23 My boss, the speaker box

''And, yeh then should be the time I went down, totally wasted...'' Kelly laughed. '' Woke up the next day, found myself in a cupoboard . No memories of how I got there though.''

''A... cupboard? Really Kelly?'' Sabrina bursted in a small eruption of laughter. ''Well you must have good climbing skills when you're drunk!''

''Who knows!''

Their conversation was interupted by the opening of a door and Florences energetic entry. ''Well, well, well girls, having fun?'' She took their smiles as an answer and continued. ''Hey Sabrina? Dad wants to talk to you. C'mon, just for a while, next room.''

Sabrina lifted her eyebrows. ''You mean I will finally get to see Charlie du- eeerm I mean you father?''

Florence's Mona Lisa smile did not betray anything. Sabrina shrugged and run a hand through her hair, following her to a heavy door. She prepared herself to face the man with the familiar voice but she gazed at a small speaker box instead. She turned to Florence. ''You're kidding me right?''

''Well, hello Sabrina.'' squeaked the speaker.

''Charlie dude?!'' She went closer and leaned on. ''Hey, that's not fair you know!''

Charlied laughter filled the room. ''All in the right time, all in the right time. Now I've been wondering, how are you doing? How's Kelly? She seemed like a fine young lady to me.''

''Oh I'm fine... Kelly's gonna get better soon. But... how did you find me and how did we got here and just what exactly is-'' she started blurting out.

''Stop right here.'' he said pleasantly. ''I will answer all of your questions if you answer one for me.''


''Don't worry, you do not need to tell me about how you got into trouble.''


''I have a job for you. In fact, a job for you, Kelly and that blond one, Jill right?''

Sabrina sat on a comfortable armchair facing the speaker. ''And what exactly are you talking about?''

''Are you considering?''

She linked her hands together and threw the speaker box a sceptic look. ''As long as it is not something stupid and horribly boring, maybe yeah.''

''I doubt you will find it stupid or even boring, Sabrina. I sincerely doubt you will.''

That's the end folks, for now. Questions unanswered indeed but you will soon know... in a new fic if people are still with me, I am waiting about what you think. Are you up for another read or no? It can be possibly named : Case Zero