due to start back for a quick bathroom break. She'd just finished washing her hands and was turning off the tap when she heard a light rapping at the bathroom door, an insistent, monotonous rapping which wasn't stopping. She dried her hands and turned to open the door - not at all surprised to find Troy smiling sheepishly at her. He quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind him.

"What are you doing?" she asked, although she had a strong suspicion of exactly what his motives were for, by side lining her in the most private place possible in a house filled with people.

"Living in the moment," he responded, holding her by the waist. She allowed him to press a soft kiss to her lips.

"People aren't stupid, when we've both disappeared..." she began to say, before he cut her off.

"No disappearing. Just a few minutes," he murmured, kissing her again.

The tension left her body, relaxing into his kiss - it was hard to resist the lips of Troy and his soft, caressing hand which was rubbing a gentle pattern on her lower back. The more they kissed, the closer they became, amd the more that Gabriella drifted away from the reality of that they were in the bathroom in the middle of the day, while a group of other people were present in the household – a group of people that included Troy's parents. It was too much to expect to remain undetected. The sound at the door which interrupted the encounter was a loud, thumping sound.

"Yo. Not cool, guys. I know I tell you all the time to get a room but I didn't mean to take over the bathroom," Chad's voice came through the door in a loud tone.

Gabriella was mortified. The bathroom wasn't too far away from the living areas where the rest of the group was located, and Chad wasn't being at all discrete – discretion never had been among Chad's attributes and abilities. She jumped away from Troy, quickly smoothing her hair and straightening her clothes before unlocking the door and pulling it open to see a cheeky, grinning Chad standing, waiting with folded arms.

"I needed to wash my hands," Chad said pointedly. "The game is about to start back."

"Troy was showing me where the extra hand towels are," Gabriella stammered with heated cheeks.

"They would be in the linen cupboard down the hall," Chad pointed out with a triumphant smile, pleased he knew the Bolton household better than he knew his own – largely because he, his mom and his sister had moved houses not long before Christmas.

Gabriella glared at Chad for a moment before exiting past him. Chad clapped his hand on Troy's back, in a congratulatory manner. "You've got gloss, like, everywhere man," Chad pointed out with a chuckle. Troy didn't care, he merely gave Chad a smug smile in return.

Meanwhile, Gabriella had headed to the kitchen, busying herself by assisting with tidying up from the meal. She busied herself covering dips and salads, where she could combining food that was scattered across two plates onto just the one so she could put things into the dishwasher. Lucille entered the kitchen – when she'd heard Chad's bellowing at the bathroom door she'd taken a moment to escape into her own ensuite. She wasn't about to ban her son who was just months away from graduating high school from kissing his girlfriend – but she shuddered at the thought of the pair sneaking away into the bathroom and wasn't inclined to have to think about it at all. She joined Gabriella with the tidy up, and was about to thank her for helping when she spotted something. She cleared her throat, and tactfully spoke.

"Dear, you need to do up the button on your blouse," Lucille said softly, gesturing to the button over Gabriella's breasts which was undone and exposing her navy blue satin bra.

Gabriella was immediately mortified, turning away from Lucille to do up the button before turning back, her cheeks flushed. "Um... thanks. This blouse is a pain, it keeps coming undone," she mumbled a lame excuse.

Lucille raised her eyebrows. Troy and Gabriella, for all that they tried, weren't very subtle. Gabriella wasn't a good liar, and her son was just so smitten that any time they'd escaped for a secret tryst, it was just all over their faces. It was simultaneously awkward and yet kind of endearing for a mother - seeing her boy look at his girlfriend with such caring, loving consideration made her feel good, like she'd raised him properly. Although she knew there was nothing proper about what they engaged in when they managed to find privacy. She chose to bypass the awkward conversation and feign ignorance.

"Come on, we should get back out there, don't want to miss any of the game."

Gabriella merely nodded and trailed after Lucille back into the living room. She returned to her seat beside Troy. He tore his eyes away from the game which had just resumed and looked at her, sensing the troubled expression on her face.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly.

She nodded, not wanting to have to explain out loud whilst in a room with his parents and all their friends that they'd just been caught out not only by Chad, but also by Lucille. She chose to stare at the screen, feigning complete concentration. She didn't even see Troy whip out his cell phone beside him and quickly tap away a text message – and so when she felt a vibrate in her jeans pocket, she frowned – almost everyone she knew was in the same room as her after all. She pulled out her phone and saw it as a text from the boy who her hand was entwined with, sitting right beside her.

No really, are you ok?

She squeezed his hand as she read the text, and then tapped out a quick reply. Next time you maul me in the bathroom, can you check that my buttons and zips are done up before we emerge? Just got busted by your mom – so embarrassing!

Gabriella watched as he read the text – his face scrunched up in a look of discomfort and then he simply shut his phone, put it back into his pocket and squeezed her hand comfortingly. There was nothing they could do but hope that Lucille would let it go.

The rest of the game went by quickly. It was down to the wire, and in the final minutes, the east snatched the lead and took out the title. Troy couldn't help but feel a little smug – like on a certain level he could take comfort in the notion that if he'd been selected for the west, then maybe, just maybe, they might have been victorious.

Lucille and Jack both headed into the kitchen to lay out the dessert spread, leaving the kids alone in the living area.

"Just think, you might be playing with some of these guys next year," Taylor pointed out, glancing at both Troy and Chad.

"If not with, then against," Troy agreed.

"I said no college talk!" Chad said with a roll of the eyes.

"This isn't college talk, it's basketball talk," Taylor pointed out.

"Still talking about the future."

"The future is going to happen, you can't stop it from happening," Gabriella said.

"That doesn't mean we have to talk about it constantly," Jason said, on board with Chad's request.

"Whatever will be will be. Let's just enjoy the time we have left together," Zeke added.

One thing was for certain – senior year was flying by, and the moments they had remaining together were quickly passing by. In just a few short months, they'd be dressed in red and white robes, graduating from East High – and by then, the future would be the present.

What day is it? And in what month?

This clock never seemed so alive

I can't keep up and I can't back down

I've been losing so much time

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do

Nothing to lose

And it's you and me and all other people

And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

Lifehouse, 'You and Me'