Why am I here? I should be at home studying for next term,That's what holidays are for right? Instead im at some party filled with odd are very different from the people at kingstons.I guess Sebastians ditched me, Probably showing off his cutlery to the women.I keep getting liquor offered to me,I must ask Sebastian why?. The crowd is getting thicker so i push through until i find an opening which people are gathered the middle of the opening is appears to be in the middle of the marriage service and the wife is a black bunny! I was gobsmacked. Time froze as i watched the couple. A deep voice interrupts my thoughts

"The nobody of usa-chan do you take Sebastian to be your lawfully wedded husband?"The voice belonged to a man who i assume is the vicar.

"I do" replied the bunny.

"3 cheers for the newly weds" roared a voice behind me.

I turned my head to find a tall orange-haired boy wearing a blue coat and black pants.

"Oh Hikaru,You made it" said a girl appearing beside him.

"Where's your beloved brother?" asked a second appearing beside the first.

"Sorry ladies"said the orange haired boy "Kaoru will be late"

"Oh!"shrieked the women.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman standing alone,she was wearing a maids outfit with a white bandanna,I walked over to her and introduced myself.

"Hey,I'm Nathan"

"Hi there I'm Hungary"

"Well maybe you should go eat something"

She giggled after it became wild laughter.I blushed but no one seemed to the room there was a boy eating strawberry cake so I went over to boy had bare feet and sat with his knees up to his wore a plain white long sleeve shirt and blue pajama-like pants.

"Uh hello there"I said

"Here have a strawberry"

He handed me a strawberry.I cautiously took it and popped it in my mouth.

"Mmm thanks" I managed to mumble without spitting out chewed up strawberry.

We sat in ,he sat and I stood,He ate his cake while I swallowed ran his fingers through his pint black scruffy hair.

"Do you like cake?"The boy burst out.

What a strange thing to say at a party.

"Of course"I replied "Everyone likes cake"

"Not everyone"His face showed a glum passed and the silence turned awkward.

"By the way my name's Nathan"I said putting out my hand.

"My name's Ryuzaki"He continued to eat his cake and I awkwardly took my hand the awkwardness got too much I went to find Sebastian