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Kelly was walking slowly in the small dark street. Staying with Jill and Kris wasn't bad until she could be accepted to the academy, but still, she wanted her own small place.

She always was like that, never territorial, but liked the idea of her own personal nest.

Suddenly a tall young man with a mustache came into her field of vision.

There was little light in the area and Kelly became alert immediately. He was wearing a smart suit and seemed to walk a bit weirdly. He came into a pause and a pair of dark eyes locked on her own.

He passed her by and took a left turn. Kelly sighed. This was no time for trouble. She had to get back to her apartment. And she had to wait until she was of age to be accepted in the academy, she thought bitterly.

She came into a halt and sighed. The man seemed to had disappeared. She took another turn and and felt a strong hand grabbing her waist. Another closed her mouth.

She tried to resist but the grip loosened.

''It's me...'' came a faint whisper. Kelly turned around and looked into the familiar brown eyes. ''Sabrina?!''


''You're growing... a mustache?!''She put her fingers and pulled it away. Sabrina brought her hand on her upper lip. ''Dammit Kelly! That hurt!''

''What the hell-''

''I got troubles.. Where do you live?''

Kelly shut her lips angrily and pulled her through a door and up a staircase. She opened the door and closed it abruptly. Sabrina sunk into the small bed and lowered her head.

Kelly stood at her full height. ''You come back, now.'' she said bitterly.

Sabrina remained silent looking at her feet.

''You come back, now, after leaving like this!''

Sabrina pressed her lips. Suddenly her shoes had become so interesting. And she felt ridiculous with that outfit. Silently she undid the first button to breath a little better. Kelly stopped and sighed.

''Why Bri?''


''Why did you leave like this?''

Taking no response she crouched in front of her and forced her to look in her eyes.

She took a tired glare and then a pleading one. Sabrina rose to her feet and they kept staring each other. ''I asked you something Sabrina.''

''Forget it Kelly.'' She brought her hand on Kelly's shoulder and slowly pushed her aside. Kelly blocked her way with an abrupt move and she ended crushing on her. A small sound escaped Sabrina's lips and suddenly her body went limp. She collapsed on Kelly's hands.

Suddenly alerted, Kelly, lowered Sabrina on the bed and tore the black blazer she was wearing open. She immediately found the dark red stain spreading upon the white shirt underneath, at stomach level. She started unbuttoning intensely.